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  1. Bakuriel

    Gary's Grimoire Emporium and Notary Public!

    Having some fun with this one. Contiones de Rege Flammae Magia: All Elemental, Teleport Immuto: Alter Range*, Increased Damage, Fire Special: Any spell cast from this grimoire using any Magical Theory other than The Burning Man's Influence suffers a . After attuning, the user may choose to change their magical theory to The Burning man's Influence at any time. Upon using a spell from this book, the caster must succeed a TN 8 Willpower duel or be forced to spend 1 AP per round reciting the contents aloud until the end of the scene. Other characters suffer to all mental and willpower duels while this recitation continues. When using the Teleport Magia with this Grimoire, the Alter Range Immuto receives an extra step on the range chart called Breach. The TN alteration at this step is +2, making the final TN 20. If successful, the spell instead creates a small breach between Earth and Malifaux capable of admitting a number of beings equal to the caster's ranks in Prestidigitation. Breach portals last for one hour unless dispelled, and collapse after reaching their admission limit. If the caster fails an attempt to create a breach, but achieves a minimum duel total of 11, the spell backfires and instead summons a Stalking Portal under the caster's control. Stalking Portal Minion(5), Spirit, Horror Might 1 Grace -1 Speed 3 Resilience 0 Charm -2 Intellect 1 Cunning -2 Tenacity -3 Defense 3(8) Walk 6 Height 2 Initiative 3(8) Willpower 2(7) Charge 7 Wounds 4 Skills: Grappling 3, Athletics 3, Prestidigitation 3 Living Portal: friendly characters within one yard may treat their (1) Walk Action as a successful cast of an unmodified Teleport spell targeting themselves. Incorporeal: This character ignores, and is ignored by, other characters and terrain during any movement. Reduce all damage this character suffers from Ranged and Close Combat attacks by half. (1) Subsume (Grappling) AV: 6(11) ======= Rg: 2 ======= Resist: Wp Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. Glimpse the Void: After damaging, the target must pass a TN13 Willpower duel or be removed from reality. Return the character within 6 yards of this character (or its last position) at the end of the round. (1)Eschew Reality (Prestidigitation) AV: 4(9) ======= Rg: 8 ======= Resist: Wp Target suffers 1 damage and is placed within 10 yards of their current location. If this action was the result of the (1) Order Action, the ordering character chooses where the target lands, otherwise the location is randomly chosen by the Fatemaster. Holy Crap!: Characters within range of the target after being placed must pass a TN 11 Willpower duel or immediately attack the target with a legal action. ------------------------------- An idea I had after reading through my other side book. Given what I read, access to this book is surprisingly common, though fractions like the Guild, which will have learned the dangers of it, will actively hunt down and burn any copies they can find.
  2. I always read Hoffman as more the awkward paraplegic than genuinely asexual, especially after a particularly unfortunate chat with Perdita. That said, I'm loving the direction of effigies, I have way more henchmen than masters and I like to get them their own spotlights when possible.
  3. Different strokes for different folks. Honestly I like where things appear to be going, and while I enjoy complexity, it's a matter of where it fits and how it's executed. I haven't played infinity, but I could probably enjoy it alongside malifaux for some very different reasons. Thus I'll be reserving judgment until everything is out in the field. Theory is never as powerful as practice, and something I like now might not work very well when applied, and vice versa.
  4. I do. I was playing 40k and the game took almost 4 hours because of the constant checking. Totally in favor of keeping the complicated stuff on the cards with minimal book flipping.
  5. Bakuriel

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Backerkit was closed out yesterday so I can only assume the notifications will start Monday. Most places out here don't do tracking updates on the weekend.
  6. As stated by the title, November's open rpg day at Isle of Games will be Through the Breach. All comers welcome, we'll be doing a simple introductory campaign between 12 and 4 p.m., session may run slightly longer or shorter than that, as sometimes happens, but will try to fall within that time frame. Hope everyone is ready for some organized chaos!
  7. Bakuriel

    Waldo's Weekly - Movement in M3E

    If I have this correct, since push, place, and move all count as movement now, they would all fall under the rules for movement, namely same point to same point measurement. Fixing that quirk with place might be part of the reason it's classified as movement now.
  8. In conjunction with the staff at my lgs, Isle of Games, we will be hosting a series of demos and an impromptu rapid growth league event for the month of November. Every Monday in November between 5 and 9 p.m. I'll be available at the store hosting the event. Newcomers and veterans alike are welcome to come in and participate, hope to see you there! If anyone wishes to contact me about specifics for the league, I'm open to messages via the forum. You can also find information via the isle of games Facebook page found here: https://m.facebook.com/isleofgames/ Edit: to facilitate the event I'll likely be there a bit earlier than 5 on the first week, and will also be available the previous Tuesday at my usual time to discuss entry into and questions about the league.
  9. Bakuriel

    Changling Changling Double Double Question Question

    After reviewing the rules around declaration of actions, I see no reason why both the emissary and the changeling can't take the trapping jaw action outside of their activations. Trapping jaw is a unique action in that it was designed for an inanimate object, and was given the ability to check for targets without the model itself being able to take a turn. If the ability to attack wasn't part of the action this would be different, but as it's worded, I see no reason why it doesn't function normally when copied by copycat or tyranny of order, nothing I've found expressly forbids it. As to surprise on top of the actual action, I'd say you get one or the other due to timing. Somewhat loathe to use that word because of the confusion about general timing, but that seems to be there for actions involving two models. Logically speaking, two people can perform separate actions at the same time but one person can't perform a single action twice at the same time. (e.g. you can swing two hammers at the same time but can't swing the same hammer twice at the same time)
  10. Bakuriel

    Waldo's Weekly - Youko Hamasaki Reveal

    Might not be intentional to her design, but I appreciate this line of logic. Asami would be keenly aware of the outward image she's giving off by tying her obi in the front and constantly internalizing the fact that nobody will help her do it properly. Conversely, the matron of the Qi and Gong tying hers in the back implies that she isn't an easy mark even if she does ply her trade like the other ladies, and if you do somehow succeed you'll be expected to help tidy up after the fact. Kind of adds some extra professionalism to her demeanor.
  11. After a large move I'm back up and ready to run open demos for the local game community. Currently I'll be available at Isle of Games, 7747 East Broadway Blvd, on Tuesdays between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., though this may change to Monday during the month of November, update pending. Look forward to seeing some new faces!
  12. Bakuriel

    LGS Promotion FAQ

    I submitted a receipt for December but it wasn't itemized and I'm not sure if the picture I sent was large enough to show off the unopened starter box (Which has since been opened) and included a pre-order for Toshiro, which I couldn't snap a picture of. Is there a way to contact you or someone else to find out if that qualified? And if it didn't, how would I go about showing my qualification? Really want that draugr.
  13. 👩‍🏫Aside from being a silly shop to include in ttb sessions, this post is intended to serve as a basis for unique Grimoire ideas, much like the villain coffee shop. After a cursory search of the forum I didn't see a place dedicated to Grimoires, so felt like kicking things off myself with one I just came up with today. And now, without further ado, I present... The Epi-tome Magical theory: Any Magia: All Immuto: All Special rule: This item may only be used once per session for a single spell, but may declare any Magia and any Immuto for the spell, bypassing restrictions set by the user's current magical theory or any need to study beforehand. However, such a rush of magic all at once has negative effects, and imparts a to all mental and willpower duels for the rest of the scene. Appearance: The Epi-tome looks, for all intents and purposes, like a large medical syringe, filled with a thick, viscous, greenish purple liquid. This liquid reacts strangely when observed, absorbing, refracting, and emitting light in varying measures and intensity. Any potential user is given immediate knowledge in how to use the Grimoire: a simple injection of the liquid into the thigh grants full access to the magical properties. Afterwards the Grimoire becomes unusable until the plunger resets, at which point the liquid returns. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several months, and is represented by the ability only refreshing at the start of a new session.
  14. Bakuriel

    Miss O'Jenny

    I realize that Gremlins Technically have a Miss model, but thematically if it doesn't say Miss and isn't making a pun off of the prefix mis- then I'm not sure it's really a Miss model in true spirit. As for people getting offended, that's an incredibly subjective issue. Baritone Lola is a large, fat ugly dude, at least seemingly so, wearing high heels, stockings, and a tutu, and I've never heard any real complaints about that model. Maybe it's because I haven't seen them, maybe more people are aware of the musical reference than I suspect, and maybe it's because Baritone Lola doesn't look particularly human, but Jenny wouldn't be crossing into much new territory in that regard. Ultimately it would be up to Wyrd whether or not they'd publish something, but I feel like the model has value as a nice, humorous addition to the line of models we've got already. After all, as Duckman once said, comedy should provoke, it should blast through prejudices and challenge preconceptions.
  15. Bakuriel

    Miss O'Jenny

    I was not aware of Miss Pack, though my statement still kind of stands with the Gremlins because the Gremlinette doesn't follow the "Miss" line in its title. Still, I appreciate you letting me know about those older models, as I wasn't aware of their existence.