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  1. Bakuriel

    LGS Promotion FAQ

    I submitted a receipt for December but it wasn't itemized and I'm not sure if the picture I sent was large enough to show off the unopened starter box (Which has since been opened) and included a pre-order for Toshiro, which I couldn't snap a picture of. Is there a way to contact you or someone else to find out if that qualified? And if it didn't, how would I go about showing my qualification? Really want that draugr.
  2. Aside from being a silly shop to include in ttb sessions, this post is intended to serve as a basis for unique Grimoire ideas, much like the villain coffee shop. After a cursory search of the forum I didn't see a place dedicated to Grimoires, so felt like kicking things off myself with one I just came up with today. And now, without further ado, I present... The Epi-tome Magical theory: Any Magia: All Immuto: All Special rule: This item may only be used once per session for a single spell, but may declare any Magia and any Immuto for the spell, bypassing restrictions set by the user's current magical theory or any need to study beforehand. However, such a rush of magic all at once has negative effects, and imparts a to all mental and willpower duels for the rest of the scene. Appearance: The Epi-tome looks, for all intents and purposes, like a large medical syringe, filled with a thick, viscous, greenish purple liquid. This liquid reacts strangely when observed, absorbing, refracting, and emitting light in varying measures and intensity. Any potential user is given immediate knowledge in how to use the Grimoire: a simple injection of the liquid into the thigh grants full access to the magical properties. Afterwards the Grimoire becomes unusable until the plunger resets, at which point the liquid returns. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several months, and is represented by the ability only refreshing at the start of a new session.
  3. Bakuriel

    Miss O'Jenny

    I realize that Gremlins Technically have a Miss model, but thematically if it doesn't say Miss and isn't making a pun off of the prefix mis- then I'm not sure it's really a Miss model in true spirit. As for people getting offended, that's an incredibly subjective issue. Baritone Lola is a large, fat ugly dude, at least seemingly so, wearing high heels, stockings, and a tutu, and I've never heard any real complaints about that model. Maybe it's because I haven't seen them, maybe more people are aware of the musical reference than I suspect, and maybe it's because Baritone Lola doesn't look particularly human, but Jenny wouldn't be crossing into much new territory in that regard. Ultimately it would be up to Wyrd whether or not they'd publish something, but I feel like the model has value as a nice, humorous addition to the line of models we've got already. After all, as Duckman once said, comedy should provoke, it should blast through prejudices and challenge preconceptions.
  4. Bakuriel

    Miss O'Jenny

    I was not aware of Miss Pack, though my statement still kind of stands with the Gremlins because the Gremlinette doesn't follow the "Miss" line in its title. Still, I appreciate you letting me know about those older models, as I wasn't aware of their existence.
  5. Bakuriel

    Miss O'Jenny

    Been looking around for where to post this, and general Malifaux seems like the best place to do so. This isn't a particularly in depth idea, there's new new mechanics or abilities, but just a fun thought I had for a continuation of the ever popular "Miss" line of alternate models, and a subversion of that title, given the nature of the idea. Thus far we have Miss 'Ery for Neverborn, Miss Terious for Guild, Miss Demeanor for outcasts (albeit pewter), Miss Step and Miss Fire for Arcanists, and Miss Anne Thrope for Guild/TT. In that lineup two factions are currently missing models, Ressurectionists and Gremlins. This idea is for the Gremlins. Put simply Miss O'Jenny would be an alternate model for Trixiebelle, and true to the Gremlin spirit, is not quite what you'd expect out of a Miss model. In fact, Miss O'Jenny isn't a Miss at all, it's a quite-obviously-male Gremlin dressed in drag, but acting generally the way Trixie does in every other capacity. That's it, just a Gremlin dude in drag calling himself "Miss O'Jenny" and trying to lure people closer, only for them to run in abject horror the other way. Unless they're Gremlins, which just opens up even more hilarity in the long run. Feel free to post thoughts on this idea, I'm placing it here because I genuinely think it would be a fun idea to see implemented in the future sometime.
  6. Greetings again Wyrdos! A new month means a new, updated schedule for my availability. I've managed to up my availability to every Tuesday between the hours of 6pm and 9pm at the Green Dragon on Northwoods Boulevard, though I am available as early as 2pm on request, and will likely be at the store before 6pm most days for demos. I can make appearances at the store on request any day, but will need to schedule in advance as I have fluctuating dates and times of availability any day other than Tuesday. I am generally open, but it is always best to make absolutely sure. As of right now no major events are scheduled this month, but that is subject to change based on player availability and interest. In the market, at present, for TTB players and am more than flexible on the day of the week to run sessions. Look forward to seeing you!
  7. Bakuriel


    I love the Collodi/Laz bunker buster, using my will after a chain activation and auto firing is a great way to punish the table, blasts be damned. That said, I'm surprised nobody uses Envy with him like I do. Because of the wording on Envy's 0 action, which states that the targeted model takes the focus action, you can give all your puppet pals focus in a 6 inch aura for the low low cost of one card from your hand. Kind of hard to beat, especially when he's a great ranged model for our beloved puppet master.
  8. Bakuriel

    Henchman Hardcore

    20 SS Guild Crew The Judge + 4 Pool Govenor's Proxy (3) The Jury (8) Executioner (9) - Ready To Work (0) (exported from CrewFaux) Who needs upgrades?! (Edit: forgot the 0 upgrade for executioner) Seriously though, don't even know if this list would work or not, just felt like loading up the witch hunters for the hilarity. Somehow this seems half solid. Proxy mostly because he fits the cost but also because he can heal your beaters while providing an irritating duel to anyone who swats him.
  9. Bakuriel

    The Villians Coffee Shop

    Carmina Ortega Originally a prestigious member of the Ortega family, known for her preference with a mid ranged carbine, Carmina was a scourge to Neverborn threats everywhere. She was recognized largely for her ability to vanish into her surroundings so completely that even the native creatures she hunted had difficulty pinning down her location, until it was too late. Unfortunately for Carmina, fate had cruel plans with her. During an otherwise routine operation she ran afoul of some Illuminated working for Jakob Lynch, and in the battle that followed became afflicted with their Brilliance. Sadly, Carmina's strong will and independence worked against her, as she battled with her addiction internally, never letting on just how badly she needed the brew to keep herself stable. After a particularly rough night on the job, Carmina almost failed to take out her target, the one obsession stronger even than the hold of the hungering darkness. Finally to the point of seeking help, nearly among the ranks of the Illuminated responsible, she began the futile efforts to release herself from the grip of her addiction. Hope was a rare commodity, and in a moment of desperation, she turned to the Guild's expert on magical maladies, Sonnia Criid, in an attempt to purge her soul with purifying flame. The hungering darkness proved far more formidable than she'd planned. Nobody is quite sure what happened that night in the Guild Enclave, but a few reports share some striking similarities. What everyone seems to agree upon is this: a woman, or what sounded like a woman, began screaming at the top of her lungs, the sound gradually distorting in the night air as a bright blue-gold flame roared to life, climbing into the sky before surging off deep into the quarantine zone. Ever since that night, reports occasionally trickle in of a woman wearing a long red leather duster, peering at them from beneath a wide brimmed hat with eyes that seem to burn with a brilliant violet light. Details about her features are obscure, as those few unfortunate enough to survive seeing her face describe a nightmare vision of a woman burning to death before their very eyes, her skin scorched and melting away as she grins madly at them, as if in the throes of ecstasy. Whatever Carmina has become, it hasn't dampened her skill with a rifle, or her addiction to both the Brilliance that caused her downfall or her duty as an Ortega. Occasionally seen placing bullets into the Guild as often as their enemies, Carmina has become a scourge in the night, a candle flickering against the darkness, and a grim reminder that no matter your skill or strength of character, when treading the path of your fate in Malifaux, bad things happen. Association: Guild/Neverborn Notable features: smoldering heart, drawn to the light, from the shadows, clockwork rifle with the following triggers; ram: critical strike, mask: coated bullet, tome: incendiary round (burning +1), crow: pinned down
  10. Bakuriel

    Using Brutal Emissary

    I like using my emissary, but tend to take him mostly with Lucius for the amusing backstab charges, though I might take him with Nellie once I get the new conflux. For my personal amusement, I like to bury Lucius with a marshal and What lackeys are for my emissary into annoying positions.
  11. Bakuriel

    Henchman Hardcore

    I generally go for promises queeg with two orderlies and whatever other beater model I like, such as Phiona. Orderlies are decent enough in melee, useful with the healing, and occasionally able to cycle cards with in the name of research. Queeg gets really irritating with the orderlies resetting hard to kill all the time, same for other henchmen Sometimes I'll swap out one orderly with a reporter, especially if I'm using phiona, and those negative attack flips are really helpful when the only way to get rid of them is to waste an ap dropping a useless scheme marker.
  12. Bakuriel

    Stop a charge

    Would be pretty hilarious whatever the outcome
  13. Bakuriel

    Stop a charge

    If I wanted to focus exclusively on stopping charges, I'd use riflemen standing behind ashigaru that I'd hired with some Domadores, then possibly support that with some sanctioned casters to keep the ashigaru from getting pushed... This sounds dumb and I must try it now...
  14. Bakuriel

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    Lackeys shows up in TtB form in the new overseer rules in the core book, as does the defensive trigger to shunt damage onto said lackeys. Seems like Lucius is something of an overseer/commander mix.
  15. Bakuriel

    Monday Preview - The Commander

    I need this book in my life yesterday