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  1. I think two of the best mechanics Wyrd invented were Kirai and Molly with their summoning. Molly has to be close to the enemy to get some wounds on her summons or can play around with summoning and let them instantly die for example to get a scheme marker out of a drowned. Kirai has two summoning abilities. One causing other models to suffer dmg (and in a seishin case die) or the opponent can calculate with it when he wants ikiriyo to get summoned, which is also pretty fair and a nice defense mechanic that totally fits the summoning theme. Both designs had a price that you felt impacting the game without being to tough to achieve or to easy to get and both mechanics work just fine in my opinion.
  2. Come on, Kai! THe last excuse was the total testosterone. Are you going to invent new holidays for another delay? Well, if i think about it...would you please invent a holiday @Kai? Like a day in the middle of the week called "Wyrdsday" just playing games and ordering food is allowed? ^^ Really excited to see both of your works :D. Hope you had fun painting them. Are they also following a theme or is it just a random mini paint-off?
  3. Acknowledged and taken by the word! I wish you both clear water, straight brushes and clean surfaces on the mini!
  4. I am also very happy about the changes. The only thing i am not happy about is the overall situation that nicodem AND Sandeep were cut off at their sustainability whcih (again!) favors Alphastrikes like the Viks do exceptionally well.
  5. and with the announcement of the winners, you declared the contest finish :). Now, your time is up. After this weekend, we expect your results @Kai & @Kimberly
  6. We want to see some results ^^. PAINT OFF!!! PAINT OFF!!! PAINT OFF!!! (this can be interpreted in both ways i just recognized)
  7. Lokibri

    How to Alpha?

    Oh, no, no. Don`t misunderstand me please :). I totally get the power of that list, but i can see a huge problem with some models that might appear :). For me it didn`t work out that well. The problem with the focus was not that you want the +dmg flip, but you want to hit at all. If i see a Sonnia, i would never get out of cover in turn 1. And with that list, it is pretty hard to inflict burning on them i think :). Jeah, many factors are taken into consideration, but a good list differs from a bad list in its probabilities and i just see more requirements here than options :). But on the other hand i might not have enough experience with her to judge like that :). Maybe i will make a new experience with this list.
  8. Lokibri

    How to Alpha?

    and suddenly a wild nekima or yasunori flies in and kills half the crew without a flinch. I think it is pretty hard to play that way. Especially if your opponent spreads far out it gets even harder. And then you still want a burning target or you gotta focus at least for the first attack.
  9. Always, always, always taking perdita on ply! Nino feels just so unfair when you got him in a safe and overlooking position. I agree with Round 1 lucius. Sounds very doable. Queeg could be an alternative for the guardian. Lady j for round 3 would also be my pick or you go for hoffmann. Extremely difficukt to take down and a ball of death rolling over your opponent.
  10. Buried is a condition and malifaux does not take track of the source of a condition as stated in the latest FAQ about how to handle Warding Runes, when a condition was applied out of the immunity aura and the model comes back in). That means that the condition "buried" caused the death of the model and none of you killed it. However, it is counted as dead at the end of the game.
  11. Just throw in a casual Deathmarshal Recruiter and she has a far better option than just htk :).
  12. I think there are some cases you should really consider healing. 0's as guardian and jury are great and should be used anyway! 2 AP for a heal is crap i think. But in cases of high armor or htk, i will always spend 1 AP to heal. Also on Francisco that lets me maintain his buff on another model. So, jeah, that should do it :).
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