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  1. Love the pace of your batreps and quality of your edits. Please keep them flowing!!
  2. Ray

    Malifaux Shows

    Just been watching a lot of Penny Dreadful and am now watching Frankenstein Chronicles. Amazing setting for Malifaux! They even have a Resurrectionist faction in there! Anyone else know of anything similar? Also, has Wyrd considered approaching Netflix and selling/sharing the Malifaux IP wi them? Just a thought!
  3. Looks much better than the current model. Haha
  4. Ray

    App Status?

    Been struggling to use this app too. I paid the extra to get the cards etc but man it’s clunky. I end up just using it as a reference tool instead of an in game app. So much potential. Just needs some small tweaks and there. I’m even happy to be involved as a beta tester.
  5. Ray

    Modular Malifaux City Terrain

    I’m watching this. Love your dungeon Ana sewer series. Now for a full town! In Victorian theme
  6. Just returned to the game after a 7 month hiatus. Tad bit lost with GG2018 and was hoping for a competitive list which work with the new objectives. Anyone with any clues? The errata pushed up the cost of ashes by quite a bit. Tried an abomination list but that failed too. Help!
  7. Ray

    Total Testosterone 2018 - Results

    Congratulations to all! It would be awesome if there was a round of first cuts of judging by professional judges. Raffle of prizes can still go out to all entrants so it gives people like me a chance to walk away with something! Haha!
  8. Ray

    Leveticus competitive in GG2018

    Totally agreed. Am working through GG2018 at moment so a balanced list would help. Are there any other synergistic models I should consider?
  9. Ray

    Leveticus competitive in GG2018

    These examples are great. I used to run Levi with Langston, Joss, necropunks x2, abominations x2, waifs and Alyce for GG2017. It was balanced allowing me to familiarise with the schemes and strategies but coming back in 2018, everything changed again! Lol
  10. Ray

    Talos and how to best use it

    Thanks guys. Yea I’ve read the other page and was looking for more information. I’ll continue looking.
  11. Been searching for more information on how to use this awesome looking model and am wondering if anyone has seen a good post with synergy with masters. Thanks in advance!
  12. Ray


    Is there any update on this awesome looking product?
  13. Ray

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Looking forward to getting it on my phone. Gonna give it a few more hours
  14. Any new models coming soon? Keen to get more! A rough guide would be awesome
  15. Ray

    Competitive Leveticus lists

    I echo this post as my choices are often similar for the same reasons. Gg2018 will probably change this a little but I suspect very minor to the way I play Levi
  16. Keep these reports coming! I've subbed
  17. Love the episode! Listening to it for the second time now. Really helps me understand how he's different from my other masters. Been struggling with Parker. Thanks again!
  18. So I got in a game yesterday with a mate of mine. Oh my. Parker is quite the brain buster and I really struggled to make him work. The store owner and regular comments it's basically Malifaux on super hard mode. Aiii! Is there any advise out there for a good crew that synergizes with Parker? I'm looking for a good base to work with. I'll tweak the crew depending on the schemes and strategies. Many thanks
  19. Ray

    Why is the Brutal Emissary so expensive?

    Now that would make sense but the model does come across quite human at first glance
  20. Ray

    Why is the Brutal Emissary so expensive?

    I just thought he has a case of bigtitis
  21. Ray

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Miss Deed'

    Thanks again for sharing! I often visit your blog for assembly tips.
  22. Ray

    Why is the Brutal Emissary so expensive?

    Why is he so large from a fluff point?
  23. Wow I just stumbled on this one. Very nice work! Really looking forward to seeing more!! Especially a completed table
  24. This does! Im looking for more reports and articles others have put up but it's been scarce. Your input helps a lot. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting a sense that Sue seems to rank high in a number of posts. I'll be watching this space
  25. Ray

    August 15th - App

    When can we get this? Thanks!!