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  1. The Grave Golem's Demise (Inter) ability reads: "After this model is Killed, remove all Corpse Markers within 4. Bury this model, then this model Heals X, where X is twice the number of Corpse Markers removed in this way." If I understand the damage timing correctly, even if you kill the golem with no Corpse markers around, it will still Bury, Heal nothing (since no corpse markers were discarded), then die and be removed from play while buried. Meaning things that require you to kill a model in a certain position will never work on it. Dig Their Graves is the main example for this, although I imagine there are others (like the Revenant crew's Final Veil ability, for example). You have to kill an enemy model within 1" of one or more friendly Scheme Markers, but if the Golem buries and then dies while off the board, that can't happen. Am I just misunderstanding this, or is the Grave Golem able to deny things like this? This seems like it can pull a Wind Gamin, but maybe I am missing something. Maybe change it to something like: "After this model is Killed, if there are any Corpse Markers within 4, remove all of them, Bury this model, and Heal this model X, where X is twice the number of Corpse Markers removed in this way."
  2. I'm not sure either how (if at all) these rules interact. This question also applies to things like the Grave Digger's Field of Corpses ability. Abilities that are "passive" and not more active uses like "discard corpse marker to do X." Plus, since the Walking Dead is "may," can you choose when to treat them as Ht4 walls. Like say, Ht4 terrain during the enemy sniper's activation and as regular Sz2 zombies when the ranged model behind them declares a ranged attack?
  3. The Mindless Zombies (and Corpse Candles if you also bring Reva) Walking Dead ability reads: "When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may count as a Corpse Marker. If the Corpse Marker would be removed, this model is Killed and does not place a Corpse Marker." The Bone Pillars ability on Yan Lo's Bone Ascendant upgrade reads: "Corpse Markers are considered to be Ht 4 Blocking, Destructible, Impassable Terrain and cannot be placed beneath models. After an enemy model removes a Corpse Marker, this model may Create a Corpse Marker within 6, not in Terrain and at least 3" away from enemy models." Do these abilities work together? Can you have pairs of Ht4 zombies screening your Resser crew? Can enemy models (or models with the Demolitionist ability) remove these models as they would Destructible terrain?
  4. The Beacon nerf kinda hurts. If toning down his copying efficiency was the goal, I was hoping they’d put a TN12 on Arcane Storm and bumped all the other TN’s up by one instead of increasing the Ca penalty. I don’t have high hopes of getting any work done with a Ca4 Arcane Storm, and a Ca4 Mind Among the Senses will likely only be effective at moving friendly models now. The other Sandeep nerfs seem reasonable, and only time and table experience will tell how this works out for Sandeep, so I’m trying not to get all gloom and doom just yet.
  5. I wonder if Beacon requiring a discard to use could help tone it down a bit? And I agree with @Hollingydale that Ox Mages should be put back to 6ss while keeping the damage reduction on the upgrade.
  6. I do not know if I’d want ALL of these changes to his card, but here are some ideas I have thought about. As far as I know, I am (currently) the only person to play Sandeep in our local meta, so I somehow always find myself getting caught up in these discussions. 😜 -Replace Impossible to Wound with Concentrated Shielding. (Just like on the Thallarian Queller, you can discard a card to keep Arcane Shield up after his activation) -Remove Student of All. Or at least, how about making it grant Fast instead of an out-of-activation AP? It would give a similar effect, but would be more predictable and contained (and thus managable for the opponent). I hear complaints about how Sandeep is incredibly reactive and hard to predict/counterplay. Having an out-of-activation Master AP which you can use at almost any time probably doesn’t help with that. -Change Beacon to Academic/Minion only. Maybe include Gamin as well, for the sake of Kandara and future-proofing. This would cut down on his dizzying amount of tactical angles without breaking his core gameplay. -Reduce his soulstone cache to 2, or at least 3. This could also help clip his wings a bit without throwing his gameplay totally out of whack by more drastic changes. Personally, my Sandeep games have always left me hungry for suits, so I tend to allocate him more soulstones than I would my other masters.
  7. Some of my ideas for Arcanists: -Colette: Change her Now You See Me trigger to prevent all damage (same language as soulstones) as opposed to damage reduction. As people have already pointed out, now that we have more and more abilities that ignore all forms of damage reduction, not just Armor, her primary defensive tool for staying alive is starting to show its age in the current rules. -Captain: Update Wind Wall placement from "1 inch away from all models AND markers" to "not touching all models." With all the corpse, scrap, scheme, and strategy/game markers flying around in the average game, not to mention the models themselves, I find it difficult to place two touching 50mm down in a strategically relevant location. We have lots of newer marker generation mechanics like this that have less restrictive rules, and since Wind Wall is only severe soft cover, I can't really imagine any game-breaking scenarios it could cause like harsher terrain Markers (i.e. impassable Ice Pillars, Ice Path, etc). -Pyre Markers (Carlos and Kaeris): Same placement restriction changes as Captain's Wind Wall markers, for similar reasons. Maybe change the 1/2/4 hazardous on them to 0/1/3 and Burning+1 or something like that to add a little more synergy? -Firestarter: Make Ignition ignore cover but remove it's Stoke the Flames trigger. Let Firestarter actually have a role as a dependable fire starter. -Eternal Flame: Kaeris gains Instinctual when she activates in LOS of it (discard a card? range limit? the limits on this may need tweaking). Of course, we would have to change Arcane Emissary's upgrade as well to benefit Kaeris some other way. I am not sure what, but Eternal Flame needs SOMETHING. -Mouse: Make his rope ignore randomization when shooting at models engaged solely by friendly M&SU (or a friendly M&SU that is engaged). Make him a Minion that can drop a scheme marker once per turn when a nearby M&SU model is damage by an enemy attack action? Or perhaps drop his cost to 3ss? Similar to Eternal Flame, I think he needs a little help. -December Acolyte: remove built-in on his Sh and add to his Ml. Perhaps reduce the Ml damage track to 1/3/4 and Slow? -Rail Golem: Drop cost to 10ss. Momentum trigger adds a cumulative +3 TN to the next cast of Locomotion. Remove free extra Ml damage from Locomotion attacks while burning. Alternatively, make the Rail Golem pay extra burning for this extra damage ("When damaging a target with Ml actions taken this way, this model may lower it's burning condition by up to 2 to deal that much extra damage" or something like that). Perhaps include (1) Interact actions as allowable Locomotion actions, but that would likely mean keeping him at 11ss. -Cojo: Add a to his (2) Ml attack. Perhaps also increase his (1) Ml stat to 6 and decrease it's severe damage to 4 or 5. Solidify his role as a model that absolutely wrecks enemy positioning rather than a raw bruiser. -Razorspine Rattler: +1 Ml. Constriction only gives a single when disengaging. -Metal Gamin: Remove additional burning from Fierce Head Butt. Reduce Armor to +1. Change Protection of Metal. A lot of ideas about this already, mine goes something like this: it activates a 3" until it activates again. When another friendly model in this suffers damage from an enemy attack action, the gamin may suffer exactly 1 damage which may not be reduced or prevented to reduce that damage by 1, to a minimum of 1. Each friendly model in this crew may only reduce damage this way once per turn, regardless of how many Protection of Metal auras it is in range and LOS of.
  8. I would argue that you keep any conditions applied while not under the effects of Blood Ward, for reasons people already stated above. What happens with Stackable Conditions in these scenarios where "ownership" is a thing? Does "ownership" stay split, as some people have already suggested, or does it defer to the model that applied the latest instance of this condition, similar to how duration works? What about conditions that can be lowered by models? Does my Burning +2 model get to choose to remove "my" Burning +1 and leave "your" Burning +1 when it takes the Interact action, or only the most recent application, and why? I think that is just specifying non-standard timing for when the condition ends, since Conditions end at the end of the turn unless otherwise specified. I mean, Forgotten Marshal can apply a condition to an enemy which remains until the start of the target's next activation. If condition timing tied to a model implies ownership, as you suggest, does this mean the target is the "owner" of the condition, even though the Marshall applied it? Would that mean it gets around Blood Ward, since the target model (i.e. a friendly model) "owns" the condition? What about timings that specify multiple models, like the Spotted condition from the Tail 'Em scheme? The Spotted condition specifies the targeted model and enemy models in it's removal timing. Who gets "ownership" in that instance? The trouble I see is that the immunity from Warding Runes does not work like other forms of immunity (although feel free to point one out, if there is one I'm not thinking of). Even similar enemy-only anti-condition mechanics like Guild's Numb to the World upgrade are worded differently. For example, Frozen Heart models are immune to Paralyzed. They don't care where it comes from. It is unconditional immunity. Warding Runes is specific in that it has an criteria that cares how the Condition is applied. It is conditional immunity (pun intended). Regardless, I would love an FAQ to clarify this, one way or the other. I tend play with Warding Runes a lot, so when I am trying to win with my Arcanists, I want to make sure me and my gaming group are on the same...page.
  9. Hmm, that is an interesting point. Come to think of it, he could even lose it even earlier, if Carlos uses one of his two Burning-removal triggers or some other form of condition removal is applied. 7thSquirrel is right. He only has the bonus armor while he has burning. He isn't innately an Armored model. If nothing else, deploy the Steamfitter next to him, then the Steamfitter can spend her first AP to Interact and remove the Burning he gains after the Initiative flip. That is what I have been having her do if I don't have a more effective setup method (like Kaeris eating it for cards).
  10. If Carlos has burning +1/2, then he has Armor +1/2. I would imagine it would stack normally with other Armor conditions. You just can’t get more than +2 from Burning alone. The word “has” versus “gains” just means you constantly check his burning to see what bonus he has at any given time, rather than gaining a set amount of Armor for a set duration based on how much burning he has at a certain point in time. Although, like Clement says, Carlos needs to not have the Burning condition when you target him with the Steamfitter’s action.
  11. Sandeep's Tutelage upgrade lets him copy a Ca action from a friendly Academic once per turn (and also lets him temporarily make models Academics). Both of Amina Naidu's (0) actions have triggers that let her use a different action on her card for free. If he copies one of Amina's (0) actions and gets the suit he needs, say Missing Forms for example, is he able to take the free Collier Navy Sh action from Amina or not? I want to say the answer is no, since Sandeep doesn't have those other actions on his card, but I am not sure if that matters. What about when he copies Freeze from a Tutored Silent One and gets the Frozen Shards trigger, where the free additional action is the same one as the spell that was originally copied? I think that this one is legal, but I am not sure. Tutelage allows Sandeep access to the Freeze spell for one action, and until the new Freeze action from the trigger is resolved, the original Freeze spell is not considered resolved (see Actions Causing Actions, pg 36 mini rulebook). If anyone can point me to more definitive proof on how this sort of copy ability works I'd love to see it.
  12. I don't have the cards in front of me, but I can think of one way to do it, similar to the Cassandra/Performer combo that Showgirls can do. 1) Sandeep gives a Performer Academic using his (0) action. 2) Sandeep copies the Siren Call spell from the performer and cheats/stones for a high . 3) Enemy model that is close enough to Sandeep pushes towards him, ending in base contact, and is Paralyzed due to the trigger on Siren Call.
  13. Ohh good catch. Edited my post above to hopefully be...less wrong. You learn something new everyday!
  14. I must be tired...I completely spaced on Hard to Kill. Although oddly enough, despite it being an exception, Hard to Kill actually does have "reduced" in it's rules text. But that aside, I agree that's still probably the safest method.
  15. Yeah, after playing them with their new errata, my opinion of them has improved dramatically. They probably would never have seen the table without it. I think they absolutely need to go in with other M&SU models to get any use out of their melee attack. However, with a Union buddy they hit a lot harder than they should for their cost, especially if you can hit with a . Luckily, they have Companion as well, which makes this fairly easy to set up. In fact, they are one of the few Arcanist models who have Companion/Accomplice. The welder has always been a decent tool for setting up Burning shenanigans for Mei or Kaeris crews. However, it now has potential for actual offensive use, or for efficiently stacking lots of burning on models that want it. You can set up a decent Rail Golem Rampage or start Carlos at burning +3 with a single AP and no required cards/suits. Keep in mind if you have a low , you can effectively give the Rail Golem burning +3, since it's Df trigger is "after resolving." Also, if you are playing Kaeris with her healing upgrade, the Union Miners can act as healers whose "heal spell" requires no special suits/cards. Lastly, their False Claim ability. Any ability that drops scheme markers without the word "Interact" popping up is nice, since it gets around things like Chatty or any of the "cannot Interact" debuffs that some crews can apply. It also means that you can ignore the 4" restriction for placing scheme markers, which, combined with the action's range, gives you a lot of flexibility in how you litter the board with markers. I find it has good use for schemes like Dig their Graves or models that burn through lots of scheme markers (e.g. Colette crews, Large Arachnids). Oh, and False Claim's interaction with the Well Rehearsed upgrade is hilarious, considering how many scheme markers they can churn out.
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