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  1. Thank you very much, sir! I am indeed. Are you? If so I we surely know each other!
  2. Hello! Im sure somebody has created a neat little pdf with the gg18 schemes and strategies that are ready to print, cut and sleeve, so I and others dont have to prepare such a file ourselves, amirite? I (and others) would greatly appreciat it if you, whoever you are, shared that very pdf with us. Thank you very much!
  3. cryion

    M2E Marcus

    You are very right. I missed that. To be honest I find this thread too long for its own good at this point. It seems like 90% of the information is outdated. Which is why I was hoping for the most current opinions. But yes, as I said, you are right.
  4. cryion

    M2E Marcus

    Gonna do some shopping soon. What about Rougarou? Is it worth getting that one for Marcus?
  5. cryion

    M2E Marcus

    Thats a new model, i assume? ^^ Is it worth it bringing that guy other than for the armor?
  6. cryion

    M2E Marcus

    Thank you for the elaborate response. How can we give the Rogue Necromancy Armor?
  7. cryion

    M2E Marcus

    Been away for quite a while. Looking for opinions of good, tournament-oriented players on opinions which of the newer Beast models to get for Marcus-- Appreciated!
  8. Dont find the new design appealing at all. At least based on the render. Looks like its from a different game. Not a fan at all.
  9. I dont understand how "Pipes" is a good abiilty. Or why I would spend 2 stones on The Plague? It's a Lure. On a 6. With a gun symbol. No damage if I want to put Blightened+1 on the target. Someone please enlighten me.
  10. Only because I probably cant make it. trololo
  11. Yeah totally. Because as it is right now Gremlins are totally overplayed and overpowered, as they win pretty much every tournament.
  12. If I had any skills at all Id convert Shen Long to Wiliam. lol
  13. Exactly the same reason why I bought Asami as well. ahaha
  14. What Mythic said. I think this really is a case of "learn to play better". I know it can be super annoying, especially if you are not in the mood for 'ultra-competitiveness'. I use them regularly, and so far most people in our meta handle them quite well (or I play them terribly, whatever). I would not cry if they lost a wound or something like that. But in general I wanna say they are perfectly fine.
  15. Since there was no push target and no good reason to target an enemy model, yes. What can ya do if the game is making you work for every single card?
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