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  1. Bit late to the party and I'd agree with what a few people have said already. Got to say Yin fits well with this crew. Put her in in cover and that combined with her built in negatives to flips and terrifying makes her hard to shift. Cast gnawing fears on something and suddenly Reva finds it easy to get rid of them. Yin is harder to shift than Izamu and I'd replace Izamu with Yin in a Reva crew. I like Izamu but Yin makes the cut above him when playing Reva. I would have taken the Carrion Emissary here. With guard the stash you know where his models have to be to score. This is great for Reva. Block his path with shards from the Carrion Emissary and at the end of the turn you get a free mindless zombie near to where his models need to be to score. Try decaying aura on Reva. This is a nasty combination because his henchman and masters cannot use soulstones against her to damage prevent. Reva is quite fast. I might have been tempted to take undercover entourage. She can kill any threats and in the last turns move to take undercover entourage. She is quite fast with her 0 action and charge also. It's worth considering. The drowned are good but probably best summoned with a Kirai crew. I would take shield bearers with Reva as they are tanky for their points and drop a corpse marker for Reva which is very good. Edit for Wave 5: Her new upgrade is good but probably not good enough to replace what I would usually take for her. I doubt it would see play with me much. I would take the new carrion emissary upgrade for her, I like the idea that the carrion emissary can be used as a corpse marker. Also I'd seriously consider using Asura Roten instead of the Carrion Emissary - looks like that model is going to be awesome with Reva. +1 for Anna Lovelace - great model with Reva. Raises mindless zombies on an attack trigger and her aura is great.
  2. Well my last thread was getting a little old and since Photobucket changed it's hotlinking policy all my pictures went wrong. So I'm starting a new one. First up The Hanged and a Necropunk.
  3. The model looks cool, and it's great to be supporting your LGS. To work out the equivalent in local currency are you looking for total products listed that would cost at least $60 if they had been bought from the Wyrd store or just applying the exchange rate? I'm probably over thinking!!
  4. I never seem to have the points to take the emissary with Kaeris and I'm not sure I really need him. I will be getting Carlos when he is out and I'm sure he'd work great with Kaeris. If you want things on fire without using her AP then there are plenty of things that can do it such as the Firestarter, Malifaux Child and even the Union Miner. I don't see the Emissary upgrade that allows her to take two zero actions is essential at all - nice but it's not usually enough to make me want the Emissary. Other model options: Union miner: If the schemes and strats require lots of scheme markers then I would consider a union miner. Although anyone can drop scheme markers with Grab and Drop Kaeris the union miner can do claim jump on his own for example. He also gives burning +2 - handy if you want to give Carlos some extra burning, or if you want anything to burn a bit. Large Arachnids: Definitely a good buy. There are just so tough for their points and with grab and drop can drop a scheme marker at the end of their activation ready for them to consume when they next activate - giving then positives on all flips for their activation. Mechanical Rider: Quite good and I take him a fair bit especially when I need more models for the schemes or Strats. I think he will see less play time in my crews once Carlos arrives though.
  5. The Kaeris upgrade with grab and drop attack states if successful you place the enemy within 5" and Kaeris within 2" of the enemy. Is the measuring from this done top down or does it take into account height? In other words can you use grab and drop to drop your target on a building which is say height 5? Big rulebook states a place is not movement. But is this legal? measuring top down you could place Kaeris 2" from the enemy but if you don't take account vertical height you could break engagement by putting the model on a tall building. Allowed or not? Cheers!
  6. Firestarter and union miner.
  7. I'm looking for a new Archanist crew. At the moment I've got Kaeris and while she's fairly flexible she really excels when the Schemes and Strats are scheme marker heavy. I've had a lot of success with her with the 2017 schemes and strats - claim jump, leave your mark, covert breakthrough, set up and others are easy. I need a new go to crew to use as an alternative. A crew that's better when there are a lot of schemes that don't require scheme markers. At the moment as well as Johana in terms of models I have: *Kaeris box *Gunsmith *Raptor *Joss *Captain *Union miner *Large arachnids *Mech rider *Metal Gamin I like the look of Colette, but is she sufficiently different to Kaeris (I've never played her)? She strikes me as another master who can drop a lot of scheme marker but I've never seen her in action. What do you think? Thanks
  8. Cheers! Firestarter and Union Miner.
  9. I haven't played with or against her yet, but I haven't seen anything that makes me think she's stronger than say Lilith using tangle shadows to pull models into Nekima effectively killing what you want without risking Nekima. Nor do I see her as being as difficult to face as Pandora. What about a 3ss Will 'o Wisp copying 2AP actions and generating Voodoo Dolls and Teddies? I think the newer models when they are released tend to be a tad stronger than some of the older models. Maybe the answer is not cuddling new models but a free 0ss upgrade buff to old models that start to slip behind the power curve, this also avoids errata cards which tends to be annoying. Also if a model is too hard why not introduce after testing other faction counter models that can be used verses it if necessary. I don't see the big deal with Reva but maybe that's just because I have yet to play with or against her!
  10. I so desperately want him to be good because the model is amazingly cool. I have an old Joss model and neither the old nor the new one really fit with the look of my crew. I think with a Kaeris crew Carlos is going to be picked over Joss and the Captain 99 times out of 100, he just seem that great, plus I like the model - just need to wait until June / July now...
  11. I'm building and painting a Kaeris crew. I've got the Firestarter as my henchman and he's great but I am looking at more henchmen options. I want the Captain to be amazing with Kaeris because the model is so cool, but I think he's far too many points with only 9 wounds to really benefit Kaeris. What do people think? When would you take him, why and for what schemes and strats? Joss. Any thoughts on using him with Kaeris and again for what schemes? What about henchman hardcore? Joss or Captain? I'm trying to decide between the two while I wait for Carlos to come out who I believe is totally made for Kaeris!! Thanks
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