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Found 20 results

  1. I'm wondering exactly when a killing-based Scheme checks to see if it's target has been killed. Does it use the Damage Timing rules? When looking at the Death Beds scheme ("After killing an enemy model within both 2" of one or more friendly scheme markers and one or more of the secretly chosen markers...") and evaluating it for the Bandit crew, I wondered if the Fistful of Scrip ability on Parker, Mad Dog, and Sue ("After this model kills an enemy model, it may Drop a Scheme Marker into base contact with the killed model") allowed me to score Death Beds easily. If I'm allowed to drop Markers before revealing the scheme, then I can choose Corpse (or Scrap) Markers, and drop both relevant markers when killing an enemy to easily score the Reveal condition. This seemed too good to be true, but I wanted to check the rules to verify it couldn't work. But looking at the two relevant sections of the rulebook, I feel like the rules contradict themselves on this point. The Damage Timing rules on page 34 list a detailed order of operations. On this list, 6a deals with healing or replacing a killed model, then 6b tells you to "Resolve any After killing Triggers", but I assume this means only literal triggers of actions and not all effects (The rules for Triggers describe them as additional results of a duel which require a specific suit, which means the definition used in the rule book is very narrow.) Then step 6c is "Any effects that resolve after the model is killed (such as placing any Corpse or Scrap Markers) resolve at this point." This seems to imply that both the Fistful of Scrip ability to drop a scheme marker, and the Reveal effect of the scheme, both occur in this step. If that's true, the rules for simultaneous effects mean the Active Player (in this case, the Bandit player) can choose the order of resolving their effects. Meaning I can drop the scheme marker from Fistful of Scrip, then drop a Corpse marker, and then reveal Death Beds, scoring the point. However the rules for Killed, on page 25, state (emphasis mine): "When a model is killed, any Healing effects or effects that result in the killed model being Replaced happen first, followed by any other effects that occur when, if, or after the model is killed. Then, the killed model Drops any Markers as a result of being killed and is removed from the game (including its Stat Card and Attached Upgrades). For more information on timing, see page 34." This list begins and ends the same as step 6 of the damage timing, but it gets fuzzy in the middle. It seems to imply that all "After killing" effects happen in step 6b of Damage Timing, not just Triggers. This would mean that Death Beds checks its Reveal condition in step 6b, and Fistful of Scrip (as well as dropping a Corpse Marker) occur afterwards in step 6c, and I don't score the point. Regardless of the specifics of this question, I feel like this section is not an accurate summary of the Damaging Timing rules. Is there something I'm missing that defines when a killing-based Scheme resolves? If not I assume it's part of "Any effects" in step 6c. And, separately, is there a discrepancy between the Killed rules on page 25 and the Damage Timing on page 34, or am I misreading it? I appreciate any help with resolving this!
  2. Do we know what the schemes and strats will be for Gen Con 2019 ?
  3. So I was playing a game yesterday (Gremlins Sommer Vs Archanists Kaeris) and my opponent had picked entourage as one of their schemes. They had flown Kaeris into the very corner of my deployment zone and then placed two pyre markers so that I couldn't get to her. Now being a long time fan of the pigapult I had also taken entourage with the intention of out activating my enemy and then catapulting Sami Lacroix into the deployment zone on turn 5. What I realized though is I could also deny my opponent all of there entourage points! By activating my gremlin crier I could use 'Gremlin Bureaucracy is the Worst Bureaucracy' cheating the 10 from my hand. This gives the 'This Makes no Sense' condition causing enemy models within 3' to not be counted for Schemes and Stratagy purposes. After which i activated the Pigapult. Sent Sami Deep into the enemy field and then catapulted the crier next to Kaeris preventing her from scoring! This turned what was a close game into a much larger VP gap!! Once I realized this potential combo I was keen to look into other potential applications of this pinpoint anti VP delivery system!! A few that come to mind are: The ability to suddenly change Reconoiter counts in any square of the board. (As the Gremlin Crier is unaffected by this makes no sense. So you can use it to deny a 3' bubble of enemy units while adding 1 of your own when determining table quarter) Denying Turf war points suddenly from the back field. Turning a Sceme Markers babysitter into a non scoring model deep in the enemy table half on the last turn (Protect Territory) Counteracting Breakthrough (As above) I would love to hear any other uses or story's of this strategy that people have come up with! Also I am curious how 'This makes no sense' interacts with Bodyguard as a sceme. Does the opponent fail bodyguard if the body guarded enemy is affected by 'This makes no sense'
  4. Certain schemes requires you to note one or more models, for example Take prisoner, Take one for the team, Vendetta and Public demonstration from GG18. How do these work with those rare models which have abilities that summon themselves? For example, Ferdinand Vogel can sacrifice himself to summon The Beast Within, and The Beast Within can then sacrifice itself to summon Ferdinand Vogel. Or Serena Bowman, who is summoned in your deploment zone at the end of every turn in which she is killed or sacrificed. The way I interpret this is that the summoned model is technically a new, different model with the same name and would therefore not be the model that was noted down. So, for example, if Serena Bownman is the "sucker" in Take one for the team and is killed on turn 2 by a cheaper enemy model, the Neverborn player would score 1 VP. The fact that a new Serena is summoned does not prevent this. If she is later killed again on turn 4 by the enemy Master, no additional points are scored, since this is a different Serena Bowman. Do you agree with this interpretation?
  5. in Addition to the last Topic "Speeding up Lady J" i've read a very interesting sentence. "I dont take her er pretty often, cause of the strategies and schemes". so my minds are spinning around i hope for some helping needles. Speed is a General Problem on Guild-Models i think so. Right? I'm still a rookie in Malifaux and playing always Guild. I only have Sonnia and Justice on Board with some other models (such as DMR, Brutal Effigy, Witchling Handlers, Guild Astringers..) . I'm learing by doing different schemes and change only 1 additional model. But i think i'm not as efficient as i should be or can with the right Master to the right schemes and strategies. So i hope to see here some effective tips. What are youre experience with the different Masters. What Schmes are you like to do with then. I dont Need "Building Lists" only MAster and the favorite Stratege/Schemes with them. Thx for your participation. Greetz Maniac-Eye
  6. Hello Friends, I want to begin by stating that I am in no way associated in the choices or direction Wyrd takes their games. I’m just a loyal dude who enjoys their games and am curious of what the future holds. That said, I had a fun idea during a four-hour drive home from a tournament. A friend and I carpooled and had been talking about the changes and refinements made over the last two years and coincidentally we then listened to Max Value’s podcast about the very same thing and that sparked an idea, here’s the preface. So I love this game because of the decisions! There are decisions in just about every step. The decisions aren't obvious choices but often present thought-provoking and equally beneficial or detrimental choices. The decisions almost always have a caveat and are not wholly beneficial, ‘do + but at a cost of -’ With this in mind there is one step that doesn’t have an ‘options’ phase rather a ‘resolve’ phase and that is the scoring VP or specifically the schemes. The idea I had was if the game introduced yet another critical thinking phase when scoring, would it be game breaking if players had options? Some examples that came to mind; what if future schemes were written like so: I really love how Malifaux has so many fun choices and thought choices during the scoring phase might keep Gaining Grounds ‘fresh’ and not just a rehash from past years. What are your thoughts? I would love to read your ideas of fun schemes that might have options during the VP Scoring phase. Here's the Max Value podcast I referenced
  7. Many Schemes contain words "...If <requisition executed> this crew score/earn X VP". Does it mean player forced to score VP and (most often) reveal corresponding scheme? For example: I choose Hunting Party and in 2nd turn my Enforcer kill enemy minion. I absolutely sure I'll score 3 VP from this scheme on 3-5th turns and want to confuse my enemy. Can I choose to not score VP at the end of 2nd turn and accordingly not reveal Hunting Party?
  8. So once again I've posted something up on my blog, and as it's all about Malifaux I've cross-posted it here. You can find my blog here, if you are interested. So today I want to have a look through the various options for scheme runners, in Ten Thunders. I’ll preface this by stating that I do not by any means consider myself to be the greatest Malifaux player out there, these are simply my thoughts on this. What exactly is a scheme runner? Well, generally speaking it’s a model who’s principle reason for being in your crew is to complete schemes, usually by interacting in some way, or being in specific positions on the board. Technically speaking, any model in your crew can do stuff towards your schemes, but when designing a crew I typically tend to have some models who I specifically include for focusing on doing scheme related things, rather than damaging/controlling the enemy. What makes a good scheme runner? Well, typically I look for at least a few of the following; High mobility Survival tools Scheme related abilities Low cost Additional utility As I said, any model can technically perform duties related to the schemes, and some times the nature of the scheme pool and strategy will tend to push your hand towards particular crew selections that might differ from this, but it’s useful to have a good idea of how you intend to score your scheme VP and look at what models we have in our toolbox to excel at this. In my view, the following are the Ten Thunders models I would tend to look at, specifically for scheme running duties; Torakage Oiran Ten Thunders Brothers Tengu Yamaziko Samurai Shadow Effigy You might be looking at this list thinking, wait what? THAT model? Or perhaps wondering why a particular model that you favour for schemes isn’t listed. This is, admittedly my personal views and yours may well differ. Lets go through them all and I’ll outline my thoughts about them for scheme running. Torakage Misaki’s theme minions, these guys are a little pricier than some of the other options listed here at 6 stones, but they have a few extra things over other options. Mobility: These guys are pretty quick with a nice Wk of 6, and as they are Last Blossom models you can potentially get very high mobility out of them with the Smoke & Shadows upgrade, which I’ll discuss in more detail later. They are also Agile, which makes them immune to disengaging strikes, which makes them much harder to lock down and prevent them doing schemes. Survival: With only 6 wounds they can die very rapidly, but they do have very nice Df and Wp of 6 which can make them tricky for non-beaters to land hits on. They also have the One in the Crowd ability, which means that Sh attacks suffer a – flip when this model is within 3″ of another model, friendly or enemy. Scheme Abilities: Agile is about the only thing they have here, allowing them to simply walk out of engagement, leaving them free to interact or relocate for the schemes. Cost: At 6 stones they’re not exactly cheap, but they could be worse. Utility: What else do they bring to the crew? Well their damage output is actually not bad. A 1/3/5 spread on their Ml5 attack isn’t fantastic, but they do get + flips to attack and damage when not near a friendly model which helps substantially. Their shooting is also reasonable. A 1/2/3 damage spread isn’t particularly impressive, but they can rapid fire, and have a baked in trigger to push 3″ on success giving them mobility while doing a bit of damage. Smoke & Shadows deserves a mention here. This is a 1ss upgrade that can only be carried by Last Blossom models. It gives all Last Blossom minions 2 new abilities. A (2) action called Shadow Stride that needs a moderate Mask to succeed, which buried the model. At the end of the turn, it unburies within 6″ of a friendly model. They also gain a (1) action requiring any 8, which places two 50mm blocking smoke markers in base contact with the model. A trigger on a Mask allows them to then take the Shadow Stride action, at +2 Ca and a Mask. This can give the crew utility both in terms of blocking LoS to prevent ranged attacks and charges, and also significant repositioning which can be very valuable for getting models where they need to be for schemes and strat, particularly in the late game. Overall Torakage have some good tools, but are a little pricey and often I find a bit too fragile given their cost. Oiran Oiran are often much maligned, I suspect due to their Lure ability being unreliable compared to the Lure options available on other models, such as Beckoners and Belles. However in wave 2 they received a buff, in the form of the 0ss upgrade Hidden Agenda. Once per turn, when the model carrying the upgrade deals damage to an enemy, all friendly Oiran in LoS gain Fast and Focused +1. Put this on a beater with a spare upgrade slot and your Oiran get significantly better. I often favour putting it on Misaki, Ototo, or another similar beater that will be in combat for much of the game. Mobility: A fairly average Wk 5, and a surprising Cg 8. However this is significantly offset by the Hidden Agenda upgrade which often means that your Oiran are fast, and 3AP makes for some significantly improved mobility. Survival: While only Df 5, they do have a rather good Wp 6. However they have 2 abilities that can really improve their survivability. Firstly, they are Disguised, meaning that they cannot be the target of a charge action. Against melee heavy crews this can make them very frustrating to kill, particularly if you position well. They also come with Reading the Stone, which means that the first time they take the Defensive Stance action, they gain an additional Defensive +1. This can keep them alive, or drain resource from your enemy trying to kill them, and combines particularly well with Shen Long as he can allow them to take the Defensive Stance action as a (0). Also worth mentioning is the No Witnesses trigger on their melee attack. It requires a tome to get off, but puts a condition on the target that means they may not declare Showgirl models as the target of an attack action. And Oiran are Showgirls. This can be worth committing a tome for, if it will result in more VP. Scheme Abilities: Nothing specific, but as mentioned being Fast thanks to Hidden Agenda can allow them to get into position rapidly, or interact, walk, and interact again. Cost: At 5ss they’re pretty cheap, and their upgrade is 0ss. Utility: Their damage output is nothing to write home about, but they do have Lure, which forces a target model to move it’s Wk towards them. It does however need a Crow to cast, but has a good Ca 8 vs Wp and an 18″ range. You won’t be using it a lot, but with Focus +1 from Hidden Agenda they have a slightly better chance of flipping the Crow they require, and it can sometimes be worth committing a crow from your hand if moving an enemy model can deny VP to your opponent, score VP for you, or else just significantly disadvantage the opposing crew. Worth remembering. They also have Appealing, which gives friendly living models in aura 4 +1 Wp, which can be very useful against crews that favour Wp based shenanigans. Finally, they are Last Blossoms models so can take advantage of Smoke & Shadows, as mentioned in the Torakage entry. Overall I actually rather like a pair of Oiran, plus Hidden Agenda on one of my beaters as a good scheme running setup. Particularly good for things like Inspection, Leave your Mark, Public Demonstration and so on. I’m particularly fond of them when going against Neverborn or Resurrectionists for the +1 Wp bubble. Ten Thunders Brothers These guys are considered pretty much the gold standard in scheme minions for Ten Thunders, and with pretty good reason. They have an impressive tool set! Mobility: Wk 5 and Cg 5 is nothing to write home about, however their (0) action can place them within 3″ which helps a lot. I’ll discuss their (0) in more detail later. Survival: Df 6 is solid, and Wp 5 is okay. 6 wounds is fairly typical for this kind of model. However, they have several options to further improve this. First their Df trigger, Bend As The Willow. This is on a Tome, and gives them Defensive +1 after resolving which can make them very difficult to shift. Additionally they have the Expert Defence ability which grants them +1 Df when they have the Defensive condition, putting them up to an impressive Df 7! Their (0) has two options to improve their survivability; Crab Style will grant them Armour +1, and Mongoose Style allows them to heal 2 damage. Overall they can be very difficult to kill, though serious beaters will still destroy them. Scheme Abilities: Protect Our Holdings means that friendly scheme markers in aura 5 may not be discarded by the actions or abilities of enemy models, which can significantly improve your chances of completing certain schemes. Cost: At 5ss, they’re pretty cheap. Especially given their huge tool set! Utility: They’re extremely survivable, and they aren’t too bad in combat either. Ml 5 and a 1/3/5 damage spread is not bad, and they have triggers on a Ram for + flip to damage, and a Mask lets them place the target into base contact with themselves, and give it slow. Their (0) action is where the real utility comes in. It’s Ca 5 with a TN of 6, meaning anything other than the black joker succeeds. They have a trigger on every suit. Tomes gives them Armour +1, Crows gives them an impressive 4″ Ml which can let them engage a LOT of models, Rams gives them either draw a card then discard a card, or heal 2 damage, and finally Masks lets them place within 3″. Overall rather impressive. A lot has been said about how good these guys are by many more people than me, and it’s hard to argue. Their only real issue is a slight lack of mobility, but that is offset by the Mask trigger on their (0), and you can use any low Mask from your hand to ensure you get this. Tengu These guys are probably what most people think of, when thinking of scheme runners in Ten Thunders. Dirt cheap, and with lots of scheme related goodness. Mobility: Wk 5 and Cg 6 isn’t terribly impressive, but they do have Flight which makes dealing with terrain pretty easy for them. They also have The Shooting Star ability, which allows the Tengu to place into base contact with a friendly scheme marker within 5″ at the start of their turn. With this, a pair of Tengu can leapfrog their way up the board, leaving a trail of scheme markers in their wake Survival: Well… it’s not great Df 4 and Wp 4 and only 5 wounds means that any serious effort will kill them pretty easily. They do have Regeneration +1 which can help keep them alive, bust mostly you’ll want to try and hide them. Beware ranged models, particularly snipers, picking them off early from across the board to prevent them doing their thing. Scheme Abilities: The place into base contact with a friendly scheme marker can make it very easy for a pair of these guys to litter the table with scheme markers while remaining mobile. They also have a (0) action, Still the Earth, that allows them to discard up to 2 cards, and discard one scheme marker in a 3″ pulse for each card discarded, which can seriously crap on your opponent’s plans. They also have a trigger requiring a Tome on their melee, which allows them to place a scheme marker in base contact with themselves after dealing moderate or severe damage. Not to be counted on though. Cost: Dirt cheap at 4ss each. You’ll likely want a pair for scheme-marker-hopping shenanigans. Utility: Not too much. Their Ml attack is pretty poor, with a 1/3/4 damage track, though they do have flay on a Mask. They also have a (1) action, Ca 5, TN 11 with a 6″ range to give the target Regeneration + 1 until the end of the turn. A Tome trigger lets them take the action again, with no triggers. Potentially a handy little bit of healing once they’ve done their scheme laying, but typically they’re too busy planting scheme markers to use this, and the short 6″ range means they often aren’t in range of the models that need it most. I’ve not really had much success with Tengu. They’re just too easily killed, and my opponents generally are aware of their scheme running potential and kill one early. A single Tengu is far less capable. Yamaziko Wait what? Yamaziko? Yes indeed. While she’s more expensive than most things in this list, and is a Henchman rather than a minion, she’s actually quite a capable scheme runner, and excels in certain situations. Mobility: On the face of it, Wk 4 and Cg 6 is fairly poor. However she does have Nimble to make up for it, which gives her an extra AP just for walk actions. With this she can cover 12″ in a single turn, and also has the ability to interact, walk, and interact again. This makes her one of the more mobile options I find, she can really get about the board! Survival: Her Df 4 is definitely her weak point, but her Wp is an excellent 7. Further more, she’s Stubborn, which gives enemy models a – flip to the attack flip of anything that is resisted on Wp. This means she’s extremely resilient against Wp based attacks. She also has 8 wounds which puts her significantly above most scheme runners, and finally she’s a Henchman, which means she can use soulstones, either for defence or for damage prevention. This can substantially increase her survivability if required. Her Brace Yari (0), which I will discuss below, can also make charging her an unpleasant option and may protect her. She’s weak against shooting, being only Df 4 but you can offset this with the Smoke Grenades upgrade, which for 1ss gives all attacks targeting her from further than 6″ a – flip. Scheme Abilities: The main one is her access to nimble, which combined with her 40mm base means she can interact, walk and then interact again. Cost: At 7ss she’s more expensive than virtually all of the other options, so consider carefully if the other things she brings to the table are useful to you. Utility: Yamaziko’s damage spread isn’t particularly impressive at only 3/3/4, but weak damage 3 can be very useful against some models, and she’ll generally be able to easily dispatch most opposing scheme running models, which I find makes her a good flanker. She’s also got a 3″ melee range, which combined with Cg 6 and Nimble gives her an impressive 13″ threat range, and allows her to potentially engage several models to tie them up. She also has a (2) attack, Master Tactician. It’s Ca 6 and resisted on Wp, and may only target enemy leaders. Yamaziko gets a + flip to duels with enemy leaders making this quite likely to succeed. If it does, the target must discard 2 cards for each of it’s unrevealed schemes. This can potentially seriously disrupt your opponents turn if used at an opportune moment. She’s Relentless too so she is completely immune to horror duels which is a nice bonus. Finally her (0) action, Brace Yari, lasts until she is moved or pushed, and causes models that target a friendly model within 3″ of her with a charge action to take 4 damage. Also, as a Henchman she has 2 upgrade slots, and as a Last Blossom model this means she can carry Smoke & Shadows for you. As mentioned above, Smoke Grenades can increase her survivability, and depending on where you feel you will require her she could be a good carrier for The Peaceful Waters 0ss upgrade for Monks of Low River. I like Yamaziko quite a bit as a scheme runner where I also need some utility and killing power. While expensive compared to other scheme runners, she’s cheap for a Henchman and has some useful tools. Particularly good against enemies that are likely to be heavy on Wp based attacks, but often fares poorly vs shooting heavy crews. Smoke Grenades can offset this somewhat, but you will often find you need to be careful with your positioning. She will take damage very easily in melee and a serious beater will kill her in extremely short order. She can however practically score you Convict Labour, Search the Ruins, Plant Explosives or Spring the Trap all by herself thanks to being able to interact, walk, then interact again. Samurai Another choice that might have some people scratching their heads, I quite like Samurai with their Favor of Heaven upgrade as heavy scheme runner / flanker models. Mobility: With Wk 4 and Cg 6, Samurai are not fast. However, the Favor of Heaven 0ss upgrade grants them +2 Wk and +1 Cg. This puts them to Wk 6 and Cg 7, which is far more impressive! Their (2) tactical action, Run Through, can also give them some surprising extra mobility. It allows the model to push up to 4″ in any direction, perform a (1) Ml attack action, then after resolving the attack push another 3″ in any direction. This can often get them out of tight spots, or let you get to a model your opponent thought was safe. Survival: Df 5 is pretty average, and their Wp 4 is poor so you will need to keep them away from Wp attacking models. They have only 6 wounds, but Armour +2 can make them very hard to kill unless enemy models have a way of ignoring armour. They also have Stand Ground, which allows them to take the Defensive Stance action without discarding a card, which can be a big help if you need to try and keep them alive. Scheme Abilities: None, these guys are mostly about mobility, durability and killing power. Cost: At 8ss, they are the most expensive thing in this list. Their upgrade is 0ss at least! Utility: This is where the Samurai shines. Their damage output is impressive, with a 2/3/5 damage spread on their melee attack, which also ignores armour. Further they have Critical Strike on a Ram, for +1 damage bumping it to an impressive 3/4/6. A crow trigger grants them a + flip to damage. They also have a potentially potent Sh attack from their Shoulder Gatling, with a great 14″ range. It’s only Sh 5 but gains an awesome +++ flip to the attack. Yes, that’s right. You’ll be flipping 4 cards. This means they can readily target models in cover, or that force – flips to attacks, and still have an excellent chance of hitting. Further more, a Ram trigger allows them to take the action again after damaging, against a different target. And this can happen as often as you can flip or cheat Rams. The damage spread is only 2/3/4 but they can put out a lot of fire potentially. The big downside is that if they miss, they suffer 4 damage that cannot be reduced, which will near kill them even from full health. Be very careful about when you use this. Finally they have Reading the Wind which means that the first time the model takes the Focus action during it’s activation, it gains an additional Focused + 1. Between this, and their Stand Ground ability, they combine very well with Shen Long, who can let them do either Focus or Defensive Stance as (0) actions. His healing also goes a long way with their Armour +2. All of this means that they will likely slaughter any opposing scheme running models they encounter, and can be quite difficult to kill. They aren’t an auto pick for the role, but depending on crew composition they can be extremely good flanking scheme runners, and have excellent damage output once they’ve done what’s needed for the schemes. Shadow Effigy Last on my list is this little guy. Often overlooked since he grew up to be a nice big emissary, he’s still a pretty solid little cheap scheme runner. Mobility: Wk 5 and Cg 6 is fairly average, and he’s not got any particular movement tricks himself. Survival: The little guy is surprisingly tough to kill. He’s only got 4 wounds, but he’s Df 6 and Wp 5 with Armour + 1 and Hard to Kill, which means that your opponent will have to commit fairly significant resource to kill him, and may simply feel it’s not worth the bother. Scheme Abilities: This is where he makes up his worth as a scheme runner, thanks to Remember the Mission. It’s a (1) tactical action that requires a fairly high card to get off, that puts a condition on a friendly minion that allows them to place a scheme marker in base contact at the end of their activation. As this is not an interact, it allows you to even place scheme markers when engaged, or in 4″ of another friendly scheme marker. This can make schemes like Detonate the Charges, and Set Up almost trivial to accomplish. Not to be used every turn, but worth keeping in mind as it can really change the course of a game. Cost: At 4ss he’s nice and cheap, and makes a good option to fill out the last few stones in a crew. Utility: His melee attack is accurate, being Ml 7 but only ever does 1 damage. Potentially handy for finishing off those Hard to Kill models, but not exactly a combat powerhouse. His (0) action does give your leader a nice survivability boost, granting a condition that can be ended when your leader is the target of an attack, giving the enemy – flips to the duel. He also has Accomplice so you can activate him early, get the (0) off, and still activate another critical model. Overall he’s a great way to fill out those last few stones in a crew that you don’t have another good use for, can happily spend most of the game wandering around doing scheme things, and can give your leader a nice little survival boost. I don’t often take him, but I rarely regret it when I do. And that’s the lot. There are a few options I’ve not really covered here, most notably the new Wandering River Monks, partly because I’ve not really had a chance to try them out yet, and partly because I have a feeling that they’re just a little too expensive and a little too fragile for what they bring. Doubtless I’ll give them a try and some point, and I’d be curious to hear other people’s thoughts on them.
  9. Hi guys. In the british city i live my gaming club plays with the gg16 setting. But there are some people who still play the unfair schemes of the book. They refuge to play the proper ones because somewhere is mensioned that you can use the gg16 or the rubbish from the book. What do you think? Should the old ones be OFFICIALLY superseded?
  10. Perhaps I'm opening a can of worms here, but... I've got three players tonight at my weekly game night, and they want to play Malifaux. Anyone have any suggestions on adapting a game for three players? Strategies/schemes that work well? Me, veteran player, and two who have each played once before.
  11. Hello Malifauxers, I have this idea so I'm putting it here to see if there is any interest. The idea is an ongoing thread where you generate a set of strategies for yourself assuming you are playing against the faction of the previous poster. You write a 50 soulstone crew list you would take against the previous faction and explain what schemes you would be going for and how you might deny your opponent VPs. I'll start.... Since my primary opponent is a Guild player, I'll assuming I am facing that faction with my list. I'm going to use @malifauxschemes on twitter to generate my strats and schemes. Faction: Resurrectionists Strategy: Interference Schemes: Convict Labor, Exhaust, Show of Force, Search the Ruins, Occupy Their Turf Deployments: Flank McMourning - Plastic Surgery - Moonlighting Sebastian - Those Are Not Ours! Mortimer - My Favorite Shovel - Transfusion Rafkin - Transfusion Zombie Chihuahua Nurse Crooked Man x2 7 soulstone pool The List The concept behind this list is that Sebastian and Mortimer would move to the center of the board, either scoring or contesting for Show of Force. They would work together to get out one Canine Remains a turn at least. I gave Mortimer My Favorite Shovel so he can drop a corpse and still walk or Fling Rot. This also means I'm not dropping more corpses than Sebastian can make uses for. A Crooked Man would pair up with with McMourning and Rafkin, each pair heading to opposite corners of the board. The Nurse would likely go with McMouring and the Zombie Chihuahua would go with Rafkin. That way I have Expunges on either corner of the board and McMourning gets more poison support to take advantage of his Catalyst bubble. Getting VP Convict Labor is an option with Crooked Men having finish the job. I think there ability is better for Search the Ruins which I like better since it scores at the end of the game, making it harder to deny. I'm going to pick Show of Force since I want Mortimer and Sebastian center so the dogs can run into whatever table quarter needs support. I dont like to pick Occupy Their Turf with any diagonal deployment. I think it's harder to get deep enough into the enemy's side of the table. I'll basically be cutting the board in half diagonally, hopefully stopping my opponent from getting models in behind me. Dealing with the Opponent Against Guild, I took the Crooked Men as there will likely be shooting from my opponent. Even if I see Sonnia, I feel my models will be spaced out enough to reduce her blasts. I would have to be very careful if my opponent brings Lady J and Death Marshals to box my key units. If my opponent picks Exhaust, he'll likely be getting full points unless I am careful with my activation order and make sure he only has a Canine Remains to put Exhaust on, which I don't feel bad about killing. Mortimer's Chatty bubble can also help deny Exhaust interacts and makes Search the Ruins harder. I feel good about Show of Force and Rafkin can jump into the center if needed. Guild Watchers could fly past by line and get into my zone of Occupy, but hopefully I can stop most models from getting past. Now it's your turn.... Generate a scheme pool, Gaining Grounds, standard, doesn't matter. Write a list against Ressers and tell us how you'd win!
  12. Hello Everyone I had time again to play Malifaux (after a few months break). Had a game with Levi (man he was killy as hell, one activation and 3 dead bodies ) But back to the main topic, I have a few questions, and hope you can help me. I Currently I have access to: - Levi plastic box - VS plastic box - Sue - Johan - Desolation Engine - Death Marshall - Hannah - Lazarus Question #1 Cheap scheme runners. I miss cheap models in my collection. After I read forum i think that Void wretches are best, but maybe in future that thing for Hamelin may be better. Are there any other options for that role? I think about Desperate merc and effigy? any opinions or advice? Question #2 Summoning Levi. I tried it a few times, Rusty Alyce generates scrap, Levi creates a-bomb. It didn't work, firstly i had to have them both in same area, second I never had a right card when i needed it. Any advices on that? Anyone had success with that tactic? Question #3 Jack Daw, I have an opportunity to buy single model for master with all cards and it's cheap. Have you ever played Jack without other tormented models? It will lose a lot of his playstyle, but can still be used . I never saw him on table so my experience is not too big. @ off-top I didn't check things on forum for some time, where is Zfiend, have Guild got him? Or maybe other sinister forces? It's strange without him and his ressers posts.
  13. Just a quick dumping ground for ideas on what the new Gaining Grounds changes might mean for our favorite faction. My initial thoughts: Yamaziko's stock just went up. Now that all the schemes start revealed hidden (and may stay that way for a while), her Master Tactician action is potentially a big hand drain in any game. Lynch with The Rising Sun is no longer an instant pick for Collect the Bounty. Even if he's not killed, Huggy gives up 3 bounty points when he goes to zero wounds. Convict Labor is probably easier for most crews than Line in the Sand, but the interference possibilities actually make it harder for Sensei Yu. Search the Ruins, on the other hand, is still eminently doable via Mighty Gust. Show of Force might be slightly good for us overall; I feel like the Thunders tend to use a few more Upgrades on average than some other factions. Other thoughts, anyone?
  14. So I've been playing alot of Spawn Mother lately in our local campaign and in regular 50 ss games and she's quickly become my favorite Henchman for neverborn. So far she's been a great points scoring models and I thought I'd share some tips and observations I've had since running her for others that may be interested. First off her stats are fairly average which is actually right where you want her which will become clearer later. Silent and Perfect Camouflage are great in the first couple of turns to keep her safe while she moves up into position. Mothers Rage is great in swampfiend lists but I've only gotten to use it a couple of times due to either LOS issues, range or wanting to keep her where she is. The Hatching allows you to summon gupps on your egg markers if SM is killed . This is perfect for her and really plays into my strategy with her. On the back of her card her only attack action Menacing Talons is decent at Ml 6 and a 2/3/5 damage track. Its got a a posion trigger on the card and can gain a critical hit trigger with her upgrade. Useful but I don't often have her up in the thick of things until late in the game. Onto the Tactical Actions where the meat of her card and strategy lay. First the (0) action Lay eggs. The main reason to hire her IMHO. You need to hit a TN 12 crow to lay an egg at cast 6. These egg markers can later be used to summon Gupps which are great scheme runners. They don't pop out right away which is both a blessing and a curse as they can't act yet but they also can't be killed before you get to use them. They have a 5 in Leap that only requires a mask to go off. I will almost always save a high enough crow specifically for this ability and go into the game allocating 1 SS specifically for this ability. The (2) Action Nesting Pool is how you summon the gupps outside of her being killed and using the Hatching ability. My use of this really depends on the flow of the game but in general unless it looks like shes going to die you'll almost always use this on turn 4. Even then its worth considering as you have to use this ability before laying eggs for the turn and if they kill you after getting another egg down they would just be wasting AP. Lastly is the once per turn (1) action Nourish the Young. This increases the Charge Range of models in a 6 aura by +2 for the rest of the turn. This can be quite helpful but I haven't actually used this that much. This can be nice turn 5 if your gupps are in range to increase their leap. It could also be handy turn 2 as your bigger hitters are closing into melee but its best used early in the turn which removes your camouflage bonus. Upgrades: Protect the Young - This gives you a critical strike trigger on Menacing Talons and the ability to hire out of faction swampfiends if she is the leader. In a Henchman game if I'm planing on also taking Mctavish this is an auto include otherwise I mostly skip it. Hexed Among You - This lets you deploy swampfiends upfield during deployment. This can be great with Waldgiests to allow you to engage alot of units early after they charge and place their forests. If you don't have other swampfiends though its useless. Fears Given Form - I'm starting to like this alot more on SM. Late turn three I usually have 2 or three egg markers down and I'm going to either want her dead turn 4 or spend both AP hatching. After laying the turn 3 egg I'll charge her into range of as many enemies as I can, hopefully some that havent activated. You've then put your opponents between a rock and a hard place. They kill spawn mother to minimize the risk of passive damage and give you free gupps or either drain their hand or suffer damage to keep the gupps off the board. The Mimics Blessing - Only somewhat useful as you already have Perfect Camouflage. The card draw when killed though can be handy as you almost want Spawn Mother dead turn 4 or 5 and the card draw could get you masks for your gupps leap. Next is discussing why you are going to take her. She is best when Reconnoiter or Interference strategies come up as her summons are significant minions and leap allows you to get into or out of engagement or into table quarters to score those turn 4 and 5 strategy points. She is also great for marker dependent schemes like Line in The Sand. 2 gupps out on turn four can run to position and if you've got 2 masks turn 5 you only need those two models to get full points on alot of schemes. Breakthrough, plant evidence, outflank, or late game plant explosives are also all very achievable with 2 or 3 gupps. Power Ritual is a bit tougher alone but still possible. So here is my general game plan with her. Turn 1: If Reconnoiter or Interference are in the pool I'll drop an egg first action. I may also do this if power ritual is in the pool and my opponent has declared it or I'm taking it undeclared. Otherwise double walk and then Lay Eggs. Turn 2: Usually double walk, either across the board for Line in the Sand or Outflank or forward for Break Through and Plant Evidence. Then Lay Eggs where most useful during these moves. Turn 3: Usually Lay Eggs first then charge into either a big hitter or a group of weaker models to tie them up. If I have a mask in hand I may lay this egg after the charge as long as there is no chance of her getting paralyzed to get the gupp to safely in case she goes down that turn. Turn 4: Almost always Nesting Pool. You need gupps to be able to interact on turn 5 and if you don't get them out turn 4 they can't do that. Followed by Lay Eggs. The only exception would be if she is low on wounds and i have a model that can easily kill her, like Mctavish or Nekima or even a gupps if she's low enough and I have a crow in hand to get a silurid out of the deal. Turn 5: Discard my whole hand to get masks for leap, even some high cards. Its turn 5 people, its all about those sweet points. Whats that? ... Spawn Mother? Is she still alive? Really? Uh.... Lay Eggs and hope for that black joker? Otherwise what ever it takes to win. In summery keep her moving and get those eggs out across the board so your gupps will be in position to act turn 5. I want at least 2 eggs down by turn three. 3 is better. If you can only get 1 down you would have been better off just taking 2 gupps at the start of the game. Try to get your eggs in places where the gupps can get where they need to on turn 4 to act on turn 5, Ideally within 5 inches of where you want a scheme marker incase you don't have masks turn 4 or you need them to place 2 on turn 5. Edit: And wow this turned out alot longer then I thought it would.
  15. My friend and I took too long with our WMH game yesterday, so I didn't get to run a Malifaux demo for him. I got bored and started theorycrafting lists for given strats and schemes. I had a few decent ones, but I felt like I hit my groove with the fifth draw: Flank Deployment Strategy: Squatter's Rights Scheme Pool: LiTS, Bodyguard, Cursed Object, Distract, Deliver a Message Looking at it, I decided one good solution would be to put together a crew that could deny the ability to claim squatter markers, and Distract and Cursde Object looked to be a fun (if annoying) way to do it. Who best to do it? Lilith and Co. Lilith +Beckon Malifaux +Wicked Mistress +Rapid Growth Candy +Depression Mature Nephilim +Obsidian Talons Terror Tots (x3) Sorrow Silurid A brief breakdown of my thinking here: Lilith: our foxy beatstick... doI really need any other reasons? No, but I'll list some anyway.Wicked Vines is a nice way to pin a model down, keeping it from reaching a squat mark.Comine this with Transfixing Gaze, and you can bring some annoyance and 3 damage. Addin the Illusiry Forest and you could really mess someones day up, as I don't see anything that supercedes both damages taking place. Evil. I'm not really sold on the Rapid Growth upgrade, other than to maybe grow some of the brood into something more dangerous. Candy: Sweets and Sours could be fun in a Strat where minis might have to move. Plus healing is never a bad option to have. Best Behavior looks fun, but Melancholy sounds like more fun in this scenario, especially as I've brought her for possible activation manipulation. Mature: Do I even have to explain his inclusion? Big zone for engaging models, brutal as hell, and Wing Buffet may be just the thing to clear enemies out of the way so he can claim a squat mark himself. Obsidian Talons because there are a few nephilim in the list. Tots: Speed, speed, and more speed. Given what I gave Lil, I might be able to set up some pounce attacks. That would be gravy. Mostly there to hand out distract and cursed object, maybe claim a squat mark or two. Sorrow: "You really do have a skull full of maggots! Sorrows suck!" Keep saying that. For this list, I can't think of a better emergency engagement tool (Misery loves Company). Also, the crew does bring a decent number of Wp duels, so why not add death-by-a-thousand cuts to a list with Lil and a Mature? Silurid: Speed plus. Thinking I could jump him up early to grab a squat mark, then pull him back to harass. Thoughts?
  16. So I'm starting to fill out a "report card" for the guild masters to help me make better decisions on who to choose for what strats and schemes and I figured I would let everyone else in on the fun/debate. The document explains the rating system for the master. If you have questions on why I rated the way I did ask and I'll let you know. Otherwise if you disagree with a choice, let me know what and why. Right now I've started the list with Sonnia. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12_BUZZEQ63iHACehfHUTIMHnHTmijFoNcOrRgRc-lHs/edit?usp=sharing Edit: The document has been updated with grades for some of the other masters.
  17. This might be a dumb question, but being new to the game, I've read over a lot of information online over the past week or so before plunging into my first game. One of the things I'm still unsure of are schemes. Have schemes changed in 2e? For example, the PullMyFinger Wiki makes mention of announcing schemes for extra VP or keeping them hidden for fewer. It references announcing the scheme Assassinate, but according to my 2e rulebook, you aren't allowed to reveal Assassinate until you kill the target character. This has lead to quite the confusion (and a little arguing) with my partner over the general guidelines for schemes.
  18. Hi all, i have collected all of my little projects into this thread. I thought it would be a nice starter bundle for anyone. Lazyfaux. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/LAZYFAUX_M2E_v2.htm Deployment, Strategy and Schemes only one click away. Counters. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/counters.pdf All counters you'll need. The Red and Black joker ones are generalized scheme markers (you won't need more than 2 types for each match...), the rest are for strategies. Scheme and Strategy Cards. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/schemes_1-9.pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/schemes_10-13_etc.pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/strategies_last_scheme.pdf A minimalist design of scheme and strategy cards for those who like to hold their fate in their own bare hands. Crew creator excel file (wave1). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32039585/malifaux/m2e_crew.xls A little help for starting crews. It's not omnipotent, some brain needed for usage. Somehow i'm still amused how much free time i have had... Yosh
  19. Just wanted to know if anyone else had their own schemes that they made up. example. i play Hoffman with a Peacekeeper. One of the peacekeeper triggers is toss (you push an enemy model after damaging it with your melee) so i pick a piece of terrain and if i can toss an enemy model onto said terrain i get 1 VP (one time per game). also because its a custom scheme it must be announced due to the fact that both players must agree on it. So did anyone have any schemes that they made up?
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