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  1. I'm just waiting for the cape to come alive and say Edward
  2. Recently, due to a rather busy daily schedule that mostly involves chasing a very active toddler, I realized that I've been having a lot of quick but simple ideas that I've been throwing into my personal rp sessions, and it got me thinking, why not make a thread for quick, quirky ideas for ttb? The concept is simple; any idea posted here shouldn't be too fleshed out, just a what if question that can lead a fatemaster in strange and engaging directions in their personal campaigns. I'll start us off with one I've been toying with to hilarious effect. What if the voice of the wh
  3. Apologies for the lack of updates, life has been quite busy of late. I'll try to get back to this as soon as possible.
  4. After some deliberation I've decided on my adaptation, The Shack in the Bayou. Five friends decide to take a trip into the bayou and spend the night in a mysterious abandoned shack. Little do they know the shack actually belongs to the Swamp Hag, Zoraida. The night quickly devolves into a parade of nightmarish monsters as Zoraida attempts to sacrifice the five friends in order to keep her most frightening and uncontrollable creation, The Worst Juju, slumbering beneath her swampy home.
  5. Are we limited to one entry? Cause I have several ideas that could all work.
  6. Act I Prologue ---------------------- Act I begins with a series of rumors. None of these directly refer to Alexander Barrows or his location, due to Alexander's growing paranoia over his current condition. Fated characters will only know two things for certain: somebody is sick, and whoever it is has a lot of money to spend on curing themselves. Rumors suggest there's a general call for anyone with medical knowledge to attempt to help Alexander, but if the party lacks a doctor, there are some in the city willing to risk the trip so long as they have sufficient protection for the jou
  7. Player Motivations For most Fated there will only be one major motivation for helping Alexander Barrows: the money. Whether they plan to cure him and take the sizable reward, or attempt to rob him blind, Alexander has the majority of the Barrows fortune stashed away somewhere in his mansion. Fated attached to certain factions might find themselves with other reasons to infiltrate the Barrows manor. The Guild: For the longest time, the Guild barely patrolled the Quarantine Zones, mostly enforcing the border and rarely venturing beyond the barricades and regularly accepti
  8. So, I'm putting this here initially as a placeholder post, but I will be updating and adding to it as necessary. Like the Dark Carnival module I worked on before, I'm getting the itch to write another one, this time much larger than before. My goal this time is to write an adventure module on a scale similar to Northern Aggression or Fire in the Sky. Lofty goals, I know, but it's been sticking with me for a while now. The first thing I'd like to ask for help with is a name for the module. I don't have time tonight to start writing down the actual module pieces I've put together so f
  9. It makes sense to me. As I said, most of the time it's just silly to deploy that far in because even your beater will die horribly for doing it. Plus it only happens on wedge deployment.
  10. Basse has some pretty hilarious potential with wedge deployment. Far from effective most of the time, just hilarious.
  11. I played a bit of Basse and he's pretty interesting. His crew likes position heavy setups where his ranged units can setup and really dig in. Home on the range is fantastic, and hedges the line between getting ridiculously early attacks in and getting yourself killed, since most of his units don't too amazingly well when swarmed in melee. He's definitely fun to play around with and one of the first boxes I'll be getting once he's out in 3e.
  12. Okay, took a moment but I think I've got it figured out. 1) Because the effigy wasn't buried or killed, the model buried by pine box unburies using the base rules for pine box when it activates. 2) With step 4 of replace, lasting game effects treat the new model as the old model, so when the target unburies, it would be in base contact with the emissary as if it were the effigy.
  13. Beyond the first turn of the game I barely ever do that. His range of control with chain obey makes it pointless if you have the engine going. My point was more that he has one optimal job on the table and straying from it is almost never worth the effort. He could have stat 6 attacks, and I still probably wouldn't do anything but chain obey. It's just not worth losing the card tech. I brought up his old What Lackeys Are For because it gives him something else to do beyond that, and Subterfuge is a different reason to discard cards for his crew. I might actually be happy if Lucius had 0
  14. This I agree with. Lucius is my main master and as much as I love him, he's often doing too much in a single activation to be fun to play with or against. The card draw is okayish, I'm not terribly concerned with where that itself is right now, but if I had to equate him to anything right now it's m2e Colette prompt spamming. My activations with Lucius tend to feel very samey, it's most often command chain, command chain, command chain, maybe use misinformation. Once in a blue moon there's a sniper somewhere. The current design space is built around keywords having their niche, and Luciu
  15. Bakuriel


    My main use out of legalese was politely refusing large quantities of moonshine from the brewmaster. Was quite worth it in that particular game, but it was a very niche ability if your opponent didn't have auras.
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