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  1. Hello! I'm making this thread to document my games of Malifaux, 3rd Edition. This will be similar to my 2nd edition thread, which focused on Parker Barrows and Outcasts. I'll start this one on Outcasts and Bayou - and I expect Neverborn, Arcanists and Ten Thunders games to join the party eventually as well. Feedback is appreciated, as I hope taking these notes and sharing them will help make me a better player. Arcanists Rasputina/ December Rasputina vs. Dr. McMourning - 3/14/2020 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 7-3 - Win Bayou Wong/ Wizz-Bang Wong vs. Youko - 5
  2. Reading the rules for MuseOn Con, apparently you could use a DMH Master, but that had to be your chosen Master for the entire tournament. I've also seen (in my local scene) hiring restrictions placed on them. Like you can Versatile and Keyword in-faction but can't hire Out-of-keyword. Re-reading the Main rules, arbitrary restrictions like this are not allowed. If the DMH is allowed then those models are treated as Normal Models. Period. Dead Man's Hand is not a Faction and should not be treated as such. Anyone else seen anything like this? Where people, instead of just saying 'no DMH
  3. I've been taking a look at our old best dead summoner and old faction leader Ok, I get that he's dead now (like if that could be a problem to the master of necromancy), but he still has to be balanced and competitive playable (I have 2 models of Nicodem, so as a TO, I'm gonna allow these "supposed dead or imprisoned" models to be played. However, they won't during the campaign I'm organizing to encourage people to start moving to M3E and get new players). I haven't tried him yet, and he went through some many changes lately, but he looks like would under-performing. Even his summoni
  4. UNDEADS. 47 models, mainly painted. Cards included. 1 Molly Squidpiddge 1 Nicodem 1 Mc McMourning (Metal) 3 Rotten belle 3 Punk Zombie 1 Mortimer 1 Philip and the Nanny 11 Mindless Zombie 3 Necropunk 6 Crooligan 2 Bete Noire 1 Zombie Chihuahua 1 Vulture 1 Yin The Penangalan 1 Necrotic Machine 2 The Hanged (1 damaged) 1 Rafkin (metal) 1 Sebastian (Metal) 2 Nurse (Metal) 1 Harchie (unpainted) 1 Flesh Construct (unpainted) 1 Unknown Bonus (unpainted) 1 Madame Sybelle (prepainted) One batch. No split. Shipping fees not included. Payment via
  5. After several years of demoing Malifaux at Gen Con, drooling over the models at the booth, and telling myself "I don't need to get into another miniature game," I've finally given in. Over the past few weeks, I've read the 2E rulebook, soaked in some hours listening to the Breachside Broadcast and purchased the 2E starter set. I've also painted the models and bribed my 9-year-old son into playing through the Encounters. Now the kicker. I have finally settled on my first crew. Nicodem's Open Graves box. Mostly I wanted the punk zombies and the crew box seemed like a better deal than
  6. So this thread keeps popping up, I thought I'd try to write up something to help you getting started with Nicodem. At this point you have probably bought the Open Graves boxset. So you have Nicodem, Mortimer, 3x Punk Zombies and the Vulture. Let's start with that assumption. Good buy, Nicodem is absolutely the boss and you are within the righteous faction of Malifaux, good for you. Nicodem is a toolbox to no end. What you need you get. Nicodem can be played in different ways, the most obvious being the Summoner he is. Do remember though, that you have the option to summon, it's not mandato
  7. So I've tried this crew a couple times, first game vs. Ramos with mages and spiders, game was super close as I was figuring out activation orders and all that jazz, and I made a couple mistakes with my summoning choices, but definitely could have won if I was better and didn't get outplayed was good fun all around, 2nd game was against Lady J, he didn't push hard enough early on and I was able to snowball to a 9-1 win. Looking for peoples thoughts on what to replace Mortimer with, or opinions if it's worth keeping, basically you end up making your opponent choke on mindless zombies (who c
  8. Hello friends! I have read the Nico vs LJ story in the chronicles and saw an interesting thing. When Yan Lo threatening Nico, Nick himself mentioned that was dead once. Can you please point a story where this happened?
  9. The best laid plans... I have no summoner/support master in my collection, and had decided to use the Black Friday sale to tend that deficiency; as I already played Neverborn and have Masters that would benefit from his summons I was looking into the Dreamer... ...cue Wyrd revealing this sale's bonus figures. So when I first was looking into the possibility of Malifaux years ago I was firmly eyeing the Ressers (though Lynch lured me away when I finally started), but now... ..well you fine purloiners of putrefaction have such wonderful toys, and Wyrd has spoken. Time for my
  10. So, the order is in, and I'll soon be an official Resurrectionist player. Here's what I'll soon have: - Open Graves - Rotten Belles - Necropunks - Guild Autopsies - The Hanged - Archie -Toshiro - Mindless Zombies - Alt. Rafkin So, the main question is..what's next? I already know I'll be picking up McMourning's box for Nurses, the Flesh Construct, and a Canine Remains as my next purchase (and Rafkin likes Poison anyway, right?). Any glaring niches I've overlooked? Crooked Men seem wise given my only real opponents are Gremlin and Guild players, respectiv
  11. I love reading battle reports on these forum, and have stalked the report section of the forums frequently. I've wanted to try it out myself, but haven't taken the first step until now. This game is actually between two friends of mine, since I thought that I might as well have my full attention upon taking notes for the game the first time around, so I can become efficient enough to transcribe my own games in the future. A final note before we begin is that the only camera I carry is the one in my mobile, so the pictures won't have very high quality. Even getting good shots of th
  12. Following on from a discussion in another thread, I wanted to gauge people's opinions and perhaps get some insights into how people play these Masters, and particularly what causes people to perceive one as more powerful than the other. In a lot of discussions, there seems to be a prevailing opinion that Kirai is a horrible scary (some say unfair or OP) Master, and that stigma doesn't seem to be attached to Nicodem. Cards on the table, here: in all but one significant way, I feel like Kirai is a pale imitation of Nicodem. He's always been far more effective for me than she has. The only t
  13. So, I have been playing Nico for a few months. I have lost a few games due to the time constraints. I have also have had some close wins where turn 4 and 5 the summoning engine allowed me to out activate and essentially get the needed points to win. What tips and tricks do you have that could speed up my gameplay that will cut my time on the mechanics of the summon and spend my time achieving my objectives for strats and schemes?
  14. New to the game: I noticed some actions give a suit for casting and I'm not clear why. For example: Nicodem can summon with a Ca 6 (crow) but a TN of 10 (2 crows) + SS of model. What is the purpose of giving the crow in the Ca then requiring 2? Why not give no suit and require 1 crow?
  15. I've been trying to have a bit of a running commentary of my attempt to learn Nicodem recently so I thought I'd share a few of the posts here as well. http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/hes-re-animator-twisted-re-animator.html http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/re-e-animate-when-crowd-say-bo.html http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/hey-boy-hey-girl-superstar-nico-here-we.html Hope you enjoy it, maybe learn from my mistakes. I'll try and keep adding to them until something clicks and I work out what I'm supposed to be doi
  16. What's the common translation on this action? "Discard up to three Corpse Markers within 8 of this model. Draw a card and heal this model 2 damage for each Corpse Marker discarded in this way." If I discard 3 markers, do I get 1 card and 6 wounds healed or 3 cards and 6 wounds?
  17. Finally got around to trying to work out Nicodem. I'm going to try and share what I learn along the way http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/hes-re-animator-twisted-re-animator.html
  18. Hello to all out there. As i'm new to the wonderful world of Malifaux i'll use this post as a means of introducing myself ^^ I'm Darios over in good old Europe, more exactly Germany. I play tabletops and RPGs for the better half of my life now (as im 26 atm this means 13 years *g*) mostly GW systems (40k/WHFB/BFG/=][=) but i have also a nice collection of the old Rackham minis before they all went "seppuku". Malifaux first came to my attention via a german tabletopmagazine ("Tabletopinsider") for which i at that Time wrote a battlereport featuring my 40k Daemons. I loved the Idea
  19. Hey guys! I haven't given up on these battle reports yet! Valentine's Day ruined my Monday post schedule, so now you get a game on Wednesday. Prehaps my future battle reports will also be on Wednesdays to give me more time for creating/editing. Enough about that. Check out this awesome game between Lady J and Nicodem! Finalsoulstone.squarespace.com The strategy was Head Hunter with lots of killing schemes. Find out who ended up ahead!
  20. So with the a 600 dollar purchase and every thing I can possible own for Ressers under my belt, I am faced with the daunting task of learning an entirely new faction. It just so happens my local group is starting a campaign soon, so I thought it would be a good time to ease one foot into the grave as it were, but I find myself still a little overwhelmed. So I turn to my undead masters for advice. What kind of starting crew would you use for a campaign, and where would your next couple of purchases go? This will help me focus on which to build and paint first so I dont get bogged d
  21. Hello guys! Do you guys usually need more than 5 mindless zombies? Do you recommend getting another box of them? Thank you in advance!
  22. Hello guys! It's me again. I need some help understanding Nicodem to use him more efficiently. I'm always using Mortimer before I activate Nicodem to generate a few corpse Counters at the beginning. The rest of the crew is spreading out depending on the strategy/scheme. So after turn one, my whole crew is not in 6" range to Nicodem anymore (besides Mortimer and the summoned minion(s)). Is it supposed to be that way? Or should I try to keep up with the rest of the Crew? - The reason I'm asking is that I have corpse counters scattered around everywhere towards the end of the game and Nicodem is
  23. Hello everyone! Can you guys give me some advice what makes sense to use instead of Night Terrors? They are not available in plastic and I cannot find the metal ones either. Thank you!
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