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  1. Its April - i feel like this year is zipping past without waving buuuut whatever! Onwards with more awesome Paintjobs on outstanding miniatures! If you are new to the challenge and want to know the ins and outs - Everything you need to know for the Challenge is right HERE. For this month specially themed thingy I choose to elect *drumroll*................ Gadgets! Please post you favourite gadgets that have helped you a TON in the hobby and you never ever want to be without them again and/or post the gadgets you spend a s***ton of money on and which are now used to keep the window open, please with Photo and background Story I hope this keeps being as awesome as it has been so far, have fun and enjoy your time!
  2. It is my honour to introduce month number two of this years painting challenge, copy everything from recent threads and boldly state that i made a contribution. From when i write this, january has been a crazy good month in the painting challenge with so many awesome works shared, i am pretty hyped for the rest of 2022! If you are new to this, the rules for this competition are HERE This month Masterclass theme will be my favourite money sink: P A I N T Tell us what paints you use, what type, brand, how and if you dilute them and with what, do you mix them yourself, paint from the pot, what would like to try out, maybe someone in here has got you covered fire away P.S.: posted this earlier because my weekend timeframe looks horribly full
  3. Hola, hace tiempo que intentaba conseguir minis de malifaux y al final de segunda mano he ido adquiriendo algunas estas son las que ya van teniendo color. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, some time ago I was trying to get minis de malifaux and at the end of the second hand I have been acquiring some of these are the ones that are already having color. (sorry for my English ha ha) Dashel
  4. I'm going to grab some of the excellent base-coat spray primer colors from Army Painter when my beasties arrive. One on top, one under belly, then wash and blend. completely unsure of the color combos I will choose, however. Do any of you look at these critters and know what you are going to attempt to make them look table-worthy?
  5. Hello! My name is Victor (OperStrike). I'm from Russia. I decided to make a blog of his work) Happy viewing) 1. Lady Justice - Judge, Jury, and Executioner. base for them:
  6. Come join us at Paddy's Game Shoppe (https://www.facebook.com/Paddys-Game-Shoppe-80258901092/) for an easy going casual league on Sunday July 16, 2017 through Sunday August 6, 2017. We meet up every Sunday between 12:30 - 1 pm till about 5:30 pm. It is easy going casual fun. Come to paint and assemble your minis, discuss plans and strategies and play to your hearts content. We accept all players, new and experienced. Feel free to also join and discuss things on the st. cloud Malifaux playgroup page. https://www.facebook.com/St.CloudMalifaux/. This is a great way to get ahold of myself and other players. Let the battle begin KiskaShadowRawr
  7. Hey everyone I was looking through some tutorials and the people showing off their skills usually use a base or structure to held the miniature up in order to get a easier grip (and no fingers on the miniature itself). Do you guys glue the miniature to the temporary painting base? Do you "nail" them with a very small piece of steel? How do you do it? I can only imagine the miniature being glued by the feet, for instance. Thanks
  8. Hassassin Yasbir it´s an assassin of elite from the Hassassin Bahrain, has several years in duty doing the alah will to the enemies of the Haqqislam and following the commands of the Wise Old Men of the Mountain... so effective infiltrating and killing enemies that there is a legend upon him to be the very same WISE OLD MEN OF THE MOUNTAIN itself. For an hassassin the vulnerabilities of the foe are gold, so healers and medics are center of many strategies since they keep alive their troops, striking there is striking at the Very Heart of the enemy. The Hassassin Creed says "One stab to the heart to destroy the body, and one stab to the neck destroying the cube.... the very soul" Cube is a kind of chip in the head used to store your info and your quantronic personality/soul for later resurrection thru Clones, Hassassin knows how to utterly destroy you.
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering is if I could get some advice on a good starter paint. So far I've been bumming paint from my friend and I figured it high time I get my own (and get him a replacement bottle or two). Ive been using Citadel and Vallejo, I like citadel, solid colors and A LOT to chose from but I find the bases are a little too thick for the high level of detail in the Wyrd models. So I'd like to get a Vallejo paint set seems like a good place to start (feel free to suggest something else) but there are a lot of different Vallejo paint sets out there and I was hoping for some suggestions. Ideally something that has a good spectrum of colors and does not break the bank . On a side note the crew I'm going to be painting next is the Colette crew, Cassandra reds and blond hair Colette blue/purple metallic for the mannequins of course same with the birds and something creative for the performers. Thanks for all of the help, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot I did not see anything for painting (aside from iron painter) and this seemed like the next best place to get advice.
  10. I was wondering what brands of paint the community prefers to use on its models. Does one brand work better than another, given the material the models are made from? Sorry in advance if this topic is posted in the wrong area, or has already been covered.
  11. How about we get a new conversion thread going here guys ^^ show me what u did ill start off with my own Zoraida "Cthulhu" inspired swamp crew ^^ (its a treeman hand over the doll btw :P)
  12. This is our first painting contest. Competition rules: * To start the competition must take a photo of the model with a newspaper where we can see the date. All dates must match. * Only Wyrd´s Miniatures allowed. * Only base color at inictial picture . * The base must be without work. * Must be minimum and maximum 3 miniatures. * The mini will be evaluated in two aspects, painting technique and quality of the base on a scale of points, each mini will be eveluated in a range of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest quality and 10 the highest quality and the base will be evaluated in the same way. * The judges have yet to confirm Mister Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures, Crissy Dubois from AWP facebook group (Confirmed), more to be announced. * The last day of painting pictures until maximum 8 pm evening will be received. * Photos will be uploaded to the page malifaux Venezuela to a section of the forum that was created especially for this competition. Photos may not be shared on websites during the competition. Any doubt, you know where find me!
  13. This is my first time posting here and english is not my primary language... so please bear with me Actually, Malifaux is my first miniature game so this is my first time painting these miniatures too. all bases made by epoxy putty and watch parts. and here we go... Salvage and Logistics + Lazarus Waifs Abominations reeaallly close up! Levi and Rusty... I forgot to paint Levi's hair grey... lol aaaand Lazarus. Hope you like it!
  14. Lucius Leader of the Guild (and Neverborn) This is the first picture, more an unboxing than a wip
  15. So you just got a new box to start playing malifaux? worried about starting it without someone to help you? Come by this Wednesday April, 16 2014 at 6pm where I will be on site helping new players build there new crews. There is paint on hand to help you start you out painting your awesome miniatures and also some awesome painters to help you choose what your right colors. Come on by and have some fun. Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377
  16. Hello I didn't know where to put this so I thought I would post in the general one and then if a more obvious one comes along then it can be subsequently moved Quite a while ago I bought proxy models to have a Collodi crew before the Collodi stuff was released. Recently after Malifaux came back to our gaming club I have decided I want to finally paint them so after looking around for ideas I came across the thought of painting them similar to the effect of colours under black light (see below) However I have no idea how to go about getting colours to look this particular shade is there a paint range anyone can suggest or any similar technique that people may have come across that can help out. I would be most appreciative of any help given.
  17. New to the game and want to learn to play? Have a crew that you've worked hard to collect and never got to play? Want your crew to stand out at the next big event? Then join us at games and stuff for our next Malifaux demo and hobby day. We will be running introductory games for all who are interested. Plus we will be available to give you advice on your crew to find that missing link to accomplish your schemes. Or come and hobby with us where I will be available to offer painting tips and techniques, or model advice to make your models stand apart. 1/12/13 from 12p to 6pm Feel free to comment on this thread, inbox me, or contact the store for more details. Games and Stuff 7476 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Glen Burnie, MD 21061 410.863.7418 INFO@GAMESANDSTUFFONLINE.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GAMESANDSTUFF WWW.TWITTER.COM/GLENBURNIEGAMES
  18. Just started playing Malifaux about three weeks ago. Just showing off my work, so let me know what you guys think. Fifth base pictured is for Mcvavish who is about done too. (Sorry about the pictures being somewhat blurred but it's about all I can use.)
  19. I am sure plenty of you have been there before. You painted a model and end up scrapping it, because the color scheme or paints weren't to your fancy. So how do you get rid of the paint to repaint the model? I used to use nail polish remover and let the model soak up in there over night and clean off the goopy paint with an old tooth brush. But in the recesses there would often be clumps of paint that can kill some fine details. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  20. It's been awhile since my last post (working on belle zombies) just got my Lilith avatar Wednesday and I'm working on it. This will be fun. Now I finish putting it together and prime it so it is ready to paint I might have it done this weekend. Here are some pic of what i done so far.
  21. I just finished my Guild Guards (Blister pack - I also have the female Guild Guard from the Lucius box set) and I also worked on the Drill Sergeant. Guild Guards: The Drill Sergeant: I went with the red coats theme (I'll post the full Guild Guard unit photo later) and was really happy on how they turned out... Awesome red coat Guild Guard under the leadership of Lucius. As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.
  22. Hey everyone, I recently stumbled on Adrian from Aethervox / Rathnar's picture of "Neverdita" and love it. So much so, I'd like to use the same colours he used for her hair and skin for my Lilith model. I have tweeted him but in case he doesn't reply (celebrities always get so many tweets they can't respond to them all!) I was wondering if anyone here could offer some advice on which paints (preferably GW) I could use to achieve my goal. For reference, the picture is here: https://twitter.com/Dranthar/status/200951264643776512/photo/1/large
  23. Here's my painted Lucius crew: Lucius (I went with the British Redcoat officer theme - Inspired by this thread ) Lawyer (I made him look like a carnival performer (or carrot top)... no offense to real lawyers out there) Guild Guard Captain (with his movie poster pose) Guild Guard [female] (again, I went with the British Red Coats theme) Ryle (Made him as pale as I can and had his bandages still soaked with dried blood) I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you!
  24. I just finished building, painting and washing my Executioner. I got the inspiration to make him be covered in blood from a few entries from cool mini or not. It makes sense for him to be covered in the blood of his enemies. What do you think? pre-wash: after GW black wash: at first, I wanted to just do some blood splatters per PP's Legion of Everblight blood instructions. But unfortunately, the paint won't blow out so I decided to thin some Skorne Red and splatter it on his belly. I also combined it with some thinned Khador Red base. I think it showed that there were multiple victims at different times. I now think he looks like a fat Freddy Kruger or Edward Scissorhands.
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