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  1. Attack again or move is where my thoughts were at. My examples of raspy and zipp being a biggy. Thanks mate.
  2. Is this an area that is under foggyness of the rules so may be best if I ask before the games or is there a standard answer at tourneys on how this is played? Putting up ikiryo before or after triggers I imagine as coming up commonly enough and can change a game.
  3. Difference of opinion then, but the crews in that game (atleast in the games I have played) still hover around 6-8 members, so the fear of reducing crews to a few expensive models is not something I have seen.
  4. So my question is when an attack declares an "after damaging trigger" or "after succeding" and I declare malevolence from kirai. Which happens first? Also does "after succeeding" and "after damaging" change the answer against kirai's aura? Examples being zipp's "My Work Done" on his attack "up you go" or raspy's "overpower" trigger on "December's Curse"
  5. Another system that I think did pass tokens well was batman miniatures. Because of models having to be places and being btb with items, a very expensive piece was quite overkill to be relegated to scheme runner duty.
  6. I think the 1 wd is too harsh for nico. Making him easier to kill and reducing his ability to draw made him less efficient. But summoning ar 1 wound is to far, compared to the other summoning masters, I doubt he will be taken anymore. I know I won't be using him anymore. I say this because with the other changes he can still stay comparable to the other masters in ressers, now why not just take molly or kirai? If the goal is to win, picking the most powerful master to accomplish the goal. Nico will not be the most optimal choice over the other 2. Kirai has always felt slightly stronger anyways imho. For summoning, she can summon effectively off her seishin (still at 1/2 health). The difference between the two was kirai threatened to kill the enemy models with ikiryo if you damaged her people (Nicos where better protected with death whip), and the models she summoned where in better spots but slow. So she started a touch worse support than him and now he can't summon anywhere close to her anymore. Even molly is a strong support and for the discussion of fast, molly gives 1 of them an immediate free ap as a (0). All the while paralyzing or giving huge debuffs to critical targets. Her summons may be slow, but without love thy master, both die equally quick, but hers damage the enemy as it occurs. (Reva/mcmourning isn't summoning masters really so no comparisons). Decay is a weak spell for damage, if for healing, nico is reduced to a +flip and nurse+chiaki? If I wanted to heal, i would take them and not waste a master slot over it. I care little for a +flip for a weak master slot. A good example of that was the pre buffed ironside. With the 1 wd, i highly doubt nico can be a dedicated summoner that he was renowned for and be a support master that the other summon masters can do about as effectively all the while actually summoning, which the ressers are known for. So I agree with a previous posters post. "The king of the dead has died, all hail the king."
  7. Kirai is my choice. Ikiryo is enforcer so easy for her to get hunting party. Her crew is normally upgrade heavy with take back the night, spirit whispers on datsue, and my little helper on practically everything. Seishin are impossible to kill near kirai due to spirit beacon so hunting party is not trivial to get for them. Also guild is heavy on damage from attacks so ikiryo will come out constantly.
  8. The last line of feeding says: This model heals the same amount of damage. Not sure what this means.
  9. Does the Scorpios heal 3+ damage if he has damage buffs on him when he hits a target with 2 poison on him or just like mcmourning he only heals 2 regardless of buffs and uses base numbers? Also if he has nurse buff of hallucinagins and hits a target with 0 poison, does it still do 2 damage?
  10. Feedback here or in the contacts section?
  11. not sure if best place to put this, but personal review of app. Some wishlisting that I have. Anyways, it is: I give app 8/10 I like the app a lot. Condition tracking doesnt seem practical but i don't know how you could easily make it so without having logic for all of the conditions (doable but too difficult imho). Just being a working list-builder and card catalog with health tracker is extremely important. It's why ive felt warroom was so popular regardless of the amount of griping at it (That it deserved mind you). A couple whines though that i wish you would change. They are: very much needs a model browsing section for upgrades. This section is important for improving the lookup features that an app like this is used for. I also had light UI design problems. Specifically crew list should have groupings of faction and then which master. Filtering just removes unwanted visually, but grouping is an important feature and probably more so on that screen than filtering. During an encounter at the bottom left and right are buttons for player 1 army list, player 2 army list, and the vp view. P1 should have been on left, p2 on right and vp on which ever side is open due to that players list is currently being displayed. This is important as p1 on left, p2 right is an old video game standard and its actually more difficult to use if doesnt match. Allow a setting option to change how cards are sorted in each station to be able to be SS driven first over name driven. I know Scorpios costs 6ss but had more trouble than i would like as his name actually is THE Scorpius. Changing the schemes right before starting an encounter is also a little wonky. You click on change format, then hit back, then can regenerate schemes and strats.
  12. Can we make a poll on how to play her and as a community follow the poll and request to wyrd a faq? Cause i believe wording is to the stronger asura but I'm uninterested in pounce spam to actually make this discussion change how i play so i just wish to play consistently.
  13. This is also how i read it. Once per who ever persons acrivation. Every friendly undead model in range may take 1 action from her card once regardless of what other friendly undead models also take. New activation allows each friendly undead model to do this again. So in a hypothetical belle bomb situation, 1 lure from belle A causes 4 pounces from 4 different belles (Say belle A - Belle D). All 4 belles can take from Asuras card. But the 2nd lure from Belle A has it so none of the 4 can steal from Asura again, as during this activation they already used asuras Ability. When Belle B goes and lures, all 4 belle pounces can go back to stealing again (but again, 2nd lure from belle B cannot).
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