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  1. I'm going to grab some of the excellent base-coat spray primer colors from Army Painter when my beasties arrive. One on top, one under belly, then wash and blend. completely unsure of the color combos I will choose, however. Do any of you look at these critters and know what you are going to attempt to make them look table-worthy?
  2. Is it confirmed there will be more belles?
  3. Told my girlfriend about the game tonight while she was eating dinner and perusing on her laptop. She looked up info and pix for the next 45 minutes while a delicious meal went cold. Total buy - in just from feedback, rules and pix alone. We're selling a rivals board game (we never play it, it just hulks around the house taking up space) so we can buy all the extra models at the same time too. Can't wait, looking good Wyrd crew and staff!
  4. Welcome to the game and the forums. I started with the exact same combo -- Pandora's box plus Teddy. While challenging, I think being a warmachine player will set you up well to quickly grasp the Malifaux world. There is no better game out there to transition from -- the skirmish mechanics are similar regarding activations and abilities. I'm 4 wins 2 losses with pandora. You can do it -- go get 'em.
  5. Thanks folks. Application has been downloaded; I will contact them when I'm fully qualified. Cheers, ~mark
  6. You know, the now defunct "Outriders" for one company, the "Sentinels" for another, the "Press Gangers" for a third? These dedicated individuals usually go above and beyond to promote the game, keep up with rules, create and run events and evaluate new product. i am currently one for an above company, and with Malifaux I'm looking to switch. can anyone from Wyrd respond here? Thanks
  7. I'm planning on running some tournies here in Central California once everyone has their figs painted. One will be a couples tournament, where people can bring their spouses to assist in their games, or play by themselves if they choose. Should be a good time. Keep us posted with the details.
  8. Duplicolor sandable is great but I can't find it around here. Army painter black is expensive but I use it exclusively. There is no better detail coverage IMO. NOTE TO FIRST TIME USERS: Spray from only 20 cm away or less. any further and it will not look good or work well. Up close, however, and it looks like black casting. Every bit of detail is present.
  9. if so, are you happy with them? My gf and I are strongly considering the street theme.
  10. Thanks again everyone; we did a lot of research and ordered yesterday. The stickied tactica were particularly helpful, although I wish there was more.
  11. yes we both read Tarot cards for ourselves and other people, so imagery and symbolism are pretty dear to our hearts. When I showed her the demo online, and then the figs, it was the first miniature game she was 110% ready to jump into.
  12. thanks man. yes we are definitely getting the Mal-decks, as that is part of what hooked her.
  13. Just to clarify before we order our stuff (including rule book), my girlfriend and I need one color deck each, correct? and no others, correct? Thanks
  14. What new models are you going to purchase from Book II, based on rules and abilities? I can get them 50% off, so I'd like to partake but I haven't played my first game yet. A compliment of one box + the rulebook to my two starters would be excellent.
  15. OK all, we are probably going with Legion of Sorrow and Red Chappel, because: A.) we like the miniature lines the best from these two factions overall and B.) with my gaming experience I can probably adjust to the learning curve fairly quickly. so my last question for now: Do we need other miniatures? One Teddy, perhaps, to swap out Candy until I get the hang of things? What about Seamus' summon ability? Should I buy additional miniatures and use that ability right away? (Does his survival depend on it). Thanks so much for the advice. A new LGS that is opening
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