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Found 20 results

  1. I found a game interaction that I'm not sure if it's intended or not. The case: An Controlled model find a way to be attacked while controled, relenting isn't legal but cheating a low card it's. Situation: Model engaged with Hinamatsu/The Grootslang, Zoraida or a Bokor obeys it to disengage, That let the engaging model (Hina/Groot) perform a normal attack thanks to wicked Zoraida's player control both flips, being able to cheat a low card for the obeyed model if needed. Result: Damage flip with and probably an onslaught trigger in Hinamatsu's case. The obyed model choose to push 0'' If this is tested and intended, then no problem. If not... maybe letting the owner player (and not the controler) make (and cheat) all the defensive flips when obeyed wouldn't be a bad idea.
  2. There are some different flavours of abilities with the wording "Select one of the target's Actions" (Mimic, Just Like You, Upstage, December's Pawn...); I'll use Mimic from now on, but that would apply to any of ability with that wording. How Mimic interact with abilities or actions that modify the target's actions or that add new non-printed actions to the target? I think Mimic may copy modified actions as long as the effect that modify the action act directly over the abilities or adds new abilities to that model, but not when a model modify how his own actions works. However this isn't explicilty covered in the rules so I'm curious about how other players read it. I think there isn't no problem with obey: Obey a model with a modifed action: As the target is performing the action, he can use all his abilities to modify it and use mimicked abilities without problems. But there are different ways to modify actions: Mimicked ability (extra action added): "This model may treat the selected Action (and its Triggers) as thought it were printed on its card". The model is considered to have the ability, so it could be targeted by Mimic as that action is now "one of the target's actions". Ability which let the model modify his own abilities, Gunsfighter for example: "This model may treat any of its Actions as having a range of 1''." This is the case where I have more doubts. On one hand, it could be read that Gunsfighter give the model a copy of that ability with a different range (so the modified ability could be Mimicked); but on the other hand it could also be read as he may modify the ability when he uses it (in this case Mimic cannot be used to copy a ability with a range from a model with Gunfighter). I lean more toward the second reading (not being able to mimic this one, but I'm not sure). Ability/Action that modify directly how the actions work (Ten Thunder Brother "Change Weapon Style" or Mutation upgrades): "...increase the range of this model's actions by +1'' " / "This model's actions gain the following Trigger..." These effects are modifying directly the actions, so those changes would be copied by Mimic. Do you agree with the above? How do you think these abilities work? Did I miss any effect that modify how the actions work that doesn't fit in the above categories?
  3. Quick sanity check Does planted roots prevents a model being obeyed by an enemy model to move/charge? I think so but I'm not 100% sure if the "enemy effects" is only the obey (and not actions taken using it) and it only include direct movement effects lures, pushes and placements. Ty in advance
  4. Hello, just wanted to check with the hive mind if we played a situation correctly in my last game. I was playing Ulix vs Collodi, near the end of turn one, Ulix had managed to summon a War Pig obviously into base contact. My opponent then managed to get Colllodi in to position to hit the War Pig with ‘Pull the strings’ and got the ‘My Bidding’ trigger off, allowing him to take immediately take a 1 action. As the War Pig has the 1AP charge, he announced that. We had a quick check in the rules book and it seems that, a) they don’t engage each other (pg 48, 2nd paragraph) as they still consider each other friendly (pg 23 Black box) he could charge even though he was base to base (The charge action states that a charge cannot be taken if the charging model is engaged, pg 39, but they’re technically not engaged?) Did we play this right? I can see no reason that you can’t declare a charge action even when you’re in base to base in this specific scenario? Thanks in advance
  5. In accordance with Improved harness card friendly constructs within 6 of the Hoffman with upgrade may not have their Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of any enemy efects that state otherwise. If we target the Hoffman's friendly model having ignore armor(PK, Guardian, Joss, etc.) with Obey CA and make this model to perform attack action against Hoffman/construct within 6, will the Armor be ignored? Ignor armor is not an enemy effect, couse the attacking model is still friendly to Charlie, so my consideration that it is possible to open hard cans with Obey. Am I correct?
  6. As i read here before if you obey an enemy and make him walk out of one of your model you flip and cheat for both models. Now if you make the enemy model walk into one of your terrifying model engagement range. Do you flip/cheat the horror duel for the enemy model? Same question if you obey for attack action/charge (with zoraida or on pigs) targeting terrifying model.
  7. So whenever I play up against Guild, I am always staring down the Brutal Emissary. Last game, I decided to have Zoraida Obey the BE to cast Back in the Box on himself. I argued this effectively put him out of the game... but I need a check on this. This was my argument - going thru the ability description after I won the Obey and the Cast flips: - "Target non-Leader model is buried..." (BE is buried and leaves play). - "...Unbury the target model in Base contact with this model..." (model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) - "...or any scheme marker in LOS ..." (while buried he doesn't have LOS to anything) - "...when this model leaves play." (again model is currently buried - so model isn't in play) The BE's Back inn the Box ability is different than the Death Marshall's Pine Box - because Pine Box has specific timing rules about unburying. Specifically it says "target model is unburied with this model before this model is removed from play." The BE does't have that clause on the end. So that effectively take thes BE out for the game. It's not easy - you need two flips to pull it off. So two questions: 1) am I missing something or mis-interpreting something? 2) what would happen if someone was already in the box when the BE was Obeyed to use it on itself? Frugalbar
  8. From FAQ: 3) If a model is killed by an Ability or Action, which Crew counts as having made the kill? When a model is killed as the result of an Action, the Crew controlling the Action counts as having made the kill. If a model is killed by an Ability, the model with the Ability counts as having made the kill. From Frame for Murder text (GG2017): (...)If the chosen 'sucker' model is killed or sacrificed by an enemy model, score 1 VP.(...) Let's say the Hungering Darkness casted Heed my Voice on Joss and forced him to attack Howard, killing the latter in the process. Howard was the 'sucker'. He was killed by enemy crew, but not an enemy model, so no points from FFM. Is that correct? Sounds like spirit vs. letter of law to me.
  9. Hi dudes! Have a big question... when a model fails horror duel in his activation this model doesn't paralizes rather than this model ends his activation... ok... So why i read in other threads you can do 'Obey' in a model to do intentionally a horror duel and loss it, for example vs Ama no Zako and paralize him for devour? I can do the same whit marcus and Alpha vs a Rattler? Thx for all!!! Best regards.
  10. Hi guys and girls I played a game the other night where i had chosen Papa Loco as my "sucker" in Frame for Murder. My opponent then uses Obey with his Brewmaster to make Papa Loco do "Te Llevare al Infierno Conmigo" twice. Papa Loco dies. Did Papa Loco kill himself giving me 0 points or did the Brewmaster kill "the sucker" giving me 3 points? We decided I didn't get any points, but I just wanted to be sure for future games. Cheers. Mathias.
  11. So, guys like Doc Mitchell and Seamus have a Flintlock that can only be used once per Turn. What if Doc Mitchell hasn't activated yet, and Vasilisa takes control of him and flashes his pistol, he then can't use it himself, when he activates in that same turn?
  12. A number of models have rules that allows other models to take actions, for example Lucius' "Commanding presence" and "Issue command", The Judge's "Combat effectiveness" and the general "Obey" action. I was wondering how these kinds of rules work with certain conditions, starting with Focused. Focused states that the model may remove the condition "when declaring an Action". But when a model causes another model to take the Action, which model is declaring it? The wording on both Lucius' abilities, which says "[the target] may immediately take a (1) Action", seems to suggest that it is the target model that declares the Action. Same thing with the Judge. Obey is a little bit different, since it states that "[the target] immediately performs a (1) Action chosen and controlled by this model's controller". That last bit could be interpreted that the action is actually declared by the model using Obey. However, the FAQ states that Obey can be used make a model use up its Vengeance bullet, and that upgrade only works when the owning model declares an action. And that suggests that all kinds of actions that order another model (friendly of otherwise) could be used to remove Focused (and benefit from it). What do you think? My other question is how these types of rules work with the Paralyzed condition. Paralyzed states that a model generates no AP and may not declare any Actions "during its Activation". However, the "ordered" Actions do not require AP and are done outside of the model's Activation. Does this mean that you can still order a Paralysed model to take actions?
  13. If a model has been affected by 'take your meds' to limit it to, lets say, Mellee actions only. Can it be obeyed to do something else? The take your meds states that it may only declare certain actions, whilst obey lets the caster of obey declare the actions, so will that get round it? I can't find anything in the FAQ or on here already so hopefully someone can clear it up for me. Ta very much
  14. Hey everybody, I have a question about the specific timings of abilities when they are nested within an Obey command. The Actions Causing Actions box (p. 38) states that "The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved." This lead me to three questions: 1. If I use Obey on a model with Finish the Job, do I place the marker from that Ability if the target dies as a result of that action? For instance, Zoraida obeys a death Marshall to hit Bishop, cheats down the attack, triggers Bishop's Df trigger which kills the Death Marshall. Finish the Job then activates... who gets that scheme marker? The Placing Scheme Markers box (p. 39) states that "This Scheme Marker is always considered friendly to the crew of the model that placed it, regardless of who controlled the Interact Action." but only mentions (1) Interact Actions, so I would there assume that the marker would always belong to the model with Finish the Job. Obviously(?!?!) 2. Let's say I use Obey on an enemy model, and order them to Attack Brewmaster. I then Soulstone & Cheat the result such that his Df Trigger occurs. That trigger states that "After an Attack Action fails against this model, the Attacker's controller places the Attacking model anywhere in its deployment zone.". Would I, as the current "Attacker's controller", then place that enemy model in its' deployment zone? This is clearly worded, and since Obey isn't resolved until the new Actions are also resolved I would assume that you would resolve the trigger as part of the Action. I also double checked to see whether Triggers are always considered part of the Action according to the rules and FAQ. Plainly put: DO I GET PLACE TO THEIR MODEL INTO A DITCH, ON TOP OF A BUILDING, IN A TREE, AT THE FAR CORNER... AND THAT'S IN THE RULES? 3. Finally, regarding the proper timing of certain Ability types without a specified timing on the card. The Ability on Governor's Proxy states simply that "A model that kills this model with an Attack Action must succeed on a Wp 13 duel or be killed.". Now does this mean that if I Obey something to Attack and kill the Governor's Proxy, do I resolve that Governor's Proxy Ability as the Obeying player, as it is happening within the Obey Action? The FAQ (Q.15, 2) mentions timings, and states that "when the model is killed, which would be during Step 5 of the duel process (Determine Success, Core Rulebook pg. 33)". Since Step 5 is still a part of the Action, Obey will not yet resolve since "The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved." meaning that you get to automatically kill a model with that 'orribly slow Governor's Proxy? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry this was so long and dense, I've had a lot of conversations in my local scene about this stuff and there is no consensus.
  15. Take the following scenario. A TT model on Misaki's crew is the victim of Obey and it forced to walk in the engagement range of a model causing Horror. Since your opponent is in control of the TT model they let them fail (or cheat in a card to make them fail) the Horror check. Can you use Misaki's Save Face ability to then not fail the Horror check? I think your opponent would be in control of the model until after the opportunity to use Save Face had passed, but it's not 100% clear to me. Save Face: Friendly models within 8 who fail a Horror Duel may suffer 1 damage to count as succeeding on the Horror Duel instead. This damage cannot be reduced. (1) Obey (Ca 7M / TN: 14M / Rst: Wp / Rg: 12): Target non-Leader model immediately performs a (1) Action chosen and controlled by this model’s controller.
  16. Hi Everybody; I dunno if I'm in the right forum's section for this type of question, if i'm not I apologize. I've a doubt. Let's suppose I'm playing Zoraida against Hamelin. I cast obey on a rat King. And I kill it with his ability "rat problem"; then a rat catcher and a malifaux rat should be summoned. My question is: the rat catcher and the rat belong to who? I suppose They belong to Zoraida owner (me) since when the RK died it was under my control. Am I wrong?
  17. Is Obeyed Attack Action considered enemy - it is controlled by an enemy model's controller or friendly - it is performed by a friendly model Example: Francois LaCroix has "Squeel!" Ability. Df ( ) "Squeel!": After this model is damaged by an enemy Ml Attack Action, push this model 4" away from the Attacker. Francois LaCroix is damaged by Ml Attack Action performed by a friendly model and controlled by an enemy model's controller via Obey. Can such Attack Action trigger "Squeel!" Ability? Thank you
  18. Zoraida obeyed a guild guardsman to charge the Governor's Proxy. Guardsman kills the Proxy with his attack, when you kill the Proxy you have to do a WP to WP duel with him and if you fail, you die! My question is this. Who does the WP to WP duel? If I obeyed the Guardsman, do I do it? if that's the case I would cheat down to kill the Guardsman off, basically fail the duel on purpose, but the obey spell says "The Action selected may not cause the model to be kiled or sacrificed as part of the action." I guess this can be a two-part question. What are the time limits of the obey spell? Does the guild player conduct the WP to WP duel? Was my obey spell only for the charge action? Thanks
  19. so im pretty new to malifaux and was looking into a Perdita Ortega List. when I Asked my friends if this was a smart choice i got mixed reviews. some said that shes really good and other said that she sucks. so my question is this. is she worth running or is she really underpowered. And if she is worth running is there any basic list or outline that i should look into. from what i understand her strongest power is her Obey hers and her totems but I have yet to find any specific list to go with that. anybody have a list that i could look into?
  20. Hey all, If Obey is used to cast a spell that may only be used once per turn, is that spell unavailable to the Obeyed character in it's subsequent activation in the same turn? In other words, could you use Obey to waste another character's once-per-turn spell? As an example - if I cast Obey on Sonnia Criid and have her cast Flame Wall which has the characteristic: "This spell may be cast only once per turn and lasts until the End Closing Phase," is Sonnia then unable to cast Flame Wall in her activation in the same turn? My initial thought is that yes, as other rules specifically state "This spell may be cast once per activation," once-per-turn spells are used up during Obey and cannot be used by the character later in the turn. There are some interesting applications for this, and I'd like to hear what your thoughts are. As extra credit - Is the answer the same for spells that state "may only be cast once per Crew, per turn" (like Tina's Ice Pillars spell)? Essentially - if I cast Obey on a character, is that character considered to be a part of my Crew, or is it still a part of the opponent's Crew? Thanks
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