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If you only could bring 2 masters - ES edition

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shamelessly pluggin that one from the Arcanist forum, since it kinda fits my situation and is always an interesting topic for me (getting back into the game after 2 1/2 years of forced break).

If you only could bring 2 masters (playing in keyword, title masters included) and some Versatiles...who would you bring with you to tackle the most schemes, strats and opponents?
Bonus would be with only 1 master (in keyword + plus title) and Versatiles.

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Well, I've played a bit of Anya and I've just picked up Jedza, so I'd probably go for those 2. Anya has a good amount of scheming potential and mobility so would do well in spread out pools. Jedza can play the bubble game pretty well and would do well in more centre focused games. Both of their titles add variations to this, depending on whether you want to be more kill focused or scheme focused.

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Jedza(1 or 2) and Maxine2. Maxine causes a bunch of healing pings via Breachburnt which pings the various Chronical abilities from the Seekers. The Damned chronicle stacks particularly nasty with Maxines Split Across the World if you can get the positioning right.

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