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  1. McSkip

    Competitive McCabe

    Franc and Mounted Guard are a nice duo. Guard charges takes Franc with him, gives him the Def aura, chain activate, Frank flurry. tried this combo 2 times, worked quite nicely but both modells died soon. Reactivating Thrall is also nice, but deep in the enemy lines he dies as well - some times befor reactivating. Cheap minions like guild guard or hounds with sabre upgrade, also nice on paper - but then they die. I`m thinking of a McCabe playstyle that doesnt rely on alpha strikes. That doesn`t take expensive henchmen, gives them badge of speed and throws them into the enemy meat grinder. That doesn`t take cheap minions that die to a single hit. I`m thinking of a rather defensive playstyle. Taking good, mid costed minions that you could potentialy reactivate. Who can take some punch, who can get the sabre to enhance their mellee abilities but have some nice other abilities to which can work without sabre upgrade. All the book 5 minions come to mind. I mean reactivated monster hunters are awesome for the first round to force the enemy to you or they get shot to pieces. Investigators are disguised, have awesome abilities and can get the sabre when they are force to mellee someone. Maybe quellers are rather redundant because you have armour ignoring with the sabre. Maybe to get around incorporeal at range with monster hunters. The riotbreaker are tough, can make schemes hard to achieve for the enemy and also get killy with sabre. Also domador and rotten belle would synergize well with this kind of playstyle. Imagine a reactivating belle with lures and sabre pounces... Anyone got some similar thoughts?
  2. McSkip

    The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

    Nice idea and thanks for the batrep! Did you get anything from the "riders in the sky" upgrade? I also want my lampads to work, thinking about a spirit Molly list, what you think?
  3. McSkip

    Reva for a new Resser

    https://thirdfloorwars.com/stop-forgetting-this-model/ Nice article concerning the marshal
  4. McSkip

    Reva for a new Resser

    Other than the before mentioned "no dmg reduction upgrades" I really like her Blood Mark upgrade. For 1Ap you can push another friendly model and when its a revenant or spirit, the pushed modell can make a 0AP action. So for example first round when no corpse markers are in range of enemy modells you can summon a candle, push it, let it kill itself, lay a corpse marker and make 2 attacks at 18". Or you can go nuts with lampads Oh and ty for the tip with bete, she alone won me my first game last tournament by holding 3 key models of the opponent in place. Its ridiculous how often she comes again when you have 1 candle and some zombie summoning and you have the cards in hand to get her back! @thatlatinspeakingguy
  5. McSkip

    Jack Daw Project

    Yes, one game vs colodi. Jack won because my opponent charged with hooded rider too soon and in round 2 with nekima instead of a combined charge in round 2. The guilty forming a wall that doesnt fall so easy. They eat the first charge so that your damage dealer can clean up. In the process more guilty are summoned. Further games with Jack after a tournament this weekend. I go with ressers so no games with Jack the last weeks.
  6. McSkip

    Reva for a new Resser

    I always bring Asura so Reva can attack in the First round. Also belles are very handy. What does Sue bring to the crew besides being a good Modell overall? I also can't See the synergy between bete and trapper. Could you enlighten me?
  7. McSkip

    Jack Daw crew alternatives

    As I promised, my Jack Daw conversion from the guild queller:
  8. Also summoned modells cant interact the turn they are summoned
  9. McSkip

    Resurr Shadow Boxing

    I would say Reva. She`s good in "Ours" and nice against Arcanists in general with ignoring amour upgrade. 2 Belles and a doxie could score Public demo and set up easily.
  10. McSkip

    Jack Daw crew alternatives

    I`m going to convert Jack Daw from one of the Guild Quellers. It will be a much better modell for a master, much taller. When its done I post a pic here. Also searching for ideas for alternate guilty but this thread doesn`t bring much input rather than some reasons for Jacks outfit reasons...
  11. McSkip

    Does anyone use these models?

    Whats the synergy between molly and grave digger? I dont get it
  12. McSkip

    The New Seamus

    Nekima was his last activation, outside of Yins range. But definitly something to consider for the 2nd turn. Activating Yin first to dissable the most dangerous modell the enemy crew has (because of negativ flips for the terror duell against Seamus). Yin would have saved my bacon in the first game, but I didnt include him that time but I consider him now as Seamus live saver!
  13. McSkip

    The New Seamus

    I played 3 games now with mixed results: 1: Against Lillith, he had one activation more, Nekima charged Seamus after Boo, 2nd round Seamus Boo again, gets killed by Nekima 2. Against Masterkiller Titania, same Nekima killed Seamus 2nd round first activation 3. Against Pandora, Seamus lives and boos 3 times (round 1, 2, 3) GAME OVER, Seamus wins
  14. McSkip

    The New Seamus

    Yes, we got a Lot of TNs to work with. Seamus back ally, emissary shards, doxie pushes. But remember: you can always focus to get the doxy pushes through
  15. McSkip

    The New Seamus

    Do you field Chiaki with her upgrade? And how many Doxies and Belles you usually take?