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  1. I'd like to nominate 'Sparks LeBalnc' as being Overcosted at 8. Tried him out in two games yesterday with the rest of 'Tricksy' models. I felt he lacked Synergy with the crew, aside from the Scamper ability, I really didn't see him buffing or benefiting from any of the other models. At 8 he is the same cost as; Bert, Raph, Gracie, The Sow & Brin all of which I would argue bring specific things to improve the crew as a whole or simply put out more damage or are harder to put down. His interactions with Scrap markers seem as though they would benefit Foundry models far more. Same cost as the midnight stalker, who is a VP machine on his own... Perhaps he could interact with pit traps in some way? this would increase his synergy with the crew and make him a more thematic addition. Maybe he can break one down to create 2 scrap markers? Perhaps, when hes on the board, the markers do '2 Dmg 2 Injured' instead? His Ride the rails seems powerful for mobility, but in practice I found positioning to make him benefit from it, or trying to kill something with him to create the scrap marker, led me focus more on that, rather than being efficient with his actions. As a concept, I like the idea of an engineer model that interacts with constructs and scrap markers, but it feels as though he'd have been far better suited to Zipp's crew as a mechanic, fixing their flight based gadgets.
  2. Hello, I thought we could have one specific thread that discusses the cost of Bayou models. I would suggest we; Specify the Model and cost Discuss whether we feel it is Under/Over costed Give some specific points as to why Perhaps compare it to another similarly costed model? Suggest potential improvements?
  3. Page 29, Right hand column, third dot point: "• Engaged models cannot leave an enemy model’s engagement range with a Walk Action." I presume the fact that they have specified Walk action, means that you can push out of engagements 'freely'. Good to hear that Ulix was fun, I tried Mah Last night, and was a bit unimpressed in both games I had with her. Ulix Next!
  4. Depends on what limited upgrade you're giving him. The common consensus seems to be that 'Ooo Glowy' is still the most powerful (Giving your Magical models; Regen +1 and +1 DMG) With that in mind you'll have to think who you'd like to give the Magical condition to. In the past the usual suspects have been popular; McTavish, Burt, Frank, Gracie, Mancha, ect. If you're going with one, or two, of the Magical buffers (Sparkly Lights being the other - Ignores disengaging strikes and can interact whilst engaged) Then I would strongly advise at least one or two Swinecursed. They, as well as you're Ooo Glowy target, benefit from the buffs making them Reckless, ML6, 3/4/6 with a 10" charge and regen +1. I am considering the following; Bringing Sammy, Giving her the 'Sparkly Lights' upgrade, Wong takes 'Ooo Glowy', and making the (now 9ss) Whiskey Golum the Magical target. Nimble, 4/5/7 dmg, with a heal. It means 3 models can be decent beaters or scheme runners (if you bring two swine cursed). This also allows Wong the freedom to be a bit 'scheme-ier' Personally, in 2018, I sort of feel like the days of running a few Bayous into a corner then dropping scheme markers is dead and you need models that have reliable survivability and damage. Just my 2 Cents.
  5. Hello, just wanted to check with the hive mind if we played a situation correctly in my last game. I was playing Ulix vs Collodi, near the end of turn one, Ulix had managed to summon a War Pig obviously into base contact. My opponent then managed to get Colllodi in to position to hit the War Pig with ‘Pull the strings’ and got the ‘My Bidding’ trigger off, allowing him to take immediately take a 1 action. As the War Pig has the 1AP charge, he announced that. We had a quick check in the rules book and it seems that, a) they don’t engage each other (pg 48, 2nd paragraph) as they still consider each other friendly (pg 23 Black box) he could charge even though he was base to base (The charge action states that a charge cannot be taken if the charging model is engaged, pg 39, but they’re technically not engaged?) Did we play this right? I can see no reason that you can’t declare a charge action even when you’re in base to base in this specific scenario? Thanks in advance
  6. I've been sadly waiting for the Burt/Frank point increase, so it's not a surprise, and they are probably 8 ss models. But, I am disappointed with McTavish, from a Gremlin perspective, I really didn't think it was required. In regard to the 'beater' buffs, I just don't think they have balanced our options. Mancha at 9 is still not better than Frank with slits or Burt with DC. The Gollum, needed to have his Iron-Bound in built and a better Melee. It has probably made Taxidermists the go to option at 7ss, which is a good thing. On the positive side, in my humble opinion, Raph at 6ss is a bargain, especially with DC, he is a real threat and has the potential for some really skewed damage. Survivors are a more reliable scheme runner at 4ss. And I'll probably try the Bushwhackers at 5, but i feel they would have been much better at 6, with Mah's card cycling ability on 'Get off my land'. My 2 Cents!
  7. Said this on the Facebook post, but those cards are really stunning. Very minimalist, Bang and Olufsen, reminds me of the cover art to Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures.
  8. Super easy, just some 75/25 Acrylic paint to water, and stir gradually adding the saw dust incrementally. A bit of progress on the board and the terrain to support.
  9. Thanks! The board itself probably only took an hour to fabricate, including the cutting, sanding and application of the hinges. Each subsequent stage probably took anywhere between half an hour to an hour; cutting and forming the cork for the terrain, polyfilla-ing the transitions, adding the sand and gluing the wooden walkways. The drying times have been a bit of a killer in terms of getting onto the next stage each day. The most time consuming part was the cutting and carving of each individual lollipop stick for the walkway which was probably 2 hours of work, then painting and detailing each stick was probably three! Overall I've spent about 10 hours on it so far with maybe 4-5 more to do on finishing the details. Some homemade flock. Dirt cheap and easy to make as long as you have a timber merchant (or most hardware places) so that you can get the saw dust) Anyway, some flock has been added. I'm not delighted with the results. It now feels more like marshland rather than lush Bayou or muddy swamp. Im hoping the addition of swamp tufts, reeds and Bayou themed terrain will bring ti back to my original design, but we'll have to see!
  10. Does this count as necroing a thread? surely not... Anyway, been a while since I've updated this blog, mainly as my new LWGS doesn't have a very heavy Malifaux presence. Subsequently I've spent the last few months scratch building Grot tanks and converting a 40K Grot army! Anyway, this is meant to be a Malifaux blog! I've recently discovered a new WGS, a bit further out from where I live, but alot of Malifaux events and seemingly a strong community. With that in mind I am able to start on a project I've been planning for ages, a Bayou/Swamp board. # Flocking, foliage and water effects up next.
  11. Thank you! Unfortunately my new job doesn't have a laser cutter (boo, hiss) so there won't be any terrain for a while.. Anyway, Trixie all but finished, just needs some water effects on the base. Dispite her 'prominent' features he's actually a relatively small model, when in comparison to say the female young Lacroix.
  12. Been a while since I last updated this, but we moved country! Anyway, Mancha Roja ready to win the Royal Rumble
  13. Thank you all for your responses! Cheers they're just simple coffee stirrers, cut in half then filed a bit on the edges. The nail heads are lengths of thinly rolled up green stuff then thinly sliced. Here are a few more finished models: Lightning bugs are amazing moels but an absolute nightmare to paint and even more terrifying to store...
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