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  1. Dirach

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I have Santana Ortega and Miss Anne Thrope waiting to be played, so Perdita and Lady J is high on the priority list. Basse would be fun, but I´ll wait until he is released.
  2. Dirach

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    I would really want to see the keyword system in use. I want to see an example on who the "core" pool of models a Master can hire. Preferable a Master that could hire cross faction. (And preferable with the guild involved )
  3. Dirach

    Waldo's Weekly - Serving Up Summons

    It was hard to read the "Call in reinforcement" ability because the target of the ability is stated in the end of the text. You must read the whole text before you learn that scheme markers is the target. The special chase "friendly scheme markers" is even mentioned before you learn what the target is.
  4. Dirach

    How would you base Lucius?

    I am not a fan of fancy bases, so I have given his base a sand look like every single guild model I have. They fit very well with my first Malifaux board that was a desert western town. I guess this was not much help, but I gave him a red ring to tie him to the guild. The logic behind this was that he is seen as a guild member. The neverborn connection is hidden. It also made sense as Guild is my main faction. If I did fancy bases I think I would give it a "guild" flavour with some neverborn hints. A ballroom/garden with a small tentacle hidden maybe?
  5. Played two matches this weekend. One was a standard burn everything Sonnia list that I borrowed from this forum. The other was self composed. What I knew in front of the game was: Opponent: Neverborn. Strategy: Symbols of Authority Schemes: Covert breakthrough, Set up, Recover evidence, Vendetta. I planned for: Covert breakthrough and set up. Lucius: Suprising loyalty, Deep Pockets Scribe Phiona Cage: transpiracy, depth to the guild. Doppelganger: depth to the guild Witchling Thrall Investigator Investigator Austringer My plan was to rush the other side. Cage and the thrall would be a danger that the opponent would have to deal with, and the other would sneak around removing symbols and placing scheme markers. My opponent used something like this: Zoraida and had McTavish, a blue spirit that I belive Zoraida placed the voodoo doll through, Iggy, Alligator and two Waldgeist? (Walking threes that could produce woods) I placed the Investigators and austringer on the left flank and the rest in the center of the board. The left flank didn´t do anything to the strategies and schemes. The voodoo killed an investigator early, and McTavish and the alligator took down the other investigator and austringer over the next rounds. (But they drew some attention) The center force was much more successful. Cage was moved into the opponent force placing scheme markers as she attached his crew. Unfortunate it made it easy for the opponent to score 3 points on set up, as Cage was the target. She went down at the end but she did the job as expected. The thrall did very well when it came to scaring the other crew, and did some valuable scheming the last turn. The doppelganger was my MVP. Took down two symbols, and placed many point giving scheme markers. Lucius him self was very good when it comes to helping the thrall and doppelganger placing schemes in places filled with enemies. My opponent had picked the same schemes as me and scored 3 points on symbols, 3 on setup and 3 on breakthrough. I managed to score 3 on symbols, 3 on setup (Zoraida) and 2 on break through (I guess you have to score and remove markers on "setup" (end of turn) before scoring "break through" (end of game)) So I lost 8-9 but it was a great game. I could improve on my "flank" game, as I made it to easy for my opponent.
  6. Dirach

    Match the model to the Master.

    It can also be solved with the following ability: "can hire guild hounds and mounted guildguards as if they shared a keyword with McCabe"
  7. Dirach

    Match the model to the Master.

    McCabe should include Wastrels and Terracotta Warriors (McCabe found them according to a story) I would also guess that guild hounds and mounted guild guard would remain some how.
  8. Dirach

    What I hope 3rd Ed WON'T be.

    I am not worried at the moment as we don´t know the rules yet. Streamline and simplify don´t have to mean "making the game less tactical". One of the problems I and my group have with the game is that there is so many rules for each model that games are sometimes won and lost because you forgot an ability or someone read an ability wrong. So if if you have 5 abilities that do essential the same thing but each have their own little twist it would be wise to add them together into one ability that does the same on every model. It will make the "forgetting and misreading" aspect less important and more games is won because of good playing. I know you will learn the game in the end, but for casual and new players the huge number of abilities that essential do the same thing is making the game less enjoyable. Also removing less used abilities or less essential abilities form a model will also remove some noise. I have good faith in this aspect of "Streamline and simplify" but time will tell.
  9. Dirach

    Nicknames and avatars

    Originally I used my Nickname in warhammer related forums to pay homage to older warhammer lore. I have just continued to use it in game and miniature related forums. My picture is a Dirach painted by myself.
  10. Dirach

    Nicknames and avatars

    Yes. But the most famous Lucky Luke writer Goscinny was french. I love Lucky Luke.
  11. Dirach

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    I guess you are right. I read the word "lend" as "helping the leader" but I am i danger of putting to much of my own hopes into the quote, and as english is not my main language I´m not even sure if I can read it my way. I like your name "Solkan" by the way. I guess it shares the same root as my user name
  12. Dirach

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Mason wrote: "...some Henchman have two Keyword and lend themselves to some odd hiring pools." As I understand this henchmen will have the ability to open up other themes. I guess this ability also apply to Masters.
  13. Dirach

    M3e sculpts

    I don´t care much about dynamic or not dynamic. I guess a good blend is the best way to go. But I have noticed another thing. From the prototypes we have seen, the models seem to be "thicker" or more compact. I don´t think I like that direction if that is the case. I think the "thin" look from 2e is something that makes malifaux miniatures stand out. The "thicker" look feels more generic to me. Don´t get me wrong. The new Rasputina looks fantastic, but she less Malifaux to me.
  14. Dirach

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Or some henchmen open up the themed pool even when hired by masters? Maybe we should not write off the wastrels and Sidir just yet? Queeg is currently the only double keyworded henchmen as far as I know. If he still is both "guild guard" and "Black sheep" in 3rd he could open up the "theme" for guild guard masters. The Jury could be "Death marshal" and "elite division" Allison Dade could be "Guild guard" and "journalist" and could open up the Nellie pool. All these are sold individually and it makes sense that they are usable in many crews from a "sell more miniatures" point of view. I guess the chance is bigger for the "included in master boxes" henchmen to be single keyword such as Frank, Phiona and Samuel. Maybe Ryle will be a key piece to open up archanist constructs? Exciting times!