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  1. Can I play for team purple? I only say this because they look badass! Awesome work across to board.
  2. I was hoping to meet you at Malifood. Your painting is amazing. Smooth blending and great choices in colors.
  3. Here is a mini from Infinity. Treitak Anyat. She is a special character. This sculpt is what drew me into the game. ! Thanks for looking!
  4. Yin for a Halloween Enforcer Brawl. Thanks for looking. Von Schill and crew are up next.
  5. Very good blending on all of these. Great crisp details. The eyes are very well done as a focal point to bring out great emotion on all of their faces. The purple shading looks great and tied them all in together. Great work as always. I saw your Nicodem at GotaCon and was very impressed as well
  6. I was trying to post them larger. While trying to post it said I was limited to upload size. Sorry!
  7. Some more Pandora and the Neverborn I have started.
  8. I have been lurking on A Wyrd Place now for about a year. My painting time is limited and split up among many different games. That being said Malifaux is my absolute favorite. I have aspirations at becoming a Henchmen in my area and am slowly working on getting my two crews done. I started with the Viks. Love the art on the box so much I started asking questions about the game at my local store. Bought the first box and have never looked back!
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