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  1. I hope so, we just had a local meta collapse after some drama with the store owner and it really brings into focus how vulnerable the game is if it doesn't get good player numbers in stores.
  2. We don't really have weak units, partially because everything we have is currently good at one of three things: Having a good defense/armor value (Metal Legion, Mehal Saefari) Has a good utility (Bath cav, crow runners) Can Maneuver like a bat out of hell (Bath Cav, Lord of Steel) If anything, the Dreadnought and Crow Runners are probably the weakest overall, simply because they tend to be more middle-of-the-road than the others.
  3. FLGS in Antioch, CA just reported having Other Side in stock. Allegiance starters and rulebooks
  4. Be curious to see what people take. I tried Explosive Rocket on The Lord of Steel, but he never ended up using it - his movement is so extreme. Likewise I'm finding Shock Batons pretty useless, most of our melee is already 5 or 6. Grenades seem nice, but there isn't much reason for your opponent to bunch up outside of melee
  5. That seems like a pretty small fish to throw a nerd rage fit over. The question should be: Is the product a good value for the price? Asking Wyrd to increase prices to make you feel better just seems childish.
  6. Looking over at the Malifaux and Warhammer 40k product lines I feel like I've gotten a great deal. Especially for the starter
  7. I know this is their first big kickstarter and I want to cut them some slack, but it seems like Wyrd sent stuff to Games Distributors and figured they'd hope for the best.
  8. Alright - you all clearly need encouragement: Game against the Burning Man - Was wierd to deal with a unit that was just as elite as my Mehal Sefari. After buying 5 cards over two turns (and getting only 1s and 2s) I was forced to admit the VP difference had gotten too large to deal with by turn 4.
  9. Standing on low terrain would prevent it from blocking LOS as you don't count any terrain within 2" of the targeting model. I don't know how Malifaux works since I've only ever plaed a demo game, but the LOS rules in the Other Side rulebook are one of the few clear parts of the initial rulebook.
  10. I though Diacash was the West Europe distributor for the kickstarter. Are they still not shipping out packages?
  11. Two reasons for me, one in that they were a forgiving army that could pitch into melee, (something that was important to me) *trigger warning* The second being that it's just so damn refreshing to have a non-European/american faction that isn't 'savage'. Most Asian/African/Latino based factions always seem to backwards and archaic against their high-tech European foes, Absyinna was a surprising change in which the models still look African but the tech looks both advanced and practical. Even Malifaux's own Ten Thunders can't claim this and it was a huge draw to have something on my
  12. I'm not certain if the ebook version has it, but the hardback rulebook addresses several of these on the quick reference page in the very back. This forum also has an improved PDF version that contains even more details. I've enjoyed my first game too, although I don't come from a Malifaux background. It reminded me or playing Warmachine, but with a scale similar to Warhammer 40k in regards to the number of models on the board. I'm really liking these multi-model bases as they speed up a lot of the fiddly bits of unit positioning.
  13. Got a game of Other Side in with my Abysinna and wanted to get the ball rolling: Still working out all the kinks, but the Lord of Steel got within a hair's breadth of killing the King's Hand but got swarmed by New Wales boarders. Also took a pic of the game next to me, a two commander game in which the King's Empire dueled with the Gibbering Hoards: How about everyone else? Gotten a game in recently?
  14. The Samantha Thrace book was pretty good, even if it's 100+ pages about how Samantha Thrace is awesome and the other factions are just there to give her a hard time. The fact that it came with 20 pages of Other Side rules was just icing on the cake.
  15. I've completed my paint tests and found a scheme I liked: Next step would be to base the models but I'm kind of stuck there as to what would look best with the paint scheme. Any advice from Wyrd veterans out there? Green Grass, Yellow brush, urban streets? I'm kind of stuck on this one
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