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  1. Looking for an official ruling. Walking Dead states "If the Corpse Marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not Drop a Corpse Marker" For actions that would remove a Corpse Marker (e.g. Cremation), which ability counts as having "killed" the model with Walking Dead, the action that removed the marker or walking dead itself? I honestly believe both interpretations make sense, and so what an official ruling one way or another.
  2. I'm not so convinced that is how the interaction would work. I don't think walking dead kills the model. Walking Dead says that if it was removed, it is killed. I don't think Walking Dead does the "killing, I believe Walking Dead causes the action that would remove it to kill instead. I think this needs an official ruling to avoid any confusion at events in the future.
  3. I want a master who is just an incredibly wealthy person who is out for fame and money. My dream would be a support master who "pays really well" so his crew are willing to go above and beyond for "extra money". I think some variant of Obey on them would be cool, paying enemy models to work for you, etc.
  4. How long after submitting the NDA should it take for a response? Edit: Nevermind! Just missed it! Thanks!
  5. Pretty much just the Lacroix family, and the pigs I'd like to see new life in
  6. I agree, I like that you can't interact the same turn you disengage
  7. I'd go a step further and say more incremental schemes, too many schemes that score at end of game are better for kill-first-scheme-later. a few more schemes that score across every turn of the game would go a long way
  8. yea, I think if you want to summon just go Somer, seems much more effective
  9. On the topic of Master's leaving tournament playability (a few brief thoughts); Rotating masters for TOURNAMENT play is a good thing. Remember, if you have no intention of playing in tournaments then you can continue playing your favorite masters with no issue and everyone will be happy. I think that players who complain that tournaments get stale, and that nerfing is not the correct route, should all agree that some kind of master rotation is an excellent option to explore (even if it is proven insufficient, it must be tested as an option). Rotating masters for tournaments shakes up the meta and is a new option for doing this without all the "badfeels" that come with nerfs. Master's losing "Master" status shakes up the tournament meta more than anything else. Again, don't forget, you're not losing masters when you play with friends. Now, on the subject of masters changing allegiances, that's just the way of things, and if you don't like there's really nothing for it. I think making changes based on fluff is a fun decision. If you're not playing to compete (at which point, shaking up the meta we've established as a positive) and you want to play a master because you like them, why not follow their story to the new faction? Let's look at McCabe, if you're a fan of McCabe in the story, it's exciting to see that characters story progress and you get to play along side his progression and his character development has a real impact on the game you're playing! That's such a positive for fluff driven players. I know change is scary, but all in all if you step back it's all incredibly positive.
  10. But on topic of M3E! Super excited, I think the keyword mechanic is brilliant, limiting pools that masters can take is genius, and being able to take multiple masters is cool. I'm hopeful that the way points works out, that if you take multiple masters the rest of your crew is very small so they continue to be the strong imposing figures we've grown to expect them to be. I like the feeling of a Masters activation being so much more impactful than other activations, and as long as taking multiple masters maintains that grand feeling then I'll be more than happy.
  11. I agree, people should be allowed to play with whatever they want, app or cards.
  12. I'm okay losing some things as long as the core identity of hitting fast and hard, and the high-risk high-reward playstyle stays. As long as some form of "glass cannon" and benefits for taking damage exists I'm cool with it. e.g. Wong's ability sounds very promising
  13. initial thoughts, trying to stick to a whiskey/poison theme... Brewy, BNS and Binge (maybe a friendly ear...) Wesley Popcorn Turner w/ Dirty Cheater Trixibelle w/Gun for a lady (or dirty cheater, basically she or WG gets a DC) Whiskey Golem w/ Dirty Cheater (or barrel up, either's fine) 2 x Whiskey Gamin 2 x Survivors Runner ups (other options based on schemes and whatnot) Fingers Sammy Brin (he's themey with sober ya up and not the worst choice in Ply or Symbols) Drinking problem is probably worth considering on occasion
  14. Honestly piglets would be enough... the alt war rabbit will be great looking with it, I'd be okay with just piglets (granted I'd be happy with more, but could live without) But Big Mac Warpig and Cutie Mark Crusader Piglets would be great
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