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  1. Acknowledged and taken by the word! I wish you both clear water, straight brushes and clean surfaces on the mini!
  2. Lokibri

    July 2018 Errata

    I am also very happy about the changes. The only thing i am not happy about is the overall situation that nicodem AND Sandeep were cut off at their sustainability whcih (again!) favors Alphastrikes like the Viks do exceptionally well.
  3. Lokibri

    Femme Fatale 2018 Begins!

    Oh damn...i guess i misunderstood this a little bit...I am not only ready, but already "done" and my sweat is flowing! Instructions unclear. System critical error!
  4. Lokibri

    Femme Fatale 2018 Begins!

    I am so in this!!! And i already got my miniature in mind that will lose again, but will lose in style ^^
  5. and with the announcement of the winners, you declared the contest finish :). Now, your time is up. After this weekend, we expect your results @Kai & @Kimberly
  6. We want to see some results ^^. PAINT OFF!!! PAINT OFF!!! PAINT OFF!!! (this can be interpreted in both ways i just recognized)
  7. Lokibri

    How to Alpha?

    Oh, no, no. Don`t misunderstand me please :). I totally get the power of that list, but i can see a huge problem with some models that might appear :). For me it didn`t work out that well. The problem with the focus was not that you want the +dmg flip, but you want to hit at all. If i see a Sonnia, i would never get out of cover in turn 1. And with that list, it is pretty hard to inflict burning on them i think :). Jeah, many factors are taken into consideration, but a good list differs from a bad list in its probabilities and i just see more requirements here than options :). But on the other hand i might not have enough experience with her to judge like that :). Maybe i will make a new experience with this list.
  8. Lokibri

    How to Alpha?

    and suddenly a wild nekima or yasunori flies in and kills half the crew without a flinch. I think it is pretty hard to play that way. Especially if your opponent spreads far out it gets even harder. And then you still want a burning target or you gotta focus at least for the first attack.
  9. Always, always, always taking perdita on ply! Nino feels just so unfair when you got him in a safe and overlooking position. I agree with Round 1 lucius. Sounds very doable. Queeg could be an alternative for the guardian. Lady j for round 3 would also be my pick or you go for hoffmann. Extremely difficukt to take down and a ball of death rolling over your opponent.
  10. Buried is a condition and malifaux does not take track of the source of a condition as stated in the latest FAQ about how to handle Warding Runes, when a condition was applied out of the immunity aura and the model comes back in). That means that the condition "buried" caused the death of the model and none of you killed it. However, it is counted as dead at the end of the game.
  11. really looking forward to it
  12. Lokibri

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Just throw in a casual Deathmarshal Recruiter and she has a far better option than just htk :).
  13. Lokibri

    healing the honorable members of the guild

    I think there are some cases you should really consider healing. 0's as guardian and jury are great and should be used anyway! 2 AP for a heal is crap i think. But in cases of high armor or htk, i will always spend 1 AP to heal. Also on Francisco that lets me maintain his buff on another model. So, jeah, that should do it :).
  14. So, today i played the following list against Ressur - Reva. I am still learning to play Lady J: Lady J (Swordfighter, Ashwood Coffin, Last Stand) 5 Stones Francisco Ortega (Wade In, Debt) The Jury (Numb to the world, Debt) Guardian Guild Austringer Field Reporter Watcher Brutal Effigy Round one i cleared a candle and pushed forward with all stuff, Round 2 i plied a lot and one hitted a lampad while getting rid of a high card for not boxing in the other lampad having counterstance and having defensive +3 with her :). She attacked my francisco and i healed him up with plenty of things. She killed my effigy which had take one on it, same as her lampad. After that we agreed that having plenty of mindless zombies and an asura, was not the best way to approach ply, but she wanted to learn those models, so it was a success. I got a list in mind, that is an absolutely no fun for the opponent, but is pretty strong in my mind: Nellie CHochraine (Misleading Headlines, Delegation, expert sleuth) 4 Stones printing press Phiona (expert sleuth, debt) ABuela (debt) Papa Loco (Sleuth) Peacekeeper (numb) death marshal The plan here is pretty easy and is only two ways: Your opponent stand together or, your opponent doesn´t. If he does stand together (at least 3 models with a maximum of 7´ apart): 1. activate printing press and give nellie evidence. 2. out activate your opponent as long as possible and try to get some more evidence with models attacking nellie. 3. Abuela activates, places a scheme marker goes forward and uses her ability to let the death marshal perform a 1 action (putting loco in the box and relenting with him) 4. Phiona goes forward and places a scheme marker. And now you check if you can do devastating damage to your opponent with a papa loco action or if you need to use the peacekeeper: 5. Nellie activates and pushes herself forward, she then teleports the deathmarshal forward to the scheme marker. She then can proceed to give the deathmarshal fast and do some more stuff with her abilites that you find useful. 6. Go forward with the deathmarshal one time, then charge in and attack its normal attack. After that use the pine box (you have to lose the wp vs. wp duel with loco when DM activates) and release papa loco. 7. Papa Loco instantly companions and uses his blow up ability or if you want to go risky use his attack action. 8. Move peacekeeper in range and maybe he was fast from nellie, which is nice. If your opponent doesn´t offer you an opportunity to deal AoE damage release loco early with the dm and give the buff to the peacekeeper, then teleport the peacekeeper to the scheme marker and attack with fast. This way you can kill solo models. Discard all expert sleuth upgrades in turn 2 and go crazy again with papa loco NOW dealing Aoe (if you decided to go risky) or follow up with the peacekeeper charging in and killing everything that is still left after the loco did his job. What do you guys think?