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  1. There is the Inanimate Genus in the Core Rules. You might use this to have the corpse forget it died, if it happened in the last minute. Given it is a corpse without the ability to perceive it's unlikely it would remember anything until it is reanimated. This does sound like a great way to have unknowing subordinates if you can raise them back sentient. If it all goes to plan post here with what happened.
  2. I think the single negative is enough to mess with most spells requiring suits to go off. Pursuits with built ins help to show how their experience has made casting easier but still difficult without a soulstone.
  3. There is the Counter Magic talent for Dabbler's on p110 of the Core Rulebook, it's a 0 action that acts as a held counterspell as best as I can tell.
  4. There was a question like this on the FB page recently, the answer from Mason came to 20 scrip in and 30 scrip out of Malifaux (possibly less with the right connections)
  5. They do, all AV and Derived Aspects will increase whenever your Skills or Aspects increase.
  6. I have a fair few of those in one state or another. I'm an unsure which are NoS currently. Would you be happy with assembled and primed?
  7. Would you be willing to sell the Teddy if a Lucius does not turn up?
  8. I believe the skill column is for crafting and modification, every weapon should have one unless it's rare. There's a bit on crafting at the start of the equipment section and also in Into the Steam. The A/V box is there for quick reference, drop in the value of the weapon type your using so you don't need to search your skills every attack.
  9. As far as I know the requirements aren't strictly per player. If you have 5-6 players you will need 10-12 successes total between players, including margins of success. However if your total failures from any player total 5-6 it leads to the catastrophic failure.
  10. Really great work on these. I'll have to get my group into a haunted mansion somehow.
  11. Will there be a 2E fatemasters kit availiable? With the different sheets and maybe an updated FM screen.
  12. Hi Everyone, Hall of Heroes Penrith will be hosting a late night event later this week, this will be a quarterly event that runs into the early morning. To start this event we will be running a Tag Team tournament. If there are any questions you can message me or simply respond below. The details: When: Friday Night, July 15th Start Time: 7:00 PM Entry: $30 per team. Point Limit: 50SS per team, as per the rules below. Rounds: 3 Round time: 150 minutes. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and extras depending on attendance. Rules: http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/downloads/TAG%20TEAM%20FORMAT.pdf You can also contact the store or RSVP through Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/148203215591350/?notif_t=plan_user_invited&notif_id=1468216712374839
  13. Hi folks, Im the new Henchman out at Penrith Hall of of Heroes and we're starting a series of smaller tournaments in order to build up our community a bit across the Penrith and Campbelltown stores. To start with we will be hosting a Treacherous Ties format game at each store in June, the details for them are: Malifaux Battle Royale: When: Campbelltown - Saturday, June 12thPenrith - Sunday, June 18thStart time: 12:00 pmEntry: $25Soulstone limit: 25Format: Treacherous Ties (See Data Pack)Rounds: 3 Round time: 45 Mins Prizes: Prizes for top 2 and more depending on players registered Registrations can be done either in store or via telephone. Penrith: (02) 4731 4623 Campbelltown: (02) 4625 8020 Data Pack can be found at: http://www.thehallofheroes.com.au/downloads/Campbelltown_Treacherous%20Ties%20Format.pdf
  14. Didor

    Npc vs Npc?

    The way I run mine is to compare the final duel totals after adding their ranks, if its a difference of 5 or less it deals weak damage, 6 or more is moderate and 11+ is severe. It can result in some NPCs dying quite quickly but normally they are only there to distract some bigger enemies from my players for a while.
  15. From what I understand the Tyrants are a small group from the original inhabitants of Malifaux. They were researchers, mages and scientists who began to use their discoveries in attempts to rule or become immortal. Wars between Tyrants and the citizens of malifaux broke out but the only way they found to tip the balance of power was to build Nythera and Kythera to harness the power of death. The Neverborn were created as a side effect of the amount of magic being used in the wars so they see themselves as the children and heirs to Malifaux. They dispise necromancy because they witnessed it destroy all life on Malifaux and know that it comes from another realm, like the humans. I think most of the Tyrants found ways to become immortal but not inba corporeal form and so are competing to regain their bodies and take control of Malifaux again. Humans didnt come to Malifaux until eons later of years later, according the Aionus story. When they arrived the Neverborn were able to shape themselves to the nightmares of the humans because they are a magical based life form. Thats what i understand from the lore I've read.
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