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    Sixteen Tons Question

    I start my fatemastering 2 weeks ago. Nothing to say about sixteen tonns, but can give you a few tips about starting. 1. Prepare some side quests, small ones. If your players will not go through story. And prepare some tricks to return them back on the storyline. 2. Fill up the one shot more. Add some more FM even if they just a crowd, objects and equipment they can found. One shot give you a story, but its not filled enough. 3. Try not to say No to players. If the want to do something - let them do it. But if it's not good for story make their dids pointless or too complicated to success. 4. And in general - be ready for unexpected moves from players. They usually not do what you expect))) As for me, I made a 3 session. Starting from the corebook, one shot Bad Blood and one my own. I hope its will useful.
  2. goddog

    The new Outcast player rundown!

    I dont recomend Levi and Viks for new player. Levi - too big model pool. Its too complicated for a new guy decide what he need. Better take his thematical crew - A&D and Disolate Engine. Viks - too figile. They dont forgive mistakes and you will lose a lot in the begining.
  3. goddog

    Musical Madness: Studied or Natural?

    Also ask FM. Your instrument may be an grimoire with propper magia and immuto and some special rules.
  4. goddog

    Starting Tinkerer and Darlin Theory

    I didnt find this on forum and dont want to create new topic, so ask here. Derived aspects is depends on aspect and skill. After char creation this skills may rankup. Is this mean derived aspect will also inсrease? For example, after session Fated increas his Toughness skill. His wounds will increas or not?
  5. goddog

    Starting Tinkerer and Darlin Theory

    Thanks. I read the FAQ and saw about making low lvl Focus (during char. creation), but decided to ask straight.
  6. I didnt found this in FAQ or on forum. During character creation, if player chose Tinkerer, he resive Darlin Theory and can use Animate Constract Magia. But he have no Focus... Can he cast this spell without Focus? Or he got free Focus? Or he must spend starting skrips to create Focus? In this case he can create only lvl2 Focus, for starting 10 scrips. Explane this please.