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  1. Another Screenshot, if its still needed. I would really appreciate lower shipping costs for a bunch of Cards
  2. I will jump in and add my Revenant experience form last week. Fine: Shieldbearer Lampad Corpse Candle Vincent (I guess so at least. Never did much in my games but I think he had severly bad days xD) Draugr: While I love that model and ist tools I would like him to gain a bit more Health. These guys drop really fast. Reva: Please give Hard to kill back. Or a point of Df or something. While the healing is pretty strong, she nearly got killed by a single Warden... Restless Spirit: Well, I have to admit I actually like him just for being there, inte
  3. For now I just elevated it with a bit of cork on the base and gave it a some banner poles on both sides of the rear gunner. Gives it a bit more front/rear feeling. Currently I am interested in some conversion with the 40k Necron Triarch Stalker. I need to find someone in my area with that thing to see it in real. Those legs could really solve the scale issue. If that works, I would just remove the gunners and mount them on its belly or something. As I said just theorycrafting at the Moment
  4. Woa, I just learned what an actual Tidepool is in real life thanks to your picture. There is not much ocean around in southern Germany.. With all those rocks the Concealing trade makes much more sense now. Thanks for the education xD I quite like the idea of actual 3D markers or bases. I think there should be bases with the right size around in some shops. Nice plan! If you manage to pull that off, i'd be happy about some pictures
  5. Soo, about Tide Pools. Since the Allegiance box only comes with 3 pools (mine did at least), how do you do more? For example only fielding Siren and using a Stratagem already bring you to four. I quite like the original ones and it might be difficult to duplicate/copy them. Even then, they are not as solid as the real ones. I would be interested in (and thankful for) some ideas regarding that matter.
  6. Totally agree on the Funeral Pyres. They are as much an obstacle for your guys as for the opponent. I quite like your suggestions about the helping spirits theme. I Always pictured Reva more as a guide for souls than as a mounted Kaeris. All the times I took Shieldbearers they were just... there? I support the idea of giving them something useful, be it Shielded and/or the possibility for Reva to attack through them. After all Revenants are my favourite theme out there. I like them were they are but I also hope that we can get them that little bit further up.
  7. Well, after finally receiving stuff in Germany I want to add my experience to this. We unboxed the whole Abyssinia und KE factions and a GH starter. All the Minis were in an excellent state. A few Rifles were bent and the horses of the Basotho needed to be corrected in hot water but that was it. I painted the Starters with a friend after Priming and it really went well without washing the minis beforehand. I am really happy with how the miniatures turned out. I am really sorry for all who were let down by poor assembly or quality and I hope that this will remain an exception.
  8. You are not alone, same here...
  9. While I understand People being upset about missing masters, I want to throw in that we know VERY little yet about M3E. Also these masters might just be gone for now, being able to return with a hefty redesign in the future. Lilith for example is not dead, just imprisoned.
  10. Hey all, there will be a Tournament at Schweinfurt on Sunday, 24.06.2018. Start: 10:00 End: 18:00 Max. number of participants: 20 Location: Schweinfurt, Jugendhaus Fränz, Franz-Schubert-Straße 26, 1st floor Tournament will run according to Gaining Grounds 2018. Strategies and Schemes can be viewed on the following Website: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament_rules.php?type=0&tid=21720 As prizes we will provide vouchers for Fantasywelt.de
  11. Hi all, on Oktober the 14th we will start a 5 weeks campaign at our local Club in Schweinfurt. The Location is Jugendhaus Fränz in Franz-Schubert-Straße 26. The individual games will be made of Story Encounters from the Story Encounter books/campaign Encounters. Starting size for all Crews are 35 SS, Henchman-led. Crews do not need to be painted. I intend to link the games played with the global Homefront campaign. Usual game time is every two weeks, always starting 11 am. Just contact me if you want to join so I have an idea about the number of participants. If al
  12. Unfortunately I don´t think that TLB will work more than once. If a living model dies you have to attach the upgrade to it. So Nico does not have it anymore. That´s why you should keep your Nurse from dying first Aaand sorry to stop you, too.. TLB only goes to friendly living Resser models. Have just read the Card again. Seems Rafkin stays as one of the best Choices. Still want to try Sebastian, loaded with Poison and going to harvest everyone. At least TLB does not remove conditions. Edit: Don´t have the Hayreddin Card but he always interested me. I guess he will make
  13. I am thinking about a useful conversion for the Statue at the Moment. Until then I use a Skorne Ancesctral Guardian from Wm/H. It might be a bit small but has the same base size and is at least an animated statue. Charm Warder: I converted one from the male Woukou Raider. Removed the Swords and gave him a lantern into one Hand. Slept some accessoires like those Horns and a purity seal onto him and painted the other fist very Chi-like. Maybe he is a bit too much crazy Kung Fu fighter now... If I happen to find Ama No Zakos Lantern again, I will replace the Little one he currently has.
  14. Hey all, I tried a Nicodem poison list yesterday with Shadow Embrace and Their Last Breath. Nicodem - 7SS -Shadow Embrace, Their Last Breath, Love Thy Master Sebastian - MLH, Corpse Bloat Rafkin -MLH Graveyard Spirit, Nurse, Canine Remains, Bone Pile, Dead Doxy I wanted to share my experience on the new upgrade. Went up against Guild McCabe. Basically I poisoned my own stuff with a Nurse to benefit from the small heal within Nico´s Aura. As Beatstick I took Rafkin due to all the poison the Crew can spread (Afterwards some Poison on ran
  15. I´ve run a Crime Boss against Ressers and Arcanists. I liked him. Shoved him into a Group of models and activated Thunders Territory while also presented other threats (Huggy). This way your Opponent needs to choose if he hits your boss or something else. The Boss netted me a nice couple of Cards while meanwhile can reliable dispatch minions. Am I right that the Crime Boss could also ignore Incorporeal against fragile models?
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