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  1. I might be a hardcore Neverborn fanatic now, but it was the first preview of Misaki's box set that got me into Malifaux. Anyone who thinks Ten Thunders is out of place in the genre probably has a very white washed view of history. Even if we exclude America and the rail road workers or all the immigrants on the west cost, we still have England and the Opium Wars or the British Raj in India, both very much in the correct time period for Malifaux to be inspired by
  2. What I've seen, and what I plan to do with mine, is put Trixiebelle sitting. Without the pose, I find the sculpt much more to my liking. And more Gremlin in my mind, but that's personal opinion.
  3. I don't know that I agree that she was one of the best masters out there. Certainly nothing like Wave 4/5 Sandeep, Nicodem, Collodi, etc. But I do agree she was very flexible. She was a hybrid, not the best at fighting, but still good, not the best at supporting tricks but still good. This meant in the hands of a skilled player, she could adapt to the fight. I liked that. I know some folks prefer the "Oh, I'm going to take the best face smasher for this strategy" and then next round "I'm going to switch to the best trickster for this strategy" kind of game play. But that wasn't me. I'd ra
  4. I loved Lilith for her tricks & sword. I love a master that can play in the backfield and manipulate the board & her crew, but when in a pinch, completely smash face. I don't like the pure backfield support masters that melt when they get into melee, and while I enjoy the smash face masters like Misaki, they are a little boring compared to a more intellectual puzzle like Lilith. You shouldn't use Lilith as a pure beater master, she just doesn't have the durability to survive extended combat, but the combination was great. That's largely why I'm concerned with Nekima as a m
  5. As to all the card size comments. Why does everything think it's just for art? We've only see the front side of cards. We all know current Malifaux cards have a lot of text on the back. I think it's hasty to assume it's "a marketing decision" or "just for the art" rather than a technical one to fit more rules on the back, and then they might as well fill the extra space this gives them on the front with eye-catching art that will attract people to the game.
  6. Mason has mentioned that they've ensured that each keyword has enough support, meaning we'll likely see more models with keywords than they have today. Things like Lelu and Lilitu already had several because they overlapped several crews, I can easily see them expanding this to more models. So it might be premature to say some master's won't have enough models. Additionally, if they expand the keyword pool big enough, then even playing "in theme" will resort to diverse crews. I understand your fear. From 1E, I have always wanted to be a Rasputina player, but I always hated playing
  7. As a primary Lilith and Collodi player, I'm very much interested in the Dead Man Hands stuff. And I am frequently participating in tournaments like Adepticon, so it's of interest. But I see a perfectly plausible "sky is NOT on fire" reason for it. At launch these masters have Dead Mans Hand stuff. They can be used in tournaments if the TO allows, and I might even expect that most tournaments would allow it right at launch to ensure 3E participation. Then in the future, when these masters get reintroduced as M3E Book 2 masters, their new incarnation with new crews, new abilities, new every
  8. Lilith's story that I referenced and leads to her current status imprisoned (I'll try to avoid more spoilers) is in the most recent Wave 5 book. Broken Promises. It also has the stories about Ramos, about Misaki, etc, so well worth it for the fluff alone!
  9. Minor question, what about alternates? I love alt's just for different flavor. I never cared for McMourning, but I took Dr. Dufrense with me to Adepticon just for the different spin. Will there be 3rd edition cards for Dufrense, or will we have to go back to using McMourning cards?
  10. The conspiracy reasons folks come up with for why certain masters leaving is funny. Can't it just be literally because of the storyline? In a year after M3E releases, there will be a new book. And in that book will be new models. There's nothing saying we can't have an undead Nicodem, a risen Lilith and whatever happens to Collodi come back for M3E Book 2. At least that's what I'm hoping the plan is.
  11. Without being tournament legal, even 95% casual players like myself will still feel compelled to play other masters to stay up to speed for the few tournaments we play in.
  12. I've been playing since the very tail end of 1E, but it wasn't until I first read Lilith's story and put her on the table that I really fell in love with it. While I literally own every single master and only have a few wave 5 models that I haven't purchased yet, Lilith is still my favorite. Reading her Book 5 story made me think 3E was coming, but I didn't realize it would do so without Lilith as a legal tournament model. However, I'm holding out hope. Lilith isn't dead, and in a game with Ressurectionists, dead isn't gone. She's in Nythera. I was hoping 3E would see her rise tran
  13. I know several people who will be playing Gremlins next year as a result of this crew
  14. It's a tough spot. If the game is going to continue to grow (as in, new ANYTHING, models, books, whatever), that inherently makes it tougher for a new person to get started, because each new thing is one more to pile on. Yet, if it doesn't continue to grow, veterans will get tired of the same combo's and same toys and move on to other games. Attracting new fans is still important, but the base is the people who are already playing. You know they are customers already (easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one). It's a tough spot. As a fan, I want the range to co
  15. Thanks for all the work you put in, helping make for some amazing games! Best wishes on the future
  16. Not sure I'd have much reason to play Illuminated with Titania. The Knights & scheme marker abilities make them more valuable for Titania I think. Illuminated might be slightly more durable, but the lack of scheme markers seems like a detriment
  17. Especially when you bring Lilitu to lure things to him for a pounce and a 4" engagement range for his bonus damage... and Serena to give him Black Blood so he's not hurt if other things do get attacked
  18. I've been using Lilith terrain lists quite successfully since Wave 5 and her new upgrade. Though I focus on Hazardous Terrain rather than simply just walls/cover. Lilith with her terrain upgrades Grootslang (1-2 depending on schemes) Ama no Zako (I'm still debating if this one makes sense) Lilitu for Luring models to Lilith's terrain Graves for pushing models to Lilith's terrain Baby Kade for pouncing & a lure if I'm really desperate Serena to give models like Baby Kade Black Blood & keep Lilith from nasty anti-WP conditions I've had the M
  19. I've used it in a couple of real games. Like any of the big models with fancy weapons, tentacles or other parts sticking out, it can be tricky. Keep a spare 50mm base around for when it's in real tight corners and space matters. It's not just him though, there's lot of models (in lots of games) with this problem. Turning them around so the back is what is making contact with the enemy is another potential solution. Rule of Cool applies though. If it looks cool enough, plunk it on the table and learn what is needed to mitigate the disadvantages of size
  20. In a pseudo-tournament league format, I happened to play a game last week against a fellow Neverborn player, and we ended up matching Lilith vs Titania for one of the fluffiest match-ups yet. Except Nekima wasn't on the table and I had a pair of Cyclops fighting for Lilith instead of the other way around. If it wasn't for the fact we're both Neverborn, I would have totally said the Cyclops were massively OP vs Titania though! The (0) Frozen Runes specifies "scheme markers". It does't specify friendly or enemy. So unless I'm missing something, that means it works on enemy markers as well.
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