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  1. Love the Fae idea they are quaky enough to fit into the land and usually dangerous.
  2. I am really enjoying this discussion, and there many valid points to why people should not have magic or soulstones. But here is my last thought. I get that magic and soulstones can harm people and that is why it is illegal, but you can only get so many spells off do to card mechanics. In the mean time you are a loud to have steam powered crossbows that that have a great fire rate, souped up shotguns, and bombs! You can have a bomb, but not a simple soulstone for healing? Is the guild missing the big picture? LOL Thanks for the great discussion guys. I understand this is not
  3. I assume people in the know will be able to tell if you use a soulstone to heal. The rules say that people that know magic can tell what field you are in form seeing your spell. So I suppose they can tell you just healed in a bar fight. But Why does WYRD not want us to have sole stones to just heal? Why add a bunch of stuff they don't want you to use?
  4. That is my point. Players are not average people. And players can afford soulstones. Wyrd had us lean a lot of rules for a game that they do not want us to use half the stuff. So sure you can get a soulstone and pull it out in in your room, or sit there and do magic ny your self safely. But where is the fun in that? Why not let people buy then and use magic and then hunt down the abusive and evil users. Just look at gallery of NPC's they all use magic and soul stones and we get punished using a game mechanic that we paid real money for.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. .. but 10 Script for a raw sole stone does not seem like " driving a really nice car" LOL I am just confused why Wyrd would make a game with lots of rules you need to learn about magic and solestones and then make it hard for the player to use. Sort of like playing Monopoly and the telling the players to just use one die even though you gave rules for doubles. LOL Just don't have magic in the first place if you don't want us to use it even though many encounter have magic for the bad guys.
  6. OK I am a new player so I may be wrong, but I am not sold on solestones being that bad to have in public. Even the rules have them set in items for players to get as rewards. For example pgs 140 & 141 of Under Quarantine there are a few of them. It say they can not be bought but found or given as a gift or as a reward.
  7. So soulstones are that hard to buy in Malifaux? It just does not make scene with all the prisoners mining them that they wold be that hard to come by. Or if so, robberies or heists would not leak more into the public. That said is it OK to have them as decoration in a cane, or ring? If so, why do people not have more of them on their person? I still do not understand at the rate they mined with train cars full of prisoners what they are doing with them all. Surely the general earth population can not be buying them all at that inflated price.
  8. So a higher Lade Soulstone will BOTH absorb souls further away and proceed the draw over a lower one? AND are you saying that a Raw Soulstone will work exactly like refined one? So most players use raw?
  9. I was looking at the price of Sole Stones on page 259 of the Core 2e book and am confused at the price structure. You can get sole stone dust for 5script. I understand that it is only one use but why not buy 10 of them vs one, zero LADE soul stone? I understand that the sole stone can be recharged but it only has one charge vs 10 dust. So maybe buy 1 LADE soul stone and a few bags of dust? That said, why would you ever buy the more expensive soul stones? I understand they are prettier but they still only can carry one charge. It would be nice that the more expensive soul Stones c
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