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  1. Maybe it's limited meta or Von Schill crew itself, but I always end with ~90% same crew. VS, Arik, Hannah, Librarian, F-man, Engineer, depending on schemes/enemy- drachen / scout /prospector ...... Do you have same lists or I am just too much in VS comfort zone?
  2. Servant of Dark Powers - good on Aionus if you want to have him in position quicker without bury/unbury tricks. In my case, I get free walk with Aionus, next walk for 1 AP and unbury summoned model. Thanks to those 2 ss, Aionus is still in good position and not left in deployment zone. But great post about Tara 🙂
  3. you can provide fast to minion or Abomination keyword, so you can pair it with Prospector, and have fast each turn, but probably your summons would unbury in backfield (prospector can easily die in front line 😞 ). Don't know if it worth points, should be checked
  4. Outcasts: Buff: - Freikorps: a) add card draw, maybe change mechanic with upgrades. Like when it's discarded model gets some bonus? Currently when I compare them to Marcus / Lucac McCabe, I don't think it's so good. b) Scout model - would like to see lover cost - Hamelin: a) Benny - no idea what this model should do b) Winged Plague - add some survival tools - Versalite: a) Mx Child - very cheap model, but no good uses for me. People had some ideas in this topic Nerf: - Obliteration: a) Aionus - unbury gives 1 pass token or Shielded, not 2 pass tokens
  5. Jafar

    Zipp in OC

    One of best posts in topic. Of course there can be other tactics (even better ones) for Zipp in OC, but it gives great "out of the box" plan to play this master and basic "crew" idea. For me it's perfect Thank you
  6. Jafar

    Zipp in OC

    I think that those are good models if there are any scheme markers schemes / strategy. They can easily discard enemy stuff and draw cards, moreover at same time adding some defense to our scheme markers.
  7. Jafar

    Zipp in OC

    I want to focus on next master in OC. By the "cool" factor I eliminated Hamelin and Jack Daw. Now I want to discuss other masters. In my local meta I saw everything excluding Zipp so started this topic For me he can do better in Bayou, but still is good master in OC.
  8. Jafar

    Zipp in OC

    Owww, that hurts This topic was to find something opposite to it, because I had very similar thoughts. Maybe there is undiscovered combo with Emissary worth 10 ss? But to be honest, he is quite good pick in OC compared to other masters. Especially when we want something that's fast and can drop pianos (or disrupt in general)
  9. Jafar

    Zipp in OC

    As in topic, has anyone tested this master in OC? When I played a little with crew creator, I always ended with 100%gremlin crew. I only once found place for Johan. Beside Mx child and copy for Piano action (I think it may be difficult for child to follow Zipp, but that's the other story), what are OC tricks or stronger sides? Thank you in advance for help. 50 ss lists are welcomed as well.
  10. Funny thing is, I already own and really like Von Schill, but in games I had, Levi would be better choice In "cool factor" Von Schill is top 1 master, cannot wait to get his new sculpt. In power level, I think that there are better OC masters
  11. I saw some in my local store - Eastern Europe, if really needed I can try to make picture.
  12. In my local meta, players usually play 2/3 masters. And currently for example I am 90% sure that TT player will take Shenlong so that's one point With Levi I struggle a little in some scheme pools (usually 2x necropunk and Stalker can fix it) but I am looking for more schemes and/or AP oriented crew. Parker and Tara fit it and both have different play style than levi. To all others that wrote here, great answers, let's see what more can be decided.
  13. IMPORTANT: This topic is not about 2 masters lists, but second master that can cover all holes (schemes, strategies, counters, etc.) that Levi has. Long story short, I participated in local tournament. Levi was good quite good, I was matched with some top players But I saw that there are some strategies / counter that my crew was not perfect for (I am looking at you Shenlong with upgrade that ignores demise). So I started thinking what could be other master to cover it. I had two picks: - Parker - Tara I think that Levi goes well into killy schemes, thanks to Necropunks he can take care or some scheming as well. Parker can help with scheme markers and has card draws, mobility, shooty game. Tara is summoner, so can fit into any scheme where summoner can fit What do you think? Do you have other choices?
  14. 01/15/2020 his picture is added: https://www.wyrd-games.net/explorers-m3e we should get shortly more info
  15. What I saw in my local meta: Parker + upgrade for free walk T1 Doctor 2 x Bandido Mad Dog Convict Gunslinger Rest of crew were tests and changed a lot. But I saw mix of: Sue (more shooting) Barbaros (tank) Prospector (Soul Stones) Hans (ignore WP tests and )
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