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  1. I’ll be there for both side events, I’ll buy my tickets as soon as PayPal starts playing. Currently cant send to any of those PayPal’s. The PayPal me worked
  2. Conor McNama tavuk kofte mixed kebab
  3. Me and James Henley are keen for the meal
  4. I’ll be there. Looking forward to it.
  5. I'm using burgle plague flies from GW, bit oversized but get the idea across.
  6. maca1066


    It was until 20 mins ago. been warned of for deployment and my pre-deployment training is over this period. event will be caceblled and chip is refunding the tickets.
  7. sounds like my afternoons travelling listening has been decided.
  8. I am pretty sure Wong gets another upgrade that effects models with magical condition they gain don't mind me and something else. second one gives him a 3 AP attacks that lightning kicks everyone (like von Schill but better)
  9. I assume not, but to confirm is wave 5 legal?
  10. maca1066


    Tickets are now available. I have heard rumours that GG18 may be released early and this event will use the rulespack that is current at the time and/or the pack used at Masters.
  11. maca1066


    Field Marshal Fat Fingers strikes again!
  12. maca1066


    List of attendees (paid): Mark Elwood Reserves:
  13. maca1066


    Due to pending military deployment and pre deployment training the event On the 25th November 2017 Has been cancelled
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