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  1. Wrath is missing an entire ability description on the front of his card.
  2. Okay, took a moment but I think I've got it figured out. 1) Because the effigy wasn't buried or killed, the model buried by pine box unburies using the base rules for pine box when it activates. 2) With step 4 of replace, lasting game effects treat the new model as the old model, so when the target unburies, it would be in base contact with the emissary as if it were the effigy.
  3. Beyond the first turn of the game I barely ever do that. His range of control with chain obey makes it pointless if you have the engine going. My point was more that he has one optimal job on the table and straying from it is almost never worth the effort. He could have stat 6 attacks, and I still probably wouldn't do anything but chain obey. It's just not worth losing the card tech. I brought up his old What Lackeys Are For because it gives him something else to do beyond that, and Subterfuge is a different reason to discard cards for his crew. I might actually be happy if Lucius had 0 attacks and went full control, but that's a bit exclusive to me, I think. I'd be perfectly happy losing hidden sniper to get back lackeys for the sake of diversity and interesting gameplay.
  4. This I agree with. Lucius is my main master and as much as I love him, he's often doing too much in a single activation to be fun to play with or against. The card draw is okayish, I'm not terribly concerned with where that itself is right now, but if I had to equate him to anything right now it's m2e Colette prompt spamming. My activations with Lucius tend to feel very samey, it's most often command chain, command chain, command chain, maybe use misinformation. Once in a blue moon there's a sniper somewhere. The current design space is built around keywords having their niche, and Lucius certainly has his own locked down. But if I understand the intent correctly the goal is to create a diverse niche, not a restrictive one. I enjoy the option to issue a chain of bureaucratic tape to move a model halfway across the table, that's very thematic and flavorful. What I don't enjoy is the necessity of those chains. If I'm not wasting cards and time during my activations, then the crew barely functions, as others have hinted at. I prefer options. I want to be able to What Lackeys are For across the table to harass my opponent with the risk of Subterfuge, fancy cane or sniper an annoying scheme runner, then obey an ally to come support me or finish out a necessary scheme elsewhere. I certainly do not want to turn every single master action into 3 actions and slow the game down so much that it gives me a headache. Which has happened several times already.
  5. Bakuriel


    My main use out of legalese was politely refusing large quantities of moonshine from the brewmaster. Was quite worth it in that particular game, but it was a very niche ability if your opponent didn't have auras.
  6. There any reason we can't bring back x or y for range? Seems shorter and clearer than having an entire ability dedicated to the concept. And it's not totally out of the design space, we're still using Def or Wp resist for certain actions after all. Edit: at least I think we are
  7. It specifically states that engagement is only ignored for the shooter and the target, other models still trigger friendly fire. But the discussion about this ability still points out that there are issues with clarity in how it operates. If it's that concerning it could instead say "this model may make actions targeting models engaging it." That prevents abuse of the ability, but it also removes bandidos engagement range, and I'm not sure how that would impact the crew.
  8. Given that there a rules now for using during engagement, it might be best to change Gunfighter to simply allow the model to use while engaged. This allows bandidos to shoot into engagement with bandit raid, ignoring engagement with the target for friendly fire, keeps tara's defensive trigger.
  9. I would like to point out that in all my discussions about Jack, I keep forgetting that the dead outlaws even exist because they're so inconsequential to the outcasts in general. Definitely needs a fix.
  10. If anyone pushes for a new model in the crew I'm still voting for the fumigator dude in above the law. I'm iffy on summoning stolen again. If that's allowed we'd need to rebalance Agony to account for that, as well as the demise power on the stolen themselves. The rat engine can go off the rails pretty quick if we aren't careful. That said, I wouldn't be against it if it's balanced out correctly, as long as it's attached to a bonus action. Either on its own, and we lose pustulent tumors, or as a trigger to unclean influence after making it into a bonus. Exercising hamelin's will sounds like something that could have a stolen summon trigger to me.
  11. That sounds like a unit that would really hate nutcrackers.
  12. As @Saduhem said, I'm making suggestions so they can be discussed in regards to balance and diversity. I get that the Guilty are fundamentally good models, but as they are now, are they good for Jack, or just good for 5 stones? Most of the complaints I've been hearing involve mobility and scheming. While I'm not against masters that do the scheming themselves, Jack has other things he needs to do most of the time, so it's apparently been falling to the Hanged, which seems grossly inefficient at the best of times. Nobody wants to change crooked men, drowned have improved recently, and the rest of the crew feel like they're mostly where they need to be. Guilty are the only models that feel unusual. They aren't bad, but they go in some weird directions. You want them to die, but they're not especially fast, and they have an attack action that can heal themselves, which is counterintuitive to being sacrificed. I've seen plenty of suggestions that it's so easy to prevent the resummon that it may as well not be there. Since you bring up the issue of balance, the models can be adjusted if my idea comes around at all. You could add a stone and completely remove the resummon aspect of their demise and I'd still take them for the value they'd offer to my rather immobile crew. But that action isn't as straightforward as it sounds, as I'm pretty sure people forget you can cheat a low card out of your hand to fail the resulting attack on purpose. I'm just trying to foster discussion about where the guilty are currently, and whether they need something different to help the crew, or if we should just continue ham fistedly trying to fix an awkward mechanic.
  13. I like to think about problems from a mechanical and thematic angle. Tormented models tend to whisper unpleasant truths about their targets, which to me would make someone run to shut them up. Initially I'd been thinking of some way for guilty to hurt themselves to get their demise power, but in the process of looking at Lucius for entourage remembered the looking at me ability in Basse's crew. Feels like it would solve a lot of problems with one update. Just a small insight into the chaos that drives my thoughts.
  14. I'm pretty iffy on the existence of that discard trigger myself. Maybe kill that and add entourage, and see how it plays out. Also considering how the guilty might work with You lookin' at me? instead of Feed on Grief.
  15. I'm not convinced that's necessary, but that's not a bad suggestion given the caps elsewhere. Sure, you can load a single piglet up, but anyone who plays wong that knows what to expect won't be standing close enough to get hit by more than one model, and it still takes more than a casual amount of setup for the payout. I'd need to see some battle reports to think this is anything beyond a "stars align" tactic or anything that could hit hard on anyone who doesn't know wong very well.
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