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  1. Hi The Death Marshalls (and their pine boxes) were the minis that got me into Malifaux and now Lady J can get her own pine box, I want to do a conversion. I've got a 1e Lady J so I could go down the route of getting a 2e box and just converting that with one of the pine boxes from a death marshall in there but that would duplicate a lot of minis I don't want / need and an expensive way to go about it too. Has anyone got suggestions for good Lady J proxies? A bit of green stuff can provide a blindfold, so that doesn't matter. I'm specifically looking for dynamic poses in 32mm, so I'm guessing the field is rather limited. Unless of course someone has a 2e / alt Lady J they want to part with?
  2. After having no luck finding a Trixiebelle proxy I liked to use in my Brewmaster crew, I decided to try my hand at creating my own! This was my first time experimenting with kitbashing/green stuff and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! All of the parts I used came from the female multi kit from Through The Breach (I guess its not really a kitbash if it all came from the same kit? Technically I made a conversion of a Through The Breach model and I'm using it as a proxy in Malifaux? Whatever, it's semantics. ) I had to do quite a bit of trimming to get the model height to that of a gremlin (the female multi kit has some longer legs than normal Malifaux models to boot). I tried to match the height with the Moon Shinobi model that is doing the crane stance since all the other gremlin models I own are hunched over. First time using green stuff... It really is like modeling chewing gum. The ears... the ears ended up looking more like 1980's Gremlins than Malifaux Gremlins but any smaller and I would have probably given up the hobby completely trying to shape them. I think it will be convincing once its on the table. I wan't about to try to give the face gremlin proportions so she is going to have to remain atypically attractive for a gremlin. Her pose ended up being pretty lacking in personality for a gremlin but I tried to giver her equipment to match her skills/upgrades. I thought the hidden hand of cards was appropriate for her initiative manipulating capabilities and the revolver for her 'A Gun For a Lady' upgrade. Overall I'm pretty happy with how she turned out (again... the ears...). The torso and hip proportions still look a little funky and I need to do some cleanup on the legs but I think she will look good at tabletop level. Thanks for reading!
  3. I have felt, since the official release of wave 2 cards, that many players and their choice of master/faction are currently hampered by what is in essence a ‘buying limbo’. This point has been expanded, and discussed in far more detail here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/106416-im-trying-to-be-patient-i-really-am/ There is the issue of models which are new (Vasillisa for Neverborn to name just one), and then there are those models who’s aesthetic has completely changed (All of the Effigys). If you were fortunate enough to have picked up the metal versions of the wave 2 models before production/distribution were stopped, then you are in luck. But if not, then you are forced to either; a) Trawl the 2nd hand market (A Coryphee pack went for £47 on ebay a few weeks back!!!) b ) Get lucky that your LGS has left over stock (highly unlikely in my experience) c) Not play that master (Sad face) d) Proxy This thread is concerned with choice D. It would be interesting to see the creative solutions to this problem that the community has come up with, whether it be proxies from other games companies, conversions or even scratch builds! I would also propose that people make requests for specific proxy examples or possibilities! Here are a few, by no means my own finds I must add, which I have found suitable: McTavish (Fon the hunter from Tale of war) Vasillisa (From Freebooters fate) Vasillisa (Tale of War again) I would like to request examples for: The Swamp Mother and Gupps!
  4. Hello! I am a new player to Malifaux and I wanted to double check our terrain usage. My roommate and I recently decided to buy and try the Lady Justice and Seamus battle boxes and some basic research led me to notice Malifaux uses quite a lot more terrain than we're used to. We're mostly experienced with Warmachine and Guildball where terrain is mostly a suggestion. So I cut out some cardboard squares and color coded it into a few different terrain types and placed it around the board and to my eye it looks... Cluttered. I wanted to double check with the community to see whether or not we're on the right track. (The terrain in these examples is symmetrical for the sake of eyeballing how it looks. And isn't representative of how it might be set up in a real game.) The second image shows how it might look with some assembled Guildball models we had around. So the colors are hard to make out but the largest squares are houses, with some orange and red squares for rough/hazardous terrain. The purple boxes are 2ht crates (Which I think we're deciding you can shoot through) And "steam" is obscuring forest. The thin white rectangles are meant to be 1ht walls. (Which that's about a 3rd of what I printed out and it still looks like too much to me). So is that appropriate? If not what are some things I can do to balance the table so we can make sure to have more enjoyable and better balanced games? Thank you so much for your time and I'm really excited about getting into your game
  5. In a recent tournament there was a bit of upset feelings on a ruling where a player wanted to proxy in a model that hadn’t been released on the market. He inquired to the organizer ahead of time that he wanted to use an ‘alt ‘ of a different model and the request was politely denied because the organizer thought it might confuse opponents and compromise tournament integrity. Thankfully, there weren’t any hurt feelings and the player placed top 3 in the tournament but I wanted to share my thoughts and see what the community thinks in case I am ever faced with the same hard decision. Below I spew my thoughts in paragraphs. I based these opinions on the GG2017 organized play packet where they outline rules on Proxies and Conversions. I would love to hear your ideas and how you think you would go about the decision. Converted: To change (something) into a different form or properties; transmute; transform. Proxy: A person or thing that represents another or others. So Wyrd explicitly disallows models substituting for other models or what they call, “proxies” Their foreseen issues are compromises to tournament integrity, specifically and most notably “opponents not being able to ‘read’ the table” Makes sense, any abstract or on-paper-only representation without a visual to back it up would inevitably cause issues and a lack of fair play. With that said, conversions are legal. This is predicated on sportsmanship and fair compromise. The possibility of compromised integrity still exists so conversions are only ever “acceptable to use Wyrd’s label. Wyrd allows for conversions for two reasons they feel important: 1) They encourage players to, “show off their modeling skills” 2) They wish to allow players an opportunity to play with models that have been published but not released on the market. Wyrd lays out their stipulations in an attempt to accomplish the best of both worlds that allows players to create unique and personalized miniatures that still remain RECOGNIZABLE. 1) 66% of the model must be an original sculpt from Wyrd 2) If the model isn’t out yet, a CONVERSION may be fielded per the organizers discretion. My personal thoughts on conversions are that I like them. I like the idea of personalizing my models and making them unique from the rest as a way of- dare I say- affection towards my expensive pieces of plastic. I usually do this though means of basing and altering the pose. This allows for the original sculpt to be 100% the original plastic. My thoughts on the risk of and slippery slope of allowing proxy-like conversions. I think that by allowing proxy-like conversions has to be done with extreme discretion because it risks two detrimental scenarios. 1) The first is that if a conversion was made because a model wasn’t on the market than you run into the possibility of inconsistent or retroactive rulings when the model does hit the market. It might be discouraging to ban a player his or her previously allowed model because the model it was substituting is now on the market. It would cause feelings of discouragement or agitation because of the time and money invested. 2) The second scenario is that if it opens up the avenue for “decoy’ conversions. I think we have a very good player base here and don’t foresee this issue but in competitive tournaments, the ill-intent strategy of decoy-like conversions becomes viable and it would be ambiguous and difficult to draw lines. TLDR: Proxies: 1. NO Converted: (Stipulations) 1. 66% Original Wyrd sculpt if released on market 2. 66% Easily identifiable Wyrd model for unreleased models 3. Organizers approval
  6. Afternoon, It's been a while since I painted any new models for Malifaux but I've just bought a few new models for my Leveticus crew and have been looking what I might buy after I finish these ones... At some point soon I do want to add a couple more models to my Zoraida crew. Top of the list is a Nurse but the Wyrd ones don't really fit the 'rustic bayou' look of a Zoraida crew, so does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative nurse model? How do people feel about this model as a bayou Beckoner? (Do Beckoners even work well with Zoraida?) http://www.freebooterminiatures.de/index.php/en/shop2-2/kult/product/view/2/246 Also, this guy looks like he'd make a great tough guy for a Zoraida crew, but I have no idea who it could be who would work well with her - any suggestions? http://www.freebooterminiatures.de/index.php/en/shop2-2/kult/product/view/2/247 Thanks in advance, - Dave
  7. So I've been starting to think that my von Schill crew is really missing the steam trunk....problem is, it doesn't appear to be on sale anywhere (I have the metal crew). I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem....so does anybody have any ideas for a tournament-legal steam trunk proxy?
  8. Hey there. I'm looking for proxies to models that I don't see available any time soon. I thought others could also use the inspiration and perhaps some great ideas are already out there, ready to be shared! What I'm looking for (and feel free to add other wishes to this thread). Thought I'd include som basic tracking info for these guys: Anna Lovelace (Shifiting Loyalties page 109. 40 mm base, Ht 2) Arcane Emissary (Shifiting Loyalties page 128. 50 mm base, Ht 3) Scion of the Void (Shifiting Loyalties page 179. 30 mm base, Ht 2) BTW I assume these Emissaries are neither dead, construct or alive, since they only have "Enforcer, Rare 1" in their entries? Night Terrors (Crossroads page 65. 30 mm base, Ht 1) Rafkin (Crossroads page 69. 30 mm base, Ht 2) Stitched Together (Crossroads page 156. 30 mm base, Ht 2) Feel free to throw your proxy suggestions in here, and ask for your own missing models.
  9. Sooo despite owning lazarus... any ideas what would make a good proxy as the model looks absolutely awful and i kinda get why he hates thy maker. Would be awesome if he was resculpted to look like the construct from the cover of ttb fatemaster almanac... or was a more streamlined version of ryle...
  10. I'm looking for the right figures to use as proxies for an Obsidian Oni or two, but I still haven't found anything that's just right. These Dark Age figures are about the best fit I've found so far; they look sort of rocky/crystalline, and have clubs, so that's reasonably close. The CP Stone Trolls at the top of this page would also work reasonably well, as would the Bakemono that's third on this page. Anyone got any good suggestions?
  11. So I'm trying to expend my first faction collection beyond my first crew boxes and have opted for Neverborn as I really like most of the minis and story. The primordial magic mini is a sticking point for me though, I just think it looks awful and doesn't portray the description given for it in the book. I know I'll have to suck it up and field the vom-snake in a tournament, but as I'm only likely to be playing with my local gaming club so I don't foresee any issues with using a proxy. So on that note, does anyone have any good suggestions for proxies? What do you use?
  12. I just ordered four miniatures which I'll be using as Bunraku proxies. I'm only going to be basing/painting two of them. If anybody would like the remaining two, let me know. I'm thinking $5 plus shipping but am open to suggestions or best offers. Thanks!
  13. So.... a bored eBay afternoon and suddenly I have a proxy for the Arcane Emissary. Metallic skin? . Bull-like? . Blue Electrical stuff going on maybe ? . Possibly a tad large, but it will fit on a 50mm base More photos here http://www.madaxeman.com/main/Malifaux_Ramos_and_Hoffman_Crews.php#arcane
  14. Needed a Scion of the Void for the full Tara experience. He had to hit all the major elements of the artwork and theme from the new book; alien squid-y face, four arms, robes, big important book. So, after a little searching around, take 1 old metal Collodi, chop off his head (you've always wanted to, anyway, right?). Mix in the outer extremities of a Bones mini, then homebrew a book out of extra PlastCraft sprue. Paint to go with other-worldly Nothing Beast theme and there you have it. He'll do for now. If I had more time, I'd do something to his robes, but that'll have to be another day.
  15. Okay, so: The Dark Carnival is coming out for GenCon, as a proxy crew for Colette's standard loadout (Colette, 3 Mechanical Doves, Cassandra, 2 Performers, and 2 Mannequins). We are getting a number of named models, themed after a circus troupe described in detail in the latest Wyrd Chronicles (images for the crew box are also in that issue). The Dark Carnival proxies as Colette, as mentioned above. I am not satisfied with that alone. What I have been tossing about as an idea both on this forum and on AWP is the idea of being amateur (or better!) devs and betatesters, all of us, and creating our own set of rules for Mr. Cooper and his Dark Carnival. And that we did. Now we are onto Stage 2 of this wonderful journey of ours: Playtesting. If you have been watching this space with great interest (or any interest at all, even), you probably have done so with the interest of playtesting this unofficial crew. That, or you probably just want to watch our process and progress. We finished the brainstorm rather early, and now it is the public's turn to give as much feedback as they desire. Unfortunately, I got a reply from Aaron Darland about getting this crew ruleset into the Chronicles and he said that between people skimming the Chronicles for things, and people just plain not reading the Chronicles, it wouldn't reach a wide enough audience and those it would reach may accidentally take the crew as solicited and official. So, the Chronicles is out, but I'm still by all means down to do this! Hope you are too. If you are comfortable working on a set of custom rules for casual games, and willing to make a constructive contribution, please feel free to join in on this great adventure. ~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: This project is not in any way supported or endorsed by Wyrd Games. I am not affiliated with Wyrd except by virtue of being a Henchman. Any games of Malifaux (Wyrd's game) involving this ruleset must be approved by all parties involved before being conducted. Official Wyrd events may not include this ruleset. ~~~~~ Credit thus far goes to: Solicitor 6 (major idea contributor) Da Git (major idea contributor) Manic Mouse (major idea contributor) Crush_Jansen (major idea contributor) SpiralingCadaver (for providing stat card templating) Phinn (idea contributor) Dirial (idea contributor) Fetid Strumpet (for recommending I contact SpiralingCadaver) Patzer (idea contributor) Victoria (idea contributor) Bstorz (idea contributor) Clockwork Top Hat (idea contributor) Jafar (idea contributor) Adran (idea contributor) TimH (idea contributor) and myself, as well as anyone who voted. ~~~~~ Models representing models: Mr. Cooper (30mm) = Colette Lola (30mm) = Cassandra Flying Monkey (30mm) x3 = Mechanical Dove (x3) Thin Lizzy (30mm) = Performer Mercury (30mm) = Performer Mummerette (30mm) x2 = Mannequin (x2) ~~~~~ The model cards for this week will be put in the post below. Below that, the schedule will be posted. At that point, Da Git wants to reserve the following post. After that, please, by all means, have at it! This is a space for both balancing and typos, so do what you can to do both. ~Lil Kalki
  16. Hello all, My friendly not so local game store has a very small selection of Malifaux miniatures that have recently caught my eye. I've been doing a bunch of research the past couple weeks and it seems like something I can sink my teeth into and I'd really like to try it out to be certain. The problem lies in the fact that there are no henchmen around and really no players either. Money is tight at the moment with wedding prep and a host of other things so I can't do any major purchases at the moment for crew boxes etc... On top of that I've never been into the miniature wargame/skirmish environment so I wanted to get a few games in and introduce a few friends to it without spending a lot of money. If I end up enjoying it and can get a few others interested then I already have plans on a few crews I would be purchasing once everything settles down. My first instinct is to choose two factions and just choose the wave cards for those as well as the mini rulebook from drivethrurpg, but it seems like it would be a better value starting out if I just pick up the big rulebook from drivethrurpg so I can demo it with friends and have a selection of all the wave 1 crews. Does this seem like it is the minimum needed (besides terrain placeholders and model placeholders) to get started playing and teaching?
  17. Hello, Since I am currently unsuccessful in my attempts at getting a copy of the Nightmare Tara crew, I am wondering whether people have considered models from alternate ranges to represent the models in Taras crew as I would really like to attempt a crew of hers.
  18. not sure if this belongs here or in the Miniatures Matters section... I have a painting / escalation M2E league coming up in the immediate future and I am planning on taking Pandora et al. I have all the models already. I actually proxy apparitions (http://wyrd-games.net/shop/Apparitions.html) for sorrows as I never really liked the intended models. My biggest problem now, is that I have the old poltergeist and need the new (50mm super-sized) one. Don't really want to re-buy the crew box, and I'm pretty sure they are not going to sell the new poltergeist separate. I know I could get creative and make a cool base for the old one, but I'm kinda feeling a proxy coming on. I like to spread my love all over the gaming community. There was only one mention in another post. So I figured I'd start one. So I got to looking and here is what I have found so far... feel free to add to this list or shoot down any if you have experience with any of them. http://privateerpress.com/warmachine/gallery/cryx/solos/machine-wraith - the bottom half would need a little liquid green stuff to make it less mech and more spirit, but definitely doable https://cipher-studios.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_44&products_id=680&zenid=i6p3krpjr5psiuccla0nj8e9i0 - hack the staff off at the top to make it fit in my box and cover up the leg in the back and actually a pretty close fit. https://cipher-studios.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=571&zenid=i6p3krpjr5psiuccla0nj8e9i0 and https://cipher-studios.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_43&products_id=660&zenid=i6p3krpjr5psiuccla0nj8e9i0 - cool effects on these but not sure they are what I want, and the Arabian thing doesn't fit Pandora very well, these are on the bottom of my list http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02252 - simple yet effective, just not sure of the size, looks kinda small http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer/Warhammer_Monsters/MOURNGUL.html - saw this in another post as a proxy, sweet model, maybe too big? https://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/wraith-1.html - can't remember if Pandora had any interaction with the east but this has a nice asian theme https://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/astrakhan-1-35-scale.html - this one is actualy steampunk... go figure, something that has been missing a lot in the latest sculpts https://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/dragyri-clear-resin-greater-storm-elemental-1.html - there was a non-clear version of this too, the clear has possibilities. it's supposed to be big, but not sure how big feel free to add to this list or shoot down any if you have had experience with any of the above.
  19. Previous thread that started this all: http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?p=345134#post345134 As stated over on the other thread, here's where I'll be posting my mock-ups (and eventually finished products) of using Puppet Wars Teddies to proxy the regular Teddies (using regular stat cards and the appropriate 50mm bases). Here's the first quick, crude mock-up using Nightmare Edition Teddy's shadow (illuminated by a Breadcrab Ghetto Jug Porn Studio™): I do plan on buying and / or making a decent wall for my bases, but until I get a few mock-ups done to see the size I'll need, this will have to suffice. Second quick, crude mock-up, using regular Teddy's shadow:
  20. Now I know for almost certain that Rafkin is a long ways off, But I really want something to stand in his pace until he is released.... Does anyone have a suggestion that is better than Doc Killingsworth?? [ame]http://www.amazon.com/PRIVATEER-PRESS-LLC-Killingsworth-Warmachine/dp/B000OTD1N0[/ame] Just sayin >.>............ Guy at my LGS pointed him out to me as I was pondering.... and he does have a bottle (formaldehyde baby!)
  21. As we know from the release schedule there is no Pale Rider in sight for the next 3 months or more. Does anyone have ideas for a proxy/conversion base to use in the meantime? I had thought of a wild west type model with a rifle, but I haven't been able to find any that have even halfway decent details and appearance. If anyone has done this already, or has thoughts it would be great to hear.
  22. Zoraida obeyed a guild guardsman to charge the Governor's Proxy. Guardsman kills the Proxy with his attack, when you kill the Proxy you have to do a WP to WP duel with him and if you fail, you die! My question is this. Who does the WP to WP duel? If I obeyed the Guardsman, do I do it? if that's the case I would cheat down to kill the Guardsman off, basically fail the duel on purpose, but the obey spell says "The Action selected may not cause the model to be kiled or sacrificed as part of the action." I guess this can be a two-part question. What are the time limits of the obey spell? Does the guild player conduct the WP to WP duel? Was my obey spell only for the charge action? Thanks
  23. I was putting together my marcus army and wanted to proxy up Rouge necromancy. Since I had purchased the box set and had no intention of using the Sabertooth Cerberus I decided to turn it into my proxy. I decided for one I didn't want it to be a tiger, I was bored of seeing the tigers, so I settled on Leopard, then since it was necromancy UNDEAD leopard. I love the way he came out :]
  24. Hey everyone - Just a first post from a relatively new player from Edmonton. I got two teams painted up and one more in the works. As I was browsing some miniatures, I think I found a nice proxy for Perdita at Studio McVey. The model is just absolutely gorgeous, but it is on a 50mm base and has the mount, which is obviously not reflected in the original Perdita stats. Despite these things, I think she would fit in with the crew and would look gorgeous! What do y'all think? Sebastian
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