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  1. Well we can say the first objective is easily achievable since you are going to put the hurt on Levi a lot with channel. The second objective isn't impossible to achieve. Is it true you should in theory sacrifice each time but sometimes isn't possible, especially if rebirth was use to reposition or draw cards. The third part of the objective is fairly difficult to achieve, unless the opponent really focus on it. Killing anchors or waifs isn't impossible if the opponent put his mind on it. I wouldn't say it's easy to achieve the full 3 points but doesn't look completely crazy to pick eliminate the leadership on Levi. It looks fairly easier to achieve against Levi than against masters with a more conservative play style, like Rasputina. I'm also starting to think that considering the quite poor choice of upgrades on Levi, isn't so crazy to put survivalist on him. Especially if paired with untimely demise. If Levi dive in hth trough a rebirth, keeping him on the table another turn is quite essential to let him die on your terms and then summon a waif (and eventually put that 2 unreduced damages on something). Would help also of activated last in the eventuality he don't win the flip next turn and he is still engaged.
  2. I play Leveticus and I think Lazarus is a quite situational choice. Vs hordes with low defense he is great and he can avoid to be even tied in combat due to his bayonet trigger unload ordnance. But vs high def and tough models he is quite underwhelming. He is quite pillow fisted and lack the oomph to take down big stuff, even if truth to be told, his assimilate ability can potentially give him one big attack if killy constructs make it in the crew (for example a peacekeeper or Langstone). The problem is 10 pts are a lot to spend and even with his high range of utilities (healing, good abomination reclamation target, copying abilites) he doesn't always win the day. Since he is slow also he doesn't double up as scheme runner like stuff of the caliber of ashes and dust and even Langston can achieve. So mostly it's about running Lazarus and ashes or trying something like Ashes and Langston both of them with scrable (and oathkeeper on Langston if you want really exaggerate) and push into you enemy face 2 super tough, super fast and super killy models for a ridicolous alpha strike and aggression. So I think Lazarus if very good if you want to play defensive, but if you want to aggro then Strongarm suit is a much better choice for Von Schill, due to the wide rage of abilities he has to increase mobility and jump out of combat as it see fits. So I will definitely take Lazarus in schemes where you need to hold the line, but not in schemes where you need to be aggressive and chase oppo objectives (or scheme in oppo table side)
  3. Honestly I also find difficult to justify Paria of Bone when Paria of Iron can field so much more arrogance (from our friend Langston to Terracotta Warrior, Soulstone miner, Joss, Mechanical rider, mobile toolbox, etc). Someone argued Leveticus should be able to use corpse markers with his from ash upgrade (wasn't a bad idea honestly, since it's the most useless upgrade around). I think the process there is to hire something with Paria of Bone that can make use of corpse markers. The most egregious users are unfortunately living (asura roten come to mind). Belles are good and on the other hand, kentauroi, even if not providing the good range of utilities he does in a resser crew, can still carry Levi around so he can focus shoot 2 times instead of a single one. And then still sacrifice himself. Or drop him in meless so he can sac himself and trigger the untimely demise upgrade. 2 damages to everything in range without reductions is nothing to scoff at.
  4. Well looking at the bright side, Leveticus with ashes and dust and Langston, both of them with scramble, is definitely a thing. Brace for 2 killy missiles rushing up the enemy lines.
  5. I expected a point reduction for abominations... Ashes and dust and Johan being hit was pretty much expected. But doesn't look like the buffs remotely balanced the nerfs. Other factions got plenty of SS reductions and quite few increases. I think outcasts and gremlins got hit harder this round. And raise the cache of Leveticus to 2 after last year turbonerf was something due.
  6. I feel your pain. I bought ressers pre owned so they were all assembled and I had to do only some minor cleanup. But I did had miserable experiences with other models. I lost ashes and dust ashen core skull and the small hand of course broke. I swapped the skull for a gw skull and remade the support. Actually, better than the original. Had I another korgorath skull, was going for a head swap also on ashes and dust. One of the abominations had a two piece head (you figure) and the mandible fell and I lost it. Resculpted with greenstuff. One of the necropunks have ridiculously fragile appendages, one broke and got lost. I will need to cut it and substitute it with something else. Already got and idea, just need components. But yes, all these small things almost drove me away from the game. I didn't have so many difficulties in assembling other manufacturers models (gw go together like a dream) and mold lines are difficult to clean. For example ashes and dust have so many gaps a extensive greenstuff work is required, and probably even a resculpt in some areas. Mine didn't come out so well, and some gaps are visible even if I tried to cover them with textured paint. I love my models so I tend to get angry when they break or I lose parts. And lastly, I prefer to spend more time painting and playing than assembling. So would be actually appreciated if wyrd would take a look at gw solutions and employ some of them. Also their plastic keep details better, but this is another story.
  7. Wanting to play undeads without undeads is really a contradiction. Let's take a different approach. What do you don't like about painting undead and why and what do you like to paint?
  8. I'm expecting a wave of "reincarnated" masters. Masters going trough big changes both in models and rules.
  9. Yesterday I tried a summoning list with from Aether and from ash. Just no. From ash is completely unplayable. Didn't get anything out of it and I was lacking the third big model. The list was: Leveticus 2xwaif Rusty Alyce 2x necropunks Ashes and dust 2x abominations Was playing extraction with claim jump and leave your mark. The aim was to summon a desolation engine after having the abominations source some cards hitting themselves but it worked very poorly. I was able to score full points from claim jump and leave your mark but was unable to clean the jam in the middle, so the opponent could score 4 pts from the strategy and 3 from claim jump, finishing 7 to 6 to him. I wasn't able to summon a single abom from the from ash upgrade and one from desolate soul. Although I killed one model first turn, the subsequent turns were quite sad. From ash looked horrible and confirmed to be so. For a 2 pts upgrade has too harsh requirements to really work.
  10. Looks nice, I think I'm crutching a bit too much on a&d so a list without him always strikes me as strange. But lots of models and lots of beating power isn't something to scoff at. I find Lazarus not so good, since he will miss if he just autofire, maybe you want a bit more stopping power there.
  11. You can use the soulstones miner for that. Cost 6 and can unbury anywhere on the table, outside the deployment. Would be a nice behind the enemy lines model, who can provide ss for Leveticus.
  12. Leveticus can kill a big model if you have the right cards in hand and you HTH it. I don't see how he can draw a ton of cards thou, since he can draw 2 but he must sacrifice a construct. I think is bigger advantage is the non linear threat range, but you can get something similar with rasputina and her spell arcing crew. Now truth to be told, I'm able to table an opponent with Leveticus and his crew, and he usually gets a tally of 3/4 models per game. But this doesn't mean you will win, if you don't complete your schemes.
  13. Is not small but atm people don't have too large collections, so apart of standard crews and some fillers you don't see many different gameplays. I'm starting to understand about the concern of armor and on a less degree incorporeal being useless defend mechanics since they can be completely ignored. To be a bit out topic, I still think leveticus was overnerfed considering what's around right now. And the new upgrades didn't do anything to correct this, they made him a bit more interesting to play (especially untimely demise) but didn't address some of the main issues (no crew support, difficulty to get around covers). And it would actually be fine if other masters were affected in the same way but instead looks like they have no weak points while Leveticus was offering different angles of weakness while having one strong removal ability. People difficulty to play into Leveticus is probably more centered of the fact they didn't attack the right angle. Well I'm waiting for January FAQs, hoping to see Leveticus restored to former glory or have the other things toned down as well. Is not ok to get your favourite master toned down when things like Reva and thunder Misaki are floating around (but I think thunder Misaki was a bit of a mistake, they just didn't realize how strong the upgrade really was).
  14. I'm sure I am the one missing something, but apart masters, who ignore armor? If a master is out there to get your models, you should be able to punish him. Which other non master models have such abilities? I didn't encounter many of them but could be meta related. In outcasts we got Levi and Marlene (that is, anyway, a very expensive model), in ressers there is Anna Lovelace, who else?
  15. So has been on my mind for a while to try a sort of hard control / brick list with these: Leveticus -Desolate soul -Paria of Iron Hollow waif x2 Alyce -From Aether Engineer Obsidian Statue Anna Lovelace fillers (scheme runner or another piece as seem fit, probably a condition removing Johan would be useful) The idea behind the list is to play this brick of hard denial (statue that can't be pushed, Alyce can't be charged and Anna deny placements) and shoot everything out of the table due to a combined Leveticus / Anna attack, with +1 damage to cast ignoring all reductions. Anna go first, Levi finish the work and summon abominations. Engineer can use Alyce scrap markers to draw cards and give +1 ARM to the statue, throwing a ARM +3 construct to break face. Is a bit different than the usual Leveticus list, since you probably want all the pieces to stay together in a big ball of death. But the can efficiently lock down a large area of the board and eventually annhilate anything trying to get past them.
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