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Found 21 results

  1. Hello fellow Bayou lovers ( or spies from other factions)! Ulix was my first Malifaux master and still is one of my favourite. When choosing masters for a game I feel like my other favourite masters are much better suited to the scheme pool, whatever it looks like... So I decided to go through the scheme pool and just try to analyse which ones are generally good for Ulix. I would really like your thoughts on the matter. To what games do you bring Ulix? 1) Breakthrough. This one is great for pigs, because they are super fast and can leaves scheme markers upon death, so even if enemy tries to hunt down your backliners he still needs to spend activation to remove markers. 2) Detonate chargers. This is doable but requires setting up your pig to die for Delicious Becon or good manouvering. Compared to crews with don't mind me or ability to drop markers to avoid 4" distance (Merris, Trixie, Brewie 2 or Zipp2) this is rather meh... 3) Vendetta. Since we can't just take it on piglet and morph to warping it feels much less viable. First point should be easy to score, but surviving part is much more difficult since pigs hit hard, but also die easy. Notmally i would say this scheme is much better suited for ranged models like Rami. 4) Assassinate. This should be ok in many scenarios. Pigs are fast, hit hard and have a lot of ping dmg from stampede, triggers and burning I Uilix 2. Also we have reasonable healing in crew so in most cases we should be able to keep Ulix alife. 5) Claim Jump. Big no in my opinion. Feels like this scheme is for bubble crews and survivable models with Laugh Off or Planted Roots. 6) Hidden Martyrs. Not sure about this one. Are replace shenanigans allowed? It doesn't have replace clause like Vendetta. I find this scheme often quite unreliable. First point easy to score, second much harder? 7) Death Beds. It proved to be very risky choice for a crew that doesn't create any special markers. We can try killing around strategy markers or corpses, but generally feels meh. 😎8 Catch and Release. I guess it's ok, but much more reliable on crews that can isolate enemy targers (lures, pushes etc). 9) Let them bleed. This feels quite good to score in many scenarios due to abundance of ping damage. But also easy to score against us, since we like to play Reckless! 10) Outflank. Depends on enemy crew. Easy to score if we assume enemy won't take it himself. If he does then it gets much harder. But generally I would say it's good for us especially in corner deployment. 11) Research Mission. Again only reliable for crews with marker creation (assuming we stay in keyword, I don't like to rely on single versitile or ook model like Mechanical Porkchop or Bushwacker) 12) Spread Them Out. Probably one of the best schemes for pigs (but then again also for Zipp, and Mah) 13) Bait and Switch. Another meh scheme for pigs. More suited for crews who can easily move enemies arond (again Zipp, Mah and Brewie) So to wrap up. Good schemes: 1) Breakthrough 2) Assassinate 3) Hidden Martyrs 4) Spread them Out OK/ situational schemes: 1) Catch & Release 2) Outflank 3) Let Them Bleed I hope your insight will broaden this pool, as it feels quite narrow.
  2. Hi all, New to the game, and interested in some pig shenanigans. What's the best way to use a Pigapult? Should I start with a full complement of piglets, or summon them as I go. Similar option with stuffed pigs. Should the summoner baby sit the Pigapult, or is that a waste? Is it worth flinging gremlins? Or tougher models? What should I protect it with, or is it just enough to use it as a big distraction? I've got a Pigapult and The Sow, looking at getting the taxidermy box, ulix, piglets and some gremlins. I've got Sammy as well, to run a pure taxidermy crew without keyword tax. (Also getting brin to lead a complement of roosters cause the models are great). Not a fan of most of the kin models, or Wong, which is why I have two henchmen as alternative leaders. I'll only play small games until I get used to the rules, so it works well there too. Not looking for tournament level tactics, just entertaining games.
  3. My apologies if this has already been answered: My little one and I are putting together the Nightmare Edition of Ulix and prepping the cards for 3E. I just realized that Ulix and Penelope have the keyword "Sooey", while the rest of the boars/pigs have the keyword well, "Pig". Does that now mean each one now costs 1 SS more to use with Ulix, or is there some sort of cross-over between the two keywords that I completely missed? Both keywords have limited model choices individually (I believe "Pig" does not even have a Master) but together give a nice fleshed-out crew. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  4. Hello! This thread will serve as a place for me to post battle reports so I don't end up flooding the board with them. As the title suggests, the focus of this thread will be on my Outcast games with Parker Barrows, and a little Freikorp, Viktorias or whatever else I feel like playing on the side. This OP will be updated with links to each Battle Report as I complete them. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are welcome! Outcasts Parker Barrows Games Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. McMourning - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Kaeris - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. C. Hoffman - 50ss Von Schill Games Von Schill vs. Zoraida - 50ss Von Schill vs. Viktoria of Ashes - 50ss Von Schill vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Von Schill vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Misaki (Outcast) Games Misaki vs. Lilith - 50ss Misaki vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss Misaki vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Misaki vs. Lady Justice - 50ss Misaki vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Yan Lo Games Yan Lo vs. Seamus - 50 SS (GG17) Gremlins Zipp Games Zipp vs. Reva - 50ss Ulix Games Ulix vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss - Partial Game Wong Games Wong vs. Molly - 50ss Mah Tucket Games Mah Tucket vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Brewmaster Brewmaster vs. Reva - 50ss Arcanists Rasputina Games Rasputina vs. Yan Lo (Resurrectionists) - 50ss Rasputina vs. Molly - 50ss
  5. Hello, I've finally gave in and bought Ulix and a core crew to go along with him. I was thinking of buying him for a while now because I like the idea of a crew of mostly pigs and his mechanic seemed fun. When a friend of mine suggested we could start a mini Shifting Loyalties campaign, it was the perfect excuse to start and go down the the road to Porkville. The plan is to keep him my stand-alone Gremlin master (we'll see how that'll work out). If time allows, I'd like to spend some extra time on basing and writing up a little bit of background. Anyway, here's my first pig, Agamemnon, the piglet with big ambitions. And his base. I'd like to add some water effect later, too. After a hard day in the Bayou and half a bucket of slop, Agamemnon gazes across the slough and dreams about conquering Truffles.
  6. Checking the new GG document, the Ram Strat and Scheme strike me as ideal for one of our masters. I'm talking about none other than the cantankerous Greek swine priest himself, Ulix! Gremlin brothers and sisters, do you believe in the power of the Pig? Will the herdmaster come out more often for you? What do you think?
  7. Hello, just wanted to check with the hive mind if we played a situation correctly in my last game. I was playing Ulix vs Collodi, near the end of turn one, Ulix had managed to summon a War Pig obviously into base contact. My opponent then managed to get Colllodi in to position to hit the War Pig with ‘Pull the strings’ and got the ‘My Bidding’ trigger off, allowing him to take immediately take a 1 action. As the War Pig has the 1AP charge, he announced that. We had a quick check in the rules book and it seems that, a) they don’t engage each other (pg 48, 2nd paragraph) as they still consider each other friendly (pg 23 Black box) he could charge even though he was base to base (The charge action states that a charge cannot be taken if the charging model is engaged, pg 39, but they’re technically not engaged?) Did we play this right? I can see no reason that you can’t declare a charge action even when you’re in base to base in this specific scenario? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello piglovers. Ulix is currently my only gremlin master and i love him. I mostly play summon + pigapult list but i also love the burt+gracie pair. The main problem i have is that most of the people in my local meta are playing a lot of alphastrike lists. Most of them are outcast with a vik/tara player, a von schill/tara/jack daw player and a tara/lynch one. So i very often (almost everygame in fact) some variations of bury-alpha-strike with bloodwrecth, death marshal, scion of the void, emissary + any beater (vik of blood, bishop, killjoy and so on). If i'm not very careful about my deployment and my first turn i can (and i often did) lose a lot of model/a key model (old major for example)/the pigapult (hello bishop and vik's mark of 'i don't care you die anyway') very early. I would like to know if you have any tips or tactics to answer alpahstrike lists in general and outcasts one especially. I think big brain can be good to deny some triggers (whirlwind or bishop triggers) and help pig wp weakness but maybe you know of other interesting models. I look forward to see your answers.
  9. "When the Queen returns, let lose the Pigs!!!" - Ulix Hello folks, here we are with some battle report of a battle we played yesterday that lasted nearly 7h of playing, because both of us didnt want to make anymistakes, had the time and overthought every move twice before we made it. It was intense and exhausting! But also it was so much fun :D. It was a 50 Soulstone battle. The pictures are at Turn 1, End of turn 2 and End of battle. So here are the Schemes and Strategies and of course the Crews: Strategy: Turf War Schemepool: Deliver a message, Protect Territory, Take Prisoner, Bodyguard and a Line in the Sand. Deployment: Standard My opponents crew: Neverborn Titania (Behold my glory/The queens champion) Primordial Magic Barbaros The Thorn The Claw The Tooth Aeslinn Doppelganger (We later found out, that he had spent 2 Soulstones more than he could, but didnt chage it at all, because we were midgame) My crew: Gremlins Ulix (Husbandry) Old Cranky Old Major (Corn Husks) Gracie McTavish Gremlin Taxidermist Slop Hauler Before Turn 1: My opponent (Markus) immediately reveals both of his schemes, which are „Deliver a Message“ and „A Line in the Sand“. I am pretty happy about him revealing it, because i like to know what i am up to. In my case i didn't reveal any of my stuff and chose „Take Prisoner“ on Titania and „Protect Territory“, because my piggles can drop schemes for 0AP. I won the deplayment flip and wanted him to start the deployment. He won the initiative and wanted me to start the round. Turn 1: The first turn I pretty much had in mind, what I wanted to do. I just move some models forward with 1 AP and drop scheme markers for the “Triangle of Doom!”. I immediately spent a Soulstone to draw 2 additional cards and make sure I can summon 2 piglets and a Warpig if I met the requirements without too much interruption. So I moved the taxidermist and Old Cranky forward while dropping schemes. Titania sent forth his knights and immediately rushed in with Barbaros and “Challenged” everything withing 8'', which caught my Old Major within its zone. We advanced a bit and I let gracie take the lead as I used reactive on her to be able to move later on again and heal her up with the slop hauler that followed “the old pig knowing the way”. Major also dropped a scheme of complete the triangle of Doom for summoning the “War Wabbit”. Markus placed his Titania on top of a ruin to get the overview, while thorn and Tooth tried to flank me but got shot at from McTavish stand on this side. Ulix then activated to summon 2 Piglets and a War Wabbit spreading wounds and getting some more models on the field. Gracie was then challenged the first time from a knight and she couldnt do anything else then walking towards him and getting stabbed. The Slop Haulers heals right up everybody after Ulix cared about his piglets getting 2 dmg and healing 4 Pigs up. So Ulix got 6 dmg total and got 2 wounds back, sitting at 4. Turn 2: We both are eager to start the turn, but Markus wins the initiative, leaving me with a pretty bad hand, so I spend another Soulstone to draw and discard 2 cards. But no luck again for me...leaving me with one 10 as the highest card and then a straightline from 7 downwards. While I try to save Gracie from all the challenges pouring down on her giving her negative effects, I can`t get a hold of her or give her any healing effects and she is close to dying, but put up a good fight! I send forth Old Cranky to support my Gracie which is looking pretty rough at that time. And before I can protect him with my war wabbit, he gets slaughtered in 1 attack from Barbaros. and again Markus lets Barbaros walk in the middle of the Turf and get the “Challenge” up and running, effecting pretty much every model I have. This is where the tough time started...and where I screwed up pretty badly. And I wanted to hit my head on the table...plenty of times... Okay, time to go aggressive and let some pigs fly! I succeed on the cast and my pigs are now free to fly around! He also summons a little stuffed piglet, that sits in fron of Titania and 2 other models of him. But he lures the stuffed out with some challenges of the autumn knights and gets it to a safe zone to explode. I luckily flip the suit that makes it explode for 1 dmg in 4''. Markus then proceeds to attack Gracie and finishes her off after some heavy lifting to kill her. Unable to Call forth another Pork, I choose to activate Old Major and he goes forward and puts titania into a rough spot. I use ulix who succeeds the challenge trigger and cast prod on my war rabbit which happens to attack Barbaros with a ram...and succeeds so it immediately charges titania...which is bad for me, because I have take Prisoner and I dont want to attack or kill her. McTavish binds thorn and Tooth and eats some markers too, as do my piglets while dropping schemes for 0!!! This was a pretty awesome ability for me, digesting around 8-10 markers in the whole game and getting healing out of it. His Doppelganger than copied the spear of the Claw and tried to throw at my war wabbit with a little bit of success. Old Major just does some movement action and making sure my charges are devastating, again leading the way for my slop hauler and ulix taking a ride. We both score for Turf War victory points: Gremlins 1 – Neverborn 1 Turn 3: We both know this is a crucial turn and really want to begin to get most activations out of our models, before some of them are killed. Again this time I use a Soulstone to get some better cards, but can find myself with a 12, which enables Call forth the pork. Because of his doppelganger, he is allowed to cheat the initiative, which he does and immediately let Barbaros walk in to challenge AGAIN (dude, this one is getting on my nerves pretty badly...) and he even manages to finish off the slop hauler, whos plan was to slop Barbaros up and then rush him with my pigs...but DENIED! So I have a pretty bad situation at hand. All my models are under this effect and I burn my cards like hell! McTavish does a good jo keeping the other knights at bay, while eating some schemes. His Titania then activates and does her AoE skill where everyone is forced to make a WP duelor a scheme is put in basecontact. I flip THREE 1s in a row and get schemed all along! This sounds not too bad, but whenever I activate a pig, I suffer 2 dmg when a scheme is in base contact...so he leaves me with no other choice, than call forth the pork and immediately propper care for my pigs. He then Prods the war wabbit, which is at 7 wounds, hitting his Primordial Magic for 2 and then for...a Black Joker...oh my gosh...this was bad timing for sure...Markus then activates his Knights and Aeslin doing some nice damage to the War Wabbit leaving it with 3 wounds remaining...my choice is clear now. Activate the war wabbit, take 2 dmg and eating this strange magic thingy and chew on it like it was gum! First attack...fails, I have no cards to cheat and he spends some of his cards to make this even harder. But then I flip a solid 10 and he is unable to cheat it to a number I cannot beat. The war wabbit did his job! He gets a mouthful and falls to sleep his wounds off. 11 wounds healed at this time! PHEW! That was close...but Titania still within my pigs binding them to her...He wasn't as relieved as I was after this attack as you can imagine. By this time he heals all of his wounds on Titania through schmes and it is useless to hit her anymore. But he takes his revenge and lets tooth and thorn finish off my McTavish in a pretty brutal way...even the gator was stunned...or slowed from that ability of thorn...i do not like it... And now Target No. 1 has become Barbaros, because he is draining my cards. I activate the War Pig, charge Barbaros...with minor success because he became Titanias Champion as he killed the Slop hauler. The taxidermist gets to work now and gets pushed away, so he charges in and skins this dude alive! More corpse markers and finally free of this annoying model. The dust of war clears out and while having summoned 4 models with a value of 16 Soulstones, I still do have less than Markus. Not a single model killed except for the primordial magic. I then send out a piglet to eat some schemes, while he uses thorn to pull this piglet into engagement and finish it off with a spear through my porcine friend. The other piglet just runs around dropping schemes and eating his to prevent dmg on activation. End of Round 3. Models lost: Gremlins: Gracie, Slop Hauler, Old Cranky, 1 piglet, 1 stuffed piglet, Neverborn: Primordial Magic. We both score for Turf Points: 2:2 Turn 4: Again we both want to begin and the doppelganger allows him again to start the round. Seeing his Titania in the middle of 2 War pigs (one of it a war wabbit, which he still denies the “pig” trait, because it is fluffy!) and old major makes him rethink his positioning...he decides to use titania first and immediately uses the scheme AoE effect again. I dont have any use for my high cards and with some lucky flips I manage to deny all of his potential scheme markers with only 1 card to cheat. He does some damage to my pigs while dropping 1 scheme again. I activate Ulix who sits behind the big pigs and proper care and prod the hell out of my war pigs, getting crows and rams again to heal and rush around. I use proper care again and immediately a Soulstone to prevent dmg. Luckily enough I manage to heal my pigs up and survive this with my Ulix. He proceeds to pull out his titania with aeslin as she shoots into this engagement and hitting titania twice but one time with the trigger to pull her out. The this cast goes against the war pig blocking LoS for his doppelganger and Claw to attack my ulix who sits at 1 Wd with 1 Soulstone left. At this point he tells me, that the way is soon clear enough to kill of my master, even though I know that he has the deliver a massage scheme. He the unleash a flurry of spearthrows on Ulix with Claw and Doppelganger copying it. As the wall of pork stands, Ulix denies nearly every single attack and is able to defend his 1 Wd. But then 1 attack comes through and he is unable to deny it...i got 0 Soulstones left for dmg prevention or my pigs go rampant...lets hope for the best. He is on only 1 -flip and the first card he reveals is a red joker...Okay, he is gone, nevermind. He flips the 2nd card...and it is a Black Joker. I mean what are the odds? Holy Smokes, my master lives!!! (Which turns out later on is pretty bad...in this case) He had his turn already, but he lives for another round! My pigs freed again because titania is finally gone, I charge EVERYTHING in LoS immediately, gaining bonus on every single attack and dmg and manage to eat the Tooth alive with my warpig. Old major just goes a bit forward before he is engaged with the thorn and titania. My piglet drops a scheme and eats his, again :D. End of Turn 4. Casualties this round: Gremlins: McTavish Neverborn: Tooth We both score for Turf War Points: 3-3 Turn 5: We flip for initiative and he wins again. I had the luck to draw a red joker two very low cards and 3 average. He softens up my war wabbit with aeslin pulling it towards them while dropping scheme markers. 2 are now on the centre line. My turn. I immediatley recognize that if I can eat 1 scheme marker from the centre line and let my master die, he cannot win anymore. Worst case he pulls away my old major and I still got 1 scheme marker for protect territory. We didn`t know how the ruling was, so I didnt activate ulix to prod and proper care for a suicidal action. In fact this was a possible option, because nothing states the opposite (had it cleared out in the forum later on). So in this case I waste a whole activation of my master and charge my own master with the last piglet alive. I cheat his defense down and dont use the trigger and my own piglet finishes off its own master...unable to charge thorn which is behind a pillar, I must take the charge action, ut with major still alive the pig cannot charge own pigs and so he charges into the lovely couple that shared spears all the time. The doppelganger and Claw. Without damage but binding 2 models with one piglet I am pretty happy about this outcome, although I was not able to eat the scheme marker in the middle. His Doppelganger hits with her fists, because she is unable to do anything else. My Warpig kills of thorn and manages to walk in the middle to eat a scheme marker. By then he suspects me to have “take prisoner” and has one chance to do something against this. He tries to walk away from the piglet and succeeds and I put down my red joker to deny it...he doesn't even try again, because he could only walk and not get the cast down at this point. Score: Neverborn: A Line in the Sand (revealed): 0 Deliver a message (revealed): 0 Turf War: 4 Gremlins: Protect territory: 1 (I was stupid...i thought the markers must be WITHIN 6' of the deployment zone...) Take Prisoner: 2 Turf War: 4 This brings us to a total of 4-7 for the porcine Horde, with a great sacrifice of Ulix. All in all we had a blast playing this game and it was much fun! The last games I had the feeling that it nearly always comes down to “kill the enemy crew and you win” but this time I didn't have that feeling. Of course it is nice to deny your opponent options by killing models, but it is not the only way to do so. That is what I liked most after this match and what keeps my hopes up that malifaux isn't just killing off the opponent. We had a great time and I hope you enjoyed reading this battle report. See you in the Bayou!
  10. So, I'll start off by saying I'm not a huge fan of ulix, since in all the 4 games I had with him I got quite bored of how he played out (generally with a bunch of big pigs from which to summon, transitioning in a more support role) but, since I'm getting a lot of satisfaction playing new Tt masters I bought, I figured that it might be because I'm getting again that feeling of "discovering" a master, that I don't quite get anymore from my main crews (Somer, Wong and Zipp), where I generally just discover some niche things, but nothing mind blowing (after almost 60 games with Somer it's not that weird). so, to get on with the topic, I started to analyze the rest of the faction, starting with old man ulix and I had this "core" crew idea of: Ulix (d.c. Hunting bow, husbandry) Old major (corn husk, liquid bravery/quality mash) the sow (that's 23ss) Generally i bring 3 big pigs from which to summon 1 turn, and than generally I keep 1 or 2 close to continue with the piglet/warping summoning, tho I really don't like it. I found this play style really slow, and not that efficient ap wise. With this core, the idea is to summon exclusively from the sow following this order (ideally) turn 1) 3 piglets (6 wounds) followed by proper care (leaving the sow at 6wounds) the piglet than proceed to walk in position for setting up the warpig-schemes-triangle next turn turn2) sow walks into position so that ulix can summon the warping than ulix summons 3 other piglets+ 2 coming out of the sow dying followed by proper care, leaving you with 6 full hp piglets (counting the 3 made turn 1) and 2 with 3hp. From there you focus either on support/summoning warpigs/summoning piglets out of Major It's not a ground breaking strategy, but it sounded good to me cause that allows you to "save a summoning turn" thanks to the sow passive ability, and frees up a lot of space in the crew. there are downsides (snipers for example, that can wound the sow before you can do both summonings), but st the same time you could always do something else if you want to save the sow so that she can deal some damages,like skipping a pig summoning for a warpig, to let the sow charge in the thick of battle before dying (while hopefully healing something before so you can get the s) would be good to have 2 hog whisperer (or one+ Penelope) to control the pig horde. It's just an idea I wanted to throw out there, so any feed back is welcome and appreciated
  11. my question is how does ending activation triggers/abilities when doing an out activation action generated by something like hunting bow. if I have shot my gracie up the rear and she keeps charging until she fails to kill and I hit the crow trigger what happens? because it is not her activation and the trigger says end this models activation? separately can I eat my fill? how does that work? I assume I don't just keep charging as its not my activation. of note unlike obey you can still declare triggers with hunting bow which is part of the balance I believe.
  12. Mjolnert

    Ulix Help

    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to this forum and this faction, I would love to help me to manage this teacher well, within a week I will have a tournament in my community and it has only given me time to thoroughly test Ophelia And Sommer, in my community there are many Ten thunder and Resser, as for my range of miniatures I have all: P many thanks in advance We can do among all a guide of this teacher, schemes that do better ... enemies who do not give very well, any advice is welcome
  13. Gremlins are the faction that got me to play malifaux. Although I started with ten thunders I found them kinda boring and not very thematically fun so I only played occasionally. Gracie hooked me and i've been a gremlin player since (who doesn't want to play a pig in armor from the kitchen). I don't post on the forums much but i've been having serious problems running gremlins. As this is the only faction I have I thought I'd look for some advice here before I sell them and try to start over. I've played for 2 years almost, over 100 games, and I own every gremlin model in the game. During this time I've gotten so badly beaten by even the newest of players that I'm having a hard time reconciling the balance of the game when it comes to playing gremlins who seem to crumble by the middle of turn three. I'm disheartened to the point of just selling off my models and finding a new game to get into. So to get deeper into it.... I tend to play Zoraida and Ulix most followed by Somer. I've not gotten much play time in with Wong or Brewmaster and I dislike how ophelia plays. I tend to try to focus on strategies and schemes that require scheme markers as I expect to be able to out activate opponents for a turn or two and can get 3-4 points this way easier. I typically avoid points requiring long term terrain holding as this has always failed when gremlins get into combat.... they always just die in droves so I lose models and often gain zero points. Most of my games are basically over by the end of turn 2 or middle of turn 3. I understand that the out-activation that gremlins bring because they are cheap to purchase and have reckless abilities is how they should be powerful. However, in my experience the extra AP and activation control is only relevant until the end of turn 3 as by that time I've lost so many models, been forced to retreat or hide out in terrain, or just can't stand up to even a moderate sized opponents hand that the extra power in AP and activation is gone. I've had several games where I've lost a huge number of points in a turn and a half (turn 2 to middle of 3) and can't claim points beyond maybe 3 or 4. Comparing equal points model to model I can't see the balance in abilities and stats. Although many gremlins can get extra AP with reckless/drunk and reckless, the payoff isn't enough to make them that much better compared to models of the same points that can do the same or better actions without a down side that can cause them to get killed in one shot. Example: Nino (the big guild sniper) compaired to Rami. Nino can kill models by focusing quite easily with a high damage flip. For Rami to do the same I've had to reckless, get the ram trigger to knock myself to half health to get the same effect. If you consider the damage level a gremlin can do with a Ram trigger they are decent hitters but they also blow themselves up in the process and cost me models when this happens. One of my worst outcomes was losing Francois to a massive hit (admittedly killing the minion he hit) followed by losing Bert because of a ricochet trigger (flipped late and couldn't cheat to change), then because my two big hitters that were protecting Somer were gone he also died that turn. All because of one turn of damaging myself. My local Henchman has been extremely patient working with me to either get better or figure out lists to play for certain schemes etc. However, we've run out of ideas. I've tried playing conservatively, which helps with gremlin survival but I often still only get 3-5 points because my opponent has had two turns of free roaming for points. I've tried being aggressive with expendable models but find that I'm just spending two turns and 3-4 models to nullify one 5-10 point model, often losing 8-15 points of my own models in the trade. I've tried being more selective with schemes and strategies by focusing on what other gremlin players play (from podcasts and tournaments) but inevitably lose so many models so early on that I'm just waiting for my opponent to get max points and end turn 5 with a 4-6 point spread between us. I'm extremely positive and excited about playing every game (one to three games a week). I listen to and read hours of malifaux posts and podcasts every week trying to learn to play better. But by turn 2 or 3 in most games, even against new players, I'm just wanting the game to be over because i've lost so many models and will only be able to get half or less than half points and feel like i'm just waiting for my opponent to max out their points while I wait an hour for the game to end. I understand that it's possible, and very likely, that I'm playing extremely badly and can't figure out what to do to get better. But I also can't see the balance of the game when looking at a gremlin card compared to other factions. I love the game and how it plays but I'm very close to just selling all my models...... ANY advice would be great, any ideas for lists, advice on schemes and strategies to choose, any help with understanding how gremlins are even close to other factions in power level would be great before I decide to dump them. Thanks in advance
  14. How do you usually set up Ulix and his upgrades? I've also figured out that - having many upgrades and only 3 Aps - Sammy Lacroix would have been a nice purchase for Ulix. Clobberin Stcik, Husbandry on Ulix Corn husk on Old Major Hunting bow on Sammy LaCroix However, this is a pretty heavy core for a 50SS crew...it's almost 50% of the team. Are you always (or often) playing Sammy with Ulix? Because on the paper, hunting bow seems amazing....but in game I was not happy of this upgrade performances. Clobbering stick also, despite combo with Sammy, wasn't really exciting to have...maybe I was lucky with hands but I've always summoned without think about Clobbering. Generally speaking, after many games I've never been able to use the Sammy LaCroix casting for conditions. Do you like her in general? Do you usually throw her in the brawl? Because I've always kept her back...but having such a short range I should probably fearless send her in the front.
  15. Realized afterwards I put Badge of Office on Francisco when he wasn't my leader... should have been Wade In. It wasn't relevant in the game... but was a booboo.
  16. So after a number of years playing Gremlins with Somer Teeth, I dipped my toe into the muddy waters of piggy-gremlin fun, and this is the result. It's missing my lovely old-version Pigapult because it's back in the UK and I am currently not. Am I a pro painter? No. But I am pretty pleased that I've finally completed another crew, hurrah! (and I can nudge my 'gremlins' section on my painting tracker up a bit...
  17. Hey im new like in i borrowed a crew LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEED the game so so god damn much and now i need my crew. like other post i do not care about the "bank" i just want a competitive crew to start with (prefer wong) so i can play with my friends which are rather competetive aswell pls help a noob start fast ^^
  18. Hi all, I don't have much in the way of Gremlins, excepting a Brewmaster and an Ulix box plus Whiskey Golem - Brewmaster was initially a 10T purchase, but I like the thought of running a pig swarm, so I'm interested in Ulix. I think I have a fairly good idea of where to go with Pigs - a War Pig or two for summoning/hiring, 2x boxes of Piglets for summoning, then the two big pigs - Gracie and The Sow. Splash in Slop Haulers for general healing goodness. There are some other models that don't necessarily seem core but seem promising, and I was wondering how people find them in an Ulix crew. These would be Gremlin Taxidermist with attendant Stuffed Piglets, Sammy LaCroix, Burt, Pigapult, and Lenny (the last I figure because of damage prevention, summoning, and auto-trigger on Stampede), and those are the ones I'm interested in hearing more about as I plan purchases. This is mostly with an eye to having candidates for purchases if I'm gunning for an alt model during the Easter Sale (if they have tiers like with Black Friday) or if I'm interested in whatever their April promo model for brick-and-mortar purchases are, so there's a bunch of time yet. Aside from maybe Bayou Boss for Lenny, I'm not currently looking to get any other Gremlin boxes at the moment, though. Just focusing on the Wave O' Pork. EDIT: I suppose I'd also be interested in hearing how the above purchases might also work with Brewmaster in your play experience.
  19. So I've started playing the odd games with Ulix and I'm just not getting it. He seems to have some interesting tricks, but I can't seem to weave it together into a coherent plan. As a result the games mostly end up with Ulix and his pork splattering against the enemy crew and achieving not a lot before Ulix himself is murdered. I went digging to find a battle report of Ulix, but all I could get is a video with Ulix being plucked from his ball in turn 1, murdered turn 2, and the player conceding in turn 3. (so, not helpful) According to most stuff I read he's "amazing" and I want to believe. So help me out here. Can anyone recommend ways to play (or NOT to play) the mighty Pigherd?
  20. Getting started in Malifaux and am looking to get Ulix's Hog Wild crew. Willing to pay through PayPal
  21. Been playing around with Ulix a lot lately. I've had some really nice runs shootin pigs and watchin them run Since I have been using this ability a lot lately I wanted to get some rules clarification. Shot in the Rear. "Target friendly Pig makes a charge action against any legal target, if the target of the charge action is killed, the pig must immediately make another charge action against the closest legal target, besides this model. The pig continues to make Charge Actions until it fails to kill its target, or there are no legal targets available." Question 1. Can Ulix force a pig to charge out of an engagement? I feel like the answer is yes, since the pig is not actually declaring a charge(or is it?) is declaring part of making? I'm overthinking.... Question 2. If the Pig has charged into a model with a 1 in engage and has killed it, but is still engaged with something with say a 2 or 3 inch engage, does it keep going if there is a legal target outside that engagement? thanks everyone!
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