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  1. If you make the drive to Gloucester Massachusetts I’ve got a table we can play on
  2. Looking to sell or trade. Original Schemes and Stones pack also containing one or two Gaining Grounds packs Custom League Fate Deck Retro Fate Deck 2x Red MalifauX Fate Deck ...and the arcane fate deck and this other fate deck you could probably identify pictured with it below. https://ibb.co/mGa00L https://ibb.co/bXLdn0 https://ibb.co/gtCPS0 https://ibb.co/i8EFZf https://ibb.co/ksdyn0
  3. He can paralyze via horrow duels, so can be an okay tarpit once he ramps up his defense with eyes after charging in. Maybe in symbols (haven’t played many gg18 games) he can be a good runner or scheme runner hunter and then have sorrows jump to him - I like him in Titania + Widow Weaver lists. It’s not often that he dies on me - always runs up one side of the board, but now that min 3 damage is so prevalent... I used to see him summoned with dreamer.
  4. Considering going, just moved to Boston. Registration fee?
  5. No problem JimO Kirby, I am living in the woods in Wake Forest NC doing some historical society work. Will be in the area until New Years, maybe longer.
  6. I might stop in for Tuesday at Atomic Empire, thanks!
  7. Anybody want to play a game or learn how to play? Have terrain and everything (five masters with crews). any time this Monday (04DEC) through the weekend?
  8. I’ll never use these, so we both win... keeping the bulk of my forces... These sales should interest Neverborn and Ten Thunders players... Pick and choose, mix and match, will list available models below: SOLD: Izamu the Armor 2x Bloodwretches Black Blood Shaman Corrupted Hound REMAINING: 3x Thunder Archers 2x Silurids 2x Terror Tots Pandora Poltergeist (30mm base with old card) Bunraku Miss Step Convict Gunslinger Mannequin Sorrow https://ibb.co/ncrdxw https://ibb.co/hs7Jxw https://ibb.co/eQpLAG https://ibb.co/c0qGjb https://ibb.co/fPc7qG https://ibb.co/ge8fAG https://ibb.co/h6PnqG https://ibb.co/mGnkcw https://ibb.co/d4Mdxw https://ibb.co/bE5tVG https://ibb.co/mxjgHw https://ibb.co/hUFcqG https://ibb.co/hkGiVG https://ibb.co/d8koxw Willing to ship internationally, but prefer North American shipping. Happy snowflake day, y’all! Specificity be the enemy of unity. Name yer price, yarr
  9. Haven't read this thread yet but I love him... with a wild boar and mctavish and swampfiends, with a wisp and a sorrow and coppelius, with three gators. I have gotten more trickily tactical blasts off with him than with Laz.
  10. What are the strats and schemes for the event? For those without Facebook? Thanks!
  11. Wisps copy tactical actions, so Teddy's Flurry allows the Wisp to swing FOUR times threatening that WP trigger?
  12. The Changeling's Surprise! says it may immediately take an attack action. The Claw's Challenge of Winter has the Winter's Chill trigger "After succeeding [...]" The Bunraku's Snatch has the same wording on Trigger condition. Am I correct in playing it that the Changeling gets to take the attack before triggers are resolved? Are there any models where Surprise! would resolve differently and why?
  13. Trade for an assembled/primed Miss Step? Comes with partially done base but not yet mounted.
  14. I've used various scenery flocking (mixed autumn turf, burnt grass and bush clumps) to finish my Waldgeist, Bad Juju, Aeslin and The Thorn (in which case only the vine whips are leafy).
  15. PM is being mentioned more than I thought - Dopple can Nullify three targets a turn with a and is MUCH harder to put down to remove the nullz.
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