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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I need some help. It looks as though I've managed to mix up the different size nozzles/needles. Any idea how I can tell what sizes the needles are (should be 2x3mm and 2x2mm - already spotted which the 5mm ones are) and which nozzles go with them? These are cheap unbranded brushes/parts so completely unmarked. I have a set of digital calipers, but at which point do i take a measurement from?.. The main body of each needle is the same diameter Thanks!
  2. Hi all. I am considering getting an airbrush and would like some suggestions on what brands I should consider. A kit (plug and play) would be great but not essential. Cheers
  3. Hello everyone, Welcome to my painting log! I'm new to Malifaux. In the first part of this log I will share some pictures of my Ramos crew and some pictures of my other painted models for other systems. I have a painting blog at Rust and the City. I'm going to save this space for links to different projects as this grows beyond 1 page.
  4. Long time painter first time air brusher Thought I'd share my recent airbrush experience. Suggestions are based off my limited experience, and this view is from a complete air brush newbie. Recommendations 1. Pick up the harbor freight air brush compressor, braided cord, air brush cleaner pot, and air brush stand. Also double sided tape and nitrile gloves. 2. Go to hobby lobby and use the 40% off coupon on the iwata neo (my preference is gravity feed. While there get reducer and cleaner. The pre mixed acrylics aren't a bad buy either. 3. At Home Depot pick up a regulator and any adapters needed to attach said regulaor to the compressor, hint compressor is pre fit with a 1/8 adapter. Also get a respirator and don't go cheap and pick up the dust masks. Total buy in ~$200 Bonus extras if you have the cash, spray booth I decided to go as cheap as possible, and while I wanted a Grex xgi their starter kit comes in at $385 and the brush alone is $170. Instead I balked and went to harbor freight and got their kit. The siphon brush it comes with is worthless. Don't waste your time with it. Save the $20 and just get the compressor and the extras you need. The brush is a dual action (press down to control air flow and pull back for paint) but I found the trigger mechanism to be garbage, clunky and unresponsive. I bought the $80 iwata neo gravity feed dual action at hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon. This brush is smooth and responsive. It has a .35mm needle, for fine detail it will be meh, but for base coating and gradients it should be perfect. I picked up dust masks at harbor freight....that was a mistake. I'm still blowing pink paint out of my nose. Nitrile gloves are a must and make for easy clean up. The cleaner pot is nothing short of magical. All in all I'm happy with picking this up, mixing colors on the fly and being able to base coat in any color I want is AMAZING. Pictures with the next update.
  5. So, I finally took the plunge and bought an Airbrush/compressor a bit ago. I've wanted one for the ability to do better transistions, and the espoused greater ease of transparency control for a while, and I hope to be able to gain finer control over it than with a paintbrush. (I also plan to use it for larger scale painting, but that is probably a bit later in the game.) I got this model: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006FQCBZK/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 because it was cheap and seemed like it would be a decent one to learn with. However, the documentation it came with left a bit to be desired in regard to several aspects, and I am at a loss as to how to proceed. I know I need The following: Some sort of cleaner/cleaning kit New Paints and/or thinner Ventilation a mask The problem is that I don't necessarily know which is the best value for my money with each of these. Keeping in mind that money is an object, and probably the most important one, I could use some advice on which to get/make, and how to do it. Paint: I would like something that will work well with waterbased paints, as I mostly have reaper/citadel paints, and would like to be able to mix hand and air painting. At minimum, I need a relatively cheap basic set:Red, Green, Black, Blue, Yellow WHite, purple, orange, and prime. WHat is going to give me the best value for my money? Also, can I use a thinner with the water-based paints I have, or should I keep them away from the airbrush? I know that water is the enemy.... With the previous in mind, what type of cleaner should I get? The set I got recommended putting cleaner through before I did anything else to remove any loose manufacturing bits, and to practice control. But without knowing what type of paint, I'm not sure what type of cleaner I should get. or will general airbrush cleaner work for everything? I generally work in an area with fairly poor venitllation. I have heard of cheap to build/procure vent boxes that would work, but I'm not sure where to find them... and as for a mask, Will the cheap masks like this work, or do I need something a bit more heavy duty? Also, I wear glasses. Should I get some sort of safety goggles? Am I missing anything else I should have? Also, can you point me towards any good tutorials/books? I know there was thread with a bunch of these, but I can't seem to find it... Thanks!
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