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  1. I really like the idea too. Agree about being jealous of the UK league. Jealous of their accents too btw!
  2. @Caedrus Finished the March pledge a little early this month. Blood Hunter and 2 Young Nephilim. 16ss total. C&C appreciated.
  3. Hi. I just got Lucius and the changelings. Would you be able to help me understand how AP swap is used to buff the matures and 46 with focus please? Thanks.
  4. For March, I am planning on finishing my nephilim keyword. Almost done with blood hunter and two young nephilim. 16ss total. May try to start Vasilisa and the wicked dolls as well.
  5. Thanks Maniacal. I clicked and it appears closed. Totally forgot to check the forum. Was my bad. Snooze you lose 😞
  6. I completely missed this. Is it too late to get in? Understandable if so. Thanks.
  7. @Caedrus Originally pledged 2 mature nephilim and a blood hunter for Feb. Did not finish the blood hunter and ended with 20ss. I have a tendency to underhighlight so this time I pushed it to the point of being uncomfortable. C&C would be welcomed.
  8. A bit behind but here is my Feb pledge. 2 mature nephilim and 1 blood Hunter 22ss Nice job so far this month everyone!
  9. Thanks for coordinating this event. I participated in the NYE event and had a great time. Question regarding models like Teddy in a Woe crew containing Kade. Would Teddy count as OOK or not because of I’ve got my Teddy? Assuming not but wanted to check. Thanks!
  10. @Caedrus Last model for the January pledge. Tara for 15ss. Now time to get a head start on Feb and try to improve.
  11. Great feedback! I feel I tend to under highlight. I will work on that. Thank you.
  12. @Maogrimthank you for the feedback! Will give it a shot!
  13. @Caedrus Finished some models. Void Hunter for 7ss. Finished up Candy and Teddy as well. 0ss but would like to ask for some feedback on the freehand on Teddy. First time trying it and it was difficult. Also think Candy may be too dark. And do you think I should add blood to the neck? Thanks all.
  14. @Caedrus First model of the month completed. Talos for 8ss. Goal is to finish the balance of the models by the end of next week. C&C welcome and appreciated.
  15. My 2021 New Years Resolution 1. Finish the Nellie core box and ancillary models 2. Get better painting eyes and skin 3. Improve highlight appearance 4. Finish M3E Leveticus core box For January, pledging the following Tara 15ss Talos 8ss Void Hunter 7ss 30ss Finish bases on Teddy and Candy. Won’t count as SS since almost completely done
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