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  1. Well my group did something interesting the other night. A Sawbones character took two glass vials of Terror Toot blood to use as a thrown weapon. So on the fly we played it a 1, 2, 2 (bomb) damage if they are not immune to blackblood. I know that in RL un-refrigerated blood would have significant fermentation in 24 hours so I may put a limit on the blackblood bombs for the same period. Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know where i can get the Death Marshal Miss Terious for a reasonable price? Why are all the really cool figures so hard to get? Love to have the Nicodem Alt Amelia Bathory too Amelia Bathory Thanks
  3. Thanks all Wow love that sculpt. I will have to search for that Rasputina figure. Thanks
  4. Noooo... So I am going to have to buy both box sets to get the Wendigo from one and the Rasputina from the other? LOL Can the Wendigo be got any other way?
  5. I just ordered Cult of December - Rasputina Crew, because I didn't like the Rasputina in Children of December figure as much. Although I am guessing that the cards in Cult of December are not second edition. How can I get the 2e version of them? It looks like the figures are the same but need a card update. Thanks
  6. Thank you Mason, nice to see Wyrd showing a helping hand. Your assistants is greatly appreciated. Oh and I can't wait to buy the Neverborn book when it is done. VERY excited for that one. @spooky_squirrel I was looking into mimics but there is very little to read baout them, but fund a few helpful posts. Both good suggestins and am ready to finish my story. Thanks All
  7. Thanks Mason! But some of your character suggestions are a little to high powered for my story. Or are you saying they have a spell than can be cast on someone else for a longer period? And I am trying to keep this as rule based as possible. Here is what I am doing I need a lower level Nephilim to be in charge of a bar as a cover.. He can have a long term spell or a higher Nephilim could cast it on him. As I think about it a spell would be better but I would accept a shape changer.
  8. Is there an official errata for 2e?
  9. @Amberleigh Cna you share your adventure and pregens after the event but before Halloween?
  10. I am working on a story where I need a mid to lower leveled nephilim to appear as a human. I am not sure the doppelganger would be a fit to my story, so is there any other ideas? Perhaps have a high power nephilim use a spell. Pandora? If Pandora could cast a long term shape change spell that would work. thanks
  11. Love the Fae idea they are quaky enough to fit into the land and usually dangerous.
  12. Next week I plan to start a spooky Halloween adventure for TtB. All books are on the table, but I want it definitely to be a scary story, definitely with plot twists. If anyone want to brainstorm with me send me a message. Maybe even a Discord chat some day (i am on the us)? Everyone that helps, will end up with the final adventure. But I don't want to use post here so players can not see it before we run the game in October. I am thinking once we get the story set, we can assign tasks. Project Manager, Writer, Layout, Assistant typist, Proof Reader, etc.
  13. Guyon


    I found it, thanks. Wow Brilliance is nasty. Do you know you need to get that fixed? I would think not. Or more, you may not want it fixed I suppose you fellow companions might notice that you are acting a little strange, but not strangers at the early stages (before eye glow). How would your whole party handle it if they got it? Wonder why the Guild does not shutdown the Honey Pot?
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