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  1. Hi wyrdos, ive put Malifaux on hold as a change to edition means a whole new load of purchases. I’m now interested enough again to want to know all, but where is all the info hidden?
  2. Good luck Grumpy, I'd suggest some Rotten Belles and Izamu. This is part of the meatgriner I've be have great success with. It generates lots of corpse markers that you can summon from. WLSFK
  3. Wow! Totally wicked, I'm blown away WLSFK
  4. Good work Loki, I'm liking the blood a lot WLSFK
  5. WLSFK

    M2e Colette

    I'm just starting a Dark Carnival crew because I really like the look of them, plus Cooper is an awesome twist on Colette. I've read through this thread and the PMF articles, and want to ask about what my best crew could be while staying within the theme of messed-up evil carnies? I won a Willie as a prize, and have the DC box. I was thinking of getting the Mech Rider and putting her spear on the back of the saddle with a wavy flag, and maybe making a Captian model from the TTB Male kit with a top hat or something. Willie doesn't need any conversion really to fit in cos he looks mad enough. Angelic would also fit the theme well. Only three flying monkeys (Doves) come in the box, so I'll need a few more maybe? What else might I need or want to convert for this crew? WLSFK
  6. I'd definitely pull them off the old bases, and either unify all the old one, or make new Nes for the whole crew. Consistent basing make the crew look heaps better I think. WLSFK
  7. Very nice, any more pics of the Malifaux stuff? WLSFK
  8. Very good conversion work man. While Wyrd models are mostly awesome, with a bit of effort, they become fantastic as your work shows. Keep it up and good luck with the painting
  9. Very good work! Not far from all the undead! do em all man!
  10. Much good advice here, but Rob's is the best. Good call
  11. Ni odes is by far my favourite Master, and the reason that I got into this game! You should definitely give him a go
  12. Very nice. The Mature Nephilim is awesome, any more pics of him? Keep up the great work dude!
  13. Nice crew! I like the chainsaw-handed FC, much better than the one out of the box. Can we see a whole crew pic pls?
  14. I rarely play Von Schill now as he Aways Wins! Granted our players have limited crews, but Von and his large crew of all round average dudes can really do everything at least ok. I run the box and Lazarus, with a convict gunslinger at 50ss. I take few if any upgrades and shoot crews off the table. The crew works very well in two or three small groups with VS and the librarian in the middle to help/heal the other two. The only time I've ever run two trappers they died too fast to tell if it was worth it. And the trapper would be the model I'd drop maybe as once he has no targets, he is a waste of points. The freikorps men are awesome at most scemes and work very well in ones or twos on their own, and with VS in that mid-field shooting/support role going for late game hand to hand has won me at least 15 games. The crew were so successful that I changed Factions for something more challenging.
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