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  1. One more thing, before I forget: If you have never before been to the Outland Trondheim game room, it is on the third floor. To get there, you need to go upstairs, then all the way left to the roleplaying games. To the right there is a white door with a stairway behind it. Go up and keep to the left. If you have trouble finding your way, ask an employee or PM me. I will probably be there early to start setting up.
  2. At this point there are only 13 people signed up (people that paid or told me they booked trips), but I know there are some bubblers, so we might yet reach 16. Also, if we are just under, but the majority of people want five rounds, I see no reason not to do five rounds anyway.
  3. Some random information as we approach the big day!
 Snacks and Drinks 
Outland sells some drinks and snacks, but the selection is limited. Sunday they will be closed for sales. There are kiosks and several restaurants nearby that sell almost anything you want, and if your game runs late and you do not have the time to run out, my son, Odin, will probably be around a lot of the time and be able to run errands for a small fee. 
Dinner Saturday We will most likely head to Bror Bar, since it is close to the venue, the food is good and the beer selection nice. The place is often crowded on Saturdays, so if you want to join, leave a comment. If we are ten people, we can book a table. 
Widgets The widgets sets are almost ready - I’ll be doing finishing touches on them tonight! We have enough for everyone who already signed up, plus a few spares. If you intend to come but did not say so, leave a note so that we can make certain that we have enough for anyone! Check out the picture above, they are great! Entrance The venue will lend us keys. I cannot both mind the door, set up tables and register people, so it is great if at least one person can show up early and mind the door. Sunday we need to apply a little elbow grease when people go outside to smoke/shop/whatever, since the store is closed.
  4. It is getting closer, and widget sets are almost ready!
  5. Encounters have now been added! Sorry that I didn't do it sooner, but I am at a conference. They are in the rules document.
  6. Pretty sweet to charge into a crowd with a Black Blood model, hit it, damage a bunch of models including yourself and score four or five points
  7. All Out Brawl question: So... any and all models? Including the model itself? That is fun
  8. Trondheim's youngest player says "Hi Nathan!"
  9. Rule set is ready, we even got Gaining Grounds in time for the event! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Acy1ZFiou3lY9YeJ_OG_7ElxFbyyE80TS0CUMcs_d3I/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I am available to demo Malifaux or The Other Side at nearly any times if asked in advance - preferred location is the new Outland Trondheim gaming attic, but it is also possible to get a game going at Work-Work if you feel like having a pint while playing! On Tuesdays Wartrond has its club night at the Outlands gaming attic, and Thursdays have become a regular Malifaux night. I will be there must Thursdays, as will other players, so this is the best time to ask for a demo on the fly. If given at least a week notice I can also demo Through the Breach ! Remember that Saturday 19th is the second Breach of the Month tournament! We have loads of great prizes so come play! Even more importantly, November 22nd - 24th is NORWAY OPEN! Seems like we'll be getting a lot of visitors, so you cannot miss out on this!
  11. Carver isn't undead, spirit or a ghost - is he allowed?
  12. So many people coming! At the start of October, I'll be getting my life back and can start translating information to English. Full and final ruleset will be posted on November 1st, I'll try to get more practical info out before then. Scenarios will be posted on November 11th!
  13. The totem is free, why would you leave it? The push is good, even though it doesn't do much else. I agree that the rider seems really good. Frank is decent, but he falls behind a lot.
  14. Multiple masters is yet not decided. It seems like a lot of people think GG19 will not allow them, if GG19 is not published in time we'll make a final call closer to the event.
  15. We will accept international players. Cannot promise beds, but we will try to find something (I do unfortunately not have the space myself, so have to hope that some of the guys with bigger houses can offer a place). Maybe couchsurfing is an option.
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