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Found 111 results

  1. Hi All, New to this forum, I never played before and I got asked to join up on this game. Looking into the playstyle and miniatures I like, I prity much came very fast out on Pandora. SO I got this box (3rd edition). I do not paint myself, so I am now in the stage of buying miniatures, so I can send it all out to be painted, but I have no clue wat to buy besides the Core Box.... Could somebody point me out on the models I need to buy to flesh out the crew of Pandora to give me options to be put lists on the table please? Its not so much I need to save money, but a priority would be very nice. At this point I am only intrested in Pandora, and not the whole Neverborn Faction :) Thanks in Advance, Laiyna
  2. Hello everyone. I love the type of game that a Woe-heavy Pandora list wants to play. From what I have read, she isn't one of those masters you can take into every pool (Shenlong). Who would be a good partner master/list, to cover up her weaknesses? Most of the non-DMH masters appeal to me in some way, but I need to start small when branching off. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. A quick sanity check about stunned. According with the rules from the page 21, models who gains slow, fast or stunned apply their effects immediately. Stunned make bonus action counts against the action limit for the turn. So: If one model gain stunned in the middle of its activation (let's say for Pandora's defensive trigger) and that model had already used his bonus action, would that bonus action count against his action limit for that turn? I think it does because even if the action didn't count when it was performed, the stunned condition make it counts against it when it's applied. But I've heard other players saying that the stunned condition doesn't apply retroactively to make that bonus action count against the limit. Which is the right reading? Ty in advance!
  4. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet, Pandora stands out to me as potentially interesting, whereas Nekima seems a bit straight forward for my tastes, although I own all the models so will no doubt try her out. So, based on your own experience which master/masters are your pick? Which combos?
  5. Battle Report Form What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? ver. 2-14-19 Strategy Plant Explosives Scheme List Breakthrough Harvest the ley line Hold up their forces, Take prisoner Claim jump Time & Rounds Played 4 rounds, then we called it (4 hours) Final Score Pandora 1 - Zipp 4 Forum Name Maigaard Leader Pandora Crew List Pandora (ancient pact) Poltergheist Candy Baby Kade Teddy Sorrow Dobbelganger Iggy Strategy VP Scored 1 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Claim jump = 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Take prisoner = 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? -Focus more on schemes. -Tried to win by going forwards. The strategy can be played defensively as well. -Baby Kade has now nice ways to move people about. Would try to find more use of that. MVP model (and Why?) Teddy was really stable. Spent most of the time in action and did well. Forum Name BornOnTheBayou Leader Zipp Crew List Zipp Earl Burns The First Mate McTavish Burt Jebsen Merris LaCroix Wrastler Wrastler Flying Piglet Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Breakthrough = 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Claim Jump = 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I would not give the First Mate a bomb, since he was my best bet for getting claim jump point (we had a bit of weird terrain in the middle that made the center point hard to get at). MVP model (and Why?) Probably Zipp or First mate. Zipp carried earl with 2 bombs to the enemy backline first turn and successfully defended Earl by throwing blocking pianos all over the place. Earl could then drop safely drop his bombs and scheme markers. Also it was difficult for Pandoras crew to get lures of on him because of his concealing smoke. First mate was also very mobile and the fact that you can't target him from more than 6" away proved useful many times. Also, leap is fantastic although it does eat some stones. Concerns and/or Confusions? -We were confused about Pandoras self loathing ability. Does it get triggers from the action it copies? If yes, what does "crushed ego" do? It is not clear to us what "effects of an action" is. -The Woes opportunist and misery ability seem a little confusing to play as it does different things for different models. At least for a first time player. Overall it feels not very good/fun to exchange (usually negative) conditions just to get a + flip. It wasn't even used once in game whereas Showboating was used more than 10 times, especially early game. Additional Feedback? -Pandora feels like a rock/paper/scissor type af crew, whereas the Zipp crew feels well-rounded and was really good against her. Additional Feedback? - We think the following models were great and fun to play: Teddy, Baby Kade, Candy, Zipp, First Mate, Wrastlers.
  6. Can a leader or henchman save against the sorrows ability or is it unsalable damage?
  7. Hi all, I'm planning to attend a fixed list 50ss tournament this weekend following the GG18 strats & schemes for March. The crew I'm thinking about running is below but there are a few things that I could use some advice on.. 1. I'm thinking Barbaros with Challenge will keep Pandora alive longer and he can run interference for her, but is it possibly overkill? I haven't tried this combo yet. 2. Should I consider bringing the Emissary/Johan for Condition removal? What would I swap for him? 50 SS Neverborn Crew - Melee 'Dora Pandora + 5 Pool - The Box Opens (2) - Fears Given Form (1) - Aether Connection (1) Barbaros (10) Cyclops (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Lilitu (7) Baby Kade (6) - Depression (1) Iggy (5) - Malifaux Provides (1) Bloodwretch (5) <- I don't have insidious madness yet Is there anything else you'd call out that I should consider? Any feedback will be super appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I was wondering if I could clarify a couple points of timing regarding Pandora's new summoning upgrade specifically with the "Growing Woe" ability. So for models with "i'm not really dead' abilities, (i.e. Huggy/Levi) a poltergeist would not be summoned not because of timing but because the ability on the defending model means that it hasn’t been killed therefor the summoning requirements have not been met, correct? For models with other “killed” abilities like explosive demise the newly summoned poltergeist would not be affected by these abilities because the timing would always resolve the “killed” ability before the “growing Woe” according to my interpretation of the wording of growing woe. Am I correct? I would love hear more thoughts and whether or not I’m correct in interpretation and why. Also, if there are any other problematic timing scenarios that might be fun to point out I would love to hear them.
  9. Hey team neverborn! There was someone in Europe (Jake/Jacob) that has been tearing up the field with a summoning pandora. I've painted a set of field reporters for Nellie and my body is ready. Idea is this: sorrows are too expensive. Here is what I have so far, Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: 50ss Leader: Pandora - Cache:(3) Voices 1ss Fears Given Form 1ss Depression 1ss Hooded Rider 10ss Retribution's eye 1ss Doppleganger 7ss Iggy 5ss Enraged Tantrum 0ss Baby Kade 6ss The Mimic's Blessing 1ss Mysterious Effigy 4ss Insidious Madness 5ss Insidious Madness 5ss Depression seems like an auto include either woe is me. Overall I'm struggling with wrapping my head around why u would play Woe panda over Box or Voices. What strats/schemes does WoePanda want to play into?
  10. Hi, we are Agent(s) of the Breach, a couple who are starting to play with Neverborn. We love to have a painting thread of every game we play because, not only It keeps us motivated, but also, it’s always interesting to have different points of view of the things you are working on and share ideas. So, please, feel free to comment or ask whatever you want, we’ll try to keep this updated At the moment, we’ve been focused on painting Zoraida’s box (testing colours and doing some brainstorming), so we don’t have much to show yet; only an (almost) finished Silurid. The idea is that the Silurid had to look as froggy as possibly, but with a spice of lizard in it. Like we said, it’s not finished yet; we want it to have a brown pattern in her back. Something like these: Usually, the base is the last that we (she, in this case) paint, but we wanted to see how it was going to look. It tries to be an autumn swampy zone. Seeing the photos, we have realized that it's a little dark, so we still have to work it a little more. Malifaux it’s a strange game; coming from Warhammer and Infinity, we are kinda used to paint “armys of”, but every single miniature here looks like a separate challenge. We’ll see how this work!
  11. I am working on a story where I need a mid to lower leveled nephilim to appear as a human. I am not sure the doppelganger would be a fit to my story, so is there any other ideas? Perhaps have a high power nephilim use a spell. Pandora? If Pandora could cast a long term shape change spell that would work. thanks
  12. Hi! I started painting Malifaux few weeks ago. To be honest this is my first thoughtful and mature experience. Love this guys, they are fun, dinamic and simply awesome! I also already painted Puppet Master Crew but unfortunately don't have appropriate photo camera right now. I'll realy appreciate all of your criticism and opinions because I want to stay in this field for a long time. Since I am painting everyday I declare this a weekly blog. I hope I'll be managing to post every thursday. Hail yourselves and be fun! This guy is so tough and scary
  13. Hi there, I have a question regarding Pandora's Misery ability, Fading Memory ability and her Expose Fears ability. Say someone takes an attack targeting Pandora's DF, expose fear states that she can use her Wp instead of DF and that she considers the duel as a Wp duel. If she wins the duel, does the Misery and Fading Memory ability trigger? If not, why? My friend told me that they don't trigger but didn't point me to the rules that clarifies this. Thank you in advance.
  14. So with GG17 being less kill oriented than I i'm used to dealing with, it has me eyeing Voices Pandora as a possible option. I would still need to watch out for Misery suicides with frame for murder, but paralyze seems like it would be a strong option regardless. I'm wondering if people think similarly, or if I'm off base with this one. If people agree, what else would you be grabbing to go with her in GG17? This post brought ot you by the Coalition of people who haven't wrapped their heads around gg17 yet
  15. Hello We are creating some thematic but at the same time fun and competitive crews. The goal is to create a large enough pool (20 models max) for players who will be using 1 master and need a crew well-rounded. I've included a list but your suggestion will be most welcome, please suggested to me if add, remove, or simply reduce the number of models needed! (all the models in production are good). Lilith Pool (mostly Nephilim crew not based specifically on growth) Cherub Barbaros Nekima Scion of the Black Blood BB Shaman Tuco Lelu Lilitu Angel Eyes Mature Nephilim 2 x Young Nephilim 3 x Tots 2 x Bloodwretches 3 x Waldgeist Pandora Pool (mostly Woe and Nightmare) Poltergeist Candy Widow Weaver Doppleganger Mr Tannen Lust Coppelius Iggy Teddy Baby Kade 3 x Insidious Madness 3 x Sorrows 3 x Alps Generic Pool (Shared) Primordial Magic Mysterious Emissary Mysterious Effigy Hooded Rider Note: the number of models is that one of the original boxes Many thanks in advance (The same post will be added to the various faction forums)
  16. Um.. I recently got Pandora I have Pandora. four Sorrows, Baby Kade, Candy, and Poltergeist. Upgrades I have: The Box Opens, Voices, Cry For Me, Best Behavior, That's.... All I got literally for her. I was given three other models but I won't or can't use em.
  17. Just got through another 2-day tournament in which Pandora proved to be off-the-chain. Played Pandora in 4 games and didn't lose a single model while only giving up 6 total VP. (The one game I went to Lilith, I dropped it 10-9 to the tournament winner in a nail-biter, but I wanted to see if I could hang without Pandora or Nekima. Apparently, almost ). Beyond just sharing that once again, Voices 'Dora with Nekima and the Neverborn Allstars seems like a NPE the more I play it, I thought I'd share a new trick I came up with in the tournament that was really, really nasty (added the tip to PMF): Incite + Mimic's Blessing/Perfect Camo is insane. I played a very good Guild player in a Reckoning / Show of Force game and brought this stuff: Nekima, Mimic's Blessing, Fears Given Form Lilitu, Mimic's Blessing Doppelganger, Retribution's Eye Incite Peacekeeper, force him to activate, and he has no viable targets what-so-ever. Didn't even need the crows/paralyze stuff. It worked so horribly well that I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't the right call for every game. Doppel has Manipulative while any other enforcers/henchmen bring Mimic's Blessing. The crew is so mobile that it can usually ensure enemies have to charge or shoot. Was just nuts how much work a single incite could do.
  18. Hi guys, I'm new to Pandora and I've got two questions about the model. 1- if a model gets killed by damage from the misery ability, does the kill count for VPs? Or is it like poison or burning that do not give VPs for kills? 2- I read the following stuff in the FAQs 105) Can Pandora take the Self Harm Action against a model without a z Attack? (Same question for Self Loathing and y Attacks).Yes. The Attack would simply be unable to deal damage. Self Harm selects a z Attack on the target and applies the damage, but does not require the target to have a z Attack. Attacks that require the target have a certain trait in order to target are generally worded, “Target model with a z Attack…” Self Harm is not worded in this way. Now, the question is very simple, if I take voices and target a model that doesn't have a shooting action with self harm, can I still paralyze it or not? Many thanks
  19. This pretty crew needs a home. I'd be glad to trade for an avatar or cash. I have Ramos, Rasputina, Sonia and the Viks Avatars. Please, message me.
  20. Hi, i had been playing for about a month and half now. Enjoying the game a lot. I play neverborn, but i feel like i had been missplaying some stuff, and i wanted to see if you guys can clear it for me. Pandora's Fading memory push: - I had been using it with self loathing and self harm. Is it a correct interpretation of the requirement as an oppossed Wp duel, or has to be pandora the one using her willpower for it work, therefore only working with incites and when "defending" from opponent's actions ? Ok just saw this and learned how misery really works... i feel so dirty now : Dreamer and hungering darkness "buried": - I had been using it as i can activate it after coming back with the (0) from Lord chompy bits or in Huggy's case, after i manage to unbury him with rising sun. I haven't found anywhere why i can't use it, since it says removed from play. But in dreamer's case is the one that had me thinking it can't work that way, since i could chain spawn lord chompys ad infinitum with tantrum. I checked the FAQs, the rulebook, etc, and i had been unable to find an answer. So the question is, does a model that has been activated before being buried, keep counting as activated after being unburied ? Cheers and thank you in advance for the responses. By the way, loving the game, cheers to the Wyrd's staff.
  21. Ten-Thunders player here. I recently went to a tournament were I did not win but managed to get the the Translucent Green Pandora Crew box as a mystery box in a raffle. I plan to keep it, mostly to build my model collection for Malifaux but also get some additional choices when I get Jakob Lynch. Mostly for this decision, I am trying to get the most for two factions and expand my collection as well. Now, the main question that I had: What works well with Pandora with what I got, and how does she usually play? With that, how well does Lynch play in Neverborn in comparison to his Ten-Thunders version and what are some of the differences that are highlighted between the two versions. And with this considered, what are some purchases that I can use to fill out these two Master for Neverborn and my crew choices in general? Thanks! Tanako Skyler
  22. Hey everyone, A friend and I are looking to get into Malifaux and we come from a Warmachines background, so we're familiar with war gaming but not Malifaux. My friend wants to get into Resurrectionists (Seamus first) and eventually go into Molly and Nico. So, I have a few questions: 1) Which Neverborn master would best handle Seamus, Molly, and Nico? 2) Between Lilith, Pandora and Collodi, which box is most complete out of the box and has the best synergy? 3) Out of the Neverborn masters, which would you say share the biggest pool of Neverborn models? 4) With the Queen box having been announced (omg I want that box so badly) who do you think she would best pair up with in a tournament setting? Thank you for the help
  23. After spending the last year as an avid Rezer player (with a quick toe dip into Levi Outcast), I just picked up the Pandora crew. I learned awhile ago that horror duels were a very big deal in the Rezer faction, and my lists have been slowly building for more and more paralyzing components. 'Cause if you can't beat 'em, paralyze 'em. Now, I find a master out of my usual faction that slows, paralyzes, similar but with different names, and just straight up controls the opponents' activations! Her base card had me worried at first, especially since her hench had essentially the same back of card, but then I read her upgrades... I haven't played her yet, but I'm excited to give the box crew and a Teddy a run. I'm not really into Neverborn as a whole (maybe Lynch), but I have a feeling I'm gonna enjoy Pandora and play variations of her often. Any tips or tricks that I won't be over-studying on pullmyfinger until game day? Yes, I'm that passive aggressive, annoying player that messes up your play strategy rather than try to just beat you down....
  24. Hi all, in first place, i introduce myself ! First thing, i appologize for my bad english, i understand this language very well but that's hard for me to talk/write !! i hope all my mistakes don't make you cry blood too much I know malifaux since few years but i just started to play for real at this game... and i definitly love it. I study the rules book since 2 weeks and finaly, i fix myself on this awsome faction neverborn. After that, i focus on 3 masters (pandora / lynch / collodi) and create alone, without experience, 3 lists. I know make a "generic" list on malifaux is not a good thing because that's change a lot with the primary and other scenarios but that's a way for me to know what miniature i buy in first and have some "pre-build" list for my first games. And today, i need you to have your opinion about my list, give me some answer about thing i don't understand and maybe, have some advices ^^ ! I try to explain for all my list what i want and the goal when i create it ! JAKOB LYNCHE That's probably the list that i like least... I have many models who have good synergy with "brillance characteristic" but i don't have many synergies with "ace in the hole" ... don't know if that's a problem or not. I have 2 variants and i don't know wich one take and if play only in brillance is a good way. What kind of model can i take to maximise the "ace in the hole" capacity ? First one : Second one : JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss JAKOB LYNCHE : Woke up with a hand / the rising sun / wanna see a trick 5ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Hungering darkness : Addict 1ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Beckoner 7ss * Beckoner 7 ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illumanited 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Illuminated 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger : Retribution Eyes 8ss * Hans 9ss * The depleated 4ss * The depleated 4ss And a little question about lynche, and to be more precise, about the hungering darkness. If i play hungry, later during the turn, he die, and after (again during the same turn) he come back in game (with rising sun upgrate), i can play him or he considerate like already play ? PANDORA For this one, i don't use Spirit models because ... i don't like them at all. Not in game, but just the visual !!! So i try to find an other way to generate many WP test without them !! Finaly, i finish with this list. I add a mysterious effigy for the last 4 points but i admit i don't know if it's a good choise or not... i don't find an other thing PANDORA : box opens / wings of darkness / Aether connection 4ss * Primordial magic 2ss * Mr Graves 9ss * Doppleganger : Retributions eye 8ss * Nekima 13ss * Johan 7ss * Mysterious Effigy 4ss *ADD 3 soulstones 3ss COLLODI For this one, i realy try to play with many effigy and puppet thing ... i guess that's normal !! Like for lynch, i have 2 lists and i don't know wich one take. The first one i take Aionus inside because .... i LOVE the visual of miniature and i want play this model !!! I put him with collodi because he add to my list many "control" and make that composition moreeeeee toxic with more trics !!! After, i don't know if it's the better choise, that's why i create a second list without him (because it cost realy expensive >< ) First one : Second one : COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss COLLODI : fated / Strum the threads / Breathe life 3ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Stiched together 6ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Doppleganger 7ss * Aionus : Mimics Belssing 14ss * Vasilisa : a friend to talk 9ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Arcane effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Brutal effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Shadow effigy 4ss * Mysterious effigy 4ss * ADD 2 soulstones 2ss ADD 3 soulstones 3ss So, thx to all person who take time to read me and help me a little bit to make my choise when i have 2 lists, or advice me for some synergies/changements...
  25. I'll start it off with Lucius, just to make the Guildies jealous. OURS. Other masters, henchmen, enforcers and minions to come. Lucius Wallpaper, with room for resizing
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