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  1. Since you choose a "artifact upgrade attached to this model", that specific upgrade (not another copy of it) is moved to the new target. You do not create a new copy of the upgrade and retain the one that is currently attached. As such, each model can continue passing those upgrades along in order to spread Fast throughout the crew.
  2. I've tried him a few times - I think he is solid, in that he is a very mobile model with good damage. His attack is the best for raw damage of all the Riders, and the ability to reliably drop 3 or 4 damage blasts can be brutal against clustered enemies if you can set up the right positioning. However, if the enemy isn't clustered, his attack trigger is basically useless, while the other Riders can get great effect from card draw, conditions, forced movement. I also think the others have far better Revel abilities than he does - I've yet to get any use from the ability outside of the top end trigger. Which can certainly be very strong, but I don't think it is as devastating as the automatic damage and conditions that the Dead Rider and Pale Rider can give out. Mech Rider doesn't bring as much damage, but can really impact schemes - the ability to drop a scheme marker from 20" away, or the ability to reactivate a key model late game, can be huge. And all three of them have much stronger benefits from the basic ability itself. So overall, I think there is a reasonable balance comparing him to the other riders - he has a better attack up front, they have better bonuses everywhere else. The main issue is that as a result, they all feel pretty unique within their faction, whereas the Hooded Rider is just a big, fast beatstick, in a faction that has several of those. I'll likely still take him on occasion, but don't think there is nearly as much incentive compared to some of the other Riders.
  3. I don't think there would be any value to making a change like this, personally. What made the Emissaries unique in M2E was having specifically customized abilities for each Master - which was unique and flavorful! But... also takes a lot of design energy, and definitely resulted in some options being much more potent than others. The shift away from that, as with elsewhere in M3E, does mean a less thematic model... but also a more balanced one. Giving the ability to gain Keywords wouldn't add any actual theme to the Emissaries... it would just mean they get a huge power-up with some Masters (Marcus, etc), and it is meaningless with others. While I can see room down the road to try and customize the Emissaries again, I think it would be something that needs playtesting and careful consideration, rather than tossing out a bonus as a throwaway onto the current versions. If you want something both interesting and balanced, I think that would involve custom upgrades once again - or maybe alternate Master versions that have built-in synergies/benefits if you bring an Emissary.
  4. Yeah, I'm generally in agreement that Lazarus is reasonably balanced for his cost and has a solid role (durable ranged threat). It is just hard to justify taking him when Hannah and the Strongarm are so powerful that they are often auto-takes, and thus you rarely have the points left over for Lazarus.
  5. Myth

    Ancient Pact

    Yeah, I like it quite a bit. I sometimes have trouble finding good Minion choices for it, since you want a model that is either sturdy enough to survive the action, or will be staying safe and out of trouble. But bonus initiative and bonus resources are always good. The Avoid Doom part itself, like with the original Pact, only ever comes up once every several games. Still, if you have a model with an action that you want to guarantee (like Leap), the insurance can be worth it. The only non-Minion I've taken it on has been Dreamer, to make sure he doesn't botch his summoning.
  6. Honestly, I wouldn't bother trying to force Buffering to happen, I'd just be using Aionus to generate buckets of Pass Tokens early on for activation control, and bring along some ranged threats to make the opponent very careful about advancing out of their deployment zone. Which, honestly, remains a pretty dumb use of a 10 SS model. I remain disappointed in Aionus, since he is all about trying to make other models functional rather than actually being worthwhile himself. He feels like a tax on the crew, more than anything else. If he actually had something going for him in his own right - any sort of defensive ability, or a single decent attack (even just making one of his attack triggers built-in), he might be able to justify the 10 SS. Right now, not much to get excited about. The rest of her crew aren't in bad shape, though. I think they are solid even when you don't manage to get the Fast/Slow/Bury combos going, and are in a great place when you do. I think Aionus is a bit of a trap, since you then have 10 SS tied up in forcing those shenanigans to happen, rather than just being able to play to the board and take advantage of the effects when you have a good opportunity to do so.
  7. Yeah, M3E seems very confused about what role hounds should have. They have a bunch of abilities that are about going into combat and disrupting the opponent (Hunting Partner, Annoying). But they typically die in one hit, and spending 3 SS to remove 1 enemy action is not a great deal. They are functional as fast but squishy scheme runners - but again, it just feels bad that half their abilities are useless: Pack Tactics: About staying together and attacking things, not something they are good at, and usually means they all die to a blast attack. Black Blood: Useful deterrent, or to set up black blood explosions. But, again, they die so fast it is hard to get much use out of it. Regen: On a 3 health model, basically useless. Hunting Partner: Again, with df 4 and 3 health, they aren't a distraction so much as a speed bump. Also, with 0" reach, they struggle to actually make use of it. Annoying: Arguably the worst ability in the game, as a conditional aura that takes an action to turn on. I've never managed to successfully use this in a game, and I've yet to see a battle report where it was relevant either. So... yeah, a 3 SS model isn't supposed to be great, but these guys just feel like a Mv 6 marker you hope the opponent ignores. I mean, compare them for a second to a Steam Arachnid, who has better Df, better Wp, Armor +1, immune to blasts/pulses/auras, and actually has a serious debuff with Latch On!
  8. Yeah, I've had very little success with growth throughout the beta, and I'm not sure this iteration is much better. As others have noted, against non-Corpse Marker enemies, you need two kills against more expensive models to grow. That's a ton of work. I was averaging 1-2 growths a game, I expect with this, it will be more like 0-1. And the other big thing is that this is a very squishy crew, relying mostly on black blood and healing to stay alive. The fact that you don't get to heal when growing means you are usually a very easy kill before you actually get to do anything. It does seem like the Nephilim either need to heal when they grow, or have some more defensive features among them. (Tots, in particular, feel pretty terrible compared to most other 4 SS scheme runners, with growth being the only thing going for them - and that isn't much. I can't imagine actually hiring them for reasons other than testing.)
  9. Honestly, I was reasonably impressed with the Mauler when I used them, as their healing does make them rather durable. (Especially if they can live in the sweet-spot of attacking while frenzied then healing back up to full.) If anything, I think the issue is the Cerberus still being a bit too good for its cost. Almost all models with similar damage spreads are 9+ SS. Having good damage, plus access to Onslaught, plus a built-in Leap with a trigger for another free attack, is bringing a lot to the table. Especially with two other Chimera at 8 SS (Vogel and Mauler), it might work better for the Cerberus to go up to 9 SS, perhaps with some minor buffs (+1 health, +1 Wp) to compensate?
  10. Myth

    Coryphee duet

    It does seem like the Duet went from being too hard to take out (thanks to the extremely powerful healing) to having no way to recover health. Which does still leave it as a Df 7 Armor 2 model, which is great, but does make it much harder to use the 'Dance Apart' and 'Dance Together' trick. And without easy use of their core mechanic, that in turn makes it harder to justify being the most expensive non-Master model in the game. I think a middle ground would be ideal. I'm not sure if that is toning down the irreducible damage, or giving them a healing trigger on one of their actions, but it does seem like they took a big hit without any change in cost, and the proper place is probably somewhere in the middle.
  11. Myth


    Pride has definitely been the 'must-take' Outcast in several of the games I've played. His song is incredibly effective at either damage or disrupting the opponent (especially with Jack Daw, who can really punish an opponent with an empty hand.) Solo is great for sitting back and buffing/protecting ranged threats, while his normal auras let him get in the mix and gain a huge advantage in duels. I don't think he needs a ton of nerfs, but definitely could get toned back in one or two places. Maybe just make him unable to use his song on the same model more than once per activation?
  12. Tara feels pretty close to a good place for me. I just wish she had something she could do at range. Aionus, on the other hand... he obviously gives good support to the crew, but as others have said, feels more like a 10 SS tax to make the crew work rather than a worthwhile model in his own right. Maybe just make one of his triggers built-in, somewhere? That would help him at least gain some consistency, instead of a host of situational and complex abilities that rely on triggers to feel appropriate to his cost.
  13. Myth


    I've had decent luck with him. I know I've used him to good effect with Kaeris, by setting Raptors on fire, then having them gain Fast and fly way across the board to drop scheme markers (which he can then move further with his (0) Action). But Arcanists already have a lot of scheme marker manipulation (and some ways to gain Fast), so he doesn't bring as much as for some other factions.
  14. I don't find that a particularly fair argument. There is precedent - in the form of the "once per turn" ruling - that references to an action refer to that action on that card, rather than to other actions of the same name or copied versions of that action by other models. Myyrä's argument seems a very straightforward extension of that ruling. Going a step forward, and claiming that references to an action refer only to a specific casting of an action, is not supported anywhere in the rules or the FAQ. I do agree that this area could probably deserve an FAQ clarification. This isn't the only example of it coming up - I've run into it with Changelings/Doppelgangers copying Mr. Graves, and it will also now arise if Cassandra copies Prompt from Colette. So having a definitive answer would be nice. But until then, it certainly seems the most reasonable approach in my mind is to base this off the existing precedent of a similar scenario, and to me that seems clear that different models using the same named action count as using 'different' actions.
  15. My group tends to have the same opinion as Zebo regarding Von Schill. You can't point to any one area where he has a fatal flaw - he is just a little below the curve in a lot of areas. Which fits with his 'jack of all trades' design... but adds up to being on the low end of the curve with Masters. He has some cool features and a good player can (as with any Master) perform well with him, but he does feel like he could deserve some future tweaking, even just a bit more reasonable cache.
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