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  1. nschwier

    Titania options reduced

    You can still take those neverborn models, they just cost one extra.
  2. nschwier


    Totally makes sense with the fluff. Oiran were always ninjas, they were just hidden as showgirls. Misaki is now the oyabun and is making Ten T more visible, so the oiran are dropping their showgirl persona and revealing themselves to be the badass ninjas they have always been.
  3. nschwier

    Katanaka Crime Boss help

    So it seems like the crime boss is a misaki only take? has anyone used the crime boss with shenlong or brewmaster?
  4. nschwier

    Katanaka Crime Boss help

    Hey all! I was wondering how people use the new crime boss. I have tried it a couple times but it never did much. Thanks all
  5. nschwier

    Brewie 2018

    Between the target being swilled (which means they can't cheat) and fuhatsu getting a built in +flip, you can easily get a flat spread and either flip or cheat moderate damage.
  6. nschwier

    Brewie 2018

    I know a lot of people don't like him but fuhatsu is really good with brew. Basically you try to have a poision on him every turn then you swill a target at range then obey fuhatsu to drop 5 damage of the min target, then fuhastu drops another 10 damage on his activation. This is very easy to do between fuhastu's SH 6 and plus flips and the targets inability to cheat (baring soulstones or abilities). I have deleted teddies and emissaries from the board this way in a single turn, it can be very strong if you put in the set up, which isn't that much for a malifaux combo.
  7. nschwier

    Neil Henry With Mei

    You just use activation control and save your hand while trying to deplete the opponents, then hit the enemy model late in the turn. Of course it's silly, this is malifaux but it is useful.
  8. nschwier

    Neil Henry With Mei

    I think the sparks/neil combo is probably the best. Sparks makes Niel a construct through "Metal platin means you a robot" Niel then charges and can use his "Man over Machine" ability off of himself and makes like 8 attacks if you dump your full hand, 7 of you have hard worker somewhere and want all of them to ignore armor and hard to wound.
  9. nschwier

    Is Tara really that bad?

    I used to play a lot of Tara as I really like her story and theme but i realized after a year of play that if I wanted to be a great tara player, I needed to only play with her. There is so much nuance with her play style that you need to always know what to do and if you make a mistake there is usually VERY little room for recovery. Her downsides have been made worse with other models getting similar mechanics that are easier to do (Brutal Emissary, Aionis). I think that you can play her and win but be prepared to work twice as hard as most masters to accomplish the same task.
  10. nschwier

    Weird samurai question

    The couple times I have used it were very similar in their set up. I engaged something with armor and almost kill it, next turn they put something else in my engagement and push my target away but its still got 2 or 3 wounds left. I activate samurai and push kill and push to finish off the target. Really corner case but super cool when it happens.
  11. nschwier

    Titania and new neverborn player

    Thanks everyone! I am totally going in on the Titania train and I am going to pick up lilith and nephilim crew to go along with. If I can ask a couple more questions about pruchases? Which are usually better for schemes silurids or gupps? Is the spawnmother good? Is Nekima worth her points? Thanks all!
  12. Hi all, I love Titania's mechanics and the look of the models but I really dislike alot of the neverborn models. I was wondering if just staying with her box and the nephilim models is that enough? or do you have to take the dreams/doll/babies stuff to be competitive?
  13. nschwier

    The Bunraku Art

    It's a problem with a lot of the ten thunders models, like the jorogumo art looks nothing like its yokai namesake. I remember in the beta for wave 2 shenlong was basically a fire breathing western style dragon until people said that's not what Asian dragons are like. I don't know if its ignorance of the source material or they try to steampunk/goth it up. I agree I think the bunraku art is really bad and will be proxying if the model looks like that.
  14. nschwier

    Ten Thunder Fluff question

    The Ten Thunders fluff has never been "great". Our stories switch between Shenlong being so incompetent that he can't kill a single Freikorp librarian without going into full dragon Avatar forum and pointlessly cruel like the new mei feng story. The whole thing where mei fengs brother is literally the Boxer in the boxer rebellion is pretty stupid, thats like Americans having a game called The Tea Party Attendant for the boston tea party or The Million Man for the million man march. I liked the originial fluff more where they were moving in the background to work against something bigger maybe the tyrants maybe something else?
  15. nschwier

    Opinions on Obsidian Oni

    The Obsidian Oni is amazing! I am hard pressed to not take him in every list. He can do some much for only 6 stones. Resilience - DF/WP 5 with armor +1 and 6 Wds is pretty good for its cost and the fact you want it to die at a certain point. Offense - His melee attack has a good damage spread with great triggers but the shining attack is the "Flame from the Heavens" its damage spread is great and AMAZING triggers Tactical - All of this awesome offense and marker dropping we have the ability to heal another non-leader model 2 damage for just a card, this is great! Ten T has so many upgrades spread around that many models can take advantage. I have taken him with Shenlong, Brewmaster and McCabe, all times it has totally done work for me. Just be careful with explosive demise, you want to make sure that when the oni gets low, you charge it near as much enemy as possible.