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  1. Congratulations on the win, sounds like a good game. Dreamer also has an action to remove conditions, but you might not be looking to start a whole new master. And remember that Doppleganger can copy the (1) action of your enemy's condition removers, if available, e.g., Chiaki and Witchling Stalkers. As for healing, again, Dreamer is a good option in this regard. Candy can heal, though she's an expensive model to be using her for that, and there are usually better things she can be doing. Some models (like Illuminated) can self-heal, though they can't heal others. And Zoraida can hire nurses into her crews. But mostly the Neverborn way is to try to hit hard and hit first, 'cos if they start hitting back we realize how glass-cannon-ish we are.
  2. Love the reports, always very well put together. And I'm enjoying the Campaign rules. It's hard to tell from the video, but it looks like you might have forgotten that models within 6" of the center don't count for Reconnoiter? Maybe you did remember, and it's just the camera angle that makes the fight look closer to the middle of the table than it really is. Cheers again, looking forward to more. Do you plan to play any games with the Gaining Grounds strategies instead of the basic ones?
  3. Great discussion, I really learnt a few things (no surprise there!), much to think about. Good work.
  4. Yup, I tried really hard to think of 'why not,' and since I couldn't, I'll be there. Love the Player's Pack.
  5. Following up just to be clear, I think A should not have cover from B, but that will only be the case if you define the terrain-piece, before the game begins, as consisting of several pieces (and being clear about what those are). There's no need to mess with the rules, in this instance, to make them line up with 'common sense,' but rather just a need for careful and sensible terrain-definition. Which we should always be doing anyway, before games begin, to avoid disputes about what counts as what.
  6. This has been thoroughly discussed in the forums before, and it might be worth looking some of those discussions up if there are confusions. In particular, I think Justin has commented regarding situations similar to this, that the rules do indeed state that for a model to be in cover, two things need to be true: the model needs to be within one inch of the terrain that provides cover, and a Line of Sight line needs to cross that piece of terrain -- the model does not need to be within one inch of where the Line of Sight line crosses the terrain. BUT, and this is the really important bit, it is usually much better to define, before the game starts, a single complex piece of terrain as being multiple pieces of terrain, to avoid precisely this problem. For instance, if you decided before the game started that the complex terrain piece in the original example here (I don't know if it's a hill or a forest or what) consisted of, for the sake of the rules, not a single piece of terrain but instead 3 (or possibly more, depending on what it looks like on the board) pieces: the western end, the central piece that projects southwards, and the eastern end, then you would avoid this sort of problem. I think the version Justin was addressing involved the walls of a ruined building, that included several corners -- much more practical to rule that as several pieces of terrain, rather than a single one, for precisely this reason. Hope that helps.
  7. Page 45, Big Rule Book: "When a model wants to perform a Projectile [gun symbol] Attack Action targeting a model which is engaged with one or more models which are also within 2" of the target, it must randomize the target." So yes: you must be BOTH engaged AND within two inches. Nekima (Ml Range 3) can be a valid non-randomzing target even though engaged if she 3" or less but more than 2" away from all models she is engaged with. And Kade (Ml Range 1) can be a valid non-randomizing target no matter how many models he is within 2" of, if they all have Ml range of 1" as well. It can get a little more complicated: say Kade is within 2", but not within 1", of a Necropunk (also Ml Rg 1), and also within 2" of a Crooked Man (Ml Rg 2). Kade and the Crooked Man are engaged, but Kade and the Necropunk are not. HOWEVER, the rules say that you need to flip a card for each model within 2, NOT for each engaged model within 2. So if you targeted Kade, you would (I think) still need to flip for the Necropunk when randomizing. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but if you are shooting Nekima who is within 3" but not within 2" of a Necropunk, you don't randomize your target. However, you might still count as shooting into an engagement, in case that has possible interactions with other rules about shooting into engagement. I can't think of any off the top of my head, so like I say maybe that's not relevant, but I feel like it might be.
  8. Going back to Jafar's questions: the thing that seems tricky to get your head around when you're starting out, and the thing that you need to remember, is that a duel is of whatever 'type' or 'kind' based on which stat THAT model uses in the duel. The stat that the opposing model uses is irrelevant. So Pandora gets a Push from Fading Memory every time SHE uses Wp (successfully) in a duel, regardless of which stat the opposing model uses (Sh, Ml, Ca, Df, Wp, whatever). And any enemy model within 6 of Pandora that fails a duel in which THAT ENEMY MODEL used Wp (regardless of what the opponent used, if it was an opposed duel), will take a point of damage from Misery. So Lady J attacking Pandora will be a Ml duel for Lady J, and a Wp duel for Pandora. Etc.
  9. Nothing is slow if Lilith is tangling it. But yes, I take your point, Pigapult will presumably be well hidden somewhere out of the way.
  10. Pretty sure the [ignore armour upgrade], Retribution's Eye, is Enforcer only, so can't be put on either Nekima or the Spawn Mother, but other than that lots of good advice above. I too have had some success with a Lilith-one-flank, Nekima-the-other tactic. I don't generally put Fears on Nekima, unless I'm really not too worried about her surviving, since I like to use her like a scalpel more than a hammer -- i.e., target something, isolate it, and then send Nekima, aiming to not leave anything in the vicnity. She's too fragile to survive much in the way of determined retaliation. Another option if you're sure you're going to face the Pigapult (theory-faux only, I've not tried this) is to take a Convict Gunslinger, and put Retribution's Eye on him/her: the plus flips, the chance to Rapid Fire, and with the right suit flip get an extra attack means s/he can be brutal. Also good against Ice Golems, Izamu, etc., obviously.
  11. Yup, only FedEx showing as an option to New Zealand as well, seems true for both crew box orders and small-box orders.
  12. Good work! The density of impassable terrain is as you suggest perhaps a bit high, but I would only reduce it as you can replace it with other scatter-type terrain pieces. More is definitely better than less, when it comes to terrain, I think. Unless you're playing Sonnia/Perdita/Ophelia/Rasputina/etc., and are more keen on winning than on a balanced game.... Quick aside -- there's a picture of Marcus with a Silurid that you call a Waldgeist. Thought you might want to fix that.
  13. If the Deployment you've flipped is Flank or Corner, then the centerline will be corner-to-corner, so your intuitive-sounding practice will already not work in that situation. In my group, we have always played that whoever is Deploying first can choose any of 4 available deployment zones to deploy in, rather than just 2. The rules seem a bit vague about this, though: in the big rule book, p.64 describes "determine deployment" as "Players will first generate Deployment Zones," and "While players will know what the options for each deployment area are, they will not commit to one just yet" -- it seems unclear to me whether the "options" that are determined at this stage are supposed to narrow down the possible deployment zones to just 2, or whether there are still at this stage 4 potential deployment zones. P. 73 of the big rule book describes the actual deployment: "Both players now flip for deployment. The higher value player may choose one of the Deployment Zones as her own and deploys.... Alternatively, the higher value player may decide to deploy second.... Once the First Player's Crew is deployed, the other player deploys her Crew completely within the opposite Deployment Zone." Again, it seems unclear to me whether the player who chooses is supposed to choose between two options, or four. The fact that the description specifies that the player deploying second must choose the "opposite" Deployment Zone might suggest that there were still 3 options remaining, at that stage, though only one that is legal -- but I think its hardly an overwhelming suggestion. Unless anyone can point to overwhelming evidence to the contrary, though, I suspect we will keep playing that there are 4 options.
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