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  1. Guslado

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    @matt, is the timer correct that entries are due on December 3rd due to the Thanksgiving Holiday or is the timer incorrect?
  2. Guslado

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Results

    It would have been kinda weird having a rematch of round 2, which is what would have happened based off of the bracket.
  3. Guslado

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Five Announcement

    There's a lot of fun directions this can go in. Best of luck, @Radamset!
  4. My F5 key seems to be broken, I'm not seeing the round 5 announcement yet...
  5. Guslado

    Round Four Voting Information

    Lots of really great entries this round! Voting for bronze was tough and I don't envy the decisions the judges have to make for Gold and Silver
  6. I'm sad you didn't end up finishing something up 😞 Well, time to go see who I got matched up against now...
  7. Guslado

    Good Clean Fun

    It's been a busy couple of weeks. I posted my entry to the gallery with about 5 minutes left on the countdown, so the approval on it didn't go through until sometime this morning.
  8. Guslado

    Good Clean Fun

    Playing low down and dirty is the Gremlin way!
  9. Lowdown and Dirty is the theme and my opponent is @Dirty? Feels like I'm coming in at a disadvantage here 😉
  10. Guslado

    Man or Monster

    I scratched it before I painted it because creating a random looking but appropriately spaced set of scratches into plasticard is tough (I had to scrap the first one I made) and I didn't want to risk screwing up such a time consuming piece. Also, the plasticard is bright white and I didn't want it popping out too much.
  11. No matter how much time there is, I always find myself finishing up my submission with about 20 minutes left. The two week time limit makes it easier to stop and say “this is done” whereas other projects I keep seeing little things that I can tweak and change.
  12. Guslado

    Man or Monster

    It's getting hard to tell anymore... This entry was challenging, but so much fun to do! The painting on the wall is based of off of the original image of Ferdinand Vogel from the Divergent Paths campaign, way back when he first arrived in Malifaux and before all of the events occurred that made him the man (or monster) he is today. The two framed paintings were entirely freehand painted. The wallpaper was made by creating a vector pattern in Illustrator, which I glued to the wall and then painted over to give it depth. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!
  13. @Kai, might we get our handy countdown please?
  14. Guslado

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Two Results

    Thank you muchly! Good luck next round, @Ayvran!
  15. Guslado

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    So, everyone else here is tapping F5 constantly right now, right? 😉