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  1. Ooo these tokens from terracutter looks good. I checked YouTube but nothing. No reviews outside of the one that GMG did for Infinity. Do you guys mind snapping a few photos for us? THanks!
  2. Been waiting for the city tiles, i.e. the actual streets, board that i can put the actual wyrdscapes on for awhile now. Is there any news of this happening?
  3. These are amazing. Have you put together a full Malifaux city on a 3x3 board with these parts before?
  4. Yeah i haven’t seen any news of this. I wish Wyrd would be a bit more communicative about this. I’m planning to get the full set all at one go
  5. Does anyone have any idea when the board for the streets and drains and the others will be out?
  6. Any store promotions coming for this year? It’s already way past q1 of 2018
  7. Any word on those lovely tiles?
  8. Any word on those lovely tiles?
  9. I would have thought that out activating the opponent is quite critical for Ply. Hmm.
  10. Naturally this leads us to the question of which are your favourite models for schemes such as symbols and ply? I’m guessing cheap durable models such as necropunks or abominations? Definitely not expensive models such as A&D. Thoughts?
  11. There are certain masters, enforcers, henchmen and minions that excel at certain schemes and strategies. I was about to write up a list of models vs the relevant S&S when I realised someone could have done the same. Anyone have any idea?
  12. Would you invest in a crew now knowing that new models and cards are on the way? I just cancelled 6 models I was planning to purchase earlier until the announcement. Would you buy or hold off?
  13. Love the pace of your batreps and quality of your edits. Please keep them flowing!!
  14. Just been watching a lot of Penny Dreadful and am now watching Frankenstein Chronicles. Amazing setting for Malifaux! They even have a Resurrectionist faction in there! Anyone else know of anything similar? Also, has Wyrd considered approaching Netflix and selling/sharing the Malifaux IP wi them? Just a thought!
  15. Looks much better than the current model. Haha
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