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  1. Bakuriel


    The only reason I was planning to get a kamaitachi was because of weaselnado. Please change back.
  2. Bakuriel


    If you want to get technical, a ninja traveling in "typical ninja garb" is a very rare occurrence, they spent most of their time dressed like regular folk. XD
  3. Bakuriel

    Not-very-special Dispensations

    I'm also in the drop the dispensation camp, it's a fun idea thematically but far from necessary. However, on the note of them acting as force multipliers, has anyone considered the idea of letting the Domadores get corpse conductor instead of dispensation? I know the guild doesn't have much in the way of undead but I'd be way more likely to grab the pale rider and some domadores if they focused directly on supporting the corpsey folk. Just throwing that out there while we're ranting about the models, feel free to ignore me. Edit: I realize that corpse conductor would only affect marshals but I'd still be more inclined to take the rider and domadores with corpse conductor than dispensation as it is now.
  4. Bakuriel

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Fallout wasteland warfare
  5. Bakuriel

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Does this mean I can use Deathclaw models as proxies for the new alps, or whatever they are?
  6. Bakuriel

    Breaking Soulstones

    I feel like a soulstone arrow head would be equivalent to using obsidian or something else with a moderate hardness but high shearing potential. I'd allow them in my games, under the assumption that missing runs the risk of breaking the arrow and missing with a margin of failure would guarantee that it breaks. On the other end, hitting too well might also make it break.
  7. My personal take on blasts is in favor of this change. While I understand strategically sacrificing your own units, and even enjoy doing so in certain games *cough*Skaven*cough* it's usually been a negative experience in malifaux. The fact that somebody can completely bypass my defenses, allowing for large chunks of damage against models that I've positioned for the sake of their survival. If my opponent can simply ignore that by firing at a friendly unit, then I've wasted all my effort trying to keep that model safe and those defensive moves may as well not exist in the game at all at that point.
  8. It is powerful, but it's also tricky to use at times. If you flip low all you have to use is low cards. You can cheat and gain that card again potentially, so that's definitely strong. But it also says no fate modifiers, so if there are any twists at all on the duel, it's a moot point. It's one of those things that's probably stronger on paper than in practice. Not necessarily weak, but not necessarily overwhelming.
  9. I think the fact that Toni actually sold Ramos to the guild, regardless of her reasoning, would do way more damage than a half baked false flag.
  10. Bakuriel

    Think the game will take off?

    It's getting a slow but definitive start out where I am currently, and it's unique enough to draw attention. The rules are somewhere between malifaux and Bolt Action, so it appeals to an entirely different demographic than you might expect. If you've got bolt action players nearby try checking out their games and it could encourage crossover. (True with any game really)
  11. At least Wyrd isn't current day Blizzard... otherwise they might cut back on malifaux, cancel tournaments at Gencon, focus the majority of their attention on jetpack unicorn, and port the other side to a mobile game.
  12. Bakuriel

    Tarot Differences

    Under quarantine and into the steam were designed during 1st ed ttb, and back then the stat line for the red joker was 0/0/0/3. The intent behind the new stats was to shift some of the character balance, so I might be inclined to use the new setup stats.
  13. At FM discretion you could technically use the counterspelling skill as part of the (#) Wait action in an attempt to interrupt a spell, but the written operation of the skill only lets it end ongoing effects, so at best you you shut down an ongoing effect the instant it entered play. Instant spells like elemental strikes and such appear to be unaffected, as Mason said.
  14. Bakuriel

    How do Alley Cats work?

    Any more than 10-ish rats and you're slowing the game down so much it's hard to play at that point. Personally that's about the most I've ever managed to get into play at once so I tend to keep about 10 on hand at all times.