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  1. As said in the above posts by @thewrathchilde and @Da Git, both Storm Misaki and Bisento Misaki are good options with different play styles and crew builds. Storm Misaki tends to either destroy your opponent, or if it fails and you lose Misaki, it becomes an uphill battle for you. Both, in my opinion, are a negative play experience, especially if you're still learning the game. For a good learning experience for both you and your friend, I strongly recommend using her bisento upgrade for the first few games.
  2. In 10 Thunders we have: McCabe who does min 3 on his ml6 (built in crit), which can alternatively ignore Armor, HtW, Incorporeal, HtK. Lynch and Huggy who both have the potential to do min 4 damage and they come with Illuminated who do a min of 4 damage on their ml when damaging brillianced models. Kang, who has a ml7 attack with min 3 damage. Yasunori who has a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Izamu who has a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Obsidian Statue with a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Mr. Graves with a ml6 attack with min 3 damage. Jorogumo with a ml5 attack with min 3 damage. The faction has enough choice when it comes to models with min 3 damage, with more access to positives flips on attacks (built in and through upgrades), than any other faction. So why the argument that we need another master with min 3 damage? I play guild in addition to Ten Thunders, for access to masters who do min 3 damage. And that's what those masters do. They do the damage and the crew brings the support . I play 10 Thunders because I want access to masters who aren't one dimensional. Masters with fun movement and positioning tricks. Masters that offer support and can do damage. Masters that can summon. Masters that allow me access to other factions cool toys. All these things also win games. If every faction has masters that do the same things, there would be no reason to have different factions. Every faction has weaknesses and every faction has strengths. If the day ever comes where Malifaux goes the way Warmachine went, where every faction had access to all the same kind of tricks and toys, the game will become stale. And then you'll find people asking "Why does faction "X" now have this? That was faction "Y"'s thing!" instead of "Why can't faction "X" have this? Faction "Y" has it!". And in my opinion, some of this has already started to happen.
  3. This is my Lady J conversion. Combined parts of her plastic miniature with that of one of the Ronin
  4. They can only hire minions of cost 6 or less. Nevermind, if I applied my brain for a second, I would have realized that you know what you'r talking about.
  5. Sure, you could drive 40-60min into the burbs to play. Or you could get on the metro for 15 minutes and play with a gaming group that meets regularly every week. Whatevers easiest.
  6. Hey guys! @Veskit2k @tomrakewell I live in DC, NW. I would be more than happy to have some games with you guys in the area I also go through to Crystal City (right above the crystal city metro stop) to play during the week with a very consistent group of good guys. The meta is very strong, with some guys who consistently place in tourneys in and around the DC, Virginia, Maryland scene. If you wanna get in touch, feel free to email me at doubledragondyl@gmail.com
  7. Which upgrades are you using on Kaeris? I've been up against Kaeris a fair bit and she definitely does not need an overhaul. Her new upgrades really make her a force to be reckoned with on the table. Flaming angel and heatwave are great. One of my regular opponents plays her quite a bit and he runs her with Imbued Defense, Flaming Angel and Heatwave with a decent cache of stones. He charges her up the board early on dropping burning onto my crew with flaming angel, pumps out more burning with heatwave. He does this early on while parts of my crew are still within close proximity of each other, so tying them up. Kaeris then usually dies by turn 3 or 4, but she's killed a fair bit of stuff before she goes and I've spent the first half of the game trying to deal with her in my backlines as she pushes around with Flaming Angel. He then uses the rest of his crew to go score strat and schemes as I deal with her. A Df 7 master with armor a big cache of stones requires a lot of AP to take down. As someone who doesn't play Kaeris, but has played against someone who plays her well and plays her often. I would say the way to play Kaeris is as a big beater/distraction. Throw her at your opponents crew quick and early. Make them deal with her and while they have that major distraction, go score your points for the win with the rest of the crew. Anyway, that how my buddy plays her with a lot of success.
  8. I wouldn't say The Jury is OP. She's just really solid. Masters like Kaeris and any others that focus a lot on putting conditions on your opponents crew, like Hamelin, will have a tougher time if she's removing all the conditions. Take her out first, she goes down easily enough if you dedicate some AP to her. She has no defensive tricks that'll keep her alive (except burning soul stones), unless she takes armor or receives armor in the case of McCabe. She's Df6, 9Wds. A beater model like Langston or the Cerebrus should make short work of her if they get the chance. Also, Kaeris puts out so much burning on multiple models a turn, The Jury's condition removal shouldn't be a problem as she can only do it once per activation as it is a 0 action. Also, The Jury's condition removal is an attack action, so she can't target herself with it. So pile up the burning on her first, punch her a few time with Kaeris and you can have her dead by turn 3. Also, The Jury's condition removal only works on friendly models.
  9. I like the look of both the sculpts, especially for Guild. I think Guild models need some more interesting sculpts in general. I get so tired of looking at and painting trench cloaks.If a model breaks the mould (pun intended?) of trench cloak and hat, it excites me. The female sculpt was on the more challenging side of assembling, but I enjoy the challenge of the more complex sculpts.
  10. I would run DM's if they had either one more wound, higher ml stat or put out more damage. When I compare a DM to the guild minions that came out in the latest book, there's just no comparison. I think where DM's went wrong was in the design process. They were given an ability that is potentially very good in pinebox, but they balanced it out by making them lackluster everywhere else (including the ca5 for pinebox). And unfortunately, in play the lackluster part out weighs the potentially good part.
  11. I like this a lot! Makes me wish I played ressers!
  12. Or an alt Phiona Gage or Alison Dade
  13. Fun read! Especially enjoyed the carnage in turn 3.
  14. Because it's triple stalk, and the Rogue Necro is the 3rd stalk.
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