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  1. Egg Clutches are available for add-on with the kickstarter. I'm not yet fully versed in the rules for the mini, but I'll throw this out there: how many Egg Clutches do you plan to pick up initially?
  2. I'm going to grab some of the excellent base-coat spray primer colors from Army Painter when my beasties arrive. One on top, one under belly, then wash and blend. completely unsure of the color combos I will choose, however. Do any of you look at these critters and know what you are going to attempt to make them look table-worthy?
  3. Shrapnelsmile

    Liking the Horde!

    Ushering fourth eliminated units, rather than spawning new ones, is a thankfully wise choice from the Wyrd design team. You are spot-on in your sentiment I feel. We will be painting more models than some other factions, but there is always an end in sight verses the summoning approach in other systems.
  4. Shrapnelsmile

    Abyssinia Image Previews

    On the note of demos, I am opting for Gibbering vs. Abyssinia. I think that is both an aesthetic and play-style contrast that will shine when juxtaposed on the table.
  5. Shrapnelsmile

    Welcome to The Other Side!

    If you want additional information on the game, and an overview of mechanics, the new Cheated Fates podcast features an interview about ToS. This episode just went live recently. Discussion contains numerous details, thoughts on community and play testing, as well as exclusive information about ways to win a match of The other Side. Definitely check it out. My kitchen is now spotless and my pledge increased.
  6. Shrapnelsmile

    Unassembled option for backers?

    Just for the record, being pre-assembled actually may allow me to purchase another force. I dislike assembly so immensely, and I'm so horrible at it, that I often pay a local hobby expert / painter to do it for me. Ready out of the box, squad level and coupled with the rad Wyrd setting and style = auto pledge for me. Awesome they are throwing in un-assembled for others down the road, however. Good show all around.
  7. Shrapnelsmile

    Funded in 35 Minutes!

    I'm in at the Dual Commander level ... it is a good deal, and pushes the project forward early. Extra rule books can be gifted, loaned to generate interest or sold later if my friends end up stocking up on them in the community. With the rules for Titans posted, they appear to blend in with enhancing the game, not dominating them like large models in some other systems. Pretty excited, and this still has a lot of momentum for being so early in the time line. Thanks all for letting me vent a bit first. The Other Side is going to be a great addition to the scene.
  8. Shrapnelsmile

    Abyssinia Image Previews

    Painting horses again at this mm is daunting to me, so I may pass on the cavalry units. I'm fond of the Steel Legion; what is it that is not to your liking Ammanas? Agree with the other member above, too -- I believe my factions for friends and demos will be Gibbering Hordes verses Abyssinia. Finally, yes Horbagab -- I'm curious about the infantry / walker combo too.
  9. Shrapnelsmile

    Funded in 35 Minutes!

    Interesting. I don't necessarily need, however, a two-player starter set at this point. Would just love the KS to offer 2 faction boxes, 1 book for around $170. Including stretch goal bonuses such as the free commander.
  10. Shrapnelsmile

    Funded in 35 Minutes!

    While what I see is quite appealing, we're in need of a two starter box, one book option to support. If more than the $99 pledge is required to get any reward, i have to jump into Titans and that isn't wanted yet. Not when we cannot even easily acquire two demo forces in our pledge.
  11. Shrapnelsmile

    Opinions on TOS table size?

    6' x 4' is standard for most squad-level 28mm games. I appreciate the acknowledgement that this is beyond skirmish and different from Malifaux in approach. For those in a pinch with space, discount stores sell 6' x 2.5' or so snap-secured plastic tables for super cheap. Some in my gaming circle have 2 neatly stored and can produce a large playing surface instantly, with easy take-down after the match. Pitch in for a nice F.A.T. mat or something similar and you are on par with what most game shops can even offer.
  12. Thanks gents, I knew we were missing something. I need to create a summary list of what else pups can do and other round action options. It's hard to remember with only a few reads of the rule book. Much appreciated.
  13. Hi all, Read the rules again today, and we are a bit confused before playing again tonight. Just to be certain, during 5 rounds of play (from the first animation card flipped all the way to shuffling), each opponent flips for animation 5 times (each puppet), correct? In other words, we DO NOT use the first animation card selected for all 5 activations. Probably a silly question, but we really want to learn this right.
  14. We are playing a demo tonight with only 4 puppets each. Would experienced players recommend perhaps going 3 animation rounds instead of 5 before calling it a turn? Seems like that help reduce, "deadlock." Any thoughts?
  15. Shrapnelsmile

    Can moving be interrupted by actions?

    Fantastic thanks Ratty!