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  1. We have just recently started using a grid and its been a lot easier to follow what is happening and use the environment to our advantage after only two sessions with the grid map I prefer it this way and hope we continue
  2. I was hoping to kill off some of the PC's and bring them back as stitched without knowing it was me who killed them, however I died before I could implement my plan because the party sacrificed me to save themselves. The fate master had agreed that I could kill them and make them forget using the inanimate genus
  3. A question regarding Necromancy and the forget spell, the spell is for living and I can use an immuto to make it effect undead. If a person has died and I want them to be reborn as stitched but forget what happened do I cast forget on the corpse prior to raising or after raising. If before raising what immuto is used to target a corpse and if after raising then does the 5min limit for the forget spell start after they are raised or before?
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