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  1. To get into that festive spirit, we are holding an Enforcer Brawl on December 8th, 02:00 PM! The venue is Work-Work in Trondheim, so it will be possible to have a pint or five during the game. We use the standard rules, with one addition: If you do not play with a painted and based miniature, you have to buy a drink for someone who plays painted. Other than this, there is no entry fee and there will be prizes, including Guilders and foil cards for everyone. For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/307226813446400/
  2. We are running a 50ss Gaining Grounds 2018 Tourney at Hexcon 2018 on November 17th! The first round starts at 09:00, so arrive early. Participation requires an entry ticket to Hexcon, but is otherwise free. For more information and signup to Hexcon, please see https://hexconspillfestival.org/events/malifaux/
  3. I am available to demo Malifaux at nearly any times if asked in advance - preferred location is the brand new Outlands gaming attic, but it is also possible to get a game going at Work-Work if you feel like having a pint while playing! On Tuesdays Wartrond has its club night at the Outlands gaming attic, I will be there pretty much every time, as will other players, so this is the best time to ask for a demo on the fly. I can also demo Through the Breach, however, this requires some preparation so I need at least a week's notice.
  4. oistene

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One Voting

    I know, I just could not find the inspiration at the moment (was knee deep in another project), so I skipped. 😕
  5. oistene

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One Voting

    Seeing all the entries, I so much regret not taking the time to paint something up! Well, there's always next year, I guess.
  6. We are kicking off the fall with a newbie friendly league! The Wyrd Rapid Growth League rules will be used. The fun starts at August 7., 16:00 PM. If you have never played Malifaux before, ask our henchman for a demo! The place is the basement of Outland Trondheim, at the Merkur shopping mall. There will be prizes! For more info go to our Facebook event.
  7. We are wrapping up our campaign with a finale tournament! The place is Outland Trondheim, the time i 5 PM on Tuesday 12th of June. Standard format using campaign arsenals, 50SS (leader needs to be paid with using this, as per campaign rules). If you want to play, but did not participate in the campaign, you may, but we encourage you to get at least one game in during the last week which starts tomorrow (on the 5th). There will be a small prize for the winner. No entry fee. Complete rules and updates will be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/167388654110914/
  8. Tuesday May 15th we start up Wartrond's very first Shifting Loyalties league. As it is the very first time we do this, we run standard rules, with the requirement that all games must take place at our club locales at Outland Trondheim, and max one game against each opponent each week. Cards up at 5 pm for the first round! We play four rounds of one week each. For more information and signup visit https://www.facebook.com/events/386522335162020/
  9. oistene

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    I got some reinforcements now, thralls will hit the painting table ASAP! Trying to limit myself to playing painted, it is a good way to force myself to get painting projects done.
  10. oistene

    Creature Feature - Results

    Thanks to all who voted, and congrats to the other winners!
  11. oistene

    Creature Feature Voting Begins

    The timer was the issue. It counted down to four hours before the voting actually ended.
  12. oistene

    Creature Feature Voting Begins

    Yep, I am still able to change my vote.
  13. oistene


    I got this boy on my shelf, 98% finished... I love the base on this one!
  14. oistene

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    Got another game in yesterday, I did a simple exchange and took out two guards in favour of another Austringer (I'm playing it painted, that somewhat dictates my choices). I felt that I had a better grasp at the positioning and using Lucius to move everything now, but we didn't get very far into the game. My opponent seemed to think he was playing Warmachine and sent both his Strongarm Suit and Kilroy after Lucius. Lucius spent a lot of stones, that he got back from saccing a guard and harming another, and then the Peacekeeper and the Austringers tore both his hitters into little pieces. Having lost his Bodyguard model and both his hitters and me only being down a guard and a few wounds, he conceeded. If nothing else, he learned that Austringers are hella good.