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  1. Tyrion1337

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    While I understand People being upset about missing masters, I want to throw in that we know VERY little yet about M3E. Also these masters might just be gone for now, being able to return with a hefty redesign in the future. Lilith for example is not dead, just imprisoned.
  2. Hey all, there will be a Tournament at Schweinfurt on Sunday, 24.06.2018. Start: 10:00 End: 18:00 Max. number of participants: 20 Location: Schweinfurt, Jugendhaus Fränz, Franz-Schubert-Straße 26, 1st floor Tournament will run according to Gaining Grounds 2018. Strategies and Schemes can be viewed on the following Website: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament_rules.php?type=0&tid=21720 As prizes we will provide vouchers for Fantasywelt.de
  3. Hi all, on Oktober the 14th we will start a 5 weeks campaign at our local Club in Schweinfurt. The Location is Jugendhaus Fränz in Franz-Schubert-Straße 26. The individual games will be made of Story Encounters from the Story Encounter books/campaign Encounters. Starting size for all Crews are 35 SS, Henchman-led. Crews do not need to be painted. I intend to link the games played with the global Homefront campaign. Usual game time is every two weeks, always starting 11 am. Just contact me if you want to join so I have an idea about the number of participants. If all goes well we shall have Price Support to give away. Cheers, Alex
  4. Tyrion1337

    Rafkins Last Breath

    Unfortunately I don´t think that TLB will work more than once. If a living model dies you have to attach the upgrade to it. So Nico does not have it anymore. That´s why you should keep your Nurse from dying first Aaand sorry to stop you, too.. TLB only goes to friendly living Resser models. Have just read the Card again. Seems Rafkin stays as one of the best Choices. Still want to try Sebastian, loaded with Poison and going to harvest everyone. At least TLB does not remove conditions. Edit: Don´t have the Hayreddin Card but he always interested me. I guess he will make it into the next Shopping cart
  5. Tyrion1337

    Proxyfaux Wave 5

    I am thinking about a useful conversion for the Statue at the Moment. Until then I use a Skorne Ancesctral Guardian from Wm/H. It might be a bit small but has the same base size and is at least an animated statue. Charm Warder: I converted one from the male Woukou Raider. Removed the Swords and gave him a lantern into one Hand. Slept some accessoires like those Horns and a purity seal onto him and painted the other fist very Chi-like. Maybe he is a bit too much crazy Kung Fu fighter now... If I happen to find Ama No Zakos Lantern again, I will replace the Little one he currently has.
  6. Tyrion1337

    Rafkins Last Breath

    Hey all, I tried a Nicodem poison list yesterday with Shadow Embrace and Their Last Breath. Nicodem - 7SS -Shadow Embrace, Their Last Breath, Love Thy Master Sebastian - MLH, Corpse Bloat Rafkin -MLH Graveyard Spirit, Nurse, Canine Remains, Bone Pile, Dead Doxy I wanted to share my experience on the new upgrade. Went up against Guild McCabe. Basically I poisoned my own stuff with a Nurse to benefit from the small heal within Nico´s Aura. As Beatstick I took Rafkin due to all the poison the Crew can spread (Afterwards some Poison on range would have been really helpful..). Sebastian ripped Spleens like no tomorrow to fuel Nico with Corpses. My last Breath on Rafkin was bonkers. He took Dept-Francisco to the face despite MLH and turned undead. Slaughtered Mounted Guard and Frank in return. Rafkins damage Output becomes enormous when you can benefit from all of Nico lovely buffs ( and fast). MLH also lets you hit with his (O) twice. Coupled with Nicos healing and the small poison healing from Shadow Embrace it was easy to Keep him around for the rest of the game despite the growing damage from Their Last Breath. While I also tried the Circling Buzzards Upgrade a few days ago I am way more excited by TLB. It opens up some nice new Options. Getting a second life and the possibility to benefit from undead buffs is just great. My poison Crew wasn´t as effective as I thought (Rafkins basically poisoned everything himself. I should try Autopsies or Little Gassers next time) but the main thing I wanted to try (Undaed Rafkin) was stellar. Has anyone tried something similar, maybe with another TLB model (Asura, Anna, Sebastian)?
  7. Tyrion1337

    Katanaka Crime Boss - Suggestions

    I´ve run a Crime Boss against Ressers and Arcanists. I liked him. Shoved him into a Group of models and activated Thunders Territory while also presented other threats (Huggy). This way your Opponent needs to choose if he hits your boss or something else. The Boss netted me a nice couple of Cards while meanwhile can reliable dispatch minions. Am I right that the Crime Boss could also ignore Incorporeal against fragile models?
  8. Tyrion1337

    [Germany] Impromptu Demos in Schweinfurt

    After real life blocked August: Updated for September.
  9. Tyrion1337


    Totally this.
  10. Tyrion1337

    10T - ALT MODEL

    I really do like the Ototo art from Broken Promises. A Yan Lo alternative would also be neat. But since you started already with that excellent (and really huge...) Alt Hungering Darkness: A new Lynch crew would be fantastic. A bit more evil, or tentacles...
  11. Tyrion1337

    [Germany] Impromptu Demos in Schweinfurt

    Updated for July.
  12. Tyrion1337

    [Germany] Impromptu Demos in Schweinfurt

    Updated for June.
  13. Hey there! After aquiring Henchman status and running the first few events, I will now start offering impromptu demos at our club room in Schweinfurt, beginning on May the 13th. The adress is Jugendhaus Fränz, Franz-Schubert-straße 26. We meet there every two weeks on saturday. Usual play time will be from 11:00 to 15:00. If you need anything else, feel free to PM me. So long, Alex
  14. Tyrion1337

    Faction idea

    Funny, i thought about that topic myself this week. I am totally fine with the current factions. Yet fluff indicates that there might be smaller changes ahead (Sonnia, Von Schill, etc). IF they were to do a new faction I would like to see a split to the arcanists (albeit playing them myself). M&SU and the "rogue mages" are beginning to drift apart from each other. Let´s keep Arcanists being those rogue mages (Marcus, Rasputina, Kaeris as dual faction, Sandeep(?) ). The new faction could be a pure M&SU base. So Ramos, Ironsides, Mei Feng, Kaeris, Hoffmann as new dual faction. I am still not sure about Sandeep and Colette in this scenario. Arcanists could delve deeper into the mage theme, maybe getting some spellbound beasts and elemental themed casters. M&SU could go full mining with even more constructs, soulstone tech und maybe geomancy. Imho this would fit the current fluff with Raspy´s radicalization and the differences within the Arcanists.
  15. Hey there, we will run a League starting at April the 15th. Location is our Club in Schweinfurt, Franz Schubert Straße 26 . Playtime is from 11:00 - 16:00. The League will have four event days, with one day every two weeks. Results will be calculated on May 27th. So long, Alex