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  1. Still doing them, now in m3 of course ^^ I also demo The Other Side!
  2. Having faced it, I think it's a bit too strong.
  3. "Hoffman seems fine unless the opponent brings too much anti armour" is rather sad since we know we are facing him when building our crews, and thus have little reason to not bring it.
  4. Shame on you haha
  5. It's a beta. Why are you not testning it and providing feedback instead of shelfing it because you find it to be weak?
  6. If you say so! I still think Lost knowledge will never be used to give the opponent cards though.
  7. I know changing the base sizes of models between editions is always awkward, but could we switch the base size for the Steam trunk from 30 to 50 or perhaps 40? It looks really stupid on a 30 mm and so much better on a 50 mm base. You can barely see the 30 mm base underneath it because it overhangs so much and it just ruins a nice looking model imo.
  8. Maybe he's the brewmaster and not specialised in fighting? Although he has the trigger Drunken Strength so I guess that would suggest he is actually physically fighting.
  9. He feels oddly squishy compared to last time. Especially since they reduced his defence for some reason. I'm not so sure what his role is in a Colette crew. I mean, he's fast, but he's squishy and he doesn't dish out that much damage. The burning and pyre marker are more useful in Kaeris crews.
  10. Yeah, I was arguing this point as well. They got nb-centric keywords for a week, then they were removed again. I really don't get it. Just feels like a douche move.
  11. Hey friend! Misaki seems real op to be able to score 5 vp from the strat!
  12. Yeah, I've been really worried that the same stuff would happen Kaeris again. I would hate it for her to be a badly designed, meh master for another edition. She got way less attention than she needed last time around, and she doesn't look great now either from what I've seen people write. I've been pondering beta testing her but always just got confused when reading her crew's cards and trying to make it all fit together. Like, what is she even supposed to do? Put burning on people so they get pinged, and then sometimes remove burning to do some more damage faster, but slower than other damage dealers? It's just a bit messy. Is her main schtick the pyre markers? Sorry if I seem dumb. Maybe I should just get her on the table and see what happens.
  13. I think rock, paper, scissors is a kind of shitty game if your opponent declares rock beforehand
  14. True enough. It was mainly my opponent who had complaints about his gun, weak 3 blast being the main complaint. Pretty sure it would make Hoffman cry though. Do you have a link?
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