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Found 10 results

  1. Hassassin Yasbir it´s an assassin of elite from the Hassassin Bahrain, has several years in duty doing the alah will to the enemies of the Haqqislam and following the commands of the Wise Old Men of the Mountain... so effective infiltrating and killing enemies that there is a legend upon him to be the very same WISE OLD MEN OF THE MOUNTAIN itself. For an hassassin the vulnerabilities of the foe are gold, so healers and medics are center of many strategies since they keep alive their troops, striking there is striking at the Very Heart of the enemy. The Hassassin Creed says "One stab to the heart to destroy the body, and one stab to the neck destroying the cube.... the very soul" Cube is a kind of chip in the head used to store your info and your quantronic personality/soul for later resurrection thru Clones, Hassassin knows how to utterly destroy you.
  2. trapthem


    Molly Ringwald by Corvus Belli Or Avatar for Infinity by Corvus Belli... whatever you want.
  3. Here is a mini from Infinity. Treitak Anyat. She is a special character. This sculpt is what drew me into the game. ! Thanks for looking!
  4. From the album: Misc. Stuff

    A conversion for a Christmas gift exchange, Morat Spec Ops ----> Black Ops Santa.
  5. I've seen quite a few people here mention Infinity, and haven't found any thread for it... at least not an active one. So I'm making one What exactly is Infinity? Simply put, it's the yin to Malifaux' yang. Or vice versa. I'm actually a huge fan of the game and found that Malifaux complements it very nicely. Where Mali stresses playing with list-building, in Infinity list-building is marginalized. Mali has alternate activations, Infinity has full activations with AROs and order pool (more on it later). Mali is steampunk-fantasy-Wild West, Infinity is hard SF and cyberpunk, with an anime-inspired aesthetics. I stepped out with my grunt and immediately got gunned down by six soldiers, what's going on? Have a short (simplified) explanation of Infinity mechanics: You get a group of soldiers, you get one order per soldier. You can spend your order on either 2 movement skills (move, go prone, climb, jump etc.), 2 non-movement skills (most things that require a roll, e.g. shoot, attack in melee, dodge, hack...), one of each, or a special skill that takes the whole order. So far it's similar to (X) actions you know. The difference is that you can activate a unit multiple times, as long as you have orders to spend. To answer the obvious question, theoretically you can field one uber-powerful unit and a horde of grunts, feed all your orders into the Rambo and rampage through the enemy force so it's decimated before his first turn. In practice, that's rarely gonna work against anyone who knows what they're doing. That's because every time you use an order where an enemy sees you, that enemy can respond. Everything is on permanent overwatch (think X-Com). You start rampaging through an open field, my 3 guys in cover are going to give you a serious case of lead poisoning. And normal rifles can be lethal in this game. The trick is that when you act against someone who's responding, you roll a face-to face roll. Let's assume you're shooting at an elite trooper (Ballistic Skill 15) with a standard rifleman (BS 11), assuming no other modifiers. Rifle has Burst 3, meaning you get 3 shots for every Shoot action, while ARO-Shoot reduces the burst to 1, so he gets a shot in response. Now you not only have to roll 11 or lower, but you also have to beat the opponent's roll. You want to roll as high as you can, without going over. If he rolls 14, he'll be faster on the draw and you'll get the single bullet between the eyes before you manage to aim. This mechanic applies to most AROs: someone dodges? He rolls his PH against your BS. You want to charge and attack in melee (move + CC attack)? He can roll his BS against your CC to see if he can shoot before you manage to reach him. And so on. This creates a very lethal firefight environment, and a careless move (even in your turn) can get you killed. Who are we anyway? What am I fighting for? Why should I care? It's 200 years in the future, mankind has successfully restarted the space colonization program after the previous failed attempt caused the global economy to crash, we've constructed a full AI which runs the computing-heavy jobs like starships and stock markets while causing endless moral/philosophical problems for humanists, we can record a complete human personality and upload it into a mechanical body or straight to the internet, there are new superpowers spinning the same old story of keeping political facades while grabbing what they can through deniable black ops, and finally, there's been a recent non-human contact. Unfortunately, the message boiled down to "submit or die". Faction details: (click names for galleries) PanOceania - rich, politically powerful, high-tech, corporate/consumer-oriented, pretty much replaced the US on the political scene. Has access to good hardware like multiple remote-controlled TAGs (mechs) or neo-Catholic knightly orders, but lacks the varied tricks of the other factions. Yu Jing - China, China never changes. About the only power to survive, China assimilated most of Asia and changed in turn. It's ruled jointly by the Party (which stopped even pretending it's communist) and the restored Emperor. It's the grittier, dirtier counterpart to PanO. Yu Jing excels in powered armor (including robotic infantry) and lightning strikes. Haqqislam - the part of the Arabic world who couldn't stand the rising religious bigotry basically said "Screw it, we're starting anew" and left earth, forming a more humanist society, intended to bring back the Islamic Golden Age of science and philosophy. They have the best medicine and terraformation specialists and a monopoly on some technologies vital to mind-transfer, which allows them to maintain political neutrality. On the table, the Haqq are a low-tech army; few drones and powered armor, but they make up for it with genetic enhancement and sheer tenacity. Ariadna - the first off-world colonial ship did arrive successfully, but the failed second attempt closed the wormhole and stranded the colonist on a very unattractive world. The remnants of the Russian/American/British/French expedition were forced to struggle against the harsh environment and hostile wildlife with no material or technical support. After the contact was reestablished, PanO/Yu Jing cited ancient treaties that would allow them to exploit the mineral-rich planet. Ariadnans claimed independence. As an army, Ariadna is basically modern 20-21 century armed forces cast against a far better armed enemy. Even lower tech than Haqq, lots of cheap units (and cheap heavy gear), and camo. Lots of camo. ALEPH - the AI managing the human sphere actually has its own "internal police force". Is it a necessary evil, or is it planning to become humanity's overlord? No one knows. ALEPH is an extremely elite and high-tech faction. You're always outnumbered, you always have better gear. Things like optical disruptors and EMP weapons are commonplace, so are cyborgs, posthumans and fully robotic drones. Nomads - Starting as three abandoned prison ships, these tough people managed to convert the derelicts into home and get them running. Selling information and services to whoever can pay they're somewhere between a minor nation, a bunch of mercenaries and a freak parade. Nomads have little in the way of heavy hear, their real power lies in versatile medium infantry, excellent specialists, awesome hackers, and drones. Lots of drones. Combined Army - A combination of armies led by the Evolved Intelligence on a quest to transcendence. They're looking for new viewpoints/philosophies, technologies, or even space/resources for more EI servers. Unfortunately for humans, the EI does not tolerate opposition to its cause. The CA are very diverse, like a whole faction of specialists; you have the Klingon-like Morat with all the power and subtlety of a brick to the face, the pseudo-reptillian Shasvastii (infiltrators and terrorists), the insectoid Exrah specialist troops, powerful and expensive EI constructs to lead them, and a horde of zerglings Tohaa - The newest faction, the Tohaa areasdfhjkkhasthe Tohaa are a bunch of talking artichokes and Star Trek rejects obsessed with numbers. They're way underpowered anyway, so you're better off looking elsewhere. This comment was brought to you by the friendly neighborhood EI Mercenaries - the odds and ends you can attach to various factions. Helpful links (if you want basics explained, watch these!) There are also fluff introductions on their channel. Official site - rules, markers, all free, but... You want the Re-edited Rulebook from here. Same text, arranged in a much better way and with an index. Aleph Toolbox - free online army builder, also on Android. There are better builders out there, but this one's definitely up to date. What is this "sectorial" thing you speak of? Sectorials are specialized armies. Every faction has a general ("vanilla") list and 2-3 sectorial lists. The tradeoff is that by choosing to take units from one of the faction backgrounds only, each unit's availability limit is increased, you get access to special mercenaries for that sectorial (which normally are "if opponent agrees") and ALEPH support in some cases, and link-team(s). The link-team is a way to combine 3-5 units (normally grunts, but there are a few nasty HI teams) into a squad. Each time you activate a soldier from that squad, he gets bonuses depending on the squad's size. The team is also faster (all units move simultaneously with 1 order) and better at defense. You can form a new team at any time with the LT's order. The following sectorials are currently available: PanOceania - Military Orders (religious heavy infantry), Acontecimento (jungle troops), Neoterra (bots, high tech) Haqqislam - Qapu Khalqi (Mercs and Nomad support), Hassassins (elite troops, assassins) Yu Jing - Imperial Service (Aleph Support, agents, suicide troops), Japan (bikers, ninjas, power armored samurai) Ariadna - Caledonia (melee-heavy, also werewolves), Merovingia (training and superior equipment) Nomads - Corregidor (good troops, specialists, light TAGs), Bakunin (awesome hacking, freaks) Aleph - Steel Phallus Phalanx (aggressive and hero-oriented) CA - Morat (straightforward, heavy firepower), Shasvastii (camo, trickery, trolling) Tohaa - none yet, but they have pseudo-linkteams in the vanilla list So, where are the pretty miniatures I'm hearing about? Click the faction names above, they link to galleries. But a thread can't survive without a few pics, can it?
  6. Okay, when I first decided to pick up a skirmish game I bought 2 crews for both Malifaux and Infinity. As it happened, the whole club got very into Malifaux and thus the infinity haven't even been assembled. So, I have: Yu Jing Imperial Service Starter Pack Yu Jing Ninja and Combined Army Shasvastii Expeditionary Force Starter Pack Shasvastii Noctifer and I also have the rulebook. All of these are in perfect condition with the rulebook having some very, very minor wear and tear (Only read once). I don't have time atm to work out their retail price, but feel free to PM me or ask questions here and I'll answer as soon as I can! ~ Happy-Yeti
  7. Hi everyone, My gaming buddies and I were just talking about a possibility of playing Malifaux. I just started with miniature gaming and am currently playing Infinity and Warmachine/Hordes. So here's my token "What faction to get" thread. A bit of a background: As mentioned, I'm playing Infinity with Pan-Oceana as my faction. I currently play Cygnar, Cryx and Legion of Everblight on Warmachine/Hordes. I have not read the rule book yet. I'm hoping to find a quick start rules guide. So please enlighten me with the basics of each faction and why I should get your preferred faction. I don't mind a similar play style with my above mentioned factions. Thank you.
  8. Corvus Belli has announcned their new releases for may: Merc Saito Togen Nomad Lizard Squadron Foxtrot Ranger w/Sniper rifle Guilang w/ Sniper Rifle
  9. At Gencon Paris; TenNoBushi snapped this picture of the Green for Inifinity's model, The Clock-Maker
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