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  1. General idea is nice, but Freikorps already have issues with cards, so next models that allows discarding is a bad idea. Instead, I would give something opposite, when model discards card or upgrade there is a bonus (card draw, shielded + 1, free push etc.)
  2. What new Freikorp model I want? From look perspective: - Some kind of mortar / heavy weapon - Quartermaster with all new Freikorps upgrades equipment included in model: like riot shield in hands, rocket launcher on back, mines as part of base etc. From rules perspective: - card draw, for example when you discard, this model takes one dmg and you draw new one - better scheme runner -cheaper + focused only on move / schemes, no need for armour etc.
  3. Last week I had game VS Parker. Same crew as vs Mei, but gave SoDP to Deso Engine. I must say that Deso worked in this game, opponent used many of cards- only to pass WP tests. New things learned - hard counter to Levi is to leave him on 2 wounds, unable to deal dmg for bonuses, unable to easily die I think that someone said same thing in one of topics (maybe even this one) - crew was quite slow. Parker had pushes and that perk to move and shot for 1 AP. Nice trick was to give fast to Deso Engine (Scavenger action) and charge into enemy group.
  4. I can be wrong, but WYRD said that they want to make similar starting boxes and aim to: Master, totem, 3x minion + Enforcer / Hench in theme. Of course there are things like Hamelin or Perdita, but I think that they are doing it in general, check New Levetivus, Giant from Neverborn, Sommer etc.
  5. I could miss one wound on Neil or add Extra one. People in my local area ( including me) are still learning a lot, for example def trigger timing. But in General he got 4 attacks in total, one was 5 dmg, rest was 2 (or 3 don't remember his dmg track). I agree it's not so easy to take down Deso, but model with Ruthless (or some lucky flips) can easily take it down. Example from that game, I had 2 df (Injury +1), he flipped 13 on attack, it made no sense for me to cheat high card, it still was on , but he flipped 11 and 12, so 5 dmg (of course no more high cards for him but it still hurt).
  6. To sum up: - SoDP was on Levi and Rusty, Maybe I will try it on Deso next time - How it killed me, 4 attacks, (flurry and reckless), first one gave me Injury + 1 one got 5 dmg on , so some unlucky thing on my side as well. Abd yes, it gave him 4 dmg, and Levi one shooted him next activation - Marlena: I want to try her, but for different schemes / stats / enemy. At first glance i think she is "Close Combat", but I prefer Levi little in back so I must find a spot for her
  7. I did my first game with Levi. My list was: Levi + Servant Waif Waif Rusty + Servant Scavenger Necropunk Midnight Stalker Deso Engine + Upgrade that gives swagger Me enemy was something like: Mei Feng + Her totem + metal gamin + arachnid swart + Neil + Pig from Gremlin + Rail Golem + Rail worker Schemes were turf war, take prisoner, breakthrough, Harness line, Vendetta, Search Ruins Quick summary: - Levi was killing everything, low wounds (Rail worker, Mei totem etc.) helped. Bonus action to check 3 cards is great, I found black jokers once and correctly set cards to max outcome (for example got 1,2,13, so set 13 and 2 as focused attack and discarded 1 for better result) - T1 I got red joker and picked it twice over next turns with Scavenger. - Deso Engine was bad, 3 df was easy target for Neil, one activation and it died, I will take A&D next time for sure. - NecroPunk + Stalker did all schemes from my side, I think that I will aim for 2 x NecroPunk and leave Stalker in box. - Biggest mistake from my side was setting traps with Rusty, I was thinking that those are removed after ANYTHING touches it, so I set them next to my models, enemy rail golem pushed rusty in middle of one, I got something like 3 dmg and 3 injury only from it, never again will make this mistake - Turf War was easy because I killed enemy models from range and flipped markers to Neutral, also I summoned 1 Abomination that helped me with my markers - I think that "Servant" is only good upgrade for this crew. HTK only works on living and third one is simply weak - I think that staple crew for levi is: Levi / 2 x Waif / Rusty / 1 x Necro / 1 x Scavenger. It gives basic power for killing and Schemes, allows support in Keyword (Scavenger), and can be tailored to any enemy or stats (more killing power, markers removal, healing, tanking etc). - I am weak with other schemes, so no feedback on it, but it looks that any NecroPunk excel at getting in enemy deployment zone / half of table and playing hide and seek there. - I missed a card draw, but scavenger gave me few chances to work with my hand and it was great - I didn't check stats for Arachnid Swarm and I should. This model is a beast and can tear apart anything. But it also costs 8ss and that should caught my attention - First impression is that Levi and his keyword will crush any enemy with low wound counts and tricky def mechanics and it can make pressure T1 (Servant upgrade and "pew pew pew" from first activation)
  8. Copy from other topic, I think that this is the news we were looking for: https://www.wyrd-games.net/special-orders
  9. I think this is the news we were looking for: https://www.wyrd-games.net/special-orders
  10. Thanks for help, but now I saw that I posted it in wrong topic. I was aiming for Von Schill one ....... my mistake
  11. I was never good with rules and it's same in M3E. Can I attach two upgrades to one model in M3E? I am thinking about Combo with Rocket Launcher + F-Man + Emissar regenerate or Shielded from Shield upgrade . If it's working as I think, for 5 ss, 2 actions I can have model that can focus and shot rocket launcher a turn with no harm
  12. Great Job with description, I think you missed one thing, what top masters from other players may can be countered by Outcast masters. I don't know how big metas you have, but in my case, I can mostly predict what master my enemy will play, or at least get idea that he mains 2/3 of them. Also when we are speaking about big tournaments, mostly top players select similar things (Sandeep in AR in M2E), so knowing what can we counter is even more important.
  13. Leveticus + Servant of Dark Power 2 x Hollow Waif A&D Rusty Alyce Scavenger Necropunk Prospector 13 ss for changes or models needed for Scenario / Enemy (markers removal, addtional scavenger, conditions etc.) What do you think? I want to create universal list for Levi, so I can try to learn him. I know that something can block me easily, it's more about general idea. Any changes? Thaks for help in advance
  14. but as s but it would be nice to get some updates
  15. Instead getting next master for Faction I have, I want to take risk and try Explorer's Society . Probably there will be at least one new master for me and I really like this vibe, but knowing WYRD, instead some standard adventure guys from Egypt, we will get some bats**t crazy stuff. But also knowing how WYRD sticks to schedule, we will get them in late 2020
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