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  1. What has been successful for you guys? What does turn 1 look like for everyone? Especially interested in Reva player, what does turn 1 look like for set up? Molly? McMourning? If you find success in your games and think you have a good turn 1 that sets you up for success, I would love to hear it! I currently just double pulse out focus to the entire crew (with any master), its nice but I think there might be better out there.
  2. Hello! I'm making this thread to document my games of Malifaux, 3rd Edition. This will be similar to my 2nd edition thread, which focused on Parker Barrows and Outcasts. I'll start this one on Outcasts and Bayou - and I expect Neverborn, Arcanists and Ten Thunders games to join the party eventually as well. Feedback is appreciated, as I hope taking these notes and sharing them will help make me a better player. Arcanists Rasputina/ December Rasputina vs. Dr. McMourning - 3/14/2020 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 7-3 - Win Bayou Wong/ Wizz-Bang Wong vs. Youko - 50ss - 2/14/2020 - Vassal League Game 1 - Reckoning - 2-3 - Loss Wong vs. Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnet (aka Molly) - 50ss - 2/22/2020 - Turf War - 6-4 - Win Zoraida/ Swampfiend Zoraida vs. Titania - 50ss - 2/18/2020 - Vassal League Game 2 - Plant Explosives - 6-7 - Loss Zoraida vs. Nicodem - 50ss - 3/19/2020 - Practice for Vassal League Game 4 - Recover Evidence - 2-4 - Loss Zoraida vs. Zoraida - 50ss - 3/21/2020 - Practice for Vassal League Game 4 - Recover Evidence - 2-8 - Loss Zoraida vs. Lucas McCabe - 50ss - 3/28/2020 - Vassal League Game 4 - Recover Evidence - 5-1 - Win Zoraida vs. Titania - 50ss - 4/04/2020 - Vassal League Game 5 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 3-8 - Loss Som'er Teeth Jones/ Big Hat Som'er vs. Brewmaster - 50ss - 2/29/2020 - Reckoning - 5-4 - Win Som'er vs. Captain Zipp - 35ss - 11/24/2019 (Round 1 of Tournament held at Comic Quest in SoCal) Som'er vs. Colette DuBois - 35ss - 11/24/2019  (Round 2 of Tournament held at Comic Quest in SoCal) Som'er vs. Barbaros (Outcast) - 50ss - 7/12/2020 - Public Enemies - 2-2 - Draw (Opponent Concedes) The Brewmaster/ Tri-Chi The Brewmaster vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss - 12/08/2019 - Round 1 of Tournament The Brewmaster vs. Mah Tucket - 50ss - 12/08/2019 - Round 2 of Tournament The Brewmaster vs. Sonnia Criid - 50ss - 12/08/2019 - Round 3 of Tournament Captain Zipp/ Infamous Captain Zipp vs. Albus Von Schtook - 3/12/2020 - Vassal League Game 3 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 3-3 - Draw (Opponent concedes) Ulix Turner/ Sooey and Pig Ulix Turner vs. Sandeep Desai - 5/07/2020 - Vassal League Game 6 - Symbols of Authority - 3-3 - Draw Ulix vs. Mary "Blacktongue" Bonnett - 5/22/2020 - Vassal - Symbols of Authority - 6-8 - Loss Mah Tucket/ Tricksy Mah Tucket vs. Dashel Barker - 5/25/2020 - Vassal - Corrupted Ley Lines - 3-1 - Win Explorer's Society Lucas McCabe/ Wastrel McCabe vs. Tara - 5/17/2020 - Symbols of Authority - 6-8 - Loss Guild Nellie Cochrane/ Journalists Nellie vs. Hoffman - 50ss - Recover Evidence - 7/25/2020 - 2-3 Loss Charles Hoffman/ Augmented Hoffman vs. Mei Feng - 50ss - Recover Evidence - 8/08/2020 - 6-6 Draw Lady Justice/ Marshal Lady Justice vs. Yan Lo - 50ss - Public enemies - 8/09/2020 - 5-7 Loss - Dead Summer Round 1 Lucius Mattheson/ Elite and Mimic Lucius vs. Brewmaster - 50ss - Corrupted Leylines - 8/14/2020 - 4-2 - Win Dashel Barker/ Guard Dashel vs. Asami - 50ss - Corrupted Leylines - 8/15/2020 - 4-5 - Loss - Dead Summer Round 2 Cornelius Basse/ Frontier Basse vs. Kirai - 50ss - Symbols of Authority - 8/24/2020 - 4-5 - Loss - Dead Summer Round 3 Outcasts Von Schill/ Freikorps Von Schill vs. Reva Cortinas - 50ss - 11/26/2019 - Turf War - 7-1 - Win Von Schill vs. Kaeris - 50ss - 11/30/2019 - Corrupted Idols - 3-0 - Win Von Schill vs. Seamus - 50ss - Vassal - 12/14/2019 - Reckoning - 2-1 - Win (due to time, only 2 rounds played) Von Schill vs. Jakob Lynch - 50ss - DEMO - 12/17/2019 Von Schill vs. Lady Justice - 50ss - 2/15/2020 - Turf War - 4-4 - Tie Parker Barrows/ Bandit Parker vs. Seamus - 35ss - 12/21/2019 - Turf War - 7-1 - Win Viktoria Chambers/ Mercenary Viktoria vs. Shenlong - 50ss - 2/17/2020 - Plant Explosives - 4-8 - Loss Resurrectionists Reva Cortinas/ Revenant Reva vs. The Dreamer - 50ss - 12/31/2019 - Turf War - 3-2 - Win Reva vs. Collodi - 50ss - 1/04/2020 - Plant Explosives - 3-6 - Loss Reva vs. Youko - 50ss - 1/11/2020- Plant Explosives - 7-6 - Win Reva vs. Albus Von Schtook - 50ss - 2/20/2020 - Corrupted Idols - 0-2 - Loss Nicodem/ Mortuary, Zombie Nicodem vs. Euripides - 50ss - 1/25/2020 - Reckoning - 5-4 - Win
  3. Reading the rules for MuseOn Con, apparently you could use a DMH Master, but that had to be your chosen Master for the entire tournament. I've also seen (in my local scene) hiring restrictions placed on them. Like you can Versatile and Keyword in-faction but can't hire Out-of-keyword. Re-reading the Main rules, arbitrary restrictions like this are not allowed. If the DMH is allowed then those models are treated as Normal Models. Period. Dead Man's Hand is not a Faction and should not be treated as such. Anyone else seen anything like this? Where people, instead of just saying 'no DMH' are 'allowing' them while putting restrictions on them? From my reading, a TO has every right to not allow the DMH, I have no problem with this. But if they're allowed, they're normal Masters, period, with all hiring options on the table and treated as any other Master in their chosen faction. Am I reading this wrong?
  4. UNDEADS. 47 models, mainly painted. Cards included. 1 Molly Squidpiddge 1 Nicodem 1 Mc McMourning (Metal) 3 Rotten belle 3 Punk Zombie 1 Mortimer 1 Philip and the Nanny 11 Mindless Zombie 3 Necropunk 6 Crooligan 2 Bete Noire 1 Zombie Chihuahua 1 Vulture 1 Yin The Penangalan 1 Necrotic Machine 2 The Hanged (1 damaged) 1 Rafkin (metal) 1 Sebastian (Metal) 2 Nurse (Metal) 1 Harchie (unpainted) 1 Flesh Construct (unpainted) 1 Unknown Bonus (unpainted) 1 Madame Sybelle (prepainted) One batch. No split. Shipping fees not included. Payment via Paypal. Price 135 GBP / 150 Euros.
  5. After several years of demoing Malifaux at Gen Con, drooling over the models at the booth, and telling myself "I don't need to get into another miniature game," I've finally given in. Over the past few weeks, I've read the 2E rulebook, soaked in some hours listening to the Breachside Broadcast and purchased the 2E starter set. I've also painted the models and bribed my 9-year-old son into playing through the Encounters. Now the kicker. I have finally settled on my first crew. Nicodem's Open Graves box. Mostly I wanted the punk zombies and the crew box seemed like a better deal than buying the 3 punk zombies on their own. Today I stumble over to the 3rd Edition post on Wyrd's website and see that Nicodem will be killed off, leaving him to fall into Dead Man's Hand. How big of a deal will this be for me? If my local group plays casual games and a few tournaments from time-to-time, should I worry about building another list? If so, what are some ways I can use the other Open Graves models? Would I be wise to move over to McMourning or Molly (the other 2 I was considering before Nicodem)? I appreciate any advice you could give me about me.
  6. So this thread keeps popping up, I thought I'd try to write up something to help you getting started with Nicodem. At this point you have probably bought the Open Graves boxset. So you have Nicodem, Mortimer, 3x Punk Zombies and the Vulture. Let's start with that assumption. Good buy, Nicodem is absolutely the boss and you are within the righteous faction of Malifaux, good for you. Nicodem is a toolbox to no end. What you need you get. Nicodem can be played in different ways, the most obvious being the Summoner he is. Do remember though, that you have the option to summon, it's not mandatory for you to summon all the time. Giving out Fast is a superb ability. To heal your models is also amazing. Slow your enemies? That is golden. He recycles cards like no one's business. Gives out to attack, defense and to damage (with an upgrade). So simply put: he's the King for a reason. You are probably wondering where to go next? What to get for him? Well let's start breaking that apart. You might want a big beatstick? That you can support, give flips to, make it even better than it is. Very solid options are: Beatsticks: Izamu (my personal favourite). Very solid Enforcer and a good carrier for Decaying Aura in a Nicodem list. Give him fast and he goes up to 4 attacks a turn with to attack and to damage built in with ml6 that are unpreventable, that will make some seriously dead models. Rogue Necromancy. Has already built in to attack and damage. Nicodem can give even more of those for him. Also Fast for this monstrosity is quite terrifying. Also Nicodem can heal him to keep him with his Three Headed rule so he keeps on getting those flips. The Valedictorian. Our beatstick henchwoman. Sold in the University of Transmortiis boxset, which is a very solid buy for Nicodem because then you can choose to summon the exact weapon you need as all the students are tailored to counter Constructs, Living or Undead threats, so you can wait to see what your opponent brings to the table and then summon a counter, beautiful. Valedictorian hits hard, is very durable, fast on it's own. Just make it worse for your opponent by giving her Fast and keep her even longer on the table with the healing. Everybody loves flips too. These are 3 solid options for a beatstick role. You want and can afford to bring one from the get go. Remember Decaying Aura to make things worse for your opponent. Support: Then the Support models. Nicodem can afford to bring more of these than others, so let's start with a few options on this department. Nurses. I rate these models as one of the best models in the game and my Nicodem always has one. Two? Some people use two, I never use more than one. What they do is make your beaters even worse than they are with +2 to damage, they can paralyze enemies from leaders to peons, everything with a very solid ca6. They also make everyone a scheme runner when in need. Or make your opponents on :-fate on all duels. Just solid gold for 5ss. (Sold separately but they also come in the McMourning boxset, a very good buy as you get a Flesh Construct, two of these, a Canine Remains and Sebastian. Plus one of the most fun masters in the game, McMourning.) Chiaki. Removes conditions, heals, pushes enemies, is durable. Synergizes very well with Nurses as you can Full Heal and Paralyze your own models. Say Nicodem or Izamu is at very low wounds. You full heal it with a Nurse and paralyze it. Then you take Chiaki and remove that Paralyze. Voila. Full wounds. (Sold in the Yan Lo boxset. You also get Ashigarus which are good minions.) Rotten Belles. Depending on schemes and points you have to spare these are solid gold. They cost 5ss so you can hire one from the get go or summon it in game if you see fit. You should get these though, they are another model that is among the very best in the game. (Sold separately but you find these in the Seamus boxset, where you get 3 of these, Sybelle who is a very very good Henchwoman too, as well as Seamus who is one of the most fun masters again in the game). Henchmen: Well you get Mortimer with Nico and he is just solid gold, one of the best movement tricks in the game for you whole crew basically with right positioning! Chatty to prevent and disrupt enemy schemes and Corpses to fuel the Summoning engine. Corpse bloat is a great upgrade for him to get even more out of him. Sybelle is a cheap and a very solid Henchwoman. She has amazing triggers with her upgrade and she becomes even worse with Fast which Nicodem as mentioned gives out like Candy. (sold in the Seamus box set) Toshiro for even more Fast, flips and support for minions. He is quite durable too, he hits quite hard and brings even more support. A solid consideration. (sold separately) Summonable minions: Now we get to where Nicodem shines. He just brings a solid list to the game from the get go and from there he builds it even better. Good go to minions that you will most likely like to summon is: Hanged. Seriously these are absolute monsters on their own, with Fast even worse for your opponent. You won't be making friends with these bad boys but you will be wrecking face. I wouldn't ever hire these with Nicodem, ever, they cost 9ss and you can summon them very easily, solid buy. (sold separately) Punk Zombies. I wouldn't hire these either. They cost 7ss which is a lot and they are quite easy for Nicodem to summon. Also they have Hard to Kill so they won't suffer from low wounds all that much. Solid solid summons. They hit hard as well. The Students. I mentioned these already but they are very solid to counter what you see on the other side of the table. Very good. I wouldn't hire them again either, because you never know what you will be facing and they are quite easy summons again. (Sold in University of Transmortiis) Mindless Zombies. These guys will be doing a lot card cycling and activation control. You take Maniacal Laugh and Undertaker upgrade, laugh up the corpses to Zombies and then start summoning out of those Zombies, so while you summon you also draw cards. Yeah. (sold separately in a 5 box.) Flesh Constructs. They have a ton of wounds, they hit quite okay but the best thing here is Devour. Which synergizes very well with Nurses Paralyze trick as they can insta kill models with Paralyze with a Ca6 and a (sold separately, but recommend getting the McMourning boxset) Rotten Belles. Board control. Get the enemy where you want and dispose of it. Just solid minions really. I can't speak highly enough of these. (sold in a 3 pack, recommend getting the Seamus box though) Scheme runners: Now we get to one more section I'd like bring out. You can bring these from the get go if you feel like it or summon them in game. Another good thing with Nicodem. Do note that the runners you summon can not interact the turn they are summoned in. Summoning sickness and all that. Canine remains. These are solid little critters with Nicodem. They can dig up corpses, do schemes, harass the enemy and when they die, you summon something even more worse out of them. Just very solid. (sold in a 3 pack) Necropunks. These are amazing. Among the very best of scheme runners in the game. With leap and 2 AP naturally that go to 3 AP with Nicodem giving them Fast. Well they do schemes like no one's business. (sold in a 3 pack, not available in plastic atm) Crooligans. Very good scheme runners too. (Sold in a 3 pack as well as the Molly boxset, good consideration to get the boxset again) Totems: Here we have 3 options really. Vulture. Nicodem's own little totem who is very solid indeed. I don't use it that much myself actually. But he is solid. Also a fun trick is to use the Vulture as a mobile pod for Undead Crowning to have the to damage where you need it. The Eyes and Ears that the Vulture has is a really potent and cool ability. Also for fun you can use the Vulture to carry around Mindless Zombies and drop them to enemies. Graveyard Spirit. This little bugger is very good with Izamu giving it armor 4. Armor 4 is no joke on a model such as Izamu. Haven't tried this one yet with other beatsticks but I've seen it used with a Rogue Necro and it was pretty annoying to face. (sold separately) Malifaux Child. Even more Fast for your models. (sold separately) There we have it a start of a Nicodem crew what you might want to consider and get. I will be updating this a long the way and I'd appreciate feedback and thoughts how to better this. Nicodem might be a bit expensive to start with as he likes to have a lot of models. But he is an absolute blast and well worth the money and time you put into him. You can always PM me for more info and if you want to talk tactics or ask questions or post them here. Cheers for reading, it was a long read but I hope it helped a bit with your struggle!
  7. From the album: Alex-dan's Resurrectionists

    A lot of WIP still...

    © Alex Danev @ 2018

  8. So I've tried this crew a couple times, first game vs. Ramos with mages and spiders, game was super close as I was figuring out activation orders and all that jazz, and I made a couple mistakes with my summoning choices, but definitely could have won if I was better and didn't get outplayed was good fun all around, 2nd game was against Lady J, he didn't push hard enough early on and I was able to snowball to a 9-1 win. Looking for peoples thoughts on what to replace Mortimer with, or opinions if it's worth keeping, basically you end up making your opponent choke on mindless zombies (who can straight up murder things, they ended up doing most of the damage to lady J and did the last hit), and summon what is needed to score the schemes you took. As it stands at the end of Turn 1 you'll have either 5 or 6 addl models, and it's pretty easy to keep the chain going. Current crew is looking like: Nicodem (Circling Buzzards, Undertaker, Maniacal Laugh) Vulture Mortimer (Corpse Bloat, My little Helper) Anna Lovelace Asura Rotten (My little Helper) Carrion Emissary (Conflux of death) So going down the initial concepts boiling in my mindspace: Circling Buzzards is super clutch, making sure the mindless zombies aren't slow is huge, they need to be able to pull their weight, and being able to summon another vulture if the one dies is huge (Edit: Circling buzzards calls out non-vulture totems, so you can have multiple vultures in play at a time) Mortimer is debatable, basically turn one he pops helper, rips out his spleen twice and digs up a bone so you get 3 mindless zombies, after that he just regens, digs, and rips every turn to make more zombies, and when he inevitably dies he'll turn into another mindless zombie because of my little helper, and if needed he can help move stuff up the board with his little gun thing, but mostly he dies and nets like, 14-16 points in zombies? though many will be sac'd to summon off of... not sure if worth yet, could be corpse bloat on someone else (edited, he can't kill himself with spleen ripping) Anna Lovelace, is good, rush of magic is great, the chance to make a zombie off a shot is nice too, stopping pushes and places is nice, she's pretty good, could get cut, not sure for what yet, need more testing still Asura, basically what really turns this up to 11, lets the zombies punch stuff really good, and makes a zombie further up the board, she's amazing all around Carrion Emissary, gives the mindless zombies another + ML In the end the mindless zombies are ML 9-10 avg. and min 2 damage, and not slow Pretty sure if you fight something super aggro the combo gets picked down, otherwise I think there's potential in the concept, thoughts, suggestions?
  9. Hello friends! I have read the Nico vs LJ story in the chronicles and saw an interesting thing. When Yan Lo threatening Nico, Nick himself mentioned that was dead once. Can you please point a story where this happened?
  10. The best laid plans... I have no summoner/support master in my collection, and had decided to use the Black Friday sale to tend that deficiency; as I already played Neverborn and have Masters that would benefit from his summons I was looking into the Dreamer... ...cue Wyrd revealing this sale's bonus figures. So when I first was looking into the possibility of Malifaux years ago I was firmly eyeing the Ressers (though Lynch lured me away when I finally started), but now... ..well you fine purloiners of putrefaction have such wonderful toys, and Wyrd has spoken. Time for my third faction... Anyhow, I've been reading PMF, listening to S&S, watching YouTube vids, and seeking advice on AWP... now, I come here into the Quarantine Zone proper. I've got the following shopping list, so far: - OPEN GRAVES (price of admission!) - MINDLESS ZOMBIES (Seems these are really useful) - TOSHIRO (Buffs minions, and can use him with Lynch as well) - GUILD AUTOPSIES (Guns and Mindless Zombie production. Plus, undead cowboys) - THE HANGED (Obligatory, I'm told. And I understand why, yikes!) - CROOLIGANS (Scheme Runners, and seem to have synergy with Punk Zombies?) - BETE NOIRE (Told she's not great with Nico because he likes his tens, but also told she's vicious and effective?) I'll probably pick up more Master boxes eventually - McMourning for Flesh Constructs and Nurses, Seamus for Belles, but right now I'd rather avoid that to focus on learning Nico. Are there any niches I've not thought of for summoning? I'm sort of eyeing the Dead Rider as a possibility, and maybe Canine Remains? The Iron Zombies are an 'eventually' but I'm not sure I need them up-front? Any Nico tips and tricks to share?
  11. So, the order is in, and I'll soon be an official Resurrectionist player. Here's what I'll soon have: - Open Graves - Rotten Belles - Necropunks - Guild Autopsies - The Hanged - Archie -Toshiro - Mindless Zombies - Alt. Rafkin So, the main question is..what's next? I already know I'll be picking up McMourning's box for Nurses, the Flesh Construct, and a Canine Remains as my next purchase (and Rafkin likes Poison anyway, right?). Any glaring niches I've overlooked? Crooked Men seem wise given my only real opponents are Gremlin and Guild players, respectively... But yes, Quarantine Zone society, you now have a new neighbor!
  12. I love reading battle reports on these forum, and have stalked the report section of the forums frequently. I've wanted to try it out myself, but haven't taken the first step until now. This game is actually between two friends of mine, since I thought that I might as well have my full attention upon taking notes for the game the first time around, so I can become efficient enough to transcribe my own games in the future. A final note before we begin is that the only camera I carry is the one in my mobile, so the pictures won't have very high quality. Even getting good shots of the board (and the "action") proved really hard, so bear with me with this first try. I will strive to improve. Ten Thunders vs Resurrectionists - 50ss Deployment: Standard Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Convict labor, Show of Force, Neutralize the Leader, Hunting Party & Frame for Murder With a very murder-intensive scheme pool, these were the crews that were chosen: Ten Thunders (played by Paradigm here on the forums): Shenlong - Wandering River Style Peasant Shadow Emissary - Conflux of Dawn Yamaziko Yin the Penangalan - Smoke Grenades 2 Ten Thunders Brothers (From here on named Knife-Bro and Kama-Bro du to their respective weaponry) Johana 5ss cache Schemes: Show of Force, Frame for Murder (Yamaziko) Somewhat of an anti-lure crew in Yin and Yamaziko, perhaps to deny any attempt at "head-fishing" via lures from the ressers. Resurrectionists: Nicodem -Corpse Bloat -Love thy Master Hayreddin Izamu the Armor Chiaki the Niece Rotten Belle Crooligan Yin the Penangalan Nurse 5ss cache Schemes: Frame for Murder (Hayreddin), Neutralize the Leader An efficient "factory-crew" for restoring early summons to peak efficiency before throwing them into the fray. Deployment: The Ten thunders win the first flip and forces the Resurrectionists to go first. Deployment of the Resurrectionists. From left to right; Crooligan (up by the box), Chiaki, Izamu, Belle, Nicodem, Nurse, Hayreddin, Yin Just wanted to show the converted Hayreddin that the resser-player made when Shifting Loyalties was released. A fine speciemen indeed! Ten Thunders deployment. From left to right; Kama-bro, Shadow Emissary, Shenlong, Peasant (behind the Tower), Yamaziko, Yin, Johanna and Knife-bro. The emissary is made from Sonni'as avatar, and I just want to point out that the light and my photography-skills are VERY unflattering to it right now since none of the darker parts of the flame seems to be visible in this light. Turn 1: Ten Thunders win initiative and have Resurrectionists go first. Shenlong summons a peasant after initiative. The crooligan activates first and then simply stays behind it's box, waiting for the right time to move. Yamaziko advances up towards the centre of the table, avoiding LoS to the Belle, and the uses the 0-action Brace. Nicodem follows, using corpse bloat and a high crow from hand to summon a hanged. He follows by making the Belle fast and walking a bit forward. The Yin on both sides advance. Knife-Bro enters the Dance of the Heavens, placing 3" before moving forward along the board. Hayreddin flies out into the street, and Johanna double walks towards the centre of the table. The nurse takes a walk and puts some sedatives into the Hanged, paralyzing it and healing it to full wounds. Kama-Bro walks up behind the corner of a nearby building. Chiaki walks and then promptly removes paralyzed from the Hanged. The non-slow peasant takes three focus actions (one as a 0-action from Shenlong). Izamu walks up to the other side of the building which Kama-Bro lurks behind. The second, slow Peasant gives focused to Shenlong. The Belle walks twice and manages to draw LoS to Kama-bro behind the corner for a quick lure, after which Kama-bro ends up near the street were the whole resser crew is gathering. Shenlong activates, takes focus and poison from his 0-action and the uses Mighty Gust to push Yin and the Emissary and gives them fast. He then walks up behind his crew. The Hanged uses Whispers from Beyond on Kama-bro, halving his wounds, and the black joker spoils the second attempt. The Emissary ends the turn discarding a card for focus, and then removes focus from the Peasant with the 0-action from conflux of Dawn, drawing three cards in the process. It then proceeds to walk forward twice and uses his ca-attack at the hanged, inflicting a severe damage of 6 with the trigger to attack again. The second attack finishes off the unfortunate undead, and the first head is dropped. This finishes turn 1, with the score (as expected) being 0-0 Positions at the end of turn one. Turn 2: Both crews spends a soulstone for cards, and the Resurrectionist wins the initiative. Izamu charges the now exposed Shadow Emissary and scores one hit which does 4 damage. The fast 10T Yin double walks forward and manages to put Gnawing Fears on Nicodem. The following Fear Behind the Eyes hits and the Black Joker pops up to spoil the damage flip. Chiaki walks closer and removes Gnawing Fears from Nicodem. Kama-bro places 3” with Dance of the Heavens, walks up to Hayreddin and goes defensive in order to tarpit him and preventing him from easily reaching the wounded emissary. Nicodem summons a punk zombie from the corpse marker dropped by the hanged and proceeds to make it fast. He then attacks 10T-Yin with Decay, but fails to hit. The Punk Zombie then activates via accomplice. The Punk Zombie flurries at 10T-Yin, inflicting 2 damage due to a miss and a Black Joker on damage. The last attack finishes of the nearby Kama-bro. Shadow Emissary pushes 10T-Yin and gives her fast, and then misses a shot at Izamu. Hayreddin charges the emissary and deals 2 damage and a single point of poison. Yamaziko charges Hayreddin, dealing 3 damage and then takes the Brace 0-action. The Nurse walks up and picks up a Head marker dropped from poor Kama-bro. Knife-bro uses Dance of the Heavens to place 3”, and walks up to stand before resser-Yin. Resser-Yin charges Knife-bro and inflicts 4 damage and 3 poison, and Knife-bro gets defensive from his trigger. A peasant walks and fails at Provide for the Temple at Shenlong. The hidden Crooligan interacts to place over the crate and walks up the centerline. The other peasant walks twice. The Belle walks forward and tries to lure a peasant who promptly resists her advances. An oath of celibacy perhaps? Shenlong walks and takes focus+defensive as a 0-action, and then fails to meet the target number in Mighty Gust twice due to unfortunate flips (the control hand was empty after having to cheat a lot in order to keep Yin and the Emissary alive) Johanna walks forward twice. Resurrectionists score a point for Headhunter while the Ten Thunders score for Show of Force. Resurrectionists 1 - Ten Thunders 1 The grand melee has begun in earnest. End of the 2nd turn. Yin and Knife-bro have their own little squabble above the rest. Turn 3 follows in the next post!
  13. Following on from a discussion in another thread, I wanted to gauge people's opinions and perhaps get some insights into how people play these Masters, and particularly what causes people to perceive one as more powerful than the other. In a lot of discussions, there seems to be a prevailing opinion that Kirai is a horrible scary (some say unfair or OP) Master, and that stigma doesn't seem to be attached to Nicodem. Cards on the table, here: in all but one significant way, I feel like Kirai is a pale imitation of Nicodem. He's always been far more effective for me than she has. The only time I've particularly struggled against Kirai was back in testing when I played a purely-Wave-1 Freikorps list against her (a matchup that I think is as close to literally unwinnable as anything in this game). In contrast, every game I've played against Nicodem has felt like a really hard slog, and every game I've played with him has been a cakewalk. Let's break the differences down a bit so that everyone can tell me how I'm wrong. Survival They have similar stats, though Nicodem has +1 Wp over Kirai. They both have the option to pass off attacks onto nearby models with a Df/Wp trigger, though Kirai's is better (it's on her card rather than an upgrade, passes off effects other than damage, and it doesn't require the all-important Crow). Kirai has Manipulative, while Nico has Impossible to Wound and an extra 4 Wds. The thing that really pulls Nico into the lead for me is Chime of Sorrow. In all honesty, most opponents tend not to go for these Masters directly as it means fighting through a swarm of enemies to reach them, but I've had occasions where they have - in dire straits, I've healed Nico for 8-10 Wds and turned the game around. In similar high-pressure situations, Kirai just dies. Summoning If we leave aside the matter of Ikiryo for the moment, I feel like there's no contest here. All the best things Kirai can summon (Shikome, Hanged, Drowned), Nico can summon as well... and many more besides. There's room for a discussion on the relative merits of using friendly models' Wds vs Corpse markers, but overall I've found it to be kind of a wash. Kirai has a slightly easier time summoning while moving her crew upfield, and Nico has an easier time replenishing his forces once battle is joined and things start dying. Kirai suffers if the opponent is able to kill key models quickly; Nico suffers if the opponent has ways of removing Corpse markers. In my experience, killing power is a lot more common, and Maniacal Laugh is a solid counter to Corpse removal anyway. Both Masters have ways of increasing their Ca to more easily bring out the valuable summons - Nico's uses more valuable resources (assuming Seishin are essentially free), but is unlimited. So let's talk about Kirai's ace in the hole: Ikiryo. Does Ikiryo's power (summoning at any range at the cost of a card or stone, giving Adversary to everyone in base contact) make up for Kirai's other summoning being weaker and less flexible than Nico's? In a nutshell, I feel like the threat of Ikiryo is far more powerful than the actual presence of Ikiryo on the table - she can be dangerous, sure, but there are a number of pretty straightforward approaches the opponent can take to mitigate her impact. A lack of "Ikiryo management" can quickly lead an unwary opponent into a dark hole where hope dies, but once your opponents work out how to deal with her, the fact that Ikiryo could be summoned just gives you some control over their target selection rather than being a serious danger. I'd like to hear others' thoughts. Support Again, I feel like there's no contest here. Death's Whip and Corpse Conductor are such powerful abilities, even compared to widespread sources of Adversary and the option of Mark the Soul... when you add in Undead Crowning and Rigor Mortis it's just crazy. Anything that wanders into your killing zone (and hey, you can summon more Belles...) is in for sad and painful times. I'd put Nico's healing above Kirai's. Decay can heal multiple models at once (with the option to heal all damage on one target) while damaging nearby enemy models. Kirai has to bring a whole crew's worth of Comfort/Cure/Soothe Spirit to achieve similar, though she can absolutely do that. However, Kirai needs the healing a lot more than Nico does, since those Wds are her summoning resource - Nico's usually happy to just let the opponent spend their effort killing his minions, then summon them back from the Corpses. One area where Kirai is definitely better is in crew mobility. Between Swirling Spirits and Into the Spirit World, you can really move some stuff around. How powerful this is really depends on the scenario. The TNs on these actions create a considerable drain on resources, though. Damage? Since I've been pretty unsatisfied with Kirai's relative performance in other areas, I've recently tried turning her into more of a ranged killer, using Sunder the Spirit to boost her Sundering damage to a respectable 3/4/5 that doesn't randomise. It's not too bad! She can still summon stuff when needed, but I haven't focused on it as an end in itself. She outclasses Nicodem here, but I can't help but feel that if you want your Resser Master to do damage you'd just take Reva instead. Resource Management I've always felt Kirai is starved for resources. She's got a lot of suit requirements, needs high cards for summoning, and hurts her own crew in the course of her normal activities. In contrast, Nico barely needs suits for anything (other than Crows, natch), and draws cards out the wazoo. A lot of people seem to take other models (especially Philip) just to support Kirai's card habit, which seems a bit costly. What Am I Missing? I think it's perhaps important to state that I don't think Kirai is in any way a weak Master. In my experience, though, she really doesn't live up to the hype that's built up around her as the scariest Resser. She's a good summoner, a good support, and a surprisingly decent killer... but Nico is a great summoner and an absolutely amazing support. Given that they share an awful lot of similarities in the way they do things, it's very surprising to me that Kirai gets this reputation and Nico doesn't. ... is it just that most people are terrified of Ikiryo?
  14. So, I have been playing Nico for a few months. I have lost a few games due to the time constraints. I have also have had some close wins where turn 4 and 5 the summoning engine allowed me to out activate and essentially get the needed points to win. What tips and tricks do you have that could speed up my gameplay that will cut my time on the mechanics of the summon and spend my time achieving my objectives for strats and schemes?
  15. New to the game: I noticed some actions give a suit for casting and I'm not clear why. For example: Nicodem can summon with a Ca 6 (crow) but a TN of 10 (2 crows) + SS of model. What is the purpose of giving the crow in the Ca then requiring 2? Why not give no suit and require 1 crow?
  16. I've been trying to have a bit of a running commentary of my attempt to learn Nicodem recently so I thought I'd share a few of the posts here as well. http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/hes-re-animator-twisted-re-animator.html http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/re-e-animate-when-crowd-say-bo.html http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/hey-boy-hey-girl-superstar-nico-here-we.html Hope you enjoy it, maybe learn from my mistakes. I'll try and keep adding to them until something clicks and I work out what I'm supposed to be doing.
  17. What's the common translation on this action? "Discard up to three Corpse Markers within 8 of this model. Draw a card and heal this model 2 damage for each Corpse Marker discarded in this way." If I discard 3 markers, do I get 1 card and 6 wounds healed or 3 cards and 6 wounds?
  18. Finally got around to trying to work out Nicodem. I'm going to try and share what I learn along the way http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/hes-re-animator-twisted-re-animator.html
  19. Hello to all out there. As i'm new to the wonderful world of Malifaux i'll use this post as a means of introducing myself ^^ I'm Darios over in good old Europe, more exactly Germany. I play tabletops and RPGs for the better half of my life now (as im 26 atm this means 13 years *g*) mostly GW systems (40k/WHFB/BFG/=][=) but i have also a nice collection of the old Rackham minis before they all went "seppuku". Malifaux first came to my attention via a german tabletopmagazine ("Tabletopinsider") for which i at that Time wrote a battlereport featuring my 40k Daemons. I loved the Idea of a really strange skirmisher with no dice and the minis so far were just stunning. But nevertheless focus shifted and Malifaux got somewhat pushed aside (silly me!) Some time later i stumbled again across the minis via net and this time i really intended to get seriosly into it. That was in march this Year. So what did hold me back? Well the finances for a start (having all these geek hobbys and a girlfriend is much to expensive for a poor student like me....) and the serious lack of Malifaux gamers in Germany (Jup. There is nigh on nobody around here as it seems...) was another one. but finally i managed to get a good deal of some second hand stuff namely the old core rulebook, a violet fatedeck and my first Wyrd mini... Pandora in Avatarstate. That was nearly 2 weeks ago. Now i'm sold. i devoured the Rulebook and everything available via pdf and painted Pandora anew... and i did order the small manual and 2 Crews for starters... Pandora, whose playstyle quite fascinates me and who will be my main Master for the beginning, and the Vics along with some Ronin, Taelor and a Convict Gunslinger (to have something to get others to play the game and spread the infection ^^) so now i await the delivery of these minis and hope i manage to get somee of my LGG iinto it. So much for the introductional bubbling... now the pics... C&C welcome!
  20. From the album: PeeJays mixed models

    Modded, with a slot in 30mm base in the 50mm, so I can play him as either Nicodem as master or Carrion Emissary
  21. Hey guys! I haven't given up on these battle reports yet! Valentine's Day ruined my Monday post schedule, so now you get a game on Wednesday. Prehaps my future battle reports will also be on Wednesdays to give me more time for creating/editing. Enough about that. Check out this awesome game between Lady J and Nicodem! Finalsoulstone.squarespace.com The strategy was Head Hunter with lots of killing schemes. Find out who ended up ahead!
  22. So with the a 600 dollar purchase and every thing I can possible own for Ressers under my belt, I am faced with the daunting task of learning an entirely new faction. It just so happens my local group is starting a campaign soon, so I thought it would be a good time to ease one foot into the grave as it were, but I find myself still a little overwhelmed. So I turn to my undead masters for advice. What kind of starting crew would you use for a campaign, and where would your next couple of purchases go? This will help me focus on which to build and paint first so I dont get bogged down in undead minions. My current plan is to start with Toshiro as my leader and build eventually into Nicodem and his avatar, since Nicodem is what I really want to play. Beyond Toshiro I am not sure what else to add, a couple punk zombies for killy power, a dead puppy or two for scheme running/making early corpses for summoning, a nurse for just goo support?
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