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  1. PirateCaptain

    Nightmare Ulix box

    Honestly piglets would be enough... the alt war rabbit will be great looking with it, I'd be okay with just piglets (granted I'd be happy with more, but could live without) But Big Mac Warpig and Cutie Mark Crusader Piglets would be great
  2. PirateCaptain

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    Iron Skeeters are alright, carrying franc is good, carrying pere is good, carrying anything to vantage point is good, if your area uses vantage point they're great for going on top of buildings and being annoying that way. If your opponent doesn't have flight they can fly up and scheme on rooftops which is hilariously fun
  3. PirateCaptain

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    real talk, can we expect additional pony pig models? I'd like to know if I need to buy multiples of this to convert piglets, war pigs, etc. or if that is not needed.
  4. PirateCaptain

    Our worst models

    I cannot like this enough, very well put
  5. PirateCaptain

    Our worst models

    First: Gremlins and Rezzers Second: This is an absurdly long list in Gremlins, and frankly I do not have enough time to give you my full analysis of the gremlin faction, as that is what you've asked for and I'd rather do it justice instead of listing almost every model in the faction. Third: They are also aggressive, no where is it written that other factions can't have aggressive options, I simply believe that most of Gremlins and their tools favor a more aggressive/offensive playstyle. I think Raspy/Dita/Viks are all aggressive options, but I think Mah/Wong/Zipp/Somer/Ophelia/Ulix can all be played at near that level of Alpha-Strike. I also think there's more to playing Aggressive than just sending everything across the table for an Alpha-Strike, but that's just me. You can keep aggressive pressure on the board while running schemes and things if that's all that's needed. I don't think Gremlins plays a balanced/defensive/reserved/counter-punch style of game in most cases. They'd rather hit first whenever they can. They have a lot of synergy that promotes getting in, hitting hard, and hitting fast, as opposed to synergy that rewards taking a beating and hitting back, they have little synergy towards locking down areas of the board, immobilizing things, or other tricky sneaky things.
  6. PirateCaptain

    Our worst models

    It is not an assumption, and what makes you think that it is an assumption? I actually disagree with you about wave 5. I have read the topic, and again my point is I disagree
  7. PirateCaptain

    Our worst models

    Gremlins are fine, they're aggressive in nature, so you need to be extra careful with your placement and how you use your tools. Playing an aggressive faction like this is stressful for players on both sides of the equation in many instances. If the gremlin player plays well (and the opponent does not understand how it works) they can be oppressive, tilting, and negative for the opponent** It can also be stressful to play as, since many gremlin models are effectively tissue paper, and they can often be traded up INTO. BUT, almost every single Gremlin model can trade UP (if not equally) but more so than any other faction you have to be supremely careful when orchestrating trades. (since, as previously stated, it's easy to lose trades with them as well) You can't expect to take a hit and then hit back (outside of a few exceptions). (IMHO This is where I see the perceived "disparity" is coming from) Burt, for example, is generally a safer tool, but he is not better than other tools because of this, just EASIER. There is nothing wrong with playing with easier tools, but IMHO easier does not equate better. Very often though, people like taking "easier" things to events and the like as there is more room for error. Forgiving tools are typically seen as "more competitive" but I believe that this is a dangerous viewpoint to have towards a game. [side bar:] Start playing with more terrain on your tables to help advance your gremlin models, practice when and where to go in and strike, start with way too much and tone it back, you need to learn to use terrain to your advantage and how to hide behind it, etc. If aggro is understood and played properly it is infuriating and oppressive, but when taken apart crumbles. This is okay, there is nothing innately wrong or "bad" about this playstyle. While the perception of "alpha-strikes" is often negative, I think that the dialogue around them should change. There is nothing wrong with not enjoying a High-Risk, High-Reward style of play, there is nothing wrong with wanting to avoid those types of lists for tournaments (as many want to curb the risk as much as possible in a competitive setting). There is also nothing wrong with enjoying High-Risk, High-Reward styles of play, particularly for tournaments. If you can get good at managing your risks you can have great success, if you like taking that gamble, excellent! Join me in the gamble. Remember, just because it isn't for you, doesn't mean it's bad.
  8. PirateCaptain

    Legal substitute fore mindless zombie

    If you're not at an event then you can pretty much use whatever you want as long as your opponent agrees to it. At an official event you'd have to get permission from the TO to use any "Conversions". So long as it is 50% wyrd plastic it could be a legal conversion.
  9. PirateCaptain

    Get more players

    the biggest thing you need to do is be super enthusiastic about the game, say nothing negative about it and whatever someone appears drawn to get really hyped up about that aspect of the game. If someone walks over to your game, make sure you engage them right away, tell them why the game is cool, see what games they play to compare it to, and really try to drive home that they'll enjoy it. And, when teaching make sure they win the first few games. That is huge, feeling that early accomplishment will really help them stick. That's the short short version let me know if you want the long version
  10. PirateCaptain

    Up We Go Placement

    And I guess that's really the problem I'm trying to solve, the issue is the way the terrain and vantage points are worded, it's very clear that you can be "on" some things, and "in" other things. So, it doesn't only count inside enclosed terrain, that's just an example. it does however specify that there are certain things you can ON, and since those are different, is what got us thinking about this. That's where my issue is, and frankly I really don't care what the ruling is, but the language is a bit rough. As you said, there are better ways it could be worded, but it isn't worded that way sadly. So, as much as i want a RAW interpretation, it's very difficult to come to. The rules have precedence for a difference between "on" and "in" so with this rule is my problem with it. I really want o not only highlight the issue with this rule, but the terrain rules in general. There are plenty of weird interactions all over the place. Granted I think the game as a whole has great rules, and most of the time the terrain rules work fine, but there are weird instances like this where it is unclear.
  11. PirateCaptain

    Up We Go Placement

    I could say the same with your interpretation of any rule, ever. I am trying to come up with as solid a ruling as I can on a rule that I would like an official ruling on. Until then, all we have are interpretation and debate, hopefully to come to a good enough conclusion that people can know what to expect from a judge they've never met an event so they can practice how they'll play.
  12. PirateCaptain

    Up We Go Placement

    you can walk through the hazardous water, clouds, whatever it happens to be, but you're in that terrain feature, just like if you were in a structure. Even if it isn't represented on the table in a 3 dimensional fashion
  13. PirateCaptain

    Up We Go Placement

    I was actually talking about this with Duncan yesterday, basically for something to be able to be "on" it already has to be agreed upon before the game starts. So Hazardous terrain, 99% of the time can't be stood ON. For example, none of the characters can walk ON water. But you can stand ON a roof, i.e. enclosed terrain and structures. If you and your opponent decide you can't stand ON buildings, then no problem. We also discussed Zipp's smoke clouds because of this. They are terrain, but there's no way anyone could ever stand ON smoke, that's just absurd . So, while TECHNICALLY if you could convince your opponent that Reva can walk ON water (in the hazardous example) she could be ON the terrain, but in actuality, she would be in the terrain. The rules specifically call out that only certain terrain features can be stood on "... and that models may stand on (such as the roof of a building)" p. 42 While hazardous terrain does require you to be in it, you'd be hard pressed to find any judge rule that you can stand ON it. Really what I think it comes down to, like everything involving terrain, is that you just make sure that you and your opponent discuss the terrain features before a game begins. If you don't want vantage points, or anything going on top of anything, just discuss it before hand and everything is fine. If you'd like to be able to stand ON certain features, and fully use vantage points, and abilities like Zipp's, just discuss it before hand.
  14. PirateCaptain

    Tournaments: Flip for turn 6+?

    GG18 uses turn flipping, so most players will have practiced that way and expect it I would think. Especially getting people from out of town, I think most would expect to flip.
  15. PirateCaptain

    Symbol of Authority measured height?

    Since the symbols have a static HT stat, it doesn't matter how you construct, it is always treated as HT 5 (so a good base if you want accurate would be 5 inches)