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  1. wisdomknight

    Modular Malifaux City Terrain

    If interested we will start releasing updates very soon here: https://www.facebook.com/rocketpiggamesinc
  2. wisdomknight

    Modular Malifaux City Terrain

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! I think Malifaux players will be very happy with what we have planned. No one has really given much attention to a modular city for Malifaux like what we are doing.
  3. wisdomknight

    Modular Malifaux City Terrain

    There would be no support requirements, all tiles would be ready to go without anything else required by the end user. You can check out the Tilescape terrain system, though this new terrain set would make use of the new Tilescape 2.0. The Kickstarter will be this summer, most likely July. For those interested, if you follow Rocket Pig Games on either Facebook or on Kickstarter itself, you wil get updates on this project and the actual date when the KS goes live. Any suggestions on what Malifaux players might want to see is very much appreciated. For example, trains, train track tiles, portals, street props, etc.
  4. wisdomknight

    Modular Malifaux City Terrain

    If there was a 3d printable gothic/victorian city terrain system/set that was very modular and very versatile, would you consider getting a 3d printer? FEATURES such as: - horizontal and vertical connection system - over a half dozen roof textures - modular roofing allowing thousands of building shapes/sizes What would you like to see in a Malifaux-esque terrain system?
  5. wisdomknight

    TILESCAPE Sewers Set from Rocket Pig games

    I know the Malifaux sewer system is a big part of the stories and the universe. So I'm guessing this is an appropriate terrain set for games.
  6. Heya all, just wondering if anyone has seen these Sewers tiles yet? They are 3"x3" and 2" in height and fit Malifaux miniatures perfectly.
  7. Get in on it now, because they will all connect and work seamlessly with the gothic city when its released. You'll want to have the whole system and some of the unlocked stretch goals are KS Excluisives!
  8. The Mines and Pipeworks Sewer addons are perfect for Malifaux!!!!!
  9. 17 Stretch goals have already been unlocked!!!!!! A big bang for the buck!!!!!
  10. The TileScape 3d printable terrain system tis sized for Malifaux in case any of you are interested. There are not only Dungeons, but Caverns and Sewers as well!!! The miniatures are giant bosses that would be perfect for any tabletop. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rocketpiggames/tilescape-dungeons Its in 3x3 sized pieces with 2 inch high walls. There will be a gothic victorian city later in 2017
  11. UPDATE: We have unlocked the 17th stretch goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LESS THAN 2 DAYS remaining.......so many free packs unlocked to not get in on it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. UPDATE: We have unlocked the 16th stretch goal.... ONLY 3 days left....alot of of stuff unlocked, a really great deal now!
  13. UPDATE: We have unlocked the 15th stretch goal...FLOOR TRAPS!!!!
  14. 3D Printed Terrain! A ROOM DESIGN with Tilescape
  15. UPDATE: We have unlocked the 14th stretch goal 'Secret Entrances'!!!