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  1. Was a big discussion on this on Facebook - I agree with solkan here. Particularly the errata on Rams make no sense if you should resolve each only once.
  2. For the first time ever, we demo M3E in Trondheim! As usual, we'll be at Outland Trondheim, and Thursday 21st February 4 PM is the time. Several of the crowd have been part of the beta test since the start, and are willing to teach. We have Fate Decks and models for loan. https://www.facebook.com/events/2212600025647008/
  3. I just cannot understand why you can think so. It has been great in every game game I've seen with Lady J.
  4. I've played against Lady J and she is incredibly scary. Stat 7 would just send her over the top. Other than that, I just agree with what Dark Reaper and DuBlanck said.
  5. Hey, opponent player here. There's not much to add, Reaper pretty much sums it up. Family lacks style and cohesion, TaN seems more useful now, but they do not tie together. I'd love it if a model (for instance Abuela) got an ability to trigger Grit, that would really kick 'em off. McMourning played real nice, the Necromancy seems to have some weird interactions with itself and also was pretty easy to take down, but it died too fast to really show what it was capable of. Everything else worked well, I particularly liked the nurses.
  6. I said "smart" limitations. Never said 'non-emissary etc etc' even if the quote sets it up to look that way. Pretty sure it can be done.
  7. Still think that it could be done better than to remove them completely. Limit the ability to certain characteristics, disallow some keywords etc. With a smart set of limitations, we can have options, while leaving design space.
  8. I do not feel that removing the out of keyword hiring options is a good direction, I already miss Abuela's Shotgun Wedding. Were these things really causing that much imbalance? The abilities made crew design a lot more fun.
  9. I'll simply let TOS inherit my old protectors and binders from Malifaux (since the size there is about to change), which in turn was inherited from WMH (which I stopped playing since Malifaux is so much more fun)...
  10. You are not; people in my meta are super excited!
  11. Lady J and Nellie, seeing that I never got around to playing them in M2E.
  12. Game was delivered in Norway week after Xmas. Hang in there guys, you'll be next and it is worth it!
  13. To get into that festive spirit, we are holding an Enforcer Brawl on December 8th, 02:00 PM! The venue is Work-Work in Trondheim, so it will be possible to have a pint or five during the game. We use the standard rules, with one addition: If you do not play with a painted and based miniature, you have to buy a drink for someone who plays painted. Other than this, there is no entry fee and there will be prizes, including Guilders and foil cards for everyone. For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/307226813446400/
  14. We are running a 50ss Gaining Grounds 2018 Tourney at Hexcon 2018 on November 17th! The first round starts at 09:00, so arrive early. Participation requires an entry ticket to Hexcon, but is otherwise free. For more information and signup to Hexcon, please see https://hexconspillfestival.org/events/malifaux/
  15. I am available to demo Malifaux at nearly any times if asked in advance - preferred location is the brand new Outlands gaming attic, but it is also possible to get a game going at Work-Work if you feel like having a pint while playing! On Tuesdays Wartrond has its club night at the Outlands gaming attic, I will be there pretty much every time, as will other players, so this is the best time to ask for a demo on the fly. I can also demo Through the Breach, however, this requires some preparation so I need at least a week's notice.
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