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  1. I would really like to see Archie as a henchman for the fading ability. You could use Molly to "power up" the little childs (Crooligans with focused 2+) first and start of second round and than teleport them to either Phillipp or Archie. Teleporting murderous childs seems hilarious edit: but that needs a lot of discard...
  2. Daw was also my second master. 6 wounds and damage reduce with cards sounds really tempting. But whats about modells that ignore damage reduction? That would be a hard counter for Daw
  3. What we can read about Levis in M3E sounds good. Stacking the top of the deck means card manipulation which is really nice. Moving health from modells sounds also like a lot of fun. And all the passive damage defensive triggers and abilities are superb!
  4. No one is mentioning this new shockwave mechanic. It has a range and needs a target number. no resist. Shockwave X, Mv X, damage and triggers/conditons. So maybe it works with a for example 50mm marker. Place it in range, move it x" and every modell it passes over gets the effects?
  5. Looking good, thanks for the write up!
  6. I only hope M3E comes fast. I see no point in purchasing anything new untill I see the final version of M3E with the keywords. And I think the majority of the player base think that too. So when Wyrd want to stay in the business - make it happen fast
  7. I personaly will Not purchase any models untill I have an idea what keywords they get
  8. Interesting report - thank you! Never thought of this chain activation trick you used, nice
  9. The attacks from the Yas trigger or charge action are attacks and not AP aren`t they? It`s a nice ability though! Shame the models are so expensive moneywise
  10. I think the typical TT MCCabe lists has more synergy with the master and his playstyle. The emissary is better and you get a third throwable upgrade with him. But I think the guild minions are better overall.
  11. Franc and Mounted Guard are a nice duo. Guard charges takes Franc with him, gives him the Def aura, chain activate, Frank flurry. tried this combo 2 times, worked quite nicely but both modells died soon. Reactivating Thrall is also nice, but deep in the enemy lines he dies as well - some times befor reactivating. Cheap minions like guild guard or hounds with sabre upgrade, also nice on paper - but then they die. I`m thinking of a McCabe playstyle that doesnt rely on alpha strikes. That doesn`t take expensive henchmen, gives them badge of speed and throws them into the enemy meat grinder. That doesn`t take cheap minions that die to a single hit. I`m thinking of a rather defensive playstyle. Taking good, mid costed minions that you could potentialy reactivate. Who can take some punch, who can get the sabre to enhance their mellee abilities but have some nice other abilities to which can work without sabre upgrade. All the book 5 minions come to mind. I mean reactivated monster hunters are awesome for the first round to force the enemy to you or they get shot to pieces. Investigators are disguised, have awesome abilities and can get the sabre when they are force to mellee someone. Maybe quellers are rather redundant because you have armour ignoring with the sabre. Maybe to get around incorporeal at range with monster hunters. The riotbreaker are tough, can make schemes hard to achieve for the enemy and also get killy with sabre. Also domador and rotten belle would synergize well with this kind of playstyle. Imagine a reactivating belle with lures and sabre pounces... Anyone got some similar thoughts?
  12. Nice idea and thanks for the batrep! Did you get anything from the "riders in the sky" upgrade? I also want my lampads to work, thinking about a spirit Molly list, what you think?
  13. https://thirdfloorwars.com/stop-forgetting-this-model/ Nice article concerning the marshal
  14. Other than the before mentioned "no dmg reduction upgrades" I really like her Blood Mark upgrade. For 1Ap you can push another friendly model and when its a revenant or spirit, the pushed modell can make a 0AP action. So for example first round when no corpse markers are in range of enemy modells you can summon a candle, push it, let it kill itself, lay a corpse marker and make 2 attacks at 18". Or you can go nuts with lampads Oh and ty for the tip with bete, she alone won me my first game last tournament by holding 3 key models of the opponent in place. Its ridiculous how often she comes again when you have 1 candle and some zombie summoning and you have the cards in hand to get her back! @thatlatinspeakingguy
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