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  1. simplex409

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    Sybaris - Yeah I do like the look of pretty much all Titania's crew and I'l most likely run her and a gnarly looking forest themed gang in the future For now I'm still learning to play so I think 3 books worth of choice is more than enough for my poor brain to handle! Ergonomic Cat - Yeeeeaaaahhhh, the thought of covering huge swathes of the board in forest 'just cause' really does appeal to me. With Lilith ignoring LoS and most of the others actually benefiting from view-obscuring trees, it strikes me as just plain mean fun Doubtless not particularly effective against a good player but as long as it's fun I don't mind losing. Actually, while I'm here and getting cool input from folks, a question on Collodi's crew... I'm looking at a themed crew - nothing allowed that's not a puppet - but that Beckoner is Sooo tempting. Is there a good puppet-type puller that anyone can point me toward or am I best to cheat and tweak the Beckoner model to make her look like a mannequin? The alternatives I can see are Bunraku's Snatch with a rubbish range or Voodoo Doll's Sewn Fate which eats Collodi's own AP. Are there better options?
  2. simplex409

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    Thanks folks Keget, I have to admit it now... I didn't even see Mysterious Conflux - only the Master-specific upgrades. I attribute this to me being rather dim. Thank you for that, changed and updated along with the wings. Cheers!
  3. simplex409

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    Hi folks, I'm a newbie, just looking at which Neverborn crew to start with and playing a few tests on Vassal to get a feel for each before spending all my money on models. (I play with myself. I'll probably go blind.) Sadly this means that my opponent is always completely rubbish so I'm unable to really gauge the effectiveness of a crew. Hence me asking for your cunning thoughts on such matters; Lilith + Beckon Malifaux + Wicked Mistress Nekima + Fears Given Form Mysterious Emissary + Conflux of Blood Doppleganger Cherub Waldgeist Waldgeist Pool of 6 The plan is to control the board through lots of terrain alterations with a bit of pushing, and then smack things in the face or run schemes with Nekima. Would something like this be at all worthwhile against real opponents? I don't own book 4 (yet) so I can't add any of that loveliness. Also I'm not using Lilith's sword at all since forumfolks seem to think it best to avoid learning her as a beater.
  4. simplex409

    Wicked Vines vs Misery Loves Company

    Thanks Solkan
  5. Hi folks, Does 'Misery Loves Company' count as a push, or is it unaffected by 'Wicked Vines'? Sorry if I'm asking newbish questions, I'm just learning how to play Cheers!
  6. simplex409

    Damage Order

    Thanks for all the replies folks. Really, I just wondered if the player would get another Alp when the enemy died and I think that question was answered. Cheers
  7. simplex409

    Damage Order

    Hi folks, Quick rules question. An enemy with, say, 3Wd activates while standing between and Alp and a Sorrow. He fails his Wp and gets slow from Smother so the Alp deals damage with Feed on Dreams while the Sorrow deals damage from Life Leach and from Misery, right? In what order is this damage dealt? Thanks guys