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  1. Finding I have a lot of models to paint to complete some keywords. GW contrast paints seem to be working pretty nicely. Not up to my usual standard, but so much quicker.
  2. The amount of new background material from The Other Side about what’s happening on Earth has got me thinking... do my Fated have to stay in Malifaux, or can their adventures take them back to Earth? Do they even need to go to Malifaux in the first place? Not that Malifaux is exactly limited in scope, but a whole new world to tell stories in could be great. And mechanically, is there anything that would work differently? Are they unable to use magic as effectively? If they gained new abilities on their journey through the breach, do they lose them when they go back to Earth, or is the transformation permanent? Anyone done this or have any thoughts on it?
  3. Yes! That’s the Pursuit I was hoping for, to make my elemental gunslinger mage character! Thanks for the extensive details!
  4. Thanks, all sounds interesting. Assumed they’d need some cheaper heavy guns with the new pursuit. magewright is the new pursuit I’m most interested in though.
  5. Well, what do I want to know....? How’s the book overall, thumbs up? What’s the full list of pursuits? Particularly interested in the Enchanter. Anything particularly interesting in there that we might not know about? Appreciate any info or thoughts you can share really. A bit gutted I decided to wait for release.
  6. So, Above the Law was available at GenCon, right? Is there an embargo on any info from it? I was hoping to find out a bit more particularly about the pursuits.
  7. Could be great if BJ means you can’t cheat unless you spend a card or soul stone... still nasty but not game ruining.
  8. Ah, yeah I hadn’t looked at it like that. Good point. I guess it all depends on which models end up as Versatile. Unlikely I think, but it could include Terror Tots, Silurids etc... the rank and file troops.
  9. I suspect they’ll just be versatile plus a couple of other keywords such as Mimic for Ferdinand.
  10. Maybe he gets Beasts in Arcanists and Chimerae in Neverborn? And some models might have both keywords?
  11. I think it’s unlikely. There don’t seem to be many models that fit easily into a frost giant theme, so my guess is that a lot of the new releases for Neverborn will be designed for him.
  12. Yeah, I’ve been trying to work this one out too. I think gribble is probably right, but it’s defini not clear.
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