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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Wyrdos! October is another LGS promotion month, and in anticipation for it and the spooky surprises in store, I want to address and answer some frequently asked questions! 1) How do I get the promotion? Fill out the form here (found here) and make sure to attach proof of your receipt. 2) Does it have to be itemized? Your receipt has to be able to show that Wyrd Products were bought. "Assorted Wyrd", "Malifaux", or the like is acceptable. If your receipt does not include descriptors like that, then you will need to submit a photo of the receipt with the unopened Wyrd product, prices visible. 3) Can I buy from an online store or LGS online and have it delivered? Unfortunately, that's not allowed. We want you guys in the LGS, where you have a chance to grow the community and engage others about our games. 4) When will I get confirmation? Due to the volume of submissions, we only reach out to those who have some issue with their submission. If you want confirmation that your submission was sent in, please select "Send me a copy of my responses" right above the submit button. This will give you confirmation that it was properly submitted! 5) When will my item ship? Your item will ship sometime after the promotion ends, usually 7-10 business days after the close date of the promotion. This accounts for processing time in the warehouse, resolving issues with submissions, and verifying each submission as qualifying. 6) Will I get tracking for my promotional item? No, we do not provide tracking for the item. 7) How long does shipping take? The depends on several factors, actually! Shipping internationally can take, in some rarer instances, up to 8 weeks, but we often get reports of international promotional items arriving within 2-4 weeks of mailing. 8) Does the total have to be pre-tax? In countries with VAT or GST, your total counts towards the minimum requirements. In countries without VAT or GST, the minimum must be met before sales tax to qualify. I hope this clears up some questions, and if you have any additional ones please don't hesitate to ask through our contact form. Thanks all and I look forward to seeing all the support of LGSs. Check out the October LGS Promo if you haven't already!
  2. Hey Wyrdos! The start of August means that our August LGS Promotion is underway! This month, you can receive the alternate Madam Sybelle,by spending 60 USD or equivalent in your local game store! The form to be filled out is found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/promotions Pick up that Through the Breach Second Edition, or maybe some of those models that you've been looking for an excuse to buy and have Alt Madam Sybelle mailed to you! Rewards, for supporting your LGS? Sounds like a win-win to me!
  3. I am looking for game stores that carry Malifaux products in Japan that anyone might know, or wargaming communities as well. I've been able to find some great paint and hobby shops, as model painting is a pretty big thing here, but outside of random 40K stuff I have not been able to find any Malifaux or board game related things in Japan. If anyone knows of any or has any information, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. I'm not a new player but i am newish to the area (Wrexham, North Wales, UK) and i am also a new henchman. My LGS is 4th Planet Games in Wrexham, hopefully over the coming months we will be organizing some cool stuff, there is an achievement growth league in the works already. So if you're in the area drop me a message.
  5. I am going to try and become a Henchman for my local LGS when the process reopens this fall and had a question on what set to get. I personally will be getting the "Bound by Law" Lucius set. Why you ask? Lucius, enough said. However, I would need to get a second set to be able to demo the game and teach others to play. I plan to get the 2-Player starter set as well to "intro" them into the game, then move on to full fledged crews. The problem I have is that I am not sure what is a "balanced" set to get to oppose him in terms of showcasing the game. I have some ideas of the other Masters I would like to get for myself if I ever dare deviate from the warm embrace of The Guild but I am not sure if they are adequate for the Henchman process. So I turn to you, Forum of the Wyrd, in your infinite and sometimes conflicting wisdom to help me decide what set to get to play and have played against our most beloved Secretary. Let me know what you think, and if you could write a "why to get this one" to help me understand why they are the one to get. As Always, The Grue
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