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  1. Fingers crossed hoping the bandersnatch featured in the story in wyrd chronicles is the henchman in her box
  2. When should we expect to see renders of some of these? Or will they be available for viewing when they go on sale?
  3. jackbot


    I just took the really fat mindless zombie and repositioned his arms, sculpted some clothes on him with putty, put a gw kroot rifle in his hand and made a terrible scratch built gator, looks pretty bad but it's a legal proxy that will do until they release him in plastic
  4. jackbot


    Thanks guys, great advice, I've got a proxy ready for him I'm on a Wong kick at the moment so I can't wait to try them out together. Math, you mentioned mah and brewy as good matches for McTavish, what is it about these masters that make him work? The synergies there are less clear to me than the ones with Wong.
  5. jackbot


    has anyone had any experience running McTavish with gremlins? I know there's no official model for him yet, but had anyone had any success with proxies? which masters does he work best with? what role do you find yourself usually assigning to him? thanks.
  6. There's a great proxy in the Bushido range, it's called mo ises I think. It's in the cult of yurei faction Its a woman standing with limp hair, holding a fan and looking menacing, her back has wounds on it. She looks a lot like jaakuna, but doesn't have the child with her.
  7. They look great! How did you make the razor wirewire?
  8. Jack's skintone and the colour of his pants complement each other very well, and I love the dry textures
  9. That lady Ligeia colour scheme is perfect, I may just have to steal it
  10. Here's a picture of them once the glue dried. It didn't dry perfectly clear, but i think it's got a nice gross milky effect.
  11. the white stuff on the gremlin bases is glue that has since dried clear to look like swampy water
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