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  1. I have your student of conflict pm me
  2. I haven’t given this a thought- last time I played HH was M2E and is the reason I randomly own Nix. I’d probably be seen trying something like: HhCc Nightmare WP Healers (Neverborn) Size: 30 - Pool: 1 Leader: Widow Weaver Hires: Coppelius Will o' the Wisp Insidious Madness References: Stitched Together Wicked Doll
  3. I usually get shot off the table as a Neverborn player... I guess I play Jakob Lynch too, after a few vassal games. I’ve maybe not had a master fit my play style as much ??— but I’m constantly running desper huggy kitty and amaNoZako where two of them have 1 wd but keep killing models or scoring points. It’s madness - never played what I consider a tricksy Troll tier master (And I play Zoraida) until I’ve had some lol moments with Jakob Lynch.
  4. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    I’ve got a dedicated 2 hour slot in the studio each day this astronomical week! Tomorrow night: • finish blood pond (I remember when it was a dang milk lake) • create 2x sets of three “severe” inserts • look at Lionel vs 28mm scale and read stuff • draw rough layout for MalifauX league dungeon side project, a progressive grow league in the form of a survival dungeon crawl, which I’m writing a pdf for Friday: hopefully have the above finished to the point where I can sort modern, futuristic and MalifauX terrain together into Individual tables to check coverage, look at what’s needed and compare fishedness of building/priming/painting/washing/highlighting/finishing/sealing Stages... 😅 🥵 Saturday: tackle a blood pond-sized project Finish at least 2 crates of each kind Make a Vasilisa proxy Sunday: do another blood pond-sized project make a gwynth madx proxy- she bad hopefully get to paint a 15mm crazy for gaslands that will be my personal avatar 😂
  5. “Yes the Honeypot has a bouncer... unfortunately he can only handle other man-sized humans, so if you’re really scary it’s on the honor system...”
  6. He needs to get killed off in the fluff so he can be an incorporeal bruiser
  7. Good question, it’d probably be better with 10ss, due to the three henchmen... but I found after trying to find a fun OOK model in TT to accompany my Honeypoy crew to the table (coming from Neverborn) Ama No Zako is my next buy. Came about after maybe 11 games of Jakob Lynch in 6 days on Vassal. I tried a lot of burning that the faction offers and realized the shadow effigy is really good... I tried beckoners with Ninja upgrade, I tried summoner Lynch (less viable AND less fun) and though Wanyudo and Desper are absolute bosses at what they do, I found myself trying to fill a similar niche with them; one which Ama No Zako excels at - a 10ss model that deletes twice it’s cost per game in annoying enemy models. Kill a 5ss model with min 3?—reduce flicker. I like to play huggy and maybe kitty and maybe a third fast and loose, choosing at start of turn 2 whom I’m going to spend 5+ss to keep alive. Impossible to kill models are frustrating with Lynch. Kitty rigs the deck but doesn’t need it for a turn she schemes - and Ama loves a rigged deck, no matter how your hand looks. Usually I spend a flicker to pseudo-obey and a flicker to accompany a rigged charge strike before I go hunting to delete models. Terrifying and flying make it feel like a second Huggy. Kill my Ama? Who Cares it was the tank ghost, I still have my crew. thats briefest rundown without addressing rest of crew, if you want to run a specific map/crew intentional counter-pick matchup on Vassal I’d be interested in trying to prove Ama No Zako’s carrying ability for this keyword edit: thought about addressing upgrades, but honestly it’s that spike damage that makes Ama shine
  8. ...maaaaan so Ms. Dumont is going to probably only come in the core box like m2e Ototo... 😢 good thing I am making my Jakob Lynch skeleton into a Lyssa/Kitty proxy
  9. I enjoy playing this list... ...it’s a lot of fun and friendly handshakes give movement to beckoner and illuminated 2... mit Schlag (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Jakob Lynch Totem(s): Hungering Darkness Hires: Kitty Dumont Ama No Zako Silent Protector Beckoner Illuminated Trained Ninja Illuminated 2 References: Illuminated Beckoner Depleted The Darkness Beckons
  10. goth

    Terrain Board 3.0

    Choppin cars... two F-250s that will be the police chase vehicles
  11. Jakob Lynch... obey, card sight, regeneration, terrifying, incorporeal and a friendly handshake... not to mention the use of tokens instead of conditions
  12. Starting painting my Neverborn Marcus crew... basecoating things in black is overrated since I heavily abuse multi-stage washes... so did Marcus in pastel Easter yellow and Hayreddin in pale bone for a change.
  13. I figured “I must have an old miniatures thread that I can resurrect and add to...” — nope. so enjoy my painted miniatures... first a wip... maybe I’ve been watching too much Ancient Aliens... Neverborn Hayreddin on a stone henge... so happy to have a friend and mentor for Black Blood Shaman and Corrupted Hounds... and a bat for Badgers & Burrows (they only sell two bat minis, and I need a third bat!) which is originally from a Mighty Max compact playset.
  14. When corrupted idols was a thing, taking old cranky to reflip initiative was clutch currently I am dying to take the sow and spawn mother together
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