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  1. Can someone explain drawing 4 cards per turn with new zipp? I see it turn 1 to drop some scheme marker and not move my models. But what about next turns? Am I missing something? Thank you for explanation.
  2. Not mine job, saw on one blog some time ago. Hope it helps.
  3. It helps uffff, this small chat really helped to steam off, I am interested in other opinions as well. Out of curiosity, what do you think about Totems in Levi2, could there be a better way to use them?
  4. I agree that after change Scavenger is better model - 100% with you on that. But when I compare what they took from Levi (1 x , instead 3 times, resurrection with less health + conditions still on model, lower range on Ruinous repairs) I think +1 stat on is not enough. I know it's difficult to compare two things in vacuum and other models / keywords interactions are important. But at least for me, If I would have to choose between 3 x (also to dmg) that can be used on any action or +1 stat on 1 action, I would select . I know this may sound strange, but for me they gave Levi some unique (maybe too strong) toys and bashed them to be very generic. It was very similar in M2E, he was nerfed with similar approach. For me it's very bad nerf, because it kills key part of master. I hoped for a nice new things in Levi2, of course Horsemans are great and very fluffy but at the same time they couldn't find better use for totems. That nerf and less usefully totems in Levi2 made me salty. I really hoped that if something is wrong they will take Youko approach and redesign cards, not only do cuts/increases here and there. I think that this discussion won't trigger any change in next errata's, but at least I (and few other folks) could steam off. It's really hard when you stick with master for 2 editions and he is getting errata in both.
  5. How it made him stronger? This is not a troll question, for me it's like nerf. Screen from official wyrd Errata file:
  6. It's nice that we have this chat here about Levi, but probably to change him we should spam every topic about this and be very annoying to WYRD. We can like one Ancient Rome senator- "Cato the Elder" end each answer in forum with "Furthermore, I consider that Leveticus must be buffed" EDIT: If someone is interested in history lesson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carthago_delenda_est
  7. Agree on Levi, same story as M2E. Master is build around reborn, high dmg and self dmg. After few games it's changed without giving too much new unique things. Moreover at the same time new Jedza will have even better dmg track that cannot be reduced OK, WYRD can take nerf things, but please make Levi interesting and unique with something new.
  8. And that's not a good news would love to be incorrect on this. As for enforcer, I never expected Basse. Was more into Dua or EVS, like explorer or secret agent who sticks with Bandits to check on badlands. As for enemy scheme marker, sooner or later all masters are getting missing key model that provides that missing thing. It was like this for wyrd for a long time, for example corpses for Ressers, scrap for Hoffman etc.
  9. 4 horseman list - fluffy, but is it strong? I would look more into 2x horseman, Rusty Alyce, Scavenger, Necropunk list (if any ss left probably upgrades or cheaper model). Horse use ride with me on Alyce and Scavenger / Necropunk. T1 there can be some strong pressure on enemy. But outside Levi I don't see too many card draw and also Condition, markers etc can shut this list. Also if I take Dead Rider and enemy is bubble crew, it's easy to stack dmg, injured on them. For riders choices I think that Pale is strongest, second depend on enemy and plan. Probably would take Dead. If we want some extreme Rider alpha strike, Alyce can be changed with Emissary for +1 MV and upgrades.
  10. But being able to take Horseman and all OC model may lead to some crazy things like Mad Dog taxi or in general very alpha strike crew. So maybe only Amalgan and Horseman without OoK and versalite?
  11. Maybe McCabe woke some ancient Techonology / Relic during one of hunts and McMourning used this in experiments? I really want to read fluff for this one
  12. I think that Horseman Levi is possible. I recall one comment in AWP that Levi players should buy horses and it was removed later. Question is - was that true or someone bashed troll for spreading rumors? As for pairing, after McCabe and McMourning (both have Mc) nothing can surprise me. Maybe guild guard who was bandit or inside man for Parker?
  13. After watching few next reveals I think that Buldoze action will get handy. High chance of a lot markers dropped here and there for many masters / factions now.
  14. That would be crazy to have some action to get horse in mid game and new sculpt
  15. Don't get me wrong Starting from M2E I love Parker sculpt and theme but never saw that enemy scheme marker based game worked. Enemy can simply take something else that scheme marker based goals. But WYRD probably will still stick to this playstyle so no big support or summon. Just some cool looking but difficult to pool trick. Range was based on new art, all rifles have 14" Also to make clear, I was not part of tests so I just complain like little bit**, but who knows maybe I will be surprised with new Parker? 🤩🤩
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