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  1. True. will pump the osl up a notch,and maybe put in some other places. it was my first time painting osl, so im not familiar at all
  2. So i made an imgur acc to post pictures directly here in order to continue on this thread,rather than making a new one. Finished Yan Lo yesterday, he has to wait besides Izamu for his base to be painted as well. Hope image quality is okay.
  3. Some progress on the undead skin of Toshiro. #wyrd #malifaux #scale75colors #vallejocolours https://www.instagram.com/p/CLfbxSLnzgU/?igshid=1qqxdr0jptf2n
  4. Yeah... i will use my instagram. I've seen a few people post directly from there.
  5. Strange. Can't seem to be able to upload more pictures šŸ˜•
  6. Updates! Izamu is pretty much done, finished the skin on Yan Lo and i found my own recipe for undead skin and i'm in love with it!
  7. Thanks! Will have to put some extra colours later to push the highlights even more.
  8. First two days. All minis assembled, cleaned mouldlines, filled gaps etc etc. Bases made for the first 4 models i'm gonna paint, Yan Lo, Toshiro, Yin and Izamu. There is also a friendly painting competition again in our local store, so i figured it would be a nice opportunity to start with these 4 and join in with them. Once the milliput dries out, i will put some extra stuff on the bases, like dirt or debris to make them less dull.
  9. Haven't posted for a while. Quarantine is surely taking its toll on me and my will to paint. So i figured i should make an impulsive buy to rekindle my hobby urges. I'll make sure to take photos every step and post them here, as a mini blog!
  10. Just what the title says. I know its a long shot, but the new Lady J with the short hair sucks. Located in Greece, will pay shipping.
  11. Kirai's crew box comolete for a local painting competion!
  12. dude calm down.. For every model i upload, you upload whole crews.. Love your style, especially the skintones.
  13. The yellow is the paintjob im least proud of. I believe i nailed the skin.
  14. Unfortunately i wasnt able to finish Levi, he's still work left on him. Finished Marlena and Rusty Alice though. @Caedrus, 15ss so far.
  15. McCabe done. I'm really struggling to focus on one keyword at a time...
  16. Lots of carddraw for him, he can cast spells from other academics, and spread your crew. Poison gamin bombs will do 3 dmg +1 poison or 4 dmg +2 poison if banasuva is near him. No duels required. Thats what strong about Sandeep.
  17. holy shit dude,wish you all the best. Recover soon.
  18. random quote for no apparent reason.. (psst, post the link here when it's uploaded,tyvm!)
  19. just told my flgs to keep me McCabe for the next week. Hoffman will have to wait for a while,although hes the only master im missing for a full Arcanist faction. Can't wait to see more of your work.
  20. you're gonna make me buy Hoffman now,don't you?.. Great paintjob my friend,love them.
  21. First time participating in this,lets do this! For this month i will paint Rusty Alice, Leveticus and Marlene Webster!
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