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  1. Two great points, I agree with you. I don't know power of obey yet, because there is no Zoraida (or other obey - style master) player in my meta. It took great hit after Sandeep era of M2E As for armour, I had some bad luck with things like Mad Dog red jokering my models etc. and because i play quite "elite" crews, even lose of 1 key model may be quite bad for me. But of course, there is not so many models that can ignore armour/shielded.
  2. I want first thought you get after question: Who first to buy: McCabe or Basse in Explorer's Society Of course different people will give different things, like "Cool factor", power level, Keyword size etc.. But I want to hear every of them. In my case it would be Basse because it looks simple to play (not so many tricks and positioning). But what for others?
  3. Few more games, few more things. - Hannah = TANK, throw prospector for SoulStones, shield upgrade or engineer buff. Of course some models can kill her easily, but mostly all attacks will be deflected. - You can counter many things, but mostly it depends on one of your models - for example markers and Drachen trooper - at high level plays, it may be too easy to counter whole keyword. Simply take things that ignore armour and can kill stuff (my crews are quite elite). But otherwise it's quite decent master.
  4. Thanks for update. I only wanted to know if there were any news. I don't have time to browse whole forum / website etc. Even if they start this next month I am OK (and my wallet is even more happy)
  5. If i recall correctly, starting from this month, there should be option to order single models from boxes, so older players can get new models mixed with old ones (for example only Olaf for Gremlins, without Banjonistas). Were there any news about this, or we all still waiting for update? I want to plan what to buy for few next months, and it would be great to have this kind of information.
  6. My mistake, questions was too generic. What models are best for removing markers, for example Gremlins have wrestlers or Outcast have Drachen Trooper. Both of those models have easy access to remove markers like Rasputina pillars
  7. Qucik questions What are Ressers options to remove: - Non scheme Markers (for example Rasputina pillars) - Conditions? Thanks in advance for help
  8. Had game with VS: - without ignoring armour/shielded or very good dmg track it's difficult to kill even simple minion from this keyword in one activation. After hits, I can easily heal and DF / WP stats are nice. - Rocket Boots, pushes from Librarian and teleport from VS are VERY important. Without it, whole crew is quite slow - This may change, but right now I don't know what to do with VS when I have all upgrades on models, his attacks are not so great as expected, but combo with Pull trigger on ML is great - card hungry, I will say it again CARD hungry. VS wants cards with specific suits but not high ones, other models want to discard cards and you want stuff to cheat if needed - it's easy to generate a lot of Shockwaves, can be deadly for some crews / scenarios What do you think? Did you have similar ideas?
  9. Great topic, thanks for help. Can someone create list for 50 ss? I want to get general idea behind this master. Thank you for help.
  10. I am slowly creating my first lists and general tactics. Few tricks I saw, not tested but worth mentioning: - Add regen trinket to Von Schill, he will get 2hp each turn - Steam Trunk + Midnight Stalker / Block LoS to Von Schill and give some upgrade, to MS
  11. Can someone provide short Wong summary or link to podcast / video about him? I am unable to grasp this master and from keyword models (pure look, not power level) it looks fun to play
  12. Great topic, can some one share 50 ss Colette list to try her? Thanks in advance for help.
  13. This is great topic. Thank to it I got general idea about Sommer / Ophelia / Zipp. Can you provide informations regarding other masters? I played Malifaux for 4 years, but sold my collection because got a little tooo annoyed with state of M2E. Now I want to return and I am looking for "generalist" master for start. Thank you in advance for help
  14. Do you played with keyword scheme runner or used Stalker? I want to grab general idea about this crew. Also thanks for all help.
  15. Von Schill was my first master, I love his look and theme but in M2E he was quite boring to play (compared to other masters). Based on beta files, I think I might give him a chance. But I see thay now he can take 3 x Freikorps minions (scout, man, drache etc.) Has anyone played him in beta, what standard list looks like? Should I get extra freikorps models? Maybe WYRD showed new sculpt for this crew? I don't see any preview on "upcoming" page. Thank you in advance for help.
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