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  1. Sybarite

    New Hoffman.

    Yeah, how do people move him around? Walk, toss? Spending too many AP on move 4 masters to move always makes me sad =D IF Guardian tosses, then it lags behind. Hmm
  2. Sybarite

    Thank You, Mason

    Didn't see Lalochezia on the list Are you Aaron or Justin?
  3. Sybarite


    Not sure it's just finesse. I think they might be a little weak too, at least in the starter. The tide pools and siren's call are about the only scary thing. The Karkinoi could do some damage too I guess. I hope you're right though.
  4. Sybarite


    After playing against the Hordes starter twice I'm underwhelmed with them too. Is it just a weak starter? We felt my Cult was more mobile, hit harder and did a bunch of reinforcing with the Warped too so with their armour of 7-8 they're very resilient. The regular troops of the horde allegiance box feel lacklustre, other than maybe the karkinoi.
  5. Sybarite

    Cult Lists?

    I found ECB black ops to be scarily effective in the first game I played, which was this week. It was against Hordes and we did some things wrong, but not with the action I spammed, I think. Setting up Tearing down the pillars of reality wasn't terribly hard, and it did a lot of damage. I played the allegience box, minus one unit of warped, plus ecb black ops and a few upgrades on Adeodatos. Can't play 2 commander games until they release more commanders ^^
  6. Sybarite

    M2E Marcus

    Damn Cojo is resilient with well rehearsed and a medical automaton in tow =D
  7. Sybarite

    Wyrd Chronicles 37

    I see Sue all the time in outcasts. Annoying fellow
  8. Sybarite

    Malifaux demos in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Yep, still doing demos. I do them at Föreningen Ylva or at home, whichever you prefer
  9. Sybarite

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Torakage and freikorpsmenn werent in their regular faction's lists either. ^^`
  10. Sybarite

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Collodi hench again? Or dead?! Collodi not impressed. Not impressed at all.
  11. Sybarite

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Would take quite a lot to make her too good =p Sadly I think shes gonna be crap this whole edition. I would like to think Wyrd cares about her and wants to make her work but it sure doesnt seem like it =(
  12. Sybarite

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Stitched need a buff? Woah!
  13. Sybarite


    You could always head swap the dmr you don't like 😃
  14. Sybarite

    Malifaux demos in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Still doin' them!
  15. Sybarite

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Ludvig : regarding hounds and the wagon. Then you are assuming theres a straight line without intervening terrain ans no meddling enemy models.