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  1. Dirach

    Guild has the best growth opportunities

    The mighy Exorcist is added to my post.
  2. Dirach

    Guild has the best growth opportunities

    The app say the spellcasters are academic and do not mentions Witch hunter, but I agree that they fit the witchhunter theme. I would also like to see the thralls with Lucius and time will tell how restricting the "theme" will be.
  3. Dirach

    Guild has the best growth opportunities

    I think the "lawyer" with the long paper is the scribe. I really looking forward to see how the models will be distributed between the master. There seem to be a belive that models will belong to one master only, but that don´t have to be the chase. The "guardsman" can be a trait used by Dashel, Basse and Lucius. Here is my speculations I have forced myself to pick one and only one master for each. Nellie: (reporters) Fiona Gage, Allison Dade, Field reporters, those previewed "paperboys". Pedita (Family) Fransico Ortega, Santiago Ortega, Papa Loco, Nino Ortega, Abuala Ortega, Pistolero De Latigo, Monster Hunters (these would fit Basse aswell I guess) Sonnia (Witchhunters): Samael Hopkins, Witchling Handler, Witchling Thrall, Witchling Stalkers, Thalarian Quellers (Dr. Grimwell, Orderly, Nurse Hartsbane will also currently fit here, but I moved them to free for all, maybe they will fade away and be forgotten) Lady Justice (Marshalls) The Judge, The Jury, Death marshall recruiter, Exorcist, Domador De Cadavres, The lone Marshal, Death Marshall. Hoffman (M&SU?) Ryle, Peacekeeper, Guardian, Hunter, Watcher, (From Archanists Joss, Howard Langston, Mobile toolkit, Metal Gamin, Steam Archanid, Large Archanid, Riotbreaker Soulstone Miner, Steam Archanid Swarm, Rail Golem) The Wardens (might be be both M&SU) and Guardsman The next is difficult Lucius: (Mimic? / Guardsmen?) Lawyer, Withnesses?, Investigators? Infiltrators? Master Queeg??? Wardens???? Executioner??? , Terracotta warriors, Beconer, Chagelings Doppelganger, Tannen?, Vogel? Candy? Mr. Graves?(maybe the Jury will become Lucius Henchman? It would be fitting to his theme) (could share the guardsmen from Basse and Dashel) Basse: (?) Guild Pathfinder? Guild Austringer? Guild Hound? Mounted Guardsmen?, Clockwork trap? Some new minions. A new Henchman (could share the guardsmen from Lucius and Dashel) Dashel (guardsmen?) Guardsmen, Riflemen, Guard seargant, New Henchman? (could share the guardsmen from Lucius and Basse) Free for All: Orderly, Dr. Grimwell, Nurse Heartsbane, Butal Effigy, Sanctioned Spellcaster, Greed (will likely fade away), Brutal Emmisary, Pale Rider, Gouvernours proxy Likely lost: Sidir Alchibal, Wastrel
  4. I have not seen pictures yet, only the video on the "a wyrd place" on facebook. The best view of the guild miniatures starts right after 18:00.
  5. I think the big guy with Basse is Dashel. The details is not easy to see. I think the thing that looks like a round ball is his his outstretched hand with his finger pointing. But I might be seeing things I want to see. I cannot see who those behind Basse is. I think the guys around Lucius is lawyers and the scribe.
  6. I guess we will have the Dashel box for the totem anyway. Wonder if there will be new models except for the totem? Or maybe the governors proxy will be Dashels totem? But this time it is really good. Or the new Proxy will be better than the Dashel totem?
  7. I want a Parker crew, maybe it is the time to get one? I can use my outcast stuff, and if he gets very good in the new edition, I can say "I played him since 2nd edition"
  8. Until we know more, we don't know if McMourning can hire beasts and academics as a resser. If he can, the models you invested are not lost. You only run them with resser McMourning. It will be interesting to see how usable McMourning and McCabe with a guild based collection of models. As I don't have not bought beasts for McMourning my biggest fear is that my outcast and bayou mercenaries bought for Nellie will be unusable as I have no outcast or bayou master.
  9. Dirach

    To Wyrd: Errata'ed stat cards in Europe

    Wyrd have posted the needed cards on their web page. I agree that printed cards "feels" better and you will notice the difference, but when the printed cards are put in sleeves they look good and in function they do the same work.
  10. Dirach

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Oh. Som my Spellcasters are just as bad as ever then? 😕
  11. Dirach

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I am to lazy to figure out my self. What is the Sanctioned Spellcaster trick? And what is the 8ss dreamteam?
  12. Dirach

    Add ram suit

    Thank you. The Specialized Skill is just what I was looking for . Thanks.
  13. Dirach

    Add ram suit

    The "critical strike" talent say you get +1 damage for each ram in the final duel. How can you get more than one ram on weapons that are not "deadly"? Is it possible to get a ram on a skill?