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  1. You got a goat!! Yes I cast threadomancy. I flipped a high crow, okay?
  2. They looked fine in the preview when uploading. So I dont know if I learned all that much other than dont make tall collages. Which they stated wouldnt matter.
  3. Yeah, I'm a bit saddened by this. I am one of those affected. Not gonna mention which of the categories I entered but.. You cant see my detail work at all and that's no fun.
  4. Why are the pics of such varying size? Some are tiny.
  5. I will be holding a 50ss Malifaux tournament at Gothcon, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet, Gothenburg, 11th of April (Saturday). Three games using GG1, no hired masters. To apply you need to go to http://wordpress.gothcon.se/ However there isn't a lot of content in English yet. So if you don't know Swedish and the translation options of your browser don't make it easier, don't hesitate to send me a message and I can help you apply.
  6. Shouldnt belles be pretty good at Hold Up?
  7. A cool thing with Archie is that they heal when accomplicing. Healing with effigy or Ponto and then healing again on accomplice and then again on flurry can be really sweet if youre low on HP but managed to stray Alive.
  8. Top tier and over-powered are the same thing.
  9. The monk crew has very easy access to irreducible damage triggers.
  10. Do you have any tips for schemes that the crew likes and how to achieve them? Imagine dig is nice with Draw out secrets and that guilty are nice Hold up models.
  11. Theyre pretty much good with all of the masters, I think. Anna Lovelace and Asura Roten have some nice synergy with the emissary. I know I love the effigy with Molly.
  12. M2 LJ looked like a thin-limbed woman cosplaying a warrior. Not a fan of this pose but at least she looks worthy of the rule Juggernaut and her beefy stats. And I never got why she was so sexualised before (ok of course because of fan service, but ugh..)
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