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  1. now this would be maximum hype, experimenting with "medicines" on them
  2. So much Hype for this master, I'm hoping she's got some cool control-esque abilities, different types of alchemical things she can effect the battle with, maybe in the form of putting upgrads on people? whatever she does, i'm down for the aesthetic for sure
  3. This, I think, is the biggest reason why there needs to be something more tangible in place against slow play during tournaments. So many keywords or even generally player play styles are penalized by the game not going to the end of turn 5. Aggressive play styles and keywords are so much stronger when the game ends on average on turn 3.5 vs ending even turn 4.5 (game called halfway through the next turn, if last turn is not called by the TO). Additionally, of all the calls a judge can make, and a player can call a judge on, slow play is the hardest thing to judge. It can feel so bad to call a judge on an opponent for slow play, (and it can also be really negative to have a judge called on you for slow play). It's so important to finish games, as that's how the game was designed. If I sit down at the table, and I'm on the defensive, I might not even be able to get on to my opponents half of the table until turn 3, let alone want to cross the table until then (and so many strats and schemes require to get across the table to score, which is fundamentally a very good thing). So many game plans depend on a full turn 5 game. I don't think a true death clock, or chess clock, would really work for Malifaux, but I think something should ad least be tried. Even if it's just tried out in a GG beta test, or as a variant for timing in GG. So often when the idea of a clock is posed, it just gets theoretically shut down without sufficient testing, modifying, and effort put forth to determine if something could work. Malifaux is incredibly unique, so whatever kind of "timing" mechanism is used would have to be unique to Malifaux. I don't think a true death clock (i.e. a player loses when they run out of time) is a good idea. I plan on trying out myself, and I'd like to see others try and play around with, some kind of "activation" clock. What I mean by this, I'd like to see some kind of clock where each player has roughly 70 minutes of play time. The big thing would be that when you run out of time, you just are not allowed to activate any more models, you can still make defensive flips/triggers/what have you. Any markers/schemes/strats anything you had set up is still there on the table to score at the end of the game. Obviously this is just a theory and has some issues still, but I plan on trying it out myself and playing around with it to see if it could be a viable option to help combat slow play. Now, on the point of model count. I've played a number of competitive miniatures games on clocks, and I tend to play high model count armies in all of them, it just takes practice. Like all things in gaming you just have to practice and it'll be fine, it sounds a lot worse than it is. Anywho, just my super unpopular opinion, please don't hate me too hard 😜
  4. I agree with you, and I think the "second master" thing is actually less of an issue for guild since so many of those problems we have answers to. E.g. Exorcists into Kirai and (edit cause i'm dumb) idk other stuff 😜. Guild just seems so much more impacted by two masters than other factions.
  5. I agree that guild are in a difficult spot. No faction is ever created equal, and there will always be a hierarchy of faction power, what matters is how big that gap is. If the gap is too large, then player skill starts to matter less, and if the gap is narrower player skill matters more. I think the disparity between guild and the rest of the game is quite large, even when you consider duel master lists ( though I do believe the gap is potentially smaller when duel masters is allowed, but there just isn't enough data to back that up) IMO, guild has always been a more active/aggressive faction that wants to be hitting and killing things, the new scenario packet does not reward aggressive killing as much which I think is actually a massive factor (not to mention other factions do have better killing options). I think guild just needs to get a tiny bit more out of attacking things than they do now, not much though because i wouldn't want them to suddenly be OP, and I'm never a proponent of massive changes. But like, for example, if some models had their utility triggers built in that could create an interesting playstyle that still rewards combat, without just turning into "nuke the world, scheme later."
  6. Wild and Baseless Speculation! Since there are going to likely be 6 more masters and Wyrd's penchant for pop culture references, here are some guesses Rick O'Connel - The Mummy (Would be super awesome) Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (mostly confirmed) Allan Grant - Jurassic Park (could be plausible because of previously seen dinosaur like creatures in TTB) Any other pop culture explorer types people would like to see? Allan Grant is probably my biggest crazy dream, but man would that be awesome
  7. I think something like this... Qi and Gong is really knew, I'll probably put it High Tier eventually, but I'm just not sure. Wastrel seems great all ready, and going to just get better if he gets more stuff with the full faction release of Explorers. Side Note: I just started playing 10Ts, so my opinions are all based on initial thoughts, and are likely to change by the minute https://tiermaker.com/create/malifaux-keywords-182399
  8. If Cremation is what kills a corpse candle, then you'd actually get 3 from that action. 1 from cremation, 1 from the candles Demise, and 1 from the Draugr's Funeral Pyre.
  9. Looking for an official ruling. Walking Dead states "If the Corpse Marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not Drop a Corpse Marker" For actions that would remove a Corpse Marker (e.g. Cremation), which ability counts as having "killed" the model with Walking Dead, the action that removed the marker or walking dead itself? I honestly believe both interpretations make sense, and so what an official ruling one way or another.
  10. I'm not so convinced that is how the interaction would work. I don't think walking dead kills the model. Walking Dead says that if it was removed, it is killed. I don't think Walking Dead does the "killing, I believe Walking Dead causes the action that would remove it to kill instead. I think this needs an official ruling to avoid any confusion at events in the future.
  11. I want a master who is just an incredibly wealthy person who is out for fame and money. My dream would be a support master who "pays really well" so his crew are willing to go above and beyond for "extra money". I think some variant of Obey on them would be cool, paying enemy models to work for you, etc.
  12. How long after submitting the NDA should it take for a response? Edit: Nevermind! Just missed it! Thanks!
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